When Jesus came to earth, it was to redeem us from our fall which he did when he descended to hell after his death and was victorious over Lucifer.  This is what we call 'salvation', which means to save us. This salvation is for everyone, there is no one, save a few that God sends to help, who is not in need of salvation.
      This realm is only a testing ground to help us to improve our character and to return to our allegiance to Jesus rather than to the one who rules this realm, who is Lucifer.  Many do not wish to leave this earth but would prefer to remain here, but this is not our home, it is only a temporary state for our learning.  Our home is with God in Heaven from where we originated when we were created. Whether we want to admit it or not, we all have a need and a desire to return home.  Life on this realm is not as satisfying as we pretend it to be, no matter how easy or difficult it may be.

                                                                                                                               WHERE IS JESUS NOW?

      Many believe that Jesus lives in Heaven as a physical person, but this is not possible, the realm of Heaven is a spirit realm and Jesus' spirit lives there at the right hand of his Father, but as a spirit.

         At his death, Jesus' body was de-materialized.  In the Old Testament, it is mentioned that his body would not see decay.  Jesus was not the first person to de- materialize, it is said that Enoch also de-materialized.  It was not meant for Jesus' body to remain on earth to have people worship it.

       After his death, Jesus' spirit descended into the very lowest realms, the home of Lucifer, and there he taught the fallen spirits.  These realms are also in the world of spirit and are not physical.  No one who dies can go to the world of spirit with their physical body.  After physical death, our body returns to the energy of the earth since it is composed of that earthly energy.

      Some believe that at the end of the world, they will be resurrected and their spirit will return to their physical body, but that cannot be, since their body will have decayed and cannot be reanimated.  Each time that we reincarnate, we get a fresh body but our spirit remains the same, because our spirit is who we really are and always will be.   


2/2015                                                                                                                     IS THERE A GOD?

     In biblical days, people were very difficult to convince regarding the existence of God.  The Israelites through Moses were shown many so-called miracles to convince them to follow him and to believe in God and forsake their idols.  Even Jesus, when he was on earth, performed many healings and brought people  back from near death.  So too, the apostles used the same methods given to them by God's spirit world.

    Nothing much has changed over the centuries, we seem to be unable to believe in God and His holy spirit world by reading of all the preceding occurrences.  Like a child who must be shown a colorful object in order to get his attention, we also only truly follow God if we are shown miracles, and even then, we only follow for a time and soon relax in the comfort of our idols and our selfish desires, forgetting that all that we are, and all that we have is freely given to us by God

     Those who are still looking for the proof that God exists are really still very far from God, but at least they are ahead of those who do not even question. Even those who adamantly profess that there is no God are still nevertheless preoccupied with the subject, and could be included in the searchers.

     God is life, existence, spiritual energy and that in turn gives us our life and our physical and spiritual existence.  Without God, there is no spirit nor physical creation, and therefore there would be nothing, and nothingness is not a viable concept for us.  There is no such thing as nothing, not even the thought of nothing exists.  If we are here, then  there is something, and that something is the result of a creator which we call God. 



        The definition of a medium is someone who can communicate with spirits, or more correctly the spirits communicate through the medium.  The word "medium" means "instrument", therefore a speaking medium is someone who can allow a spirit to use his vocal chords to transmit a message. 

     There have always been mediums from the beginning of time.  God has always remained in touch with us using His holy spirits to speak to us. These holy spirits are directed by God and since God is the creator of all including all laws, there can be no error, God cannot make mistakes, it is an impossibility.  We can rely on the messages from God's spirits, they are the true spirits.  They are sent to us to bring us knowledge and to watch over us from the day of our incarnation on this earth.

     Not all mediums are used by God's holy spirits, some allow the low and evil spirits of Satan to use them to convey messages, many of these we call psychics  who transmit only messages of a worldly nature by the one who controls our world, who is Lucifer. The Bible refers to this transmission of messages as idolatry which meant, false gods or evil or low spirits.  People have a difficult time not listening to these because they transmit messages that have some truth in them but there are also errors mixed in and those who enjoy those messages tell themselves that they can sort the truth from the errors, but that is not so, most are deceived.  In the Bible, we read where God was forever warning the people against communicating with the low or evil spirits or idols, which controlled them through fear to the point where they were made to sacrifice their children to these idols.

     The Bible uses the word "prophet" to mean a medium, but although they could tell the future, that was not the only truth they could transmit.  "Amidst visions and messages from God's prophets, the people of Biblical days were given guidance for their lives".  Nothing has changed in our day, except that many do not believe that God still guides us through these methods and by other high spirits sent to us as our need arises.  

     Many follow this Heavenly guidance without understanding where it comes from, believing these thoughts are their own.  But with a good heart and a willingness to follow God, everyone can live as God expects them to, using the good thoughts from their spirit guides and their conscience as a rudder to keep them from wavering from the course set for them in their lives.

     God sent many prophets to instruct the Israelites as we read in the Bible.  He forever reminds his prophets that their task is not an easy one, because the people were stubborn and rebellious.  God even had Jeremiah and Ezekiel use visualizations to attempt to give them their messages.    God still sends His prophets but many do not listen.  The Bible is read like a secular book and there is very little depth of understanding in most of the Christian world today. 

