.                    Inspirational Messages/ Automatic Writing

Denise Freed

Every person born on this planet is assigned a holy spirit guide at birth to protect and guide them to make good

 decisions through life.  The holy spirits are the best friends you could have with your best interest at heart. 

These Heavenly guides, as we read about in Hebrews 1:14, as the ministering spirits sent by God,

  are of the most value to humankind, to keep each on the right path. Jesus described the holy spirits of

 Heaven as "the spirit of truth".  That Divine Voice, sometimes a very soft voice in our inner thoughts guiding

 the heat to do what is right in the eyes of the Lord, are the guardian angels of Heaven. Nothing is missed

 in each of our lives that the holy spirits don't know about, both the good and the bad. But still they love

 us unconditionally, as Jesus Christ did.

    Below you will find examples of short automatic writing, or inspirational writing messages given

 to people during prayer meetings, where prayer and meditation was practiced. Not all thoughts to a

 person in their personal guidance sound like grand sermons. Many times an inspired writing is meant

 to encourage, to remind, or to redirect a person's thoughts to a truth that guides for the day.

  Discernment is always required when reading one's own guided heavenly messages, with prayer and comparison

 of what is known to be true already. A peaceful, harmonious, joyful heart in Christ is a tremendous boost of

 spiritual vibration that lifts the thoughts to more easily hear the voice of Heaven, high above the common voices

 of mundane thoughts in the world all around us.

-  Here are a few examples of short writing inspirational or automatic writing messages from good

 spirits through Denise during prayer meetings. There are only a few of many here. Please enjoy them

 and comment or ask questions anytime by email.


2020                                  HOW DO WE FIND THE TRUTH?

Jesus said, “Ask me of things to come”, meaning that knowledge is the key and only God has

the knowledge that we need to understand Him. We are to do our research and not to take

anything for granted. Unfortunately, many who say they believe in God do not really know

what it is that they believe. They have been encouraged to memorize and believe only what

the churches teach. The churches do not search for the truth either, they have also memorized

and learned from others of the same belief. So how should we proceed?

Jesus told us that after he left this earth he would send his holy spirits to remind us of what

he had said and to learn whatever else we needed to know. To do this we must communicate

with these spirits that God is sending, but those who communicate with God's spirits are

rejected, since  today they believe that all communication is with the demons, the churches quote

things like, “we should not listen to mediums etc.” but those are the ones who have heard

from God's spirits. So we are left with no one to rely on for the truth...except God Himself.


  June 7, 2020     ALL IS VANITY

Solomon says that all is vanity. The real world and real life is life as a spirit in the world of God.

This earth is only a temporary life given to us by God to prepare ourselves for the real life.

All of our experiences on this earth are to improve our character and raise our vibration to

match that of the spirits of God which we hope to join once we are ready.

God created us to have a life with Him but we rejected that life and are now subjected to

this imperfect life  on the  physical plane. This earth plane is a school of sorts and we are

expected to leave it one day, it is not for us to establish ourselves as permanent residents here but only

as temporary ones.


Jan 2020


God takes care of all of his creatures, both man and animal. He sometimes sends a

person to help another or to help an animal who is in distress. People who have the

gift of seeing into the world of spirits, or clairvoyants as they are called, often see

God's spirits or angels healing people or animals.

This should give us reason to have faith in God and to live with courage, knowing

that we are not left alone in this world. Everyone has a story of receiving help from

an unknown source or an answer to a problem or a question. This can happen while

we are awake or asleep.

When we feel that we are losing faith, we only need to recall some of these instances

when god interceded in our lives; this will renew our faith and courage.



Simeon told Joseph and Mary that Jesus' presence on earth would separate the good people from the evil.

We still see today that those who believe in Jesus are very different from the unbelievers.

Countries are separated by belief in good behavior from those who want only destruction and evil actions.

Even in this country, we have those who try to follow the rules set by God in the creation of this country

and those who work tirelessly to destroy it. The same happens with individuals who live by God's

commandments and those who deny God and their own creation.

When the time comes when Jesus is the ruler of this world and Satan's power is diminished, we will

have another opportunity to see life as God meant it to be.


     Jan 2020                                        We Pray

      We pray, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven", and we ask God to help us

 according to what God wills for us.

      When a child asks his parents for something, the parent answers the request taking into

 consideration that the request will not harm the child and whether the time is good for the child

to receive his wish. God is the Creator and we are His children, therefore He answers our prayer as

 a parent would.

      Prayer is a powerful thing and God answers as per His wish and as per our good.

 We are told to pray constantly for this will keep us in the will of God for our good.


                                          Finding Peace

Peace to all. The real source of peace is God and Jesus Christ.  Heaven is a  place

of peace and here is where we must look to find it.  On this realm, this earth, we are

always searching for peace amid this turbulent atmosphere.  When the time comes

that Jesus rules on this realm and Satan is put away for a time, there will be  peace

here as well. In the meantime, all who are on this plane must make every attempt to

find God's peace, but not the  peace that this earth attempts to give us, but only the

peace of God and the higher realms. The time will come when all will find Heavenly

peace after our journey in these realms of learning.


                                                  Recognizing Help

Many did not recognize Jesus as a spirit, after he had been spiritually risen by God.  We often

do not recognize him when he is always in our lives. Jesus directs the holy spirits who attend to

us with inspiration, warnings,  and admonitions.  To deny the holy spirits is to deny Jesus and

indirectly to deny God. There is no way that we can direct our lives on our own, for we do not

see the  pitfalls, nor do we see the blessings that are a  part of our lives.  Living in this world

that is controlled by the evil  one, we need God's help at every moment.  Jesus wants to help

us but we must ask, but ask with the expectation that we will receive and always remember

thank God for all that we receive.


                                          God's Help

How deep is our faith? How much do we trust God in our lives?

We all have had times in our lives when we recognized God's assistance, times when

we knew we had not been the cause of the actions or results.  Those who have no

understanding of how God works call these occasions, coincidences, but there is no

such thing as a spontaneous action with no active power to create it.  When our faith

seems to falter,  if we bring to mind the times we have received help from a power

greater than our own, our faith and belief in God is quickly restored. Knowing this, it

is a comfort to ask God for help and to expect and answer from the Heavenly spheres

where God loves and cares for all or His creatures.


                                                                                          TIME IS SHORT   

Time is short, but not so short that we do not have time to change our hearts

toward Jesus. The thief on the cross did not have time to change all of his life but he

had enough time to recognize that Jesus was the one who would save his soul.

All of us have more time than the thief but it would not be wise to wait, for although

we can do enough to leave this realm for a higher sphere, we still still need to atone

for our wrongs. The time left to us could be used wisely to make the changes in our

lives we know would be or benefit in order to work out our salvation.  Like the thief

on the cross, we know that Jesus the Christ is the one through whom our salvation lies.


                                                              BORN FROM ABOVE

Jesus told his apostles, “I am from above, you are from below”. What he was saying is that

before his physical birth on earth, he resided in Heaven, but not so his apostles, and not so

most of us. As the fallen angels, we lived in the lower realms before incarnating on this earth.

But we are now working our way the higher realms; that is the reason that this earth realm was

created, to give us an opportunity to improve our character that we might re-enter the higher

realms, from where we fell Besides Jesus, there are others who have incarnated from above,

people like Mary the physical mother of Jesus, the prophets who have come to teach us

throughout the history of the physical universe. Without the help of those from above, we are

unable to find our way to a higher realm seeing as we know nothing of the higher realms and

of the steps to take in raising ourselves out of this realm.



      In Biblical days, God's spirits spoke to people called prophets, who gave messages to

whomever was to receive them.  In time the churches took over the messages without

communicating with God's  spirits.  We have all heard the teachings of the churches and they

are all similar and mostly based on earthly ideas or whatever the preachers have learned in

seminary school with no thought of learning what the holy spirits tell them.  For example, they

still all teach that Jesus is God, although Jesus never said anything about being God, but only

that he said and did what God told him to say and do.  Even those who put him to death, used

the excuse that he called himself the son of God, not that he called himself God.

          There are still prophets today who see and hear in the world of spirits, but we have been

conditioned to refuse these messages since they do not always agree with the churches. 

Those who hear voices are called insane and sent to asylums.  People will not believe what

they do not understand and refuse to understand the workings of God.  But the time is coming

when the world will again allow God's prophets to flourish and listen to His messages, but not

until they are tired of the false interpretations of the churches.



                                                      OUR HEAVENLY SPIRIT GUIDES

                  Our spirit guides or guardian angels are with us every step of the way on our journey

through life on earth, and also on our entering  into the world of  spirits.  We are God's children

and He never abandons us.  This earth realm is the one Lucifer reigns and without the

help from God's spirits we could not manage this life. We are weak mortals and our task is to

strengthen  our resolve to avoid Lucifer's pitfalls and to keep our eye on the life to come which

is our real  life.  The proverbs tell us that all life on earth is nothing but vanity.  God has allowed

us to have a physical covering over our spirit to give us courage even if our spirit  does not

measure up to those of the higher realms.


                                                   OUR SALVATION

          Our salvation is between God and ourselves. Jesus Christ gave up his life and restrained

Lucifer to free us from his realm and we must take advantage of this to make our way from

this lower realm to the higher ones and eventually to Heaven.  The whole  process depends on

the choices we make.  Do we continue following the rules and customs of this realm or do we

attempt  to raise ourselves to meet the higher realms with our prayers and our character

improvement?  No matter whom we have interacted with on this earth,  or who has helped us

or taught us, the end result is on us only.   No one is responsible for our decision and eventually

our salvation. It is all about God and us and no one else.                     


                                                               WHERE IS TRUTH?


    God is truth, every word of God's is truth. Jesus tells us that he is the truth, and it is so as

he speaks what God tells him. So why are there so many different beliefs in the people of this

realm? The problem is how God's truth is interpreted. Even the most knowledgeable of men

cannot agree on what God and Jesus tell us.     We have been given the Bible to help us, but

this Bible has been written by man, and even if it was done with the help of God's spirits,  it

can never be uncontaminated truth.  Nevertheless, it is the best help we have, and contains

many of the truths of God.  We must read with wisdom and not be afraid to study other writings

that help to interpret the truths that God wishes us to understand. Seek and you shall find,

ask and it will be made clear to you.



                                                                THE LIGHT

The realm that God and the highest spirits occupy is nothing but light, there is no need for a

sun as we do here. As we descend to the lower realms, it becomes darker and darker. Jesus

tells us that he is the light, the light that we should follow.This is not only an analogy. In the

stories of the Bible when anyone saw a high spirit, they always mention the brightness of it.

When Paul saw Jesus, the light blinded him and he had to be led to Damascus by others.

When Moses was on the mountain with God, his face shone even though he did not really

see God, but was only in His presence. People who see visions of high spirits, always mention

this light. This is the light we are reaching for, particularly when we leave this world.




      All the rituals of the churches are just that, rituals. They do nothing to add to the praise to

God as we intend, they are more of a distraction.     The prayers we say in our own private

times have more value since there are no distractions from our communication with God.

Also, long protracted prayers, unless done with purpose are a waste of time. When we pray

we should be attempting to communicate directly with God and listening for any directions

from Him. God is the only one we should pray to, not our relatives or the so-called saints. 

All prayers are valuable as they express the true desires of our heart and this is

the only purpose of prayer, to communicate as to a friend, as God is our friend, our

benefactor, our life.



                          Christmas Prayer Meeting, Sunday, 12/30/2018


      Jesus called Himself the shepherd and we the sheep.

There is not much that God asks of us; only that we follow our shepherd.

If we do this one thing, everything else in our lives will fall into place.

God does so much for us and asks us so little in return.

But we desire so many ways in our attempt to follow our own will .

