Nov 2017

          In biblical days, God sent His prophets to instruct, warn, and advise His  people.  Everyone was familiar with this phenomenum.  Today, we still have prophets, but many do not accept this gift from God.  Many of the churches have decided that all  prophets are instruments for demons and no one should listen to them, although their religion is based on the bible where almost all writers are instruments of God speaking through His prophets. 

      There are prophets who are the instruments of the lower realms, and so there were some of those mentioned in the bible, but knowing the laws of God, we should be able to discern which are the good prophets and which are working for the lower realms.  Any prophet who speaks only for the physical, mundane world is not from God. Much great knowledge and help is lost by denying God's prophets, and those who refuse them are not doing the will of God, but are basing their knowledge on their own studies and experiences, and thereby people are given only a worldly impression of God and Heaven and many abandon hope of ever learning more than the churches teach.


                                                                           GOD IS FAITHFUL

Dec 2017

If we live in accordance with the will of God, He will answer our prayers and give us even more than we ask for. There is no limit to God's love and mercy.

The difficult times we live through are not a punishment from God but often is a sign that we have strayed from Him and our suffering may be to effect a correction in our life.

Of course, we must always acknowledge that Lucifer does all he can to have us lose faith on our God, especially if we are faithful servants. Satan even tempted Jesus and we know that he was a faithful servant of his Father's.

If we pray and ask for guidance, we will know what the will of God is for our life. We may not always be faithful but God is always faithful.


  Dec 2017                                                  THE CREATOR

God is the Creator of all, and did not intend any of His creations to be destructive. But Lucifer would like to destroy all of God's works. All God wishes is for everything to return to Him, and Jesus is the one through whom all will be returned. He overcame Satan and is more powerful than he is, but he allows Satan to rule on this realm so that he will realize that he has been given every opportunity to hold us as his subjects, since we did subject ourselves to him so long ago.


God is fair and will allow us to choose once more, to remain with Lucifer, or join Jesus who will help us return to Heaven where we were created at the beginning of our existence.


June 2017                                 OBEY GOD NOT MAN


We must obey God and not man, as Peter told his accusers. There is nothing that man can do for you, or to you. All spiritual life rests with God. He is our creator, our caretaker, our solace in time of grief, our rescuer from the evil one, who is His adversary.

All men are also working toward their ability to return to Heaven just as we are, but we are all at different levels of progression. We can always learn from those who have the information to help us, but in the end, we are responsible for our own progress.

God sent His son to rescue us from the evil one, and if we follow him completely, we will find our way. Christ himself says he is the way and the truth, and we all must go through him to arrive to the Father and to our destiny , which is to be reunited with both God and Christ in Heaven.


Oct 8, 2017                                    GOD'S PLAN FOR US


God's will for us should also be our will. God has a plan for our lives and going against that plan makes for a difficult life. We say “Our Gather Who art in Heaven, thy will be done”. Why ask God for His will if we do not pay any notice of it and do not accept it. God means for us to have only what is good for us and the ultimate result is to bring us back to our heavenly home.


If we follow the will of God there may still be trials, but these are all a part of the plan to purify our spirit and improve our character, to bring our spirit more in line with those spirits we will be surrounded by in the realm we will inherit at out completion of our earthly task.


Oct 15, 2017                               HUMBLE SPIRIT


Jesus was the best example of a humble person. He was the highest spirit on earth but was a servant to everyone.


Those who want to govern and guide others, are really the servants of those people. Unfortunately, many in a position of authority do not consider themselves servants, but lords over the people. Then there is the possibility that as lords, they oppress those whom they should be serving, and make rules for please themselves, and become selfish and thoughtless.


We are all servants of God, and there is really no one who needs to place himself in authority over another. We need to follow Jesus in our attitude and then we will be followers and servants of God.



    Oct 2017                                                      HEART OF A CHILD

Jesus tells us to come to God with the heart of a child. He does not mean in ignorance but in innocence. Children do not have lists of traditions to follow; they come with trust, not looking for double meanings or second translations. Their mind is open and active. They relish new information and do not doubt.


Adults have more pre-conceived notions and prejudices to overcome. We sometimes meet adults who are brain-washed, as we call it, unable to let go of the traditions and false teachings, unable to trust or believe.


