4/2018            There is order in the universe.  There is order in the worlds that God has created.  There is a master plan for everything and  for us as well.  To deny God, is to accept confusion, but God is a God of order.  There is a plan for each of us, and our task is to discover this plan and accept it.  Each of us is given a life that is suited to our character and is the path that will reunite us with God.
               In each of us there is a desire, whether small or large, to find our way back to the place where our life began, a life as a spirit in God's world.  Asking God for His guidance is the fastest way to find and follow our life plan.
                                                     GOD CARES FOR ALL HIS CREATURES
                God sends His Holy spirits to all of His creatures whether they are aware of it or not.  Without this help many of us would not be able to live for very long.  Our physical bodies, left to our own devices and bad habits would not hold up very well. God's spirits continually heal our bodies and inspire our minds.
               Some say our bodies heal themselves, but that is not possible,God's power is the healer, there is an effort for every result, nothing on this earth happens by accident.  Even the animals are cared for by God's holy spirits, they too are God's creation and therefore are important to Him. We owe everything to God, He is life itself.
                                                                                   WHO HAS THE TRUTH?
2/2018          All sources of truth come from God, He is truth itself and there is no other.  God uses instruments to teach us this truth, these are His holy spirits whose task it is to disseminate the truth to those who are to receive it.  And although there are many who bring us this truth, it is all from God.
                   Many become side tracked,  believing they have discovered some new truth, but that is not possible, for there are not new truths or other truths, there is only one and that from God.  It is for us to learn to discern whether or not the instrument we are communicating with is from God and not from a mundane spirit.                 
                                                                                   ONLY ONE GOD
                    The God of Heaven is the ONE God, the ONLY God, the TRUE God.  There is no other God. He is the beginning of everything and will be the end of everything. All energy and all life begins with God. Many do not give God the credit and place others before Him but that is because of a lack of understanding.
               God is the one who created everything including His son Jesus, and He is the who allowed His son to come to our rescue after we had pledged our allegiance to Satan and allowed him to rule in our lives.  We must always be grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus  made to restore us to our home in Heaven but  we should understand that God is above all and He has no equal, not even His son, Jesus.
                                                           WHO ARE WE FOLLOWING?
                    The most important task we have in this life is to follow our leader, and to know who that leader is.  For us, our leader is Jesus Christ, we follow  him in everything that we do.
                    We must make a conscious effort to choose Jesus to lead us.  If we make no decision, we are following Lucifer by default since he is the ruler of this earth.   We chose him before God created this earth realm, and unless we deny his rule over us and chose another, we are still following him, this is his domain.  We fell from Heaven by following Lucifer, and unless we change our minds, we are still his subjects.  Leaving our lives to chance is not a solution if we hope to return to Heaven where we are originally from, and where we were created.
                                COMMUNICATING WITH GOD'S SPIRITS  
               In these last days leading to the end of this age, many will receive the ability to communicate with the spirit world of God.  This will dispel the belief that spirit communication ended with Biblical days. This ability will give us the correct information regarding God and his works and that tradition is of no value in our spiritual progression.  God Himself says " ask me of things to come'.  
              The spirits of God are the promulgation of the truth, it is not for us to rely on man for the answers, since they do not provide all of the truths of God unless His Holy spirits have communicated it to them.  Not all will find the ability to communicate with God's spirits, but for those who are in the will of God, it will be a precious gift from God.
  3/2018                                                         WHO TO PRAY TO
                Jesus Christ is the one we need to follow, he is the way to God, his Father and ours.  He teaches us to address our prayers to God as he  himself does.
                We are not to pray to any other but God.  He is the one who grants our prayers and answers them with our benefit in mind.  Some pray to the saints but who are the saints?  Paul called his congregation 'saints' because they followed Christ.  The Roman church canonizes those they call as saints because they have suffered or dedicated their lives to God. But no one knows the heart of man, and man cannot answer prayers, they are not equipped to do so.  God can use anyone as teachers but they cannot replace God. 
                                                   LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR   
     4/2018               It is not the insults and the harm others do to us that affects our standing with God, it is the harm we do to others that counts as our failures.      When God told us to love one another, it was an important commandment, it was for our spiritual growth.  God has loved us from the time He created us, He even sacrificed His son to prove His love for us.  A lack of love for others only harms us and keeps us from the Heavenly realms that we hope to attain after this life.   Paul took all of the harm people did against him but he never allowed it to affect his spirit and his standing with God.          
           In order to get into Heaven, we must believe that path rests in Jesus Christ.  We must understand and accept that Jesus gave himself to us and defeated Satan to free  us from hell.  On earth we are ruled by Satan, this is his domain and it takes an effort on our  part to disassociate ourselves from him and turn our allegiance to the one who made it possible for us to return to Heaven.  No one but Jesus Christ has opened the way for our departure from this lower realm in order to reach Heaven.  When we die, we may be transported to a realm  that is higher than this one, but in  order to raise ourselves to Heaven where Jesus resides we must accept his pardon of our sin of having abandoned  him so long ago when he gave us a choice of which person to follow, him or Satan.