Following Jesus our shepherd is our only way to find our way back to to Him and to God.

There is no other way.

Our path has been marked for us. It is easy to follow if we put aside our desires to do it our way.




                                                          Light and Dark


      As humans on this earth, we live on a dark realm. In Heaven there is no need of a sun,

God gives light to the Heavens. As our spirit moves to higher realms, we experience more

light. The opposite is true if our spirit  after death moves to lower realms, we will find more

darkness.  Searching for the light, which is God, is our life's goal. We once lived in the bright

realm of Heaven and God has placed a desire in us, no matter how weak, to return to our

origin, which is to live with God. On earth we search for something that we are missing and

it is our need to return to our home in Heaven. That is what will satisfy this longing. Once we

have reached our understanding of our life's purpose, everything else diminishes in importance,

and our lives are more settled.



                                                           Holy Spirit?

            There are many holy spirits, and they are here to help us.  There is not only one holy spirit

as we are being taught.  When the disciples were in the upper room waiting for the holy spirits,

tongues fire appeared, one  over each  person.  That should tell us that each person received

a  particular holy spirit and these were sent so that each person could go out and teach with

the help of that particular holy spirit.   Paul's writings speak a great deal about holy spirits, he

encourages all of his hearers to attempt to get in contact with as many holy spirits as possible

in order to have different experiences and different information and help. We also have the

help of holy spirits in our lives in small or large numbers, depending on what we are attempting

to produce for God.



                                                                                          OUR SALVATION

              We are all responsible for our own salvation.  Jesus conquered this world where Satan rules.

  Jesus did this to free us from  our sin of apostasy, which is the sin we committed when we rebelled

against Jesus in Heaven and chose Lucifer as our ruler.   Now that the path is open for  us, we must

re-commit our lives to God and to His son Jesus in order to share in the heavenly rewards  offered us

by God.            

     It is a difficult task to keep following the path set for us by Christ in this world of vanity and greed. 

But it is necessary for us to keep on this path that will lead us back to our creator.  All will be saved,

but all must humble themselves to follow the teachings of  Jesus Christ who is the most humble of all

in accepting us once more as his subjects.



                                                                                RECEIVING MESSAGES

        We read of the spirits of God giving messages to the people of Biblical says.  But God

still sends His spirits to give messages to mankind.  He has not abandoned us, we need these

messages  as much as those in times  past.  Not all of us receive audible messages, but

anyone who is  open to this communication can receive messages.  Sometimes the message

takes the form of a compelling thought and sometimes it is  a nagging feeling, but God still talks

to us through His angels.  From these messages we are guided to perform certain acts or to

refrain from a particular action.  If we remain with God, we can know what is good for us at any

time in our lives. If our guidance is for evil, we know that we are not with God but with the adversary.     



                                                                         LEAD THOU ME ON

            As the song says, "Lead Thou me on amid encircling gloom".  We need to ask God every

day to give us His light that  we may find our path.   Until we reach Heaven, we need the light

of God, we cannot find our way on our own.  There is too much negative from the low spirits

who are sent by Satan to impede  our progress.  This earth is the realm of Satan, because we

once pledged allegiance  to him when we fell from Heaven.  We need help to turn our life around

and only use the light of God's good spirits to make all of our decisions.   We are told that God

will never leave us even if we turn from him.  God is Life itself, and His son Jesus gave himself

to us to save us from this, our lot on earth.      



                                                      THERE IS ORDER
       There is order in the universe.  There is order in the worlds that God has created.  There is
a master plan for everything and  for us as well.  To deny God, is to accept confusion, but God
is a God of order.  There is a plan for each of us, and our task is to discover this plan and
accept it.  Each of us is given a life that is suited to our character and is the path that will reunite
us with God.
    In each of us there is a desire, whether small or large, to find our way back to the place
where our life began,a life as a spirit in God's world.  Asking God for His guidance is the
fastest way to find and follow our life plan.
                                                         GOD CARES FOR ALL HIS CREATURES
                God sends His Holy spirits to all of His creatures whether they are aware of it or not. 
Without this help many  of us would not be able to live for very long.  Our physical bodies,
left to our own devices and bad habits would not hold up very well. God's spirits continually
heal our bodies and inspire our minds.  Some say our bodies heal themselves, but that is not
possible; God's power is the healer, there is an effort for every result, nothing on this earth
happens by accident.  Even the animals are cared for by God's holy spirits, they too are
God's creation and therefore are important to Him. We owe everything to God, He is Life itself.
                                                                    WHO HAS THE TRUTH?
          All sources of truth come from God, He is truth itself and there is no other.  God uses
instruments to teach us this truth, these are His holy spirits whose task it is to disseminate
the truth to those who are to receive it.  And although there are many who bring us this truth,
it is all from God.  Many become side tracked,  believing they have discovered some new
truth, but that is not possible. For there are not new truths or other truths, there is only one
and that from God.  It is for us to learn to discern whether or not the instrument we are
communicating with is from God and not from a mundane spirit.   
                                                                             ONLY ONE GOD
             The God of Heaven is the ONE God, the ONLY God, the TRUE God.  There is no
other God. He is the beginning of everything and will be the end of everything. All energy
and all life begins with God. Many do not give God the credit and place others before Him
but that is because of a lack of understanding.  God is the one who created everything including
His son Jesus, and He is the who allowed His Son to come to our rescue after we had pledged
our allegiance to Satan and allowed him to rule in our lives.  
        We must always be grateful for the sacrifice that Jesus  made to restore us to our home
in Heaven but  we should understand that God is above all and He has no equal, not even
His son Jesus.
                                                            WHO ARE WE FOLLOWING?
            The most important task we have in this life is to follow our leader, and to know who
that leader is.   For us, our leader is Jesus Christ, we follow  him in everything that we do.
         We must make a conscious effort to choose Jesus to lead us.  If we make no decision,
we are following Lucifer by default since he is the ruler of this earth.   We chose him before
God created this earth realm,and unless we deny his rule over us and chose another, we
are still following him; this is his domain.  We fell from Heaven by following Lucifer, and
unless we change our minds, we are still his subjects.  Leaving our lives to chance is not a
solution if we hope to return to Heaven where we are originally from, and where we were created.
               In these last days leading to the end of this age, many will receive the ability to
communicate with the spirit world of God.  This will dispel the belief that spirit communication
ended with Biblical days. This ability will give us the correct information regarding God and
his works and that tradition is of no value in our spiritual progression.  God Himself says
" ask Me of things to come'.  
        The spirits of God are the promulgation of the truth, it is not for us to rely on man for
the answers, since they do not provide all of the truths of God unless His Holy spirits have
communicated it to them.  Not all will find the ability to communicate with God's spirits, but
for those who are in the will of God, it will be a precious gift from God.
  3/2018                                                        WHO TO PRAY TO
           Jesus Christ is the one we need to follow, he is the way to God, his Father and ours. 
He teaches us to address our prayers to God as he  himself does.
          We are not to pray to any other but God.  He is the one who grants our prayers and
answers them with our benefit in mind.  Some pray to the saints but who are the saints? 
Paul called his congregation 'saints' because they followed Christ.  The Roman church
canonizes those they call as saints because they have suffered or dedicated their lives to
God. But no one knows the heart of man, and man cannot answer prayers, they are not
equipped to do so. God can use anyone as teachers but they cannot replace God. 
    4,24,2018                                        LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR   
        It is not the insults and the harm others do to us that affects our standing with God, it is
the harm we do to others that counts as our failures.   When God told us to love one another,
it was an important commandment, it was for our spiritual growth.  God has loved us from
the time He created us, He even sacrificed His son to prove His love for us. 
       A lack of love for others only harms us and keeps us from the Heavenly realms that we
hope to attain after this life.  Paul took all of the harm people did against him but he never
allowed it to affect his spirit and his standing with God.          




We are encouraged to pray to God for everything. God knows what we need but He

does not want to impose anything on us without our will. Whether or not we pray to Him,

He provides for all of our needs. We receive hope and confidence when we pray and it

is obvious to us that God has heard our prayer and has answered it. The more specific

our prayer, the more encouraging for us when we speak. We pray with the expectation

that we will hear from God and we thank Him in advance for our answer. There is so

much to thank God for without God's power we can do nothing, our existence depends

on Him, our blessings

depend on Him and our very salvation is dependent on Him. We are told that He will

never forget us and never abandon us, therefore we can live in hope for our lives here

on earth and our lives after this one.





                                                               THE NATURE OF GOD


             We do not know the exact nature of God, but we learn that we were

created in His image, therefore, we know that God has form and shape, He is

not a vapor or a mass. God created His one and only son, Jesus, in His image,

and we have seen Jesus in physical form and he was not a vapor, but looked

and acted like a man. Also, Jesus gave us the words to use in order to pray to

God, “Our Father Who art in Heaven”, so we know that our Father is in the

Heavenly realm. We are here to learn so that we may eventually return to

Heaven and be with our Father as we were when He created us. God is real

and we know where He is the knowledge that He created everything that is

in existence ascertains that God is an active being with great intelligence

and power.


                                                     REACHING HIGH SPIRITS


Just as people congregate with each other according to their way of thinking, so spirits

congregate with each other in the same way, and not only that, but spirits congregate

with physical beings according to their thoughts and inclinations.

If we are desirous of being visited or being attended by high spirits from God's Kingdom,

we must raise our thoughts to meet with theirs, otherwise only mundane and low spirits will

be our companions, and we will not see much improvement in our character or receive much

help from the highest type.

Spirits from both the higher and the lower realms are always about and we are affected by

whichever we are communicating with. To prepare ourselves for the higher realms in our

afterlife, it would be helpful to communicate with only God's high spirits.


                                             GOD'S SOLUTION


When we fell from Heaven with Lucifer, there did not seem to be any way

to return to our former home in Heaven. But God, Who loves all of His

children and desires them to return to Him, devised a way for His errant

children to return.

He sent his first and only son to incarnate on this planet and after his death,

to descend to Lucifer's realm and free us from our bondage.

Since then, lost spirits have been abandoning Lucifer and finding their way

back to their original home. The path would take them through a material

incarnation where they would learn the necessary lessons that would raise

their spirits to level high enough to begin their progress through the Heaven

realms and eventually back to God.


                                       JESUS WAS GUIDED WHILE ON EARTH

           Jesus always said that he could do nothing on his own but only did what his Father

told him.  We also can do nothing on our own, whether it is improving our character or helping

others find their way to God.  We must constantly pray to God to send us His holy spirits to

take us by the hand and lead us if we are to succeed at anything.  

            Jesus says that God will answer our prayer, that if we ask for bread, He will not give

us a stone or a snake for a fish, which means that God is faithful even if we are not.  His

wishes for our earthly life is for the improvement of our spirit so that we may again return to

our former home with Him.  Constant prayer is our only help, like Jesus, we can do nothing

without God's help.


                                       JESUS TAUGHT EVERYONE

          Jesus says that he never taught anyone in secret, which means that everything he taught

is for everyone.  Therefore, no one, no pope, no preacher, no organization has the right to

disseminate only the information they think we are in need of.  There is no limit to the information

that can be learned from Jesus or from any  of his holy spirits,.  The more we learn while we

are here on this earth, the more will be given to us and the higher the realm we can attain when

we leave here.  God does not restrict His information from us and neither should we restrict

ourselves and others.


                            CHRIST  TEACHES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD

          The Bible tells us that at the end of this era, Christ will be taught throughout the world. 

God is allowing everyone the opportunity to hear about Christ.  Whether or not people accept

this chance is up to each person.  God has no intention of leaving anyone behind. He wishes

that all understand, if they can, to accept the truth of their incarnation and the freedom that

Christ has afforded them.