God's world is not complicated, but we make it so, and many have been taught to fear the plan of God.

                                                       LESSON ONE
    In the spirit world, a thought is an action.  Here on earth these physical bodies slow us down, so that we have time to think and consider what we will do, but our actions are still influenced by our thoughts.
    Those who spend much time listening to negative thoughts or watching negative movies, videos etc. are conditioning their thoughts in this way which will affect their actions at a later time. Those whose thoughts are concentrated on the positive have a better chance of producing positive actions.
      During the time of Moses, the people were guided by positive thinking even to the point of eating only pure foods  in order that their thoughts would remain pure, and their actions were guided by the commandments of God.
      Since Satan is the ruler of this earth, everything that we can do in the positive sense will affect our lives and place us on an automatic road to positive actions, and this would raise our spiritual vibration in order to meet with those of the higher spirits and eventually to God.



Sunday Dec 4, 2016

       People who work together at a particular enterprise use words among themselves which no one else would understand, this is called 'jargon'. When in the company of those who are not of their group, no one understands the conversation.

       People who profess to belong to a particular religious organization also use jargon which they have memorized. When not in their own environment, they are not understood by most. Many times words and phrases are used and not understood even by those of those religions. When asked for an explanation of these words, they often are at a loss to explain them.

      The only important concept for everyone is to believe that Jesus Christ should be at the center of all religions. That he is the one who descended from Heaven and was born as a physical being to lead us back to God, whom we have abandoned for everything the world has to offer.


                                                                                    GOD'S CHOICES

Dec 18, 2016


      Paul, in his gospels tells his hearers that not many of them are recognized on this earth as of noble birth or of greatness, and that God rather chooses those who are accounted as nothing, but he does not mean that God chooses ignorant people.

     People who consider themselves religious, following all the religious precepts of their organization, often have the idea that they must be totally ignorant of how the world, material and spiritual, operates. They think that they are more holy if they do not question the beliefs of their church and only repeat what they have learned without looking for an explanation of the concepts.

      God cannot really use ignorant and close minded people to assist in the spread of His truths. The apostles that Jesus chose, were poor but not ignorant or incapable of understanding the world of spirits that he was introducing them to. Common sense was not lacking among them nor the willingness to learn new concepts.


                                                                       THE CHURCH

      When the Bible speaks of the church, they are speaking of the followers of Christ.  As Paul says, "Christ is the head and we are the body", and this comprises the church. There is no relationship between this church and the buildings that we call a church, and not all who attend these so-called groups or churches are followers of Christ.

               Our intentions and our faithfulness to God and to Christ makes us a part of the church Paul speaks of.  Many so-called churches could be called secular, for there is no room for Christ in them  Mankind had lost the meaning of the body of Christ of which the faithful belong to.  Communication with the spirit world of God is the only way for the churches of our day to truly become the church that Paul speaks of. The apostles, and even Jesus, taught nothing besides what the spirits of God gave them teach. That is the true church.




     The greatest mystery for mankind is the existence of God, His countenance, His power, His immensity, His love.   We sing, "How Great Thou Art", but we do not understand how great.  Until we reach the vibration of God there is no way to understand and that will be a very long time for most or all of us. Even those who live in the higher realms, have never seen God, save for those who are on the same realm as He is.

    Many think that Jesus is God, but Jesus, although a very high and powerful spirit, is the son of God but not God Himself.  He was created by God and is the only spirit that was created directly by God and is God's only son.  All other spirits are created by Jesus, this son of God, but not directly either, Jesus created a few other high spirits that we call the archangels and we are descended from them.

     Many say they do not believe in God because they have no possible way to imagine Him, their ability in this respect fails them and makes it impossible to fathom the one who is highest and most powerful of all.  Their minds cannot expand past the physical creation and they need to bring God down to their level in order to attempt an explanation, which is also why they believe Jesus is God. But God has never lived on this earth as a human, it is not  possible for Him to shrink to the size or a human, it would be as difficult for us to inhabit the physical body of an ant.  When Moses, on the mount asked God to show Himself, God told him that he could not see Him and live.

     One day in the far distant future when we  have earned our way through all of the higher realms, we may finally reach the highest realm and understand God.  Until then, we must refrain from imagining Him as a puny mortal and ascribe human attributes to Him, like hate, anger, sorrow etc. God does  not only love, He is love.




