God is available to all since He has created all and all are His children. No one is excluded from God's love and protection, but many exclude themselves, they think they are not chosen, but God is no respecter of persons.


Everyone is expected to progress; everyone is expected to return to God no matter how many lives it takes. We are all given the same goal to reach and the same opportunity.


Those who are worshiping other gods, will eventually give up those gods and find the one and only God and then will work toward the same goal of returning to their origins which is in Heaven. No one will be left out, everyone will eventually be saved. God is a God of love, He is not a punishing God. Our lives may take some difficult turns be we will all arrive in God's presence in the end.


                                                             Judging Others


We are told not to judge others, and the reason is that we do not know what lessons and what tasks each person is here to learn or to perform. Other people's lessons seem easy to us sometimes because they are not the ones assigned to us. We also marvel at the tasks some take on and that is also because we are not asked to take those tasks as ours.


Each of us is different from anyone else and each of us have lived many lives. Usually those lives are not made known to us but some of the lessons from these lives are the same lessons as those we still need to learn. Sooner or later we will have to learn these lessons and pass those required tests in order to progress.


We are all on our own path for learning and accomplishing and we will all reach our goal in our own time. The goal if to find our way back to the highest realm where we began with our creator.


                                                                                                                 Where is our Help

          If we place ourselves under the care of Jesus Christ, we will not be disappointed.  Our decisions will be made with more attention to the spiritual results  and our whole life will profit. Our best decisions are made with the help of the heavenly spirits under Jesus. 

We pray "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven", to be in accord with the holy spirits while we are on this earth so that we might transition to a higher realm when our earth life if over.  Before then, we can still pattern our life with those in the higher realms and with the help of Jesus we can accomplish that.



                                    OUR ANCESTRY

               People look up their physical ancestry but we all have Jesus as our spiritual ancestor, which means we all belong to Jesus and therefore to God from the beginning of our existence.

                      Whether we call ourselves atheists, Buddhists or any other system, we still all have our origin with God, there is no other place to find our beginning.  The advantage in believing in God is that we know where our help and blessings come from and we have someone to make requests of.  We are not left in this world completely on our own with no one to care for us and no one who is truly interested in our welfare.  Our lives are made more complete and more meaningful  with the knowledge that we know our ancestry. 


                                            What are the Rules?

          The teachings of Jesus are simple and pure and not difficult to  understand.  All that is required of us is to love God with all our heart and soul and our neighbor as ourselves.  These requirements are further explained by the Ten Commandments.  God does not make it impossible to follow these laws for living.  All laws made by man need only observe these laws of God. Any laws that deviate from God's laws are either wrong or superfluous. 

         Our world governments and many of our churches add other requirements that only confuse people until they give up on following God because it seems too difficult to do.  If we keep to God's laws we cannot go wrong and we can simplify our lives and thank God for His mercy and love while we live according to these rules.