Johannes Greber was an incarnated celestial spirit, one who had never fallen, whom God had sent to this planet because of a general outcry to God by mankind for the spiritual truth of our salvation. What he received and wrote in his book “Communication With the Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose” will one day spread like wild fire when holy spirits begin to manifest in this nation and around the world. This message came from holy spirits of the future.

Like Moses who was sent from Heaven to make the path straight, so Greber was to receive guidance from Heaven as a man, and similar to the Catholic priest, Martin Luther, who was an earlier incarnation and the same spirit as Johannes Greber reincarnated, also corrected the scriptures which had become corrupted by evil men in religious control.

The pure source of truth is from Heaven, not from men. The ministers to mankind are not preachers or priests, but, as Hebrews 1:14 says, the holy spirits who are sent from Heaven to guide and correct mankind's path back to Heaven. The most man can be is a servant to God and to mankind.

Johannes Greber was given many gifts of wisdom and truth, but also gifts of healing in his church in New Jersey in the 1920's. Here is one event recorded by those present at a that time, written by Fred Haffner, who worked at the Greber Memorial Foundation many years ago, up into the early 1980's.


Tales of Truth

Number 1. True Stories of Johannes Greber, Author of

"Communication With the Spirit World of God”


On Sundays, at that particular time, I was off work. I took my little son, who was three years old, on a long walk, then took him to some peoples I knew. They were German. This particular time as I am, the fellow said, “Here he comes,” laughed, and went over and picked up a book. He said, “there's something about spirits in here – that's for you, I didn't read it, that's for you.”

I took the book and went home, started to read, and I lost 3 to 4 hours of sleep. The next night I lost2,3 - I just couldn't break away. I'm not a book worm, but this was different, this was IT. It seems as though the book was talking to to me 'This is what you need' the truth. This was IT.

I went back to the fellow who had given it to me as soon as possible. I asked him to please find out where that church is, find out from the woman who gave him the book. He always had an excuse. Finally I got there one time when he was all dressed, and had nothing to do. Come on, I said, let's go down and find out where that church is.

We went down there, 10 blocks down. We talked with the woman and she said, “He died last week.” If this fellow had been a little faster, I would have met Pastor Greber.

But then I got the address to that church. It was in a hotel right next to the Empire State Building. It was upstairs, a very large hall with two entrances. They had three men on each door that would greet the people. When I came there, one of the ushers took me aside, since I was new he wanted to talk to me. His name was Hugo. When he heard my name, he at once connected me with my brother Carl who lived out on Long Island. After telling me a little about himself I finally realized he was the man who came to visit my brother when I was there. I probably had seen him three times. That was in 1923. I had been many places since that time and had completely lost track of the man and never expected to see him again.

Hugo started to tell me of all the things that had happened to him in the 20 years since I'd seen him. He had always had some stomach trouble, and years later it turned into ulcers, and finally cancer of the stomach. It was very bad, and the prospects were that he would never then have great pains, so he had stopped eating.

He was I the hospital, and the doctors told his wife to take him home, there was nothing they could do for him, and that he only had 2 or 3 days to live. So she took him home. Here is what people would call the coincidence. He was hardly in the house when a friend came to visit them. When this friend heard the sad tale of his condition, he persuaded his wife to take him down to his car, take him to Jersey. If he can be helped, he will be helped there, by Pastor Greber. They dragged him down the stairs, into the car and drove to Jersey. There they drug him into the house and sat with him down on the sofa.

Mrs. Greber came out of the kitchen, saw the man and she was frightened, for she could see this man was dying, he was a living corpse. She offered him milk and food, and he weakly said, “No, that would only make it worse.”

A few moments later Pastor Greber came down from upstairs, saw the man, shook hands with him. One of his first questions was, “Do you believe God can heal you?” And the answer was, “Yes, God could heal me.”

Pastor Greber helped him lay down, told him to relax completely, forget about your worries, forget about your illness, and say a prayer. Pastor Greber prayed over him, less than two minutes.

In the meantime the table had been set for the meal. Now, Hugo had come from a place near Denmark, with the North Sea on one side, and the eat Sea on the other, and fish is their main food there. Now, as the people began to eat, Hugo smelled something. He had gained a little strength, so he got up and walked under his own power toward the table and said, “It smells like Herring Salad.” That is what they had eaten at home when he was a young lad. Pastor Greber said, “Sit down, there's an empty chair.”

This man, who was dying form cancer, sat down and ate a large portion.

He died - 24 years later.

This was further proof to me that this was IT.

Fred Haffner.