    Ouija Boards are usually used for fun and games; at least it begins that way. The person operating the board places his or her hands on a small wooden shape and attempts to refrain from moving it. The participants ask questions and the small shape moves on the board pointing to different letters that spells the answer to the question.

    A very similar instrument was used in biblical days. It was also a board with a moving part. The board had symbols, each one representing one of the twelve tribes. It was called the breastplate of judgment. The person operating the breastplate was a medium often called a prophet or a seer.

    The people of Israel would go to see the prophet and ask their question. The prophet would lend his energy or od to enable the spirits of God to point to the correct answer. The breastplate was only used to inquire of God and was never thought of as a game.

     So just as the spirits of God made the breastplate work so too spirits make the ouija board work. But since the players of the Ouija board ask only questions that refer to earthly matters, we can be sure that they are not inquiring of God. Therefore who gives the answer then? The ruler of this earthly realm is Lucifer and since the questions are of an earthly nature; his spirits are the ones who are answering. The operator of the board is usually someone who has some mediumistic ability and lends his or her energy to a spirit who moves the plate on the board.

    At first, the players enjoy this game; most of them not understanding how it works. As time goes on the spirit communication becomes stronger and stronger until the operator begins to lose control. Whether or not they continue to use the Ouija board is not relevant after a while. The evil spirits have now found a portal to enter the physical realm and begin to control the operator. The spirits now possess the operator and they in turn enter the body of the medium whenever and wherever they wish. Once evil takes control, it is almost impossible to have them leave. Not many people in our culture are well practiced at exorcism, which is really what becomes necessary to rid the person of the spirits.

    So, although spirit communication is very helpful to communicate with God’s Sprits, it can also be disastrous if used inappropriately. The rules governing spirit communication are the same for good spirits and for evil ones. It is only a matter of intention and discernment as to which spirits we are communicating with. These boards are only a method of communicatio, just like a telephone, which can be used by good or evil people.




    Many people believe in reincarnation. They may visit a psychic to discover who they were in a past life. We have all heard the stories about how great they once were: princes, kings, queens etc. We all want to think we were great once. Other people think they can come back as their favorite animal. These ideas could be correct but perhaps more likely in a reverse order.

    Yes, we were all great once; we were angels in heaven, but having been given free will we were allowed to choose whom we wished to follow and our lot in life should tell us what an awful choice we made. We chose to follow Lucifer who was attempting to usurp Christ’s rule and God sent us all away from heaven. Some of us who had only been copy cats and not the instigators were given a second chance and placed in Paradise with Adam and Eve, and wouldn't you know it, we again made the wrong choice and were cast from there also.

    After our second fall we began our slow progress back to heaven by incarnating in the material world with Adam and Eve being our first parents. Not Adam and Eve nor any of us started life on earth as men and women but we worked our way up from the earliest known species through the plant and animal kingdom until finally arriving in human form and yes, from the apes as our last animal life.

    We continue to reincarnate as we move up the chain as humans, hopefully becoming better and better humans with each incarnation, until one day we are pure enough to return to heaven and retake our place with Christ as our ruler. Even Lucifer will someday begin his material life and work his way up through the same progression as we have.

    So you see, it is not likely that we will reincarnate as our favorite animal for that would be regressing and and our human bodies could no longer fit in an animal body. Our  progression has more to with growing closer to God and not much to do with how rich or famous we are in this material world.




    We hear “an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” and we also hear “turn the other cheek”. So, which is it? Are we allowed to pay back in kind or must we turn the other cheek”? Let us imagine we are living in the days when Jesus walked the earth, which would he say is correct? You guessed it, he would say “turn the other cheek”. This is what he did and more.

    So what about “An eye for an eye?” This is the direct opposite is it not? “An eye for an eye” does not mean that we are to take matters into our own hands and repay those who harm us, it means that we do the paying. For every bit of harm or damage that we cause another, we will repay. It does not matter that we caused harm through ignorance or that we planned to do harm. This is one of nature’s laws or God’s laws. What we sow we shall reap, what goes around comes around, no matter how we phrase it, it all means the same thing.

