Belief in God


Many of the followers of Jesus believed in him only because they saw the miracles that he performed. Many who live in third world countries also come to believe when they see miracles performed while missionaries preach to them. These miracles are only to spark their attention in order for them to understand that this is a powerful God who is their creator and the one whom they should rely on for everything.


In our country, most of us have learned of God from infancy, we need not rely on miracles in order to believe, but God, through His holy spirits still performs miracles to solidify our belief in Him. Hopefully our faith in our God will keep us believing and trusting in Him without needing constant reassurances through miracles, but with an understanding of a more mature nature.


                                                                                 WE ARE NEVER ALONE


The apostles did not believe that Jesus was standing beside them in the room, when he had materialized after his resurrection. We are often also blind then it comes to the presence of Jesus in our midst. God and Jesus work through the holy spirits to care for us and to guide us.


So often we believe that we are alone, but that is not so. Everyone has holy spirits near them to help them, but we must not ignore them, but ask God to have them answer our prayers. As God's messengers, they do as God wills them to do for our benefit.


We do not pray to these spirits or angels, we pray to God alone who sends His instructions to them for us We must never become weary of asking God for His help. He cares for every one of His creations, we are His children and He is our God.



                                                                                        LOVE THY NEIGHBOR


God created mankind, each with their own attributes and gifts. These gifts are not given to us for our use alone, but to use in the will of God and shared with others. As we grow and learn, using these skill and gifts, we are to use them to do God's work.


There is much to do on earth; God sends His holy spirits to teach us and help us to grow spiritually, so that we can progress in order to return to Heaven, where we were created. We are also responsible to aid others, using our knowledge and gifts.


No one lives for himself alone, we are all creatures of God and there is no one better than another, but as we are given the answers to life and to salvation, we are to share and teach those who have not yet received these answers, and not selfishly hold these for ourselves only. God says, “Love they neighbor”.




                                                                OUR LIFE PLAN


      There is  plan for our life that gives us the framework for improving our character.  We are here to eliminate our flaws which could keep us from the higher realms.  Change is difficult but if we make no effort, change is impossible.  In the short time we are here, we can improve or destroy both our spiritual and our physical life.

      God gives us trials and hurdles which are set to challenge us to make changes, without these, we may not make the effort to learn what is necessary for our salvation.  We are given holy spirit guides to lead our way, and following them makes our travel easier, without them, we could hardly survive, just as the breath of life from Christ keeps us alive.   There are no trials given to us which are unsurmountable.  God knows our strengths and our weaknesses, and we may feel burdened but never over burdened.  God does not expect more or us than we have the knowledge or the strength to overcome.  God is fair and loving, and although we should hold Him in awe, there is no reason to fear Him.  It is our own weakness and misunderstanding of God that makes us fear Him.

      We have Jesus Christ as our intercessor and he always sends us whatever help we need through his  holy spirits.  It is up to us to follow our path with courage and with love for God, Jesus Christ and our neighbor.

     Many lament their lives with all of its problems on the fact that they did not receive all of the love and attention they wanted while they were children.  They blame the fact that they were abused, to act as badly as those they claim hurt them. And so they live their lives by abusing themselves and others and think they are unjustly treated for their behavior and sins.

    We have lived many lives and are all ascending from a lower realm of hell to live on this earth. We are often born in a family that thinks like we do and are therefore a perfect fit in this family.  We may have hurt others in a past life and are now paying for those abuses of others. 

     We always hear, why would God allow innocent children to suffer, but we should know that they are not so innocent if we include their past lives with this one.  Of course there are always some who find their lives difficult because they are born into a family to help raise them to a higher level, or it may be that they are in that family to teach them a better way.




2/2016                                                                                      OUR CREATION

        God created us as spirits in Heaven. We are told He created us in His image which means that God has a body, since we have a body, He is not just something floating around, and He is in Heaven, in the highest realm of the spirit world.  Those who say God is everywhere seem to think he is like a mist enveloping everything, but even Jesus prays, "Our Father Who art in Heaven".  Because of his extreme power and knowledge, He knows what is going on and He uses His spirits to work for Him. Think of a king who can run his country by putting people in charge of different things, that will give you an idea of how the spirit world works. 