         In many parts of the world, people are steeped in tradition and many have hardened

their hearts regarding God and Christ and so not all will take advantage of this opportunity,

but they will know, once they leave this earth, that they were not ignored.


                                               THE CORNERSTONE

       Jesus says that he is the cornerstone.  The cornerstone is the first stone placed when

erecting a building, no other stone is placed before this one. Christ is that cornerstone, the

first one placed and the one that our Christian belief is based on.   Christians are the followers

of Christ, everything they are and everything they follow is based on Christ.  No one else is

the cornerstone and on no one else is the Christian belief based on.  Christ is everything to

us, he is the envoy of God and his obedient servant just as we are the servants of Christ and

indirectly the servants of God.


                                                  CHRISTMAS DAY 

        Some who consider themselves knowledgeable regarding the history of mankind, argue

that Jesus was not physically incarnated on December 25th.  But the date is not as important

as the occurrence. We celebrate many occasions on earth, not knowing the exact date but this

does not seem to hinder us from our celebration or our remembrance.

      This season also brings out all those who are guided by Satan to prevent us from our

celebration, but one day they will realize that God sent His only son, Jesus Christ to save

them also along with the believers.  Paul says, 'Jesus died for us when we were still his

enemies.  That was the main reason for Jesus to come to earth, to save us from Lucifer

whom we had pledged our allegiance to.


                                       THE NARROW GATE

           The Lord provides for all whether they believe in him or not.  Those who believe are at

an advantage because they usually ask and have their prayers answered. Without belief there's

no communication and therefore no knowledge of requests answered.

              We ought not to let anything fetter us in any way when it comes to our belief in God

and our faith in Christ. Nothing in the physical world is of any value if all of it can be destroyed,

and it can not affect our spirit. All habits and practices as well as hobbies and activities are just

that, and although there is nothing wrong with any of them, they are not conducive to our salvation.

                Our life should be free of low spirits who entice us to a life of ease and selfishness. 

We will have our ease and freedom and our love of tasks for God once we reach Heaven,

but we do not have much time in this physical world to waste.  We must keep our goal squarely

before us that we need not have any regrets after we leave this world.



                                                      Belief in God

 Many of the followers of Jesus believed in him only because they saw the miracles that

he performed. Many who live in third world countries also come to believe when they see

miracles performed while missionaries preach to them. These miracles are only to spark

their attention in order for them to understand that this is a powerful God who is their creator

and the one whom they should rely on for everything.


In our country, most of us have learned of God from infancy, we need not rely on miracles in

order to believe, but God, through His holy spirits still performs miracles to solidify our belief

in Him. Hopefully our faith in our God will keep us believing and trusting in Him without needing

constant reassurances through miracles, but with an understanding of a more mature nature.


                                           WE ARE NEVER ALONE


The apostles did not believe that Jesus was standing beside them in the room, when he had

materialized after his resurrection. We are often also blind then it comes to the presence of

Jesus in our midst. God and Jesus work through the holy spirits to care for us and to guide us.

 So often we believe that we are alone, but that is not so. Everyone has holy spirits near them

to help them, but we must not ignore them, but ask God to have them answer our prayers. As

God's messengers, they do as God wills them to do for our benefit.

 We do not pray to these spirits or angels, we pray to God alone who sends His instructions

to them for us We must never become weary of asking God for His help. He cares for every

one of His creations, we are His children and He is our God.



           In order to get into Heaven, we must believe that path rests in Jesus Christ.  We must
understand and accept that Jesus gave himself to us and defeated Satan to free  us from
hell.  On earth we are ruled by Satan, this is his domain and it takes an effort on our  part
to disassociate ourselves from him and turn our allegiance to the one who made it possible
for us to return to Heaven.  No one but Jesus Christ has opened the way for our departure
from this lower realm in order to reach Heaven.  When we die, we may be transported to a
realm  that is higher than this one, but in  order to raise ourselves to Heaven where Jesus
resides we must accept his pardon of our sin of having abandoned  him so long ago when
he gave us a choice of which person to follow, him or Satan.

                                                                                        LOVE THY NEIGHBOR


God created mankind, each with their own attributes and gifts. These gifts are not given to us

for our use alone, but to use in the will of God and shared with others. As we grow and learn,

using these skill and gifts, we are to use them to do God's work.

There is much to do on earth; God sends His holy spirits to teach us and help us to grow

spiritually, so that we can progress in order to return to Heaven, where we were created.

We are also responsible to aid others, using our knowledge and gifts.


No one lives for himself alone, we are all creatures of God and there is no one better

than another, but as we are given the answers to life and to salvation, we are to share and

teach those who have not yet received these answers, and not selfishly hold these for

ourselves only. God says, “Love they neighbor”.


                                                                 OUR LIFE PLAN

       There is  plan for our life that gives us the framework for improving our

character.  We are here to eliminate our flaws which could keep us from the

higher realms.  Change is difficult but if we make no effort, change is impossible. 

In the short time we are here, we can improve or destroy both our spiritual and our

physical life.

      God gives us trials and hurdles which are set to challenge us to make changes,

without these, we may not make the effort to learn what is necessary for our salvation. 

We are given holy spirit guides to lead our way, and following them makes our travel

easier, without them, we could hardly survive, just as the breath of life from Christ

keeps us alive.   There are no trials given to us which are insurmountable.  God knows

our strengths and our weaknesses, and we may feel burdened but never over burdened. 

God does not expect more or us than we have the knowledge or the strength to overcome.

  God is fair and loving, and although we should hold Him in awe, there is no reason to

fear Him.  It is our own weakness and misunderstanding of God that makes us fear Him.

      We have Jesus Christ as our intercessor and he always sends us whatever help we

need through his  holy spirits.  It is up to us to follow our path with courage and with

love for God, Jesus Christ and our neighbor.

     Many lament their lives with all of its problems on the fact that they did not receive all

of the love and attention they wanted while they were children.  They blame the fact that

they were abused, to act as badly as those they claim hurt them. And so they live their

lives by abusing themselves and others and think they are unjustly treated for their behavior

and sins.

    We have lived many lives and are all ascending from a lower realm of hell to live

on this earth. We are often born in a family that thinks like we do and are therefore a

perfect fit in this family.  We may have hurt others in a past life and are now paying

for those abuses of others. 

     We always hear, why would God allow innocent children to suffer, but we should

know that they are not so innocent if we include their past lives with this one.  Of course

there are always some who find their lives difficult because they are born into a family

to help raise them to a higher level, or it may be that they are in that family to teach them

a better way.



2/2016                                                                                      OUR CREATION

        God created us as spirits in Heaven. We are told He created us in His image which

means that God has a body, since we have a body, He is not just something floating around,

and He is in Heaven, in the highest realm of the spirit world.  Those who say God is

everywhere seem to think he is like a mist enveloping everything, but even Jesus prays,

"Our Father Who art in Heaven".  Because of his extreme power and knowledge, He

knows what is going on and He uses His spirits to work for Him. Think of a king who

can run his country by putting people in charge of different things, that will give you an

idea of how the spirit world works. 

    The spirit that would most resemble God would be Jesus Christ, since he is the only

one who was created directly by God and the only one of his kind.  This is why we say

that Jesus  Christ is the first and only son of God.  Christ in turn created us, but Christ is

not God, but only His direct creation, but that does not negate the fact that we are created

in God's image since Jesus was created in God's image.     

      Many refuse to believe there is a God because we can't see Him.  But God is of such

a high vibration that we could not stand in His  presence.  When God was giving Moses the

Ten Commandments, Moses asked God to show Himself, but God told him that he could

not see Him and live, such was the difference in vibration.  To God we are like ants. 

    Jesus is also of a high vibration but when he was on earth much of his power was

reduced because the physical body weighs on the spirit and brings it down to a lower

place.  But Jesus was still very powerful and he tells us that all that he did was with the

power from God, that he could do nothing without God.  Our energy also comes from

God, without Him, we could not exist, God is our power source, and without this power

source we are nothing.  All life on earth is from the power from God.

    In time, when we finally reach the realm where God and Jesus exist, we will then appear

more in the image of God as we were created.

    Those who do not believe in God but think that we were created by "the big bang", seem

to think that the big bang has nothing to do with God, but where did the energy for the big

bang originate from, there had to be a power source and how can anything happen without

that power?


                                                            LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR
          In his dream, Peter was told, 'What God has declared clean, you shall not call unclean'.
This means that God loves all of His creations, but He knows that they are not all at the
same place in their progression.  We began on this earth at the lowest form of creation
and have, by continual reincarnation, progressed to the state of man.  The animals are
not as progressed as people but God loves them anyway.
       With people, we are all at different stages of progressions sot there is no reason to
look down or judge others since we don't know where they are in their progression, only
God knows.  Outside appearances mean nothing, what is in our hearts is all that matters. 
This is the reason that God says to love our neighbor, but we do not have to like their
behavior or join them in their errors.  But it is incumbent on us to help our neighbor if
they are willing to be helped. Forcing others to do our will is not helping them, they all
have free will just as we do, and we do not know if our help is useful or just another
impediment to their progression.
      When Jesus was on earth, he taught the general public by parables because they were
not ready to understand the truths that he was imparting to them.  The apostles could
understand most of it, but even then, Jesus sent holy spirits to help them when they
started teaching.  Even they needed communication with God's holy spirits to know
what they should be teaching.  So we too should be sure that the help we give others
is useful, because we are responsible for the inaccurate information we give as help.

                                                                                GOD'S WILL

        Listening to God's will is the only thing that is necessary in this life.  Pleasing man
is not possible and will meet with only disappointment for man is fickle and does not
know what he wishes.  Man wants only to appear great in the eyes of others and be
praised for the little they do which is really only for their own benefit and pride.
         We have all fallen so far from God and the journey back is long and fraught with
trials and errors and with pain and troubles.  But this we have brought on ourselves. If
we turn to God and follow him, success will be ours. To love God and our neighbor, as
God has required, will cover a whole host of sins and bring us joy and happiness, no
more to dwell on failure but only successes.


July 2016.                                     WHO WILL BE SAVED?

      All will be saved, Jesus told us.  At the end of the physical world, every knee will

bend and everyone will come to Jesus.  Some may take eons to progress far enough that

they can return to Heaven, but God promises that everyone will return to where they were

first created.  Even Lucifer who led the rebellion against Jesus and was the leader of the 

one third of Heaven that caused everyone to fall, even he will one day give up and submit

to Jesus.  He also was created by God, and once was a beautiful angel, in fact, he is one of

the seven sons of God, just as Jesus is.  God is love, we were all created by this love and

will all return by that same love.




3/2016                                              CHRIST'S   PHYSICAL DEATH

      Jesus suffered and died all alone with no one to comfort him. Stories relate how his mother

stood at the cross but she wasn't there, what mother could come and watch her child begin

executed.  Jesus has asked the apostle John to take her away.  None of his apostles and

disciples were there either.  In telling Bible stories, so many add or subtract incidences

to match their way of thinking and many of the stories are incorrect, 

     Near the time of his death, even the holy spirits, who were always with him, had left him.

We know this by his words, "Father why have you forsaken me?"  This was so that Satan

could never say that Jesus had won by the extra help that he received. 

     While his body was supposed to be in the grave, it had already been de-materialized

and his spirit had descended to the realm of Satan where he won a victory to free us from

Satan's control, without which we could never have left hell, no matter which realm we

were on.  This realm we live on is the highest realm of hell and from here, now that Jesus

has rescued us, we can raise ourselves to the realms of Heaven.  It was the sin of apostasy

or the sin of defecting from Christ that Jesus forgave us with this victory. We were all under

the sin of apostasy since our fall from the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, and we didn't

even have to save ourselves, Christ did it for us. That is the importance of Christ's death and

victory, and that is why we must side with Christ, abandoning Lucifer.  We must choose a

side now that the biggest hurdle has been removed for us. 