    But, you may ask, many do harm to others and never seem to repay. Just because we do not see the manner of repayment does not mean it was not repaid. Also, there is nothing that says we will repay in this life. We may repay after we enter the spirit world after our physical death, and then again, we may repay in one or more of our lives on earth when we re-incarnate. So it is not for us to judge as to whether or not others have made restitution. God has it all in hand; he needs no assistance from us. The law still stands, there are no special circumstances, the law is non-emotional and impartial. Whether we like it or not, the law just is.




     In biblical days, people communicated with the spirits; the good spirits from God’s kingdom and the evil spirits from Lucifer’s kingdom.

     Nowadays, we are surprised when we hear of someone who has seen an apparition and heard a good spirit speak to them. We are also curious when we hear of someone who can see or hear what they call the devil. True, it is a rare phenomenon today compared to the days of the bible. In biblical days everyone understood spirit communication; it was not something out of the ordinary. The good prophets or seers were forever passing on messages from God’s kingdom warning people not to communicate with the lower or the evil spirits. They called it idolatry. Idolatry was the gravest sin of all. Instead of praying to God, people were actually conversing and listening to the spirits from Lucifer’s realm. What a slap in the face of God who was doing everything to help these people to free themselves from Lucifer’s realm only to find them returning to it.

     The churches have forbidden spirit communication for so long that most of us do not even know how to hone our skills so that we can communicate with the spirits. They teach us that all spirit communication can only be with the evil spirits. They give no credit to God for His ability to communicate with man. Could it be that if we all learned to communicate directly with God’s spirits they would suddenly find themselves unemployed? Just think if we learned to hear God’s spirits; we could find the answers to every question we have, perhaps many corrections regarding the teachings of the churches.

      By applying ourselves through concentration and meditation, we could develop gifts such as clairaudience (hearing the spirits) or clairvoyance (seeing the spirits) or clairsentience (feeling which spirits are around). It would take time but the results would be stupendous.

     While the churches think that all spirit communication is with evil spirits, it is true that most of it is and that is because it is far easier to communicate with the lower spirits since we live in a world which is Lucifer’s realm. In order to communicate with the high spirits we need to raise our thoughts to a vibration that is compatible with the higher spirits and it is difficult to rise above the mundane world to make this happen. Man is returning to the time when spirit communication will again be common practice. Almost everyone has had some experience with the supernatural as we call it.



      At one time, most of us were taught about God from one of the Christian Churches. We were raised with certain beliefs regarding God, Christ, Mary, the apostles, the bible etc. Now, we have received the greatest of all opportunities that few people have, and that is to have learned new truths that clarify and correct our original spiritual information.

      The bible says, “Seek and you shall find” and this is the reason that God has blessed us with these truths.

     Now that we have a better understanding of the spirit world of God, it is not enough to savor it and selfishly guard it. There are many others who are also seeking and it may be that God intends to bless them with these truths by using us as His instruments. Therefore, we must spread the word, not by forcing it upon them but by using Paul’s method, “ to be everything to everyone”, that is, to carefully choose our words so that we impart only as much as they are capable of understanding at the moment but not so little that we are not making them aware that we have these truths and they are welcome to ask us anything.

     Our lives are now dedicated to Christ’s mission, that is to assist Him in guiding all souls back to heaven. We were chosen to receive these truths, not just to satisfy our own curiosity but to work for Christ’s cause. Christ has entrusted us with these truths because he surmised that we would be loyal servants.

     When the apostles received the message that things had changed, that Christ’s death and defeat of Lucifer had granted everyone freedom from hell, they did not go around quietly to inform the people. They brazenly spread the great news. They suffered greatly for their bravery and died horrible deaths. We are not expected to shed one drop of our blood for spreading the truth; the worst that can happen is that we may be ridiculed by some of the population. Is that so awful given the awesome result of our successes.

      There is a book that was printed in the 1930's by Johannes Greber.  He was given the information through a medium and was asked to write it down for us. So many of the information we have is not correct and this book has the corrections.  The book is called, "Communication with the Spirit World of God".  The apostles of today who have this information are trying to spread these new truths but it is very difficult to change the minds of the dyed-in-the-wool Christians who are too afraid to let go of their ball and chain in case they would fall in the pit.