    The spirit that would most resemble God would be Jesus Christ, since he is the only one who was created directly by God and the only one of his kind.  This is why we say that Jesus  Christ is the first and only son of God.  Christ in turn created us, but Christ is not God, but only His direct creation, but that does not negate the fact that we are created in God's image since Jesus was created in God's image.     

      Many refuse to believe there is a God because we can't see Him.  But God is of such a high vibration that we could not stand in His  presence.  When God was giving Moses the Ten Commandments, Moses asked God to show Himself, but God told him that he could not see Him and live, such was the difference in vibration.  To God we are like ants. 

    Jesus is also of a high vibration but when he was on earth much of his power was reduced because the physical body weighs on the spirit and brings it down to a lower place.  But Jesus was still very powerful and he tells us that all that he did was with the power from God, that he could do nothing without God.  Our energy also comes from God, without Him, we could not exist, God is our power source, and without this power source we are nothing.  All life on earth is from the power from God.

    In time, when we finally reach the realm where God and Jesus exist, we will then appear more in the image of God as we were created.

    Those who do not believe in God but think that we were created by "the big bang", seem to think that the big bang has nothing to do with God, but where did the energy for the big bang originate from, there had to be a power source and how can anything happen without that power?




                                                                                                        LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR
          In his dream, Peter was told, 'What God has declared clean, you shall not call unclean'.
This means that God loves all of His creations, but He knows that they are not all at the same place in their progression.  We began on this earth at the lowest form of creation and have, by continual reincarnation, progressed to the state of man.  The animals are not as progressed as people but God loves them anyway.
       With people, we are all at different stages of progressions sot there is no reason to look down or judge others since we don't know where they are in their progression, only God knows.  Outside appearances mean nothing, what is in our hearts is all that matters.  This is the reason that God says to love our neighbor, but we do not have to like their behavior or join them in their errors.  But it is incumbent on us to help our neighbor if they are willing to be helped. Forcing others to do our will is not helping them, they all have free will just as we do, and we do not know if our help is useful or just another impediment to their progression.
      When Jesus was on earth, he taught the general public by parables because they were not ready to understand the truths that he was imparting to them.  The apostles could understand most of it, but even then, Jesus sent holy spirits to help them when they started teaching.  Even they needed communication with God's holy spirits to know what they should be teaching.  So we too should be sure that the help we give others is useful, because we are responsible for the innacurate information we give as help.

                                                                                                                    GOD'S WILL

        Listening to God's will is the only thing that is necessary in this life.  Pleasing man is not possible and will meet with only disappointment for man is fickle and does not know what he wishes.  Man wants only to appear great in the eyes of others and be praised for the little they do which is really only for their own benefit and pride.
         We have all fallen so far from God and the journey back is long and fraught with trials and errors and with pain and troubles.  But this we have brought on ourselves. If we turn to God and follow him, success will be ours. To love God and our neighbor, as God has required, will cover a whole host of sins and bring us joy and happiness, no more to dwell on failure but ony successes.


July 2016.                                                                                      WHO WILL BE SAVED?

      All will be saved, Jesus told us.  At the end of the physical world, every knee will bend and everyone will come to Jesus.  Some may take eons to progress far enough that they can return to Heaven, but God promises that everyone will return to where they were first created.  Even Lucifer who led the rebellion against Jesus and was the leader of the  one third of Heaven that caused everyone to fall, even he will one day give up and submit to Jesus.  He also was created by God, and once was a beautiful angel, in fact, he is one of the seven sons of God, just as Jesus is.  God is love, we were all created by this love and will all return by that same love.