     This great event happened only approximately two thousand years ago, so in the history

of the world, this is a very recent occurrence.  It is only since then that we are allowed to

enter the Heavenly realms, not the highest one, but we can at least step onto the lowest realm

of Heaven and work our way up from there, without any influence or temptation from Lucifer. 

This was the great news that the apostles were giving to the people and it was great news

indeed, Paul kept reminding them that this was the beginning of the end, that they were

at the threshold of being redeemed and so it was very important news.  Now over two

thousand years later, we take this for granted although two thousand years was not long

ago as far as the history of the world is concerned.




        Honesty - not only in the sight of God but in the sight of man.

      Honesty is a virtue that is extremely difficult to find. Excepting those who are

brazenly dishonest in the manner of conducting their lives, it is still difficult to find

truly honest people.  In the business world, it seems to be the norm to place profits

over honesty.  Is there anyone in our lives that we have worked for who didn't bend

the rules of the company to their financial advantage?  Satan knew well how his

invention of money would bring down almost everyone, even those who consider

themselves honest.  And how many employees have we met who feel that since they

have so much less than the company they work for, are therefore entitled to help

themselves in material gain.  The most honest of them would have to admit that they

consider small items such as pens, stamps etc. as  a part of their share of the company. 

And how often have employees felt that they could allow themselves to be late of leave

early when there was no supervision present?  There is also the problem of lying about

someone whether it gains us anything or not, or lying about our own accomplishments

to our advantage.

       As we can see, honesty is a very rare virtue. There seems to be no limit to the number

of ways we are dishonest.  The only cure is to remember that everything we do,  we ought

to do as if we were doing it for God, there is no other way to keep ourselves on the track of honesty.


                                                                            TEACHERS AND PREACHERS


       So many teach and preach the laws of God but do not apply them to themselves.   Teachers must

be an example to their students or they are not credible.  Parents who chastise their children but do not

live by the rules they apply to them are not effective.

      When Jesus was on earth, he did not teach from his own store of knowledge, but only taught what

God gave him through His holy spirits, thereby leaving no room for error.  Jesus says, "You shall see

the spirits ascending and descending on the son of God".  It is this communication with God's spirits

that is lacking in the churches.  All teachers of God's truths must receive these truths from God and not

from man, for what is man but a fallen angel looking for his own redemption from his sins.  Satan rules

this realm, and it is too easy to interject his rules and laws into man's teachings.  Truth is found with

God, and in its pure form can contain no errors.  The world is lost and confused by the churches who

refuse to communicate with God's holy spirits in order to relay these truths to their followers.  Man's

pride and ego and need to control, blinds them to the understanding of the laws of God.  Even while

using the testimony of the apostles, they are unable to decipher the meanings as given to them, and

remain only with their preferred knowledge that came from man and from tradition.    

     Until we return to communication with the spirits of God, our knowledge will stagnate and keep

us at the level we are, with not much hope for progress. Those who are teachers and preachers most

definitely need to communicate with God's holy spirits in order to give good guidance to their followers. 

They are responsible for the things they teach and it is a grave responsibility that could affect people's

salvation.  They need to keep studying and learning and asking God for guidance rather than repeating

what they learned in the seminaries and colleges.  Most people's knowledge is very limited, even when

they read the Bible, many do not really understand what they are reading, as one instance, the words,

"Life and Death" as used in the Bible means spiritual life and death and not physical, there is a great

difference in meaning when you understand just this one thing.  There are many more concepts that

are misunderstood by the churches, so more study is needed. 


.                                                          SHORTSIGHTEDNESS

     The women who went to the tomb of Jesus, could not understand why he was not there. 

Then Jesus commented on how short sighted they were not to have connected the empty

tomb with the messages of the prophets who had foretold that Jesus would be spiritually

resurrected and that his body would not see corruption but would be de-materialized.

     We are also very short sighted when it comes to our beliefs and our progression. 

We have received so much information on the path we must take to return to God, and

yet every little hurdle we encounter sends us into unbelief.

     Abraham is our forefather on this physical realm, and his faith is an example of how

reliable the promises of God are for us.  The path is a straight one, yet we keep incarnating

on this earth over and over again, unable to see the ultimate goal of these lives.  We are given

so many opportunities but our eyes and minds do not see past our physical world, which is

fraught with selfishness and rebellion, that keeps us short sighted and delays our progression. 

We pray that God who is continually patient would help us open our spiritual eyes and our

hearts to the love granted us, not by our faithfulness but in spite of it. 

     We thank God for all that He does for us, and for Jesus Christ who gave up everything

to reach our hearts and accept his sacrifice of salvation, that we might return to our former

home with Him and with the Father.


                                                         THIS REALM

       We live in the realm of Lucifer, and all through this life we must struggle to remain above the vibration of this lower realm.  To enter a higher realm at  our physical death,  we must be of the vibration of that realm.  At the same time, our lives here on earth will be much happier with more of God's blessings.

      To live at or below the vibration of this realm with Lucifer at the helm, is to invite sin and pain into our lives.  We suffer disease through the fears brought on by the lower spirits as we accept their model for our lives.  Rising above these lower vibrations is not an easy task but many have accomplished it.  Christ is the perfect example of one who conquered Lucifer and remained within God's vibration at a very high cost to his physical life as well as his mental pressure.  We are not Christ but we can raise ourselves through love for God and our neighbors as we are commanded. This is the path to spiritual progress.


                                                                                          OUR RESPONSIBILITY

      Each and everyone of us is precious to God.  Although we all fell from Heaven together, each soul must return by his or her own efforts, one  at a time.  Just as the rain falls all at once, it contains individual drops of water which when joined together gives us the rain.

      We all have to work for our return to God individually, and if we can assist another to reach the Heavens, it will cover a host of sins, because the love for our neighbor also provides proof that we love God.  And the two commandments given to us are to love our God with our whole soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves.



                                                                                                    CHRIST'S RESURRECTION


      The resurrection of Christ from the spiritually dead is the most important of all occurrences that we read in the scriptures. Jesus had died on the cross as a sacrifice for us. After his death, he descended into the lowest of realms, the domain of Lucifer whom we call “death”, because by his rebellion against Jesus he had lost his spiritual life and been cast out of Heaven with one third of the Heavenly spirits, of which we were a part.


     In Lucifer's realm a battle ensued and Jesus the Christ won this battle and this victory saved all of us, the fallen spirits, from Lucifer's power, allowing us to leave the lower realms and re-enter the Heavenly realms as soon as we make the effort to reconcile with God and work out our own salvation. We will arrive at our goal with hard work and renewed devotion to God and to Christ.

     There is none but Jesus Christ who will rescue us from this plane. He is the one who won our freedom by overcoming Satan and by this act restricting his power over us. Through belief in Jesus, our savior, many are delivered from the snares of Satan who would not have us be free of disease, doubt and despair. Christ is the only way to the Father and to our eventual return to our Heavenly home.

    Our Father in Heaven is the one who gave Christ the power to free us and in turn Christ did accomplish the will of His Father Who would not let us be lost after our disobedience but forgive us, for He desires our return to Him.


                                                                                                         GOD'S PROPHETS

Nov 2017

          In biblical days, God sent His prophets to instruct, warn, and advise His  people.  Everyone was familiar with this phenomenon.  Today, we still have prophets, but many do not accept this gift from God.  Many of the churches have decided that all  prophets are instruments for demons and no one should listen to them, although their religion is based on the bible where almost all writers are instruments of God speaking through His prophets. 

      There are prophets who are the instruments of the lower realms, and so there were some of those mentioned in the bible, but knowing the laws of God, we should be able to discern which are the good prophets and which are working for the lower realms.  Any prophet who speaks only for the physical, mundane world is not from God. Much great knowledge and help is lost by denying God's prophets, and those who refuse them are not doing the will of God, but are basing their knowledge on their own studies and experiences, and thereby people are given only a worldly impression of God and Heaven and many abandon hope of ever learning more than the churches teach.


                                                                                                           GOD IS FAITHFUL

Dec 2017

If we live in accordance with the will of God, He will answer our prayers and give us even more than we ask for. There is no limit to God's love and mercy.

The difficult times we live through are not a punishment from God but often is a sign that we have strayed from Him and our suffering may be to effect a correction in our life.

Of course, we must always acknowledge that Lucifer does all he can to have us lose faith on our God, especially if we are faithful servants. Satan even tempted Jesus and we know that he was a faithful servant of his Father's.

If we pray and ask for guidance, we will know what the will of God is for our life. We may not always be faithful but God is always faithful.


  Dec 2017                                                                       THE CREATOR

God is the Creator of all, and did not intend any of His creations to be destructive. But Lucifer would like to destroy all of God's works. All God wishes is for everything to return to Him, and Jesus is the one through whom all will be returned. He overcame Satan and is more powerful than he is, but he allows Satan to rule on this realm so that he will realize that he has been given every opportunity to hold us as his subjects, since we did subject ourselves to him so long ago.

 God is fair and will allow us to choose once more, to remain with Lucifer, or join Jesus who will help us return to Heaven where we were created at the beginning of our existence.


June 2017                                                                 OBEY GOD NOT MAN


We must obey God and not man, as Peter told his accusers. There is nothing that man can do for you, or to you. All spiritual life rests with God. He is our creator, our caretaker, our solace in time of grief, our rescuer from the evil one, who is His adversary.

All men are also working toward their ability to return to Heaven just as we are, but we are all at different levels of progression. We can always learn from those who have the information to help us, but in the end, we are responsible for our own progress.

God sent His son to rescue us from the evil one, and if we follow him completely, we will find our way. Christ himself says he is the way and the truth, and we all must go through him to arrive to the Father and to our destiny , which is to be reunited with both God and Christ in Heaven.


Oct 8, 2017                                                       GOD'S PLAN FOR US


God's will for us should also be our will. God has a plan for our lives and going against that plan makes for a difficult life. We say “Our Gather Who art in Heaven, thy will be done”. Why ask God for His will if we do not pay any notice of it and do not accept it. God means for us to have only what is good for us and the ultimate result is to bring us back to our heavenly home.

 If we follow the will of God there may still be trials, but these are all a part of the plan to purify our spirit and improve our character, to bring our spirit more in line with those spirits we will be surrounded by in the realm we will inherit at out completion of our earthly task.


Oct 15, 2017                                                  HUMBLE SPIRIT


Jesus was the best example of a humble person. He was the highest spirit on earth but was a servant to everyone.

 Those who want to govern and guide others, are really the servants of those people. Unfortunately, many in a position of authority do not consider themselves servants, but lords over the people. Then there is the possibility that as lords, they oppress those whom they should be serving, and make rules for please themselves, and become selfish and thoughtless.

 We are all servants of God, and there is really no one who needs to place himself in authority over another. We need to follow Jesus in our attitude and then we will be followers and servants of God.


    Oct 2017                                                      HEART OF A CHILD

Jesus tells us to come to God with the heart of a child. He does not mean in ignorance but in innocence. Children do not have lists of traditions to follow; they come with trust, not looking for double meanings or second translations. Their mind is open and active. They relish new information and do not doubt.

 Adults have more pre-conceived notions and prejudices to overcome. We sometimes meet adults who are brain-washed, as we call it, unable to let go of the traditions and false teachings, unable to trust or believe.

 God's world is not complicated, but we make it so, and many have been taught to fear the plan of God.