If w         When we get to Heaven after we take leave of our body and of this earth, what should we expect? People who have a near death experience see a bright light, then what? We float on a cloud and we see God and we’re happy. Is this how heaven is? This may sound great as our description of our arrival but what about the rest of the time? We will be there for eternity we are told. Floating on a cloud forever and ever? Does anyone ever get past the description of our arrival?    

                So, what does heaven look like? Heaven looks like earth, but much brighter. Almost everything we see on earth is also  present in Heaven because it was in Heaven first and then replicated on earth. On earth, there are many cities, some beautiful, some not as great. People choose which city they will live in. One city or town may be very comfortable for someone and shunned by someone else. We all seem to gravitate to areas where we fit in. We say, the vibes are right if we like it there, if not, we leave.

      In Heaven, we also gravitate to the area where the vibes feel right. Heaven has many levels. The higher the vibration the nicer the area. The City of God is of the highest vibration and therefore the brightest and the most beautiful. Unfortunately, most of us can not go directly from the vibration of the earth to the vibration of the City of God. There are those spirits who came to earth from heaven to teach us and they can return to the highest Heaven since they came from there. Most of the rest of us are coming to earth from a lower vibration therefore we must work our way up.

      When we arrive in the spirit world, we are met by our loved ones just as we are met by our loved ones when we travel on earth, so we need not fear getting lost unless we have no idea where we are going, having given it no thought at all. In Heaven, we still are who we are and we begin to progress from where we left off when we were on earth. The difference is that we no longer are in Lucifer‘s realm so we may learn and progress without the obstacles set before us here on earth. The more we work on raising our vibrations on earth, the higher level we will be comfortable in when we arrive in Heaven.

     While on earth, we are completely in charge of our lives and the only restrictions we live under, are those that we have placed there ourselves.  All of our experiences are meant to teach us and to help us in our progression.  All the people we have interacted with have an effect on our lives but how we let them affect us is part of the lessons we are meant to learn. As spirits we continue to learn and to grow and can move to higher realms or we may choose to reincarnate on earth for a new life and new experiences and that would speed up our progression.  There is no limit to our spiritual progression and it should be our aim to move up through the realms until we arrive at the highest one which is the one we inhabited when God created us as spirits.

     Our reward in the after life will be commesurate with the life we have led on earth.  Each earth life is meant to improve our character that we may raise the vibration of our spirit.  Our spirit vibration will determine which realm and which level when we reach the world of spirits. Character improvement is the reason for our material existence, and this continues in our spiritual existence.





      If we wish to get to Heaven, we must keep the commandments, we must go to church, we must tithe and so on and so on and so on. If we do all this are we guaranteed a place in Heaven? The answer is “no”, not necessarily, at least not immediately as the preachers say today. Christ said that He came to save the lost. Paul said all would be saved, but each in their own order. Those who are more prepared and have strived in their life to live clean and upright days, and to improve their character, and have trusted in God will be the first to enter the higher realms.  Others who are not ready will come later as they learn to develop a pure character, full of good will in deed, and in heart. This is done through reincarnation and by learning these lessons, to trust in God fully, to prepare oneself for a long, uplifting trip upward.

     We can spend all of our time doing things but unless we do them for the right reasons they are just actions. If we keep the Ten Commandments only because we are told to do so, we have learned nothing. If we go to church regularly so everyone will see that we are there, we have gained nothing. If we tithe and resent having to share our hard-earned money, we have given nothing.

     God gave us the Commandments as a starting point to give us an idea of how to begin to find our way back to Heaven. They were a guideline to re-direct us towards God and away from Lucifer. If we are still at the point where we follow them because we were told to, then how much progress have we made since the time of Moses?

    The only thing that counts is the reason we do everything that we do. What is in our heart is really all that counts. When our heart is in the right place, we can hardly go wrong.

     Jesus gave us one commandment that when followed encompasses most of the ten and that is “Love your neighbor as you would love yourself”. If we loved our neighbor, would we kill them, steal from them, lie to them? If we do everything out of love we most assuredly will get to heaven. So let us check everything we think, say and do and infuse them all with love. That is what we must do to get to Heaven.


 Then God spoke all these words, saying,

“I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of slavery. “You shall have no other gods before Me. “You shall not make for yourself an idol, or any likeness of what is in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the water under the earth.  You shall not worship them or serve them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children, on the third and the fourth generations of those who hate Me,  but showing lovingkindness to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My commandments.

