Elohim                                                                        1,30,2019

by Brent Mahe


God created man in the image of elohim. God created man in the image

of the spirits of the higher realms, who are the elohim, which can only be

interpreted as spirits, - plural – and not at the name of God – trinity.

The idea of a three-in-one God is anathema to the very Commandment of God,

Who in His phenomenal ability to see ahead of time in observing patterns of His creatures, cannot know exactly what they will do but still is able to foresee choices leading to certain events, may well have chosen to speak against multi-theism far ahead of time before His Son, Jesus, came to this planet, as a means to correct the very trouble with the progression of these fallen spirits long before the Israelites were

themselves able to see the problems in allowing too many openings against His will in place of other forms of beliefs of the higher spirit realm and of it's makings.

The very markings of the idea of trinity are based on weakness and not focused strength the interest of lucifer to share power in his hope to make communism work, the sharing of power with each creature fulfilling a portion of a god-type formation. It is only a saturation of weakness lucifer creates, himself still unable to comprehend that only a Creator of ultimate power can assign a creature like His Son, Christ to an ultimate position and will be the best in that position at all times in the present and future, for Christ was created for that position.

We as spirits each have a portion of perfection in creation, or at least we had at one time been placed in the position best suited for our talent and strength and interest.

In concepts of strength, we do not share in God's power, we only reflect the light and draw from that energy emanating from our Creator, and His Son is that manager of events best suited to see ahead as given opportunity to test, and serve to be example for the best placement of each of those created life forms in Heaven.

Lucifer's greed to overtake Christ to sit on that stage came short as he drew energy and help from those who he promised to serve as leader. In his weakness lucifer had to first steal from his constituents before he could give, which is the opposite of Christ who was created by God to give to creation, drawing upon God for energy and guidance.

Lucifer still today promises riches by gambling casinos who only can receive the wealth from others, and whose very life exists by stealing from others who bring their wealth, by tempting those lost souls with greater wealth than earned if only by taking from some other lost soul who loses it. Never does the gambler who desires to steal from others consider they will be stolen from if they are among similar thieves. The game to these poor minds is the hope they will steal more than is stolen from them.

With the term in mind, elohim refers to many. Lucifer promises power to many from many. Yet the number does not change. If there are a mulititude or only an easily countable number, the limit of wealth is fixed; no more can be drawn from the fixed amount. Like gambling which promises more from no actual source, no God, so lucifer promises in religions and cults the promise to grow from within, by one's own power, to emulate the power of this formulated perversion of multi-theism, sharing power, each requiring the other to keep their strength at the ready for the other, like a twisted three legged race where none ever falters, and with built in weaknesses that the other consistently fills in with a perfect gap-filling amount, while at the same time also drawing an amount of life-energy from the other two in exact amounts which feed it's central power in just the exact amount of perfection so it does not die.

Such would not be a God, an Almighty Force high above all creation but a portion of a failed system needing support to barely survive.

God is alone the Power of Heaven, the Light, Energy and Force with makes all things move and live and be. Without God at all times the total power of Heaven cannot exist. Even lucifer, in his darkness and hiding in caves and pits of darkness, draws his life force and is given life force from God the Power of all creation in order to survive. The very breath he takes is from that Source of Power in Heaven, God.

The more we tune to that Power of all creation the greater the energy radiates from our spirits, through our eyes, the image of our soul, and by perfection and with love, also by joy in God's creation.

God is above His creation. We are like external forces like a darkened planet, only radiating the energy from that Power Source so great that Heaven cannot contain God. God is above Heaven, His Throne sits above Heaven, not in it. God is not part of His Heaven. Heaven is part of God's radiation of Love and Life. God exists within a different dimension that His creatures in this world we call Heaven and Earth exist in. We cannot know other parts of God, but only the parts He shares with we His creatures in this creation we exist in. Like a fish bowl, we creatures live and thing and are within that separate creation, where God interacts, sometimes entering that realm to reach us, and also able to exist above that sphere of Heaven. God is greater and no part of Creation can contain Him. We even make the name of God as a percentage of the duality of male and female when calling God “Him,” as though God were limited to being similar to His creation.

So man in his or her inability to convene in our group-think to such knowledge as available to us in our limited ability, as only a small part within all of God's creation.

Therefore the very idea of a three part God is as limited, and becomes an easy mark for a deceiver like lucifer who can just as quickly offer a gambling scheme that is guaranteed to fail as though it could someday work, as he can offer a belief of a limited God of three parts. Lucifer sits on his throne of deceit, a crumbling thorny separation from his personal freedom to separate from his self deception. And he suffers for his stupidity as well as harms others by it.

The elohim are described as the holy spirits in the higher realms, and compare the humans, at the 9th level of progression, the highest level of the animal kingdom of the spirits progression, as similar in appearance to some degree, with the similar limbs, torso and facial features in a typical appearance of the human that we on earth know.

The separation of the levels of purity of this form are as varied as a sun to a planet beside it. Both created bodies are round, and have an orbit, a mass coincidental to their formula of elements. Yet the sun is the light which the planet reflects and is warmed and electrified by. The sun is not dependent on the other. The sun does not need a planet to orbit it to light up. Nor, in this fashion do the holy spirits need the praise of men to arrive and appear to man. They do not light up at the praises of man. The holy spirits come to this lower realm at the behest of God, not man. But they arrive at the calls by man to God, so man can know how to fill their personal wandering heart of loneliness with purpose and value enough to continue on in struggles enabling the continuation of other rising spirits behind them in that great ladder, returning the fallen souls to Heaven.

Brent 11,30,2019