                                                       LESSON ONE
    In the spirit world, a thought is an action.  Here on earth these physical bodies slow us down, so that we have time to think and consider what we will do, but our actions are still influenced by our thoughts.
    Those who spend much time listening to negative thoughts or watching negative movies, videos etc. are conditioning their thoughts in this way which will affect their actions at a later time. Those whose thoughts are concentrated on the positive have a better chance of producing positive actions.
      During the time of Moses, the people were guided by positive thinking even to the point of eating only pure foods  in order that their thoughts would remain pure, and their actions were guided by the commandments of God.
      Since Satan is the ruler of this earth, everything that we can do in the positive sense will affect our lives and place us on an automatic road to positive actions, and this would raise our spiritual vibration in order to meet with those of the higher spirits and eventually to God.



Sunday Dec 4, 2016

       People who work together at a particular enterprise use words among themselves which no one else would understand, this is called 'jargon'. When in the company of those who are not of their group, no one understands the conversation.

       People who profess to belong to a particular religious organization also use jargon which they have memorized. When not in their own environment, they are not understood by most. Many times words and phrases are used and not understood even by those of those religions. When asked for an explanation of these words, they often are at a loss to explain them.

      The only important concept for everyone is to believe that Jesus Christ should be at the center of all religions. That he is the one who descended from Heaven and was born as a physical being to lead us back to God, whom we have abandoned for everything the world has to offer.


                                                                                    GOD'S CHOICES

Dec 18, 2016

      Paul, in his gospels tells his hearers that not many of them are recognized on this earth as of noble birth or of greatness, and that God rather chooses those who are accounted as nothing, but he does not mean that God chooses ignorant people.

     People who consider themselves religious, following all the religious precepts of their organization, often have the idea that they must be totally ignorant of how the world, material and spiritual, operates. They think that they are more holy if they do not question the beliefs of their church and only repeat what they have learned without looking for an explanation of the concepts.

      God cannot really use ignorant and close minded people to assist in the spread of His truths. The apostles that Jesus chose, were poor but not ignorant or incapable of understanding the world of spirits that he was introducing them to. Common sense was not lacking among them nor the willingness to learn new concepts.


                                                                      THE CHURCH

      When the Bible speaks of the church, they are speaking of the followers of Christ.  As Paul says, "Christ is the head and we are the body", and this comprises the church. There is no relationship between this church and the buildings that we call a church, and not all who attend these so-called groups or churches are followers of Christ.

               Our intentions and our faithfulness to God and to Christ makes us a part of the church Paul speaks of.  Many so-called churches could be called secular, for there is no room for Christ in them  Mankind had lost the meaning of the body of Christ of which the faithful belong to.  Communication with the spirit world of God is the only way for the churches of our day to truly become the church that Paul speaks of. The apostles, and even Jesus, taught nothing besides what the spirits of God gave them teach. That is the true church.




     The greatest mystery for mankind is the existence of God, His countenance, His power, His immensity, His love.   We sing, "How Great Thou Art", but we do not understand how great.  Until we reach the vibration of God there is no way to understand and that will be a very long time for most or all of us. Even those who live in the higher realms, have never seen God, save for those who are on the same realm as He is.

    Many think that Jesus is God, but Jesus, although a very high and powerful spirit, is the son of God but not God Himself.  He was created by God and is the only spirit that was created directly by God and is God's only son.  All other spirits are created by Jesus, this son of God, but not directly either, Jesus created a few other high spirits that we call the archangels and we are descended from them.

     Many say they do not believe in God because they have no possible way to imagine Him, their ability in this respect fails them and makes it impossible to fathom the one who is highest and most powerful of all.  Their minds cannot expand past the physical creation and they need to bring God down to their level in order to attempt an explanation, which is also why they believe Jesus is God. But God has never lived on this earth as a human, it is not  possible for Him to shrink to the size or a human, it would be as difficult for us to inhabit the physical body of an ant.  When Moses, on the mount asked God to show Himself, God told him that he could not see Him and live.

     One day in the far distant future when we  have earned our way through all of the higher realms, we may finally reach the highest realm and understand God.  Until then, we must refrain from imagining Him as a puny mortal and ascribe human attributes to Him, like hate, anger, sorrow etc. God does  not only love, He is love.




    Ouija Boards are usually used for fun and games; at least it begins that way. The person operating the board places his or her hands on a small wooden shape and attempts to refrain from moving it. The participants ask questions and the small shape moves on the board pointing to different letters that spells the answer to the question.

    A very similar instrument was used in biblical days. It was also a board with a moving part. The board had symbols, each one representing one of the twelve tribes. It was called the breastplate of judgment. The person operating the breastplate was a medium often called a prophet or a seer.

    The people of Israel would go to see the prophet and ask their question. The prophet would lend his energy or od to enable the spirits of God to point to the correct answer. The breastplate was only used to inquire of God and was never thought of as a game.

     So just as the spirits of God made the breastplate work so too spirits make the Ouija board work. But since the players of the Ouija board ask only questions that refer to earthly matters, we can be sure that they are not inquiring of God. Therefore who gives the answer then? The ruler of this earthly realm is Lucifer and since the questions are of an earthly nature; his spirits are the ones who are answering. The operator of the board is usually someone who has some mediumistic ability and lends his or her energy to a spirit who moves the plate on the board.

    At first, the players enjoy this game; most of them not understanding how it works. As time goes on the spirit communication becomes stronger and stronger until the operator begins to lose control. Whether or not they continue to use the Ouija board is not relevant after a while. The evil spirits have now found a portal to enter the physical realm and begin to control the operator. The spirits now possess the operator and they in turn enter the body of the medium whenever and wherever they wish. Once evil takes control, it is almost impossible to have them leave. Not many people in our culture are well practiced at exorcism, which is really what becomes necessary to rid the person of the spirits.

    So, although spirit communication is very helpful to communicate with God’s Spirits, it can also be disastrous if used inappropriately. The rules governing spirit communication are the same for good spirits and for evil ones. It is only a matter of intention and discernment as to which spirits we are communicating with. These boards are only a method of communication, just like a telephone, which can be used by good or evil people.




    Many people believe in reincarnation. They may visit a psychic to discover who they were in a past life. We have all heard the stories about how great they once were: princes, kings, queens etc. We all want to think we were great once. Other people think they can come back as their favorite animal. These ideas could be correct but perhaps more likely in a reverse order.

    Yes, we were all great once; we were angels in heaven, but having been given free will we were allowed to choose whom we wished to follow and our lot in life should tell us what an awful choice we made. We chose to follow Lucifer who was attempting to usurp Christ’s rule and God sent us all away from heaven. Some of us who had only been copy cats and not the instigators were given a second chance and placed in Paradise with Adam and Eve, and wouldn't you know it, we again made the wrong choice and were cast from there also.

    After our second fall we began our slow progress back to heaven by incarnating in the material world with Adam and Eve being our first parents. Not Adam and Eve nor any of us started life on earth as men and women but we worked our way up from the earliest known species through the plant and animal kingdom until finally arriving in human form and yes, from the apes as our last animal life.

    We continue to reincarnate as we move up the chain as humans, hopefully becoming better and better humans with each incarnation, until one day we are pure enough to return to heaven and retake our place with Christ as our ruler. Even Lucifer will someday begin his material life and work his way up through the same progression as we have.

    So you see, it is not likely that we will reincarnate as our favorite animal for that would be regressing and and our human bodies could no longer fit in an animal body. Our  progression has more to with growing closer to God and not much to do with how rich or famous we are in this material world.




    We hear “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” and we also hear “turn the other cheek”. So, which is it? Are we allowed to pay back in kind or must we turn the other cheek”? Let us imagine we are living in the days when Jesus walked the earth, which would he say is correct? You guessed it, he would say “turn the other cheek”. This is what he did and more.

    So what about “An eye for an eye?” This is the direct opposite is it not? “An eye for an eye” does not mean that we are to take matters into our own hands and repay those who harm us, it means that we do the paying. For every bit of harm or damage that we cause another, we will repay. It does not matter that we caused harm through ignorance or that we planned to do harm. This is one of nature’s laws or God’s laws. What we sow we shall reap, what goes around comes around, no matter how we phrase it, it all means the same thing.

    But, you may ask, many do harm to others and never seem to repay. Just because we do not see the manner of repayment does not mean it was not repaid. Also, there is nothing that says we will repay in this life. We may repay after we enter the spirit world after our physical death, and then again, we may repay in one or more of our lives on earth when we re-incarnate. So it is not for us to judge as to whether or not others have made restitution. God has it all in hand; he needs no assistance from us. The law still stands, there are no special circumstances, the law is non-emotional and impartial. Whether we like it or not, the law just is.




     In biblical days, people communicated with the spirits; the good spirits from God’s kingdom and the evil spirits from Lucifer’s kingdom.

     Nowadays, we are surprised when we hear of someone who has seen an apparition and heard a good spirit speak to them. We are also curious when we hear of someone who can see or hear what they call the devil. True, it is a rare phenomenon today compared to the days of the bible. In biblical days everyone understood spirit communication; it was not something out of the ordinary. The good prophets or seers were forever passing on messages from God’s kingdom warning people not to communicate with the lower or the evil spirits. They called it idolatry. Idolatry was the gravest sin of all. Instead of praying to God, people were actually conversing and listening to the spirits from Lucifer’s realm. What a slap in the face of God who was doing everything to help these people to free themselves from Lucifer’s realm only to find them returning to it.

     The churches have forbidden spirit communication for so long that most of us do not even know how to hone our skills so that we can communicate with the spirits. They teach us that all spirit communication can only be with the evil spirits. They give no credit to God for His ability to communicate with man. Could it be that if we all learned to communicate directly with God’s spirits they would suddenly find themselves unemployed? Just think if we learned to hear God’s spirits; we could find the answers to every question we have, perhaps many corrections regarding the teachings of the churches.

      By applying ourselves through concentration and meditation, we could develop gifts such as clairaudience (hearing the spirits) or clairvoyance (seeing the spirits) or clairsentience (feeling which spirits are around). It would take time but the results would be stupendous.

     While the churches think that all spirit communication is with evil spirits, it is true that most of it is and that is because it is far easier to communicate with the lower spirits since we live in a world which is Lucifer’s realm. In order to communicate with the high spirits we need to raise our thoughts to a vibration that is compatible with the higher spirits and it is difficult to rise above the mundane world to make this happen. Man is returning to the time when spirit communication will again be common practice. Almost everyone has had some experience with the supernatural as we call it.



      At one time, most of us were taught about God from one of the Christian Churches. We were raised with certain beliefs regarding God, Christ, Mary, the apostles, the bible etc. Now, we have received the greatest of all opportunities that few people have, and that is to have learned new truths that clarify and correct our original spiritual information.

      The bible says, “Seek and you shall find” and this is the reason that God has blessed us with these truths.

     Now that we have a better understanding of the spirit world of God, it is not enough to savor it and selfishly guard it. There are many others who are also seeking and it may be that God intends to bless them with these truths by using us as His instruments. Therefore, we must spread the word, not by forcing it upon them but by using Paul’s method, “ to be everything to everyone”, that is, to carefully choose our words so that we impart only as much as they are capable of understanding at the moment but not so little that we are not making them aware that we have these truths and they are welcome to ask us anything.

     Our lives are now dedicated to Christ’s mission, that is to assist Him in guiding all souls back to heaven. We were chosen to receive these truths, not just to satisfy our own curiosity but to work for Christ’s cause. Christ has entrusted us with these truths because he surmised that we would be loyal servants.

     When the apostles received the message that things had changed, that Christ’s death and defeat of Lucifer had granted everyone freedom from hell, they did not go around quietly to inform the people. They brazenly spread the great news. They suffered greatly for their bravery and died horrible deaths. We are not expected to shed one drop of our blood for spreading the truth; the worst that can happen is that we may be ridiculed by some of the population. Is that so awful given the awesome result of our successes.