“You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not  leave him unpunished who takes His name in vain.

“Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy.  Six days you shall labor and do all your work,  but the seventh day is a sabbath of the Lord your God; in it you shall not do any work, you or your son or your daughter, your male or your female servant or your cattle or your sojourner who stays with you.  For in six days the Lord made the heavens and the earth, the sea and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day; therefore the Lord blessed the sabbath day and made it holy.

“Honor your father and your mother, that your days may be prolonged in the land which the Lord your God gives you.

“You shall not murder.

“You shall not commit adultery.

“You shall not steal.

 “You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor. 

"You shall not covet thy neighbor's wife.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house or his male servant or his female servant or his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.”


                                                     THE RULES OF GOD

    The fruits of our labors will be apparent once we leave this realm. The question from God will be, “What have you done for me?

    Our lives on earth are under the influence of the lower spirits who also dwell on this realm. Therefore most of our labors are usually for our own aggrandizement and our own comfort. Our earthly lives are meaningless if not used to raise us up out of these lower realms and back to our original home in God's realm. It is a constant challenge for us to remember the reason for our lives on earth and to think and act in a constant remembrance of our ultimate goal. We can only succeed with help from the spirits of the higher realms who work with constant effort for our rescue. It is up to us to recognize their help and live in accordance with God's will as taught to us by these holy spirits.

    It is important for us to know the criteria by which we should guide our lives if we are to fulfill our destiny and follow the rules of Heaven. Only by allowing ourselves to be guided by God's holy spirits and by following that guidance can we know what our best decisions are. Our own guidance is faulty at best, because of the influences of this world. Left to our own devices, we are most likely to make decisions of a worldly nature. God in His mercy gives us all the help we need to live a holy life, and none of us are asked to do more than we are capable of, according to our understanding of God's plans for us.

    The rules of God are straightforward. God gave us the Ten Commandments which are self explanatory and plain to understand. Any deviation from these commands is sin. There are no extenuating circumstances, except that God is patient with us and gives us many chances and opportunities to understand the rules correctly and to obey them. But just because we fail at following the commandments does not change the rules. Excuses for our weaknesses do not change the commandment, it only demonstrates that we must continue learning and exercising God's will for us.

    These commandments were given to Moses as a starting point, for teaching right from wrong. not just for the people of those days, but for all in all ages to come. In Moses' time, the rules were expected to be obeyed diligently and the penalties for disobeying were severe. We are no longer obeying the rules as strictly as they were then, but not because they are not as important as they were then, but only because we have fallen further away from God and Christ. We are now more materialistic and believe that these commandments do not apply to us since we are so much more progressed than in days past. These commandments were to be the beginning for understanding how to correct the flaws in our character.

     When God discerned that His people were ready for the next step in their development, He sent His son Jesus, who taught the laws of love and mercy which was the next step up from the basic rules of living.  Not only did he teach the idea of improving our character but he proved by his death on the cross, that Satan, his adversary could kill the body but could not have any power over the spirit.  Jesus then proceeded to descend into Satan's world and defeat him so that we would have some hope of leaving Satan's realm and returning to God.  He had removed the last barrier for our freedom from these low realms.  Before Satan's defeat, anyone who died a physical death had to remain on this realm, but in the spirit world, until they could reincarnate and improve some more.  So, from this realm we can now begin our upward trek to the Heavenly realms or spheres.  From there, we can continue up to the higher realms until we reach Heaven itself where God lives and where we were first created.

   Most have not learned the way to Heaven, we have discovered and invented new things to assist in our material existence, but unfortunately these advances have taken up our lives and allowed us to forget God and the reason for our existence. Our material world was created to assist us in our spiritual progression not to curtail it.

    Peter defends his actions of preaching to the people by telling his accusers that he should obey God rather than men.  We also owe our obedience to God regardless of the desires of men.  What people think of us is of the least importance and could impede us in our journey back to Heaven.

    This physical world is controlled by Satan who is the enemy of God, the one who tempted us to follow him rather than Jesus and he continues to tempt us to keep us from our Heavenly goal. This world is something which we must learn to ignore,  Jesus conquered Satan and this world.  We only need to follow him and forego what this world has to offer to succeed in this life and to be able to leave it behind for our goal to be accomplished.