3/2016                                                                                  CHRIST'S   PHYSICAL DEATH

      Jesus suffered and died all alone with no one to comfort him. Stories relate how his mother stood at the cross but she wasn't there, what mother could come and watch her child begin executed.  Jesus has asked the apostle John to take her away.  None of his apostles and disciples were there either.  In telling Bible stories, so many add or subtract incidences to match their way of thinking and many of the stories are incorrect, 

     Near the time of his death, even the holy spirits, who were always with him, had left him. We know this by his words, "Father why have you forsaken me?"  This was so that Satan could never say that Jesus had won by the extra help that he received. 

     While his body was supposed to be in the grave, it had already been de-materialized and his spirit had descended to the realm of Satan where he won a victory to free us from Satan's control, without which we could never have left hell, no matter which realm we were on.  This realm we live on is the highest realm of hell and from here, now that Jesus has rescued us, we can raise ourselves to the realms of Heaven.  It was the sin of apostasy or the sin of defecting from Christ that Jesus forgave us with this victory. We were all under the sin of apostasy since our fall from the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, and we didn't even have to save ourselves, Christ did it for us. That is the importance of Christ's death and victory, and that is why we must side with Christ, abandoning Lucifer.  We must choose a side now that the biggest hurdle has been removed for us. 

     This great event happened only approximately two thousand years ago, so in the history of the world, this is a very recent occurrence.  It is only since then that we are allowed to enter the Heavenly realms, not the highest one, but we can at least step onto the lowest realm of Heaven and work our way up from there, without any influence or temptation from Lucifer.  This was the great news that the apostles were giving to the people and it was great news indeed, Paul kept reminding them that this was the beginning of the end, that they were at the threshold of being redeemed and so it was very important news.  Now over two thousand years later, we take this for granted although two thousand years was not long ago as far as the history of the world is concerned.




        Honesty - not only in the sight of God but in the sight of man.

      Honesty is a virtue that is extremely difficult to find. Excepting those who are brazenly dishonest in the manner of conducting their lives, it is still difficult to find truly honest people.  In the business world, it seems to be the norm to place profits over honesty.  Is there anyone in our lives that we have worked for who didn't bend the rules of the company to their financial adantage?  Satan knew well how his invention of money would bring down almost everyone, even those who consider themselves honest.  And how many employees have we met who feel that since they have so much less than the company they work for, are therefore entitled to help themselves in material gain.  The most honest of them would have to admit that they consider small items such as pens, stamps etc. as  a part of their share of the company.  And how often have employees felt that they could allow themselves to be late of leave early when there was no supervision present?  There is also the problem of lying about someone whether it gains us anything or not, or lying about our own accomplishments to our advantage.

       As we can see, honesty is a very rare virtue. There seems to be no limit to the number of ways we are dishonest.  The only cure is to remember that everything we do,  we ought to do as if we were doing it for God, there is no other way to keep ourselves on the track of honesty.


                                                                            TEACHERS AND PREACHERS


       So many teach and preach the laws of God but do not apply them to themselves.   Teachers must be an example to their students or they are not credible.  Parents who chastise their children but do not live by the rules they apply to them are not effective.

      When Jesus was on earth, he did not teach from his own store of knowledge, but only taught what God gave him through His holy spirits, thereby leaving no room for error.  Jesus says, "You shall see the spirits ascending and descending on the son of God".  It is this communication with God's spirits that is lacking in the churches.  All teachers of God's truths must receive these truths from God and not from man, for what is man but a fallen angel looking for his own redemption from his sins.  Satan rules this realm, and it is too easy to interject his rules and laws into man's teachings.  Truth is found with God, and in its pure form can contain no errors.  The world is lost and confused by the churches who refuse to communicate with God's holy spirits in order to relay these truths to their followers.  Man's pride and ego and need to control, blinds them to the understanding of the laws of God.  Even while using the testimony of the apostles, they are unable to decipher the meanings as given to them, and remain only with their preferred knowledge that came from man and from tradition.    