      There is a book that was printed in the 1930's by Johannes Greber.  He was given the information through a medium and was asked to write it down for us. So many of the information we have is not correct and this book has the corrections.  The book is called, "Communication with the Spirit World of God".  The apostles of today who have this information are trying to spread these new truths but it is very difficult to change the minds of the dyed-in-the-wool Christians who are too afraid to let go of their ball and chain in case they would fall in the pit.




If w         When we get to Heaven after we take leave of our body and of this earth, what should we expect? People who have a near death experience see a bright light, then what? We float on a cloud and we see God and we’re happy. Is this how heaven is? This may sound great as our description of our arrival but what about the rest of the time? We will be there for eternity we are told. Floating on a cloud forever and ever? Does anyone ever get past the description of our arrival?    

                So, what does heaven look like? Heaven looks like earth, but much brighter. Almost everything we see on earth is also  present in Heaven because it was in Heaven first and then replicated on earth. On earth, there are many cities, some beautiful, some not as great. People choose which city they will live in. One city or town may be very comfortable for someone and shunned by someone else. We all seem to gravitate to areas where we fit in. We say, the vibes are right if we like it there, if not, we leave.

      In Heaven, we also gravitate to the area where the vibes feel right. Heaven has many levels. The higher the vibration the nicer the area. The City of God is of the highest vibration and therefore the brightest and the most beautiful. Unfortunately, most of us can not go directly from the vibration of the earth to the vibration of the City of God. There are those spirits who came to earth from heaven to teach us and they can return to the highest Heaven since they came from there. Most of the rest of us are coming to earth from a lower vibration therefore we must work our way up.

      When we arrive in the spirit world, we are met by our loved ones just as we are met by our loved ones when we travel on earth, so we need not fear getting lost unless we have no idea where we are going, having given it no thought at all. In Heaven, we still are who we are and we begin to progress from where we left off when we were on earth. The difference is that we no longer are in Lucifer‘s realm so we may learn and progress without the obstacles set before us here on earth. The more we work on raising our vibrations on earth, the higher level we will be comfortable in when we arrive in Heaven.

     While on earth, we are completely in charge of our lives and the only restrictions we live under, are those that we have placed there ourselves.  All of our experiences are meant to teach us and to help us in our progression.  All the people we have interacted with have an effect on our lives but how we let them affect us is part of the lessons we are meant to learn. As spirits we continue to learn and to grow and can move to higher realms or we may choose to reincarnate on earth for a new life and new experiences and that would speed up our progression.  There is no limit to our spiritual progression and it should be our aim to move up through the realms until we arrive at the highest one which is the one we inhabited when God created us as spirits.

     Our reward in the after life will be commensurate with the life we have led on earth.  Each earth life is meant to improve our character that we may raise the vibration of our spirit.  Our spirit vibration will determine which realm and which level when we reach the world of spirits. Character improvement is the reason for our material existence, and this continues in our spiritual existence.





      If we wish to get to Heaven, we must keep the commandments, we must go to church, we must tithe and so on and so on and so on. If we do all this are we guaranteed a place in Heaven? The answer is “no”, not necessarily, at least not immediately as the preachers say today. Christ said that He came to save the lost. Paul said all would be saved, but each in their own order. Those who are more prepared and have striven in their life to live clean and upright days, and to improve their character, and have trusted in God will be the first to enter the higher realms.  Others who are not ready will come later as they learn to develop a pure character, full of good will in deed, and in heart. This is done through reincarnation and by learning these lessons, to trust in God fully, to prepare oneself for a long, uplifting trip upward.

     We can spend all of our time doing things but unless we do them for the right reasons they are just actions. If we keep the Ten Commandments only because we are told to do so, we have learned nothing. If we go to church regularly so everyone will see that we are there, we have gained nothing. If we tithe and resent having to share our hard-earned money, we have given nothing.

     God gave us the Commandments as a starting point to give us an idea of how to begin to find our way back to Heaven. They were a guideline to re-direct us towards God and away from Lucifer. If we are still at the point where we follow them because we were told to, then how much progress have we made since the time of Moses?

    The only thing that counts is the reason we do everything that we do. What is in our heart is really all that counts. When our heart is in the right place, we can hardly go wrong.

     Jesus gave us one commandment that when followed encompasses most of the ten and that is “Love your neighbor as you would love yourself”. If we loved our neighbor, would we kill them, steal from them, lie to them? If we do everything out of love we most assuredly will get to heaven. So let us check everything we think, say and do and infuse them all with love. That is what we must do to get to Heaven.


 Then God spoke all these words, saying,

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. “You shall have no other gods before Me. “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.  You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,  but showing loving kindness to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not  leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain.

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Six days you shall labor and do all your work,  but the seventh day is a sabbath of the Lord your God; in it you shall not do any work, you or your son or your daughter, your male or your female servant or your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you.  For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and made it holy.

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you.

“You shall not murder.

“You shall not commit adultery.

“You shall not steal.

 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 

"You shall not covet thy neighbor's wife.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”


                                                     THE RULES OF GOD

    The fruits of our labors will be apparent once we leave this realm. The question from God will be, “What have you done for me?

    Our lives on earth are under the influence of the lower spirits who also dwell on this realm. Therefore most of our labors are usually for our own aggrandizement and our own comfort. Our earthly lives are meaningless if not used to raise us up out of these lower realms and back to our original home in God's realm. It is a constant challenge for us to remember the reason for our lives on earth and to think and act in a constant remembrance of our ultimate goal. We can only succeed with help from the spirits of the higher realms who work with constant effort for our rescue. It is up to us to recognize their help and live in accordance with God's will as taught to us by these holy spirits.

    It is important for us to know the criteria by which we should guide our lives if we are to fulfill our destiny and follow the rules of Heaven. Only by allowing ourselves to be guided by God's holy spirits and by following that guidance can we know what our best decisions are. Our own guidance is faulty at best, because of the influences of this world. Left to our own devices, we are most likely to make decisions of a worldly nature. God in His mercy gives us all the help we need to live a holy life, and none of us are asked to do more than we are capable of, according to our understanding of God's plans for us.

    The rules of God are straightforward. God gave us the Ten Commandments which are self explanatory and plain to understand. Any deviation from these commands is sin. There are no extenuating circumstances, except that God is patient with us and gives us many chances and opportunities to understand the rules correctly and to obey them. But just because we fail at following the commandments does not change the rules. Excuses for our weaknesses do not change the commandment, it only demonstrates that we must continue learning and exercising God's will for us.

    These commandments were given to Moses as a starting point, for teaching right from wrong. not just for the people of those days, but for all in all ages to come. In Moses' time, the rules were expected to be obeyed diligently and the penalties for disobeying were severe. We are no longer obeying the rules as strictly as they were then, but not because they are not as important as they were then, but only because we have fallen further away from God and Christ. We are now more materialistic and believe that these commandments do not apply to us since we are so much more progressed than in days past. These commandments were to be the beginning for understanding how to correct the flaws in our character.

     When God discerned that His people were ready for the next step in their development, He sent His son Jesus, who taught the laws of love and mercy which was the next step up from the basic rules of living.  Not only did he teach the idea of improving our character but he proved by his death on the cross, that Satan, his adversary could kill the body but could not have any power over the spirit.  Jesus then proceeded to descend into Satan's world and defeat him so that we would have some hope of leaving Satan's realm and returning to God.  He had removed the last barrier for our freedom from these low realms.  Before Satan's defeat, anyone who died a physical death had to remain on this realm, but in the spirit world, until they could reincarnate and improve some more.  So, from this realm we can now begin our upward trek to the Heavenly realms or spheres.  From there, we can continue up to the higher realms until we reach Heaven itself where God lives and where we were first created.

   Most have not learned the way to Heaven, we have discovered and invented new things to assist in our material existence, but unfortunately these advances have taken up our lives and allowed us to forget God and the reason for our existence. Our material world was created to assist us in our spiritual progression not to curtail it.

    Peter defends his actions of preaching to the people by telling his accusers that he should obey God rather than men.  We also owe our obedience to God regardless of the desires of men.  What people think of us is of the least importance and could impede us in our journey back to Heaven.

    This physical world is controlled by Satan who is the enemy of God, the one who tempted us to follow him rather than Jesus and he continues to tempt us to keep us from our Heavenly goal. This world is something which we must learn to ignore,  Jesus conquered Satan and this world.  We only need to follow him and forego what this world has to offer to succeed in this life and to be able to leave it behind for our goal to be accomplished. 

                                         WHY BELIEF IN CHRIST NECESSARY TO RETURN TO HEAVEN
  Belief in Jesus Christ is prerequisite to return to Heaven.  The reason for this requirement is that we formerly had this choice offered to us when we were still in Heaven.  At that time, we chose Lucifer over Jesus and were cast out of Heaven.  God gave us a second chance in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, and again we chose to follow them and to remain with Lucifer.  We now we live as physical beings on earth and are given a third chance.  This earth is ruled by Lucifer, and we are here to finally make the correct choice if we are to return to Heaven.  Jesus Christ is that correct choice, he even was born on earth and gave up his life to lead us back to our home.  Will we again choose Lucifer or will we choose Christ and return to God?



    Our faith in our God is our most precious gift. Life on earth is a difficult one, especially for those who are attempting to do it on their own.  If we are interested in living for the Lord and not for ourselves. we can have help.  If we ask God for help He will give it to us, as Jesus said, ”If we ask for bread He will not give us a stone”.

    As we progress toward the end of this age, Lucifer is working overtime to try to lead us away from God and away from the work He has given us to do. God does not ask much from us; only the faith of a mustard seed is all that is required to move mountains, therefore He sends His holy spirits to anyone who has even less faith than that.

    God has many helpers in the form of spirit guides who are more than willing to minister to us and they also will work overtime for us if we attempt to lead a life that is holy unto God. Our spirit guides are our best friends and the only ones we can rely on for unselfish help, unlike our human friends who usually want something in return. Without our God sent spirit guides, we could not last long in this world of Lucifer. Let us pray that we always hold our guides in great esteem and attempt to follow in their footsteps.







    Spirits, once created, never die in the sense that they can disappear into nothingness. They can die a spiritual death, which is to be separated from God, but they still exist.

    Spirits may come to earth, having been given a physical body, and that body will separate from the spirit and go back into the dust of the earth, but the spirit will continue on and take its place in the world of spirits as one of them, but can never be destroyed.

    This leads us to understand why our spirit existence is so important, the conditions of our spirit life is what we have earned as far as comfort and happiness is concerned. There is no limit to the possible progression of our spirit, it does not ever become stagnant, unless we do not grow in knowledge and in love. Knowing this, our lives on earth seem so inconsequential if no effort is made on our part to improve our character so that we may inherit a higher realm in  the spirit world to assure us of a happy life there.





    The first ceremony of Communion was at the Last Supper. Jesus took bread and broke it and gave it to his twelve apostles. He also drank from a cup of wine and passed it around to the twelve. He asked his apostles to do this regularly and to remember Him each time they did this. He wanted the apostles to form a bond among them and to include Him in this ceremony.

    The churches of today still imitate this ceremony with the idea that it is only done to remember Jesus but usually forgetting the reason they are sharing it among the whole congregation. Even with the ceremony of communion there is still much strife among the church members.

    As Jesus broke the bread and shared the wine he said, “This is my body and this is my blood”. He did not change the bread and wine at that moment into his flesh and blood; it was only an analogy. Not everything in the bible is to be taken literally, otherwise we are to believe that He is the tree and we are the branches or that He is the shepherd and we are sheep. Had he actually turned the wine into his blood and the bread into his flesh, he certainly would not have partaken, as they all would have behaved as cannibals.

