We do not know the exact nature of God, but we learn that we were created in His image, therefore, we know that God has form and shape, He is not a vapor or a mass. God created His one and only son, Jesus, in His image, and we have seen Jesus in physical form and he was not a vapor, but looked and acted like a man. Also, Jesus gave us the words to use in order to pray to God, “Our Father Who art in Heaven”, so we know that our Father is in the Heavenly realm. We are here to learn so that we may eventually return to Heaven and be with our Father as we were when He created us. God is real and we know where He is.

            The knowledge that He created everything that is in existence ascertains that God is an active being with great intelligence and power.


                                                                                 REACHING HIGH SPIRITS


Just as people congregate with each other according to their way of thinking, so spirits congregate with each other in the same way, and not only that, but spirits congregate with physical beings according to their thoughts and inclinations.

If we are desirous of being visited or being attended by high spirits from God's Kingdom, we must raise our thoughts to meet with theirs, otherwise only mundane and low spirits will be our companions, and we will not see much improvement in our character or receive much help from the highest type.

Spirits from both the higher and the lower realms are always about and we are affected by whichever we are communicating with. To prepare ourselves for the higher realms in our afterlife, it would be helpful to communicate with only God's high spirits.