     Until we return to communication with the spirits of God, our knowledge will stagnate and keep us at the level we are, with not much hope for progress. Those who are teachers and preachers most definitely need to communicate with God's holy spirits in order to give good guidance to their followers.  They are responsible for the things they teach and it is a grave responsibility that could affect people's salvation.  They need to keep studying and learning and asking God for guidance rather than repeating what they learned in the seminaries and colleges.  Most people's knowledge is very limited, even when they read the Bible, many do not really understand what they are reading, as one instance, the words, "Life and Death" as used in the Bible means spiritual life and death and not physical, there is a great difference in meaning when you understand just this one thing.  There are many more concepts that are misunderstood by the churches, so more study is needed. 


.                                                                                    SHORTSIGHTEDNESS

     The women who went to the tomb of Jesus, could not understand why he was not there.  Then Jesus commented on how short sighted they were not to have connected the empty tomb with the messages of the prophets who had foretold that Jesus would be spiritually resurrected and that his body would not see corruption but would be de-materialized.

     We are also very short sighted when it comes to our beliefs and our progression.  We have received so much information on the path we must take to return to God, and yet every little hurdle we encountner sends us into unbelief.

     Abraham is our forefather on this physical realm, and his faith is an example of how reliable the promises of God are for us.  The path is a straight one, yet we keep incarnating on this earth over and over again, unable to see the ultimate goal of these lives.  We are given so many opportunities but our eyes and minds do not see past our physical world, which is fraught with selfishness and rebellion, that keeps us short sighted and delays our progression.  We pray that God who is continually patient would help us open our spiritual eyes and our hearts to the love granted us, not by our faithfulness but in spite of it. 

     We thank God for all that He does for us, and for Jesus Christ who gave up everything to reach our hearts and accept his sacrifice of salvation, that we might return to our former home with Him and with the Father.


                                                                                                   THIS REALM

       We live in the realm of Lucifer, and all through this life we must struggle to remain above the vibration of this lower realm.  To enter a higher realm at  our physical death,  we must be of the vibration of that realm.  At the same time, our lives here on earth will be much happier with more of God's blessings.

      To live at or below the vibration of this realm with Lucifer at the helm, is to invite sin and pain into our lives.  We suffer disease through the fears brought on by the lower spirits as we accept their model for our lives.  Rising above these lower vibrations is not an easy task but many have accomplished it.  Christ is the perfect example of one who conquered Lucifer and remained within God's vibration at a very high cost to his physical life as well as his mental pressure.  We are not Christ but we can raise ourselves through love for God and our neighbors as we are commanded. This is the path to spiritual progress.


                                                                                          OUR RESPONSIBILITY

      Each and everyone of us is precious to God.  Although we all fell from Heaven together, each soul must return by his or her own efforts, one  at a time.  Just as the rain falls all at once, it contains individual drops of water which when joined together gives us the rain.

      We all have to work for our return to God individually, and if we can assist another to reach the Heavens, it will cover a host of sins, because the love for our neighbor also provides proof that we love God.  And the two commandments given to us are to love our God with our whole soul and to love our neighbor as ourselves.



                                                                                                    CHRIST'S RESURRECTION


      The resurrection of Christ from the spiritually dead is the most important of all occurrences that we read in the scriptures. Jesus had died on the cross as a sacrifice for us. After his death, he descended into the lowest of realms, the domain of Lucifer whom we call “death”, because by his rebellion against Jesus he had lost his spiritual life and been cast out of Heaven with one third of the Heavenly spirits, of which we were a part.


     In Lucifer's realm a battle ensued and Jesus the Christ won this battle and this victory saved all of us, the fallen spirits, from Lucifer's power, allowing us to leave the lower realms and re-enter the Heavenly realms as soon as we make the effort to reconcile with God and work out our own salvation. We will arrive at our goal with hard work and renewed devotion to God and to Christ.

     There is none but Jesus Christ who will rescue us from this plane. He is the one who won our freedom by overcoming Satan and by this act restricting his power over us. Through belief in Jesus, our savior, many are delivered from the snares of Satan who would not have us be free of disease, doubt and despair. Christ is the only way to the Father and to our eventual return to our Heavenly home.

    Our Father in Heaven is the one who gave Christ the power to free us and in turn Christ did accomplish the will of His Father Who would not let us be lost after our disobedience but forgive us, for He desires our return to Him.