    The church that believes that their priest can bless and pray over the bread and wine and thereby turn it into the flesh and blood of Christ are taking great liberty with the meaning of the communion. Who gave them the power to do this? Do they expect that becoming a priest gives them magical powers? Did Jesus tell the apostles to perform this magic trick also or did He only tell them to gather and share the bread and wine as brothers and to remember him by this gesture?






     First do no harm, this is the oath taken by medical doctors, but it could be taken by everyone. If each person understood to firstly do no harm to all: humans, animals, plants and ourselves, this world would improve substantially even if no one took it upon themselves to do anything good.

     Everyone would be treating everyone else with respect, not harming them physically or emotionally, being aware of all actions and word that debase another. But we are not living on this earth because we all have the ability to act this way. We would already be in Heaven if we could do this. But we are here on earth to learn to love God and one another. So if we cannot muster enough love for others or even for ourselves, we could begin by practicing the Hippocratic oath, first do not harm.






     Everything happens in God’s time, not ours. We may pray for an event and if it is to happen, God will grant it at the most opportune time. He knows when and how the opposition from Lucifer will occur and therefore He chooses the best time.

    And it has always been so throughout history. God sent His only son to be born on this earth when enough people would be ready to receive him and had enough knowledge and desire to make this event a possible success.

    God sent Moses to release His people from Egypt when they were finally ready to accept their freedom.

    God gave Abraham and Sarah a child, Isaac, at the most opportune time for Isaac be on earth.

    God’s plan is a grand plan, He does not see as we do, which is in part only but He sees the big picture for His people and chooses the opportune time for all of their events.

     To "wait on the Lord", does not mean to wait  until God does everything for us, it means to wait for God's timing.  When we pray and ask God for a blessing or a favor, our answer may not be in an instant. But God is a God of order and we must wait for the right time for our answer.  God knows what we need but the time may not be what we think it should be.

     We are to do all in our power, using all of our knowledge and faculties to solve our problem to have something come about before God helps us.  God always helps us in everything but He will not do it for us.  God hears our prayers and our supplications if we ask with a pure intent. We on our part must fulfill the conditions in order to make our solution possible.  We must exert ourselves to the fullest extent of our capabilities to reach our goals and God will make up the difference.  The only interference in reaching our goal is within ourselves, love, patience and endurance are needed for the attainment of our goal.  A half hearted prayer or intent does not work.  Faith and persistence are necessary, believing that what we are praying for is already manifesting itself and will be completed at God's timing.




    This earth is a testing ground. Just as astronauts are tested for a prolonged part of their life before they are allowed to travel into outer space, so too we are constantly tested in order to be allowed to travel to the Kingdom of Heaven. The astronauts are tested on their physical ability to withstand the bodily changes that will take place in a weightless world and their intelligence to know how to control the instruments.

    We, on the other hand, are tested to know if our hearts are with God and to see if we can withstand the perils set before us by Lucifer and his kind. We are tested as to how much love we can find to control ourselves while dealing with others who are traveling in the same world as we are, although not necessarily with the same goal in mind.

    Just as the astronauts will not be chosen to travel into space if they have not the physical and mental strength, so God cannot choose us if we have not the strength of mind and heart to overcome our weaknesses, for we cannot even be chosen for the journey unless we at least make the decision to prepare ourselves to travel to the heavenly spheres to be with our God.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PRAYER


    Glorify God, sing His praises, love Him with all of your heart. Ask His forgiveness, ask for His blessings and accept both with humility. Spend your days extolling his virtues. Thank Him for supporting you in all of your endeavors and for offering His patient love whether you deserve it or not. Thank Him for carrying the weight of your existence. Forgive as He forgives, love as He loves. Shun all evil, and live for only one purpose, that of progressing to the level that will bring you to Christ and to Him, your God, after your life on earth.





    So many report having had a near death experience, seeing a light, going toward it, sometimes speaking to someone. Usually they think they have seen God, or Jesus, whom they think is God. They may have seen Jesus but not likely that they have seen God. The realm that God inhabits is much too bright and grand than the realm we would enter upon reaching heaven. Also there are many other spirits in heaven besides Jesus. What is the difference between the near death experience and real death?

    Our spirits are attached to our bodies by an odic cord, which can stretch and is not easily broken. Once the cord breaks, the spirit is detached from the body and can never be re-attached again. The only way to come back to earth is to re-incarnate and begin life anew.

    Actually, we need not be in trauma in order for our spirit to leave our body. We leave our body for short periods of time constantly. When we daydream our spirit is wandering in the spirit world. When we sleep at night, our spirit wanders. When we meditate our spirit travels. Sometimes during any of these occasions we remember where we have been but often as soon as our spirit re-enters our body our memory of the experience is wiped out, just as our memory of past lives leaves us as soon as we are born.

    At our death our odic cord is broken and our spirit is taken to the spirit realm accompanied by our family and friends who have come to welcome us just as we are welcomed on earth after a trip. Our bodies eventually return to the earth of which it is composed.

    In the bible we attribute the raising of the dead to Jesus. But even Jesus could not do anything, which contradicts the laws of God. The people he supposedly raised from the dead were not really dead. Their odic cord was not severed, otherwise they would not have returned. True, they appeared dead, and they would never have been able to make their spirit re-enter their bodies, so weak was their odic cord. So it took a great deal of power on the part of Jesus to strengthen the cord to the point that the spirit could return.

    Death comes only once at the end of each lifetime.

    Most of the references of people being raised from the dead in the bible are regarding spiritual death not physical death.



     The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. We all suffer from fear of one kind or another and in differing degrees. We are in Lucifer’s realm, a realm that is controlled by fear. On the other hand, heaven is ruled by love; there is no fear in the heavenly realms.

    Our most common fear on earth is fear for our livelihood. Some of us are so fearful that we do not even attempt to help ourselves for fear that we may fail. Others of us drive ourselves to excel also for fear of failure. It is the same type of fear; we just solve it in opposite methods.

    Fear is the root of our many faults. Envy is the fear that we are not as great as the next person is. Selfishness if the fear that giving will result in our lack. Pride is the fear that we may be discovered as not being as great as we would like to be. Anger is the fear that we have been made to appear less than we should like to be and so on.

    Fear then affects our whole earthly life and yes, it is the cause of most of our diseases. When we fear, we worry, we do not care for our bodies as we should, we impair our digestion, we give ourselves headaches as well as other aches and pains. Longstanding uncontrolled fear may cause other chronic and more serious diseases. Our methods of coping with fear also cause our addictions, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating etc. that in turn create more diseases.

    We likely will never totally be free of fear as long as we live in Lucifer’s realm, but perhaps we can alleviate some or most of it by remaining optimistic. The way to remain optimistic is to keep reminding ourselves that God is in control, yes, in spite of Lucifer’s reign of terror he has limited powers, even he is not allowed to completely control us if we do not allow it.



    One of the most difficult things for us to do on earth is to forgive. Most of us do not really understand what forgiveness really is. We often hear people say that they have forgiven but not forgotten; that is not true forgiveness. If the offense is still on our minds, then we have not yet dealt with it, therefore we have not forgiven it.

    Forgiveness is not denial, pretending that it did not happen, and it is not pushing it out of our minds without dealing with it. This will only devour us and eventually the event will return to our memory.

    It is not only other people that we must forgive but we must also forgive ourselves. None of us have always accepted our own behavior; we all have regrets.

    True forgiveness is sometimes a long process. If we are attempting to forgive another, we must examine that event, and then we need to think of all the possible reasons why the other person has behaved the way that they did. Are they re-living some past experience, is it a learned behavior, did they not understand the situation etc? If we are working on forgiving ourselves, we should try to place ourselves back at that time and decide if our actions were because of our immaturity, our lack of knowledge, or our fears. Everything is so much easier to criticize as an onlooker than as a participant.

    Our best example of true forgiveness is Christ on the cross. Christ forgave his attackers and prayed to God to forgive them also. He knew they did not really understand who He was or that He had come to save them from Lucifer’s realm. He understood that they did not have His knowledge or His ability to love. He knew that life for them was all about learning through experience as it is for all of us on earth.




    Freedom is not our right but a gift from God Himself. All of us are allowed all the freedom we wish to experience in our life. We can choose good things for ourselves or we can choose to destroy ourselves, it is all up to us.

    We live on this planet with other mortals who also have been given freedom by God, so why do we not feel free? It is because we give up our freedom in exchange for other things that we value more. Many of us sacrifice our freedom in order to acquire security or safety. Our fears provide us with the reason to sacrifice our freedom.

    Not only are we satisfied to give up our freedom for security, but we are not happy unless we force everyone else around us to do the same.  As spirits we used this free will to join with Lucifer's type of government against that which Christ offered.  On earth, we now must learn how to use our free will to be in concert with the will of God and of Christ, we can form a government that does not go against man's free will.

     Government systems such as communism, socialism, fascism and dictatorships are all against the will of God.  They require that all citizens follow the will of the rulers and there is no room for freedom of choice.  The more we practice using free will here on earth and in our forms of government, the more in line we are with God's will and the government of God's spirit world.

    The freedom that God has given us is individual freedom. It is not license to control another’s life and thereby limit that person’s freedom. It is only freedom to do what we wish with our own life. Our desires to control others and reduce their freedom is such a compelling desire that little by little whole countries have lost their freedom.

    If we have become slaves to others it is by our own choice. True, as individuals, we do not have the power to change the world and return everyone’s freedom to them but if each of us refrains from controlling other people’s freedom perhaps we can hold on to more of it. Fear is Lucifer’s tool that makes us give up our freedom. True freedom would be freedom from him and from his realm.



           People who have had no opportunity to hear of God and of Christ's sacrifice for our freedom, likely will return to earth as often as necessary to learn the reason for their incarnations. Those who have received enough information to be convinced of God's existence, can use each incarnation to improve their character and their faith and trust in God and in Christ.

            If after having received the correct information, they decide to go their own way in order to follow the ways of the world, how much more difficult will it be to have a change of heart and to begin to trust God once more. To abandon God and Christ for worldly comforts will require more incarnations on this earth, rather than an opportunity to continue their progression in a higher realm with fewer problems and more happiness.



    Our neighbor is everyone who was created by God as we ourselves were. Our neighbor is not only the people we like, but everyone.

    Loving our neighbor does not mean that we must love everything everyone does. We may and should completely dislike the behavior that is unacceptable in others. If we can learn to separate the person from the behavior we can learn to love the person.

    Loving our neighbor does not mean that we need to interact with everyone. Some people are best loved from a distance. Remaining in the company of those who would do us harm is not love but stupidity. Being involved with people who influence us in a negative manner is self-destructive.

    Loving our neighbor only means that we respect all persons enough to do them no harm and to assist them if they need our well -deserved support.

    Loving our neighbor is the realization that they were also from God at one time and all of God’s creations deserve our love and respect in honor of God.

    Jesus did not always like the behavior of the people whom he encountered, but in the end He gave up His mortal life in order to save us all, regardless of whether or not we deserved to be rescued from Lucifer’s realm. None of us are being asked to die for our neighbor only to respect God given life on earth.



    God in his infinite mercy and love gives us many chances to reach our goal and allow us to return to heaven.

    Christ planned the Creation of the earth and all the material things that comprise our earth as early as our fall from heaven.

     Every opportunity is afforded us to attain our goal. We come to the material world as infants, innocent in that we have yet to be influenced by it. We are not innocent in the sense that we have never been affected by the material world; we have already been here many times before. Each time we return we are allowed to start over in a fresh body with fresh opportunities, our memories of all of our past lives and misdeeds taken from us lest it affects our decisions in the present lifetimes.

    How great is God’s love and mercy.



     If we dare to say anything against one of the churches, any of the churches, we risk being branded as sacrilegious or ignorant or we are told that we are prejudiced. Why? Because the churches are supposed to be houses of worship or houses of God.

