Other Systems of Life

The purpose of planetary life is not to improve one's status or appearance for other's to worship, or to rise above the masses economically or socially, but to  improve one's character.

With many societies today having forgotten even what their cultural belief was a few hundred years ago, of those which were evil and of those which were good, a person would do well to reread the fates of error with revisionism courses found in modern schools today. It would benefit even the smallest research study to the researcher to realize that there are further benefits to knowing more than the standard 'how to feed oneself ' and 'how to defend one's territory ': two common 'birth-right' beliefs now propagated in modern society.

Firstly, there are creatures placed on our own planet which have no value to the chain of life forms, and many of which, if missing from the creature station, would not eliminate other life forms on their journey through time. This must defer to the more obvious recognition that there is no actual Darwinian assumption of “natural selection' and 'survival of the fittest”. The common sloth is a good example, an ancient creature found in many fossil samples, and with no recognizable value to the tree it eats and sleeps most of it's life from, nor of the chain of creatures which either benefit or are benefited from it. It is in itself an enigma, separate from the atheist with that false hope to try to prove that there is no Creator Who built these perfect systems of life. The Creator did, in fact, create long term goals for His creatures to benefit from their existence on this planet, which also reach into the spirit world, before and also after our temporary physical life.

The religious might believe in several eventualities of the afterlife: one is a circumferential incarnation of existence, like the Eastern systems of religious belief, which portends we must continue to cycle in low realms for an undetermined period of time.

Another belief seen in modern churches that proclaim an eternal hell of suffering if one or more of the converts to that religious sect steps out of line with any modern beliefs, even though their these doctrinal beliefs shift from each generation and century. Neither system of eternal misery with endless spirit incarnations (including back to lower life forms if the spirit was not good enough) or of eternal damnation of the creature if the person was not a good enough, convert by evidence to a Salvation of the spirit we read about throughout the Holy Scriptures. Johannes Greber's well-known book provides ample proof of contact with the guides of our spiritual journey.

Alfred Wallace, who lived parallel with Darwin as a scientist of biology anthropology, and zoology, was the original theorist of evolution through stages in nature, prompting Darwin to match his opponent by copying and modifying Wallace's writings.

But Wallace theorized in a more perfect, longer stage of development of each creature, it's potential which did not end with the death of that creature but continued on in the spirit world to reform it's shape into higher formations of existence, and to reemerge back into a physical body at a higher stage of progression.


Both Darwin - who copied Wallace - which is why the two theories seem similar - and Wallace promoted the concept of evolution through stages of life forms. Darwin stated that the life transformations between the stages were hidden or lost, or possibly already fully developed and therefore no longer observable to the researcher. Wallace more accurately stated, logically that these unseen stages of transformation to more perfect stages of life forms were unseen as well but that they continued on by a spiritual method created by an All knowing Creator in a Higher existence.

That is: God created the stages of life progression for spirits, through increasingly more perfect stages which were able to be observed and marked by any person, but which were more specifically perfected in the spirit world by Heavenly miracles from that Perfect God of miracles in Heaven.

Alfred Wallace was an outspoken Christian spiritist, who believed in a God of perfection and miracles, of the Bible and of spiritual intervention with man and all creation. Darwin too stated he believed there was a Creator, but did not infer past this statement. He did, however, argue against the atheist cults who were using his theories of evolution, that they should not use his theories to prove there was not a God in Heaven, a God which he himself expected did, in fact, exist. There are a great number of astronomers who, after having studied thoroughly the sky-filled star systems and the perfection of mathematical combinations which make up that system, that there must be a God, a Creator of such perfection and intellect Who set these systems in order because no two systems are alike and each exists perfectly within their body of influence.

With that direction of thought, there can be no expectation by any person that there is not another planet in existence, among the trillions of galaxies, each with trillions of solar systems (like our own with some 40 total planetary shapes – if we count planets as those bodies which have their own constant orbit and mechanical movement and cycles) which does not have a similar development of full life forms and stages of existences possibly even identical to our own planet.

To not believe that billions of planets in the Universe are similar to our own planet runs short of natural understanding, seeing as no scientist can even count all the life forms of pathogens in a single drop of blood. Why, the very number of creatures living in a single blood cell might not be identified yet as a separate life form from the body which is the home of that miniature life form.

The very cells we call white blood cells or red blood cells act more like whole world systems within the blood work, moving beyond just a programmed event, and act more like conscious thought to fulfill their purpose intended. Might these cells be the homes of trillions of life forms that cannot be identified by the simple tools modern scientists perform with today to observe life?

There can be no doubt that a Creator with Infinite intellect has created systems we cannot be expected to fathom until we have evolved as greater and more perfect spirits far beyond this world existence. Possibly it will begin in the next phase of existence above our own, and exist in a dimension not able to be measured by limited scientific tools and mere human minds.

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