    The truth is that God is no longer present in the majority of the churches. There was a time when worshiping God was the only reason to attend a church, but no more. Some people attend the services to socialize, others go from fear of what may befall them should they abstain and others go because it is a family tradition.

    Every church thrives or perishes depending on how much money can be raised by the congregation. We kind of pay to see the show and much effort is spent on the part of the pastors, preachers, priests etc to make sure it is a great show. Most of the churches are vying for our support, for without it, the pastor cannot live the life of a star with all its privileges.

    The word “church”, as used in the bible by Jesus, meant a group of people who gathered together at a designated location to learn what God had to tell them through his holy spirits. The apostles only repeated what the holy spirits told them to say. Even Jesus, only told the people what the spirits from God gave him to say. In the days of Moses, the people gathered to hear the word of God. The apostles, Jesus, Moses and all the others had received the gifts of mediumship from God, the ability to communicate with the spiritual realms.

    Nowadays, the preachers decide what the people should know; no holy spirit gives them the correct information, so they just tell their stories and teach from their own small store of knowledge. It all sounds the same in the end and none of it is new and yes, much of it is not accurate. There, we have incurred the wrath of the modern churches. But not to worry, much better to incur the wrath of the earthly churches than the wrath of God Himself. Ignorance is bliss, at least on earth, but ignorance will not open the doors of heaven for us.



    Money as we know it did not always exist. It was introduced into the world by the greed of man who was being influenced by Lucifer. God did not sanction the invention of money since greed is not one of God’s qualities. And although He would have foreseen the ill effects of money on mankind, He did not interfere after giving us free will.

    Before money was in use, men traded with each other and shared with each other to acquire the necessities of life that they could not produce themselves. There was still greed then and there always was greed on this earth, after all, it is Lucifer’s realm and always was. The ownership of matter does not constitute greed, but the worship and love of it does. When our lives are consumed with the acquisition and hoarding of matter then we are considered to be greedy. It is not only rich people who are greedy, poor people also can love and hoard matter.

    The introduction of money may have eased the exchange of services but it certainly did not alleviate greed but only served to increase it. Along with greed for money we have now added the sin of usury where not only do we hoard our money but now we lend it out for an increase that has now become a huge industry bringing along other sins such as cheating, lying and extortion. Many lives are totally destroyed by gambling away livelihoods in the hopes of acquiring more and more money and goods. None of us seems to be satisfied with the necessities of life but must all have items of luxury so that we may appear to be more prosperous than our neighbor is. Our pride and egoism have been elevated to a point where many of us only appear to be prosperous but really are totally in debt. Our children are abandoned to day care; our elderly fare no better.

    Life has lost all value; the unborn are sacrificed lest they get in the way of our plans to improve our stature in the world. Is their hope for us any more? Can we ever return to a less greedy world? We can never quite eradicate greed and all of its sinful offshoots but can we reduce it at least to what it used to be? God always provides for all of His creatures, so we need not worry for our existence but we must still put forth the effort to survive, God helps those who help themselves. But, beyond acquiring those things that make life on earth bearable do we really need all this extra money and items? It is all a part of our earthly vanity that is really a false premise; we are after all only fallen angels who should be concentrating on returning to the higher realms.



Go into all the world and preach the gospel according to all I have told you.” said Jesus

How? To merely repeat the seven stages of salvation again and again?

No. It means to work in the field of salvation, and listen to God when He sends His

perfect holy spirits (Hebrews 1:14) to guide Christians daily.

     Each church member is a holy servant of God made ready to fulfill the will of

God on this planet. Each has a voice, a mission to fulfill.


      The Kingdom of Heaven has not yet come to Earth, and comes only when

the Lord Jesus Christ sets His feet on earth again, as the Great and Perfect King of Heaven.

        In the meantime we pray and work until He comes.

Jesus said to “Occupy until I come”, to establish His presence in all things,

to go with prayers, and with partners in Christ everywhere to establish His Presence

and His Kingdom here where we are on earth.


         Today we work diligently and in the future, Christ rewards us according to

effort, improving the talents He has already given to each of us, His followers.

Each Christian has many gifts come from Heaven, to improve neighborhoods,

feed the hungry, cloth the naked, comfort the sick and afraid, the weak and in need,

to protect the widow and the orphan, assist the elderly and those seeking wisdom, to

establish great management systems, and to organize as the apostles received

messages for both worship and daily work, as God gave to Paul and Joseph, Daniel

and Abraham, only God's perfect systems of living which are sent from Heaven.

      God created science. He establishes order, labor, management, creativity, talents.

He delights in expertise in all things, in music, art, business management, family

development, building, creating, medicine, electronics, engineering, space, manufacturing,

understanding all things. Everything is God's, created by God for His purpose.

      No level or topic of good education has been created except by God. There are

no experts in the world save for those who were gifted by God for that knowledge.

Some knowledge has been turned over to the world systems to manage,

those lost people who are unaware of the Power waves of inspiration from Heaven.

It cannot last unless God's people stay engaged, remain as leaders in His creation in

all things.

      The Source of all Truth is God. But today, God has not been inquired of all the

time on a daily basis by the Church. Only those generations where knowledge

increased was when God was Inquired Of. In the ages of Elijah and Elisha, of Eli and

Samuel, of David and Solomon, of Jeremiah and Daniel, and with Jesus and His

disciples, even Paul and Silas in prison, so also in this age we must go in two or

more and create those systems and be God's hands and feet. We must use our

minds, create the places of worship, the businesses and homes of God, build the

systems of knowledge and creativity of life with Christ, in education systems, and

with the management of doing what God gives each Christian by the many gifts

coming from Heaven.

      The more we learn and study the word of God, the more we put our minds to

fulfill His will, the more we experience wisdom and success in life in Christ and to

His Glory. But we must each study and learn also from the Source from Heaven.

The holy angels, holy spirits whom Jesus Christ promised to send to mankind.

But first to His own followers. Then to the world THROUGH Christ's followers.

Meditation and inspiration are to receive the FRUIT of the spirit. Wisdom. Heavenly

wisdom. The holy spirits who live in Heaven ARE that source who God sends.

      Scriptural study and Prayer is the key. “Lord,” said His disciples, “teach us

how to pray.” Christ gave us a specific prayer. “Thy Kingdom come....” - which says

we must expect that Kingdom of Heaven to come to us. What is God's Kingdom?

Who is in Heaven who would come? The children from Heaven, the angels of God,

the ministering spirits of Heaven we read of in Hebrews 1:14, the very source, the

spirit of truth who Christ said He would send to teach us all things as we pray and

listen, pray and meditate privately and in circles of prayer, expecting messages to

come to the servants of God from Heavenly realms, the sky to split open for His

children to receive those messages of God from Heaven.

      How do we hear the messages, that wisdom of God so needed, to receive the

visions from Heaven? Daily guidance?

Joel 2:28 says, “And in that day I shall pour out My spirit upon all flesh. The young

shall see visions and the old shall dream dreams. Upon My servants and my

handmaidens I will pour out My spirit....”

      God, in the Old Testament said to “Inquire of Me. Ask Me of things to come.” He

said never to go to worldly mediums or psychics, with the same talent of spirit

communication but whose hearts are set on hell. They who listen to worldly and evil

spirits are not filled with the gifts of Heaven and do not come from Heaven. We are

to ask God to send His teaching and guiding angels of bright light and Heavenly wisdom,

explaining the Holy Scriptures with the power waves and Authority of Jesus Christ

our Lord and King, He with Holy Management under God, for all of God's Creation.

      John said to test the spirits who you communicate with during sanctified prayer,

( 1 John 4:1-6) , to see they are from God, in visions and dreams and the voices in prayer

that come to guide. Only the messengers who attest that Jesus of Nazareth was the

Christ incarnate and defeated satan are from Heaven. Send all others away in the name

of Jesus Christ. We pray, asking God to send a Heavenly controlling angel to keep all

thing under His protective holy Passover, that evil might pass over in those times of

seeking His will for the day.

      Jesus said when you enter a home, proclaim peace to them. Where does the peace

come from? Peace established by the holy angels sent by God, will come when we turn

over all our lives to Him and to Christ our Lord.

      Jesus said, “Knock and keep on knocking,....ask and keep on asking (God).”

everywhere and all day. And then to stop and listen to that voice of guidance from God,

following only that which is good, testing all things and holding to that which is

true (1 Thess 5:21).

      Once a Christian has signed up with their Learner's Permit from Christ, is now

on their way to Heaven, they are given authority to fulfill His will wherever they are sent.

      Each child of God has a gift according to the plans of God, which will mature spiritually,

refining in thoughtfulness, wisdom and effort.

      Jesus said to GO AND MAKES DISCIPLES of all people for Jesus Christ, so they

can also hear from Heaven, to learn to follow that Heavenly guidance, developed

through prayer and meditation, reflecting on the words Jesus spoke.

      May God wonderfully bless, bless, bless you all !



                                       EVERYONE WINS


God is available to all since He has created all and all are His children. No one is excluded from God's love and protection, but many exclude themselves, they think they are not chosen, but God is no respecter of persons.

Everyone is expected to progress; everyone is expected to return to God no matter how many lives it takes. We are all given the same goal to reach and the same opportunity.


Those who are worshiping other gods, will eventually give up those gods and find the one and only God and then will work toward the same goal of returning to their origins which is in Heaven. No one will be left out, everyone will eventually be saved. God is a God of love, He is not a punishing God. Our lives may take some difficult turns be we will all arrive in God's presence in the end.


                                                             Judging Others


We are told not to judge others, and the reason is that we do not know what lessons and what tasks each person is here to learn or to perform. Other people's lessons seem easy to us sometimes because they are not the ones assigned to us. We also marvel at the tasks some take on and that is also because we are not asked to take those tasks as ours.


Each of us is different from anyone else and each of us have lived many lives. Usually those lives are not made known to us but some of the lessons from these lives are the same lessons as those we still need to learn. Sooner or later we will have to learn these lessons and pass those required tests in order to progress.


We are all on our own path for learning and accomplishing and we will all reach our goal in our own time. The goal if to find our way back to the highest realm where we began with our creator.


                                                                                                                 Where is our Help

          If we place ourselves under the care of Jesus Christ, we will not be disappointed.  Our decisions will be made with more attention to the spiritual results  and our whole life will profit. Our best decisions are made with the help of the heavenly spirits under Jesus. 

We pray "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven", to be in accord with the holy spirits while we are on this earth so that we might transition to a higher realm when our earth life if over.  Before then, we can still pattern our life with those in the higher realms and with the help of Jesus we can accomplish that.



                                    OUR ANCESTRY

               People look up their physical ancestry but we all have Jesus as our spiritual ancestor, which means we all belong to Jesus and therefore to God from the beginning of our existence.

                      Whether we call ourselves atheists, Buddhists or any other system, we still all have our origin with God, there is no other place to find our beginning.  The advantage in believing in God is that we know where our help and blessings come from and we have someone to make requests of.  We are not left in this world completely on our own with no one to care for us and no one who is truly interested in our welfare.  Our lives are made more complete and more meaningful  with the knowledge that we know our ancestry. 


                                            What are the Rules?

          The teachings of Jesus are simple and pure and not difficult to  understand.  All that is required of us is to love God with all our heart and soul and our neighbor as ourselves.  These requirements are further explained by the Ten Commandments.  God does not make it impossible to follow these laws for living.  All laws made by man need only observe these laws of God. Any laws that deviate from God's laws are either wrong or superfluous. 

         Our world governments and many of our churches add other requirements that only confuse people until they give up on following God because it seems too difficult to do.  If we keep to God's laws we cannot go wrong and we can simplify our lives and thank God for His mercy and love while we live according to these rules.