     Throughout the ages, many of God's prophets were destroyed or persecuted, but God has always sent more of them to teach the people. He has always been a part of the progression of the people and remains so today. Nothing has changed much, but there are still a majority of people who are not concerned with their life after this physical one, and deny that God exists.  But we are entering a time when, as we are told, God's word will be preached throughout the world and everyone will have an opportunity to hear it whether everyone will listen is up to them, but no one will able to deny having had an opportunity to choose once more, choose God and Jesus Christ or remain lost until another incarnation.


                                                                                                                             GOD'S WILL

      To do God's will begins with a desire to do so. We all have a spiritual guide to help us along and we have a conscience that acts as a rudder to show us which path to take when we are in doubt.

     Everyone receives guidance whether they know it or not.  If we go against what our conscience warns us, in time that guidance will be gone and we will fall short of our desired goal again and again, until we find ourselves lost and have a need to descend to a much lower place in our lives.  But God is always with us and at anytime when we wish to return to doing His will, help arrives and we can again follow our guides and obey our conscience.


     2015                                                                                                                  OUR BANISHMENT

    Each person on earth, each animal, each plant, plus everything we see has already been created in spirit form by God in Heaven when creation began.

    Our birth on earth is not our first life, we have lived for eons. At this time we are separated from God and no longer living in Heaven, but our goal and one which God has placed in our being, is to accept this truth and work toward our reunification with Him and the spirits who are still in Heaven.

    As spirits we are all connected to our creator and to each other, there is no one who can be dispensed with and no one who exists as an island. Those of us who are in this material universe are those who rejected our life in Heaven and therefore were banished from there. This was the reason that Jesus came to live among us, to conquer the lord of this lost material world, who is Satan or Lucifer, who was the instigator for our rejection of all we enjoyed in Heaven.

    When we sided with Lucifer against Jesus while we were still in Heaven, this was our first betrayal of Jesus, our first sin, and therefore called “original sin”, which caused us to be banished from Heaven. We are told that we are sinners because we are descended from Adam and Eve and are guilty.  Why would God blame us for the sins of Adam and Eve, even on earth we are not punished for the sins of our parents.  The truth is that we were there with Adam and Eve, Adam was one of the princes and we were his followers, but we are as guilty as he is, we all thought that Lucifer's type of government was better than Jesus' type and so we were sent out of Heaven.  We are now on earth trying to learn how to become more faithful to Jesus' government so we can return to where we came from.  We must pass through many realms to reach the highest one and we must be born on this realm many times before we can move up to the next one.  There is no way that we can come from this realm and reach the highest one spending only approximately eighty years in one lifetime, how much do we really learn in eighty years?

    Now, in order to be re-admitted into Heaven, we must choose Christ over Lucifer. We are here on earth to make our decision. This realm belongs to Lucifer since we chose him as our leader. At this time, we are on the highest realm of hell and so it is difficult work for us to remain faithful to Christ while under Lucifer's reign. Of course Lucifer is not willing that we should change sides, therefore he puts all manner of obstacles in our way as well as all types of temptations.

    It would be wise to make an honest assessment of our weaknesses because there is where Lucifer will tempt us the most. We will need to pray to God and to ask Him for knowledge and wisdom as well as strength in order to succeed, without God's help we will never overcome Lucifer's traps.


2015                                                                                                             OUR FAITH DECIDES THE OUTCOME

    In our lives, whatever we are interested in, whatever we concentrate on, is what comes to us. Those who are preoccupied with fame and wealth can accomplish this, and those who look for assistance without any effort on their part will also live in poverty or in subservience.

    By the same token, those who are looking for their lives after their earthly existence will work at this future life and can look to an existence in higher realm than the earth realm when they leave this material world.

    In time, all will return to their Heavenly abode, some by the short route, others by many wanderings and much stumbling. God has given us free will, with it we have caused our own fall and with it we can raise ourselves back to our original home, but all will be rescued.

    Jesus believed in God his Father and was capable of doing great things. We are told if we believe, we can accomplish. On a material level, this law is still in operation. God's laws are eternal and are the same for the spirit and the material world. On earth, whatever man believes he can do, he works towards and does it so it should not be too difficult to understand that with more lofty goals we could accomplish higher ends. If we believe that we can accomplish God's purpose, it becomes possible for us to strive for those things we can do for God and thereby His will for us will be done here on earth.

    God helps those who help themselves, but we must ask for help and accept it when it comes.  We should also be thanking God for all of this help. God knows when the time is right for his help to arrive, sometimes we must have to learn and to earn this help, it is not always instant. Even Jesus in the desert had to endure for forty days for his help to arrive and surely we are not more deserving than he was.

    Jesus tells us that if we ask God for bread, He will not give us a stone nor a snake for a fish so we can rely on God to provide us with all our needs if we only ask Him by good intentions. There is nothing that God cannot do, He created everything and everything is subject to Him. Our faith in God and in Jesus Christ supports us in good and in difficult times. We are never forgotten although we forget to place our faith in Him. There is no gain in placing our faith in the material world since the material world is the result of our fall and has no power to help us, it is only proof of our loss.


   2015                                                                                                                          PRAYER

     God helps us to accomplish anything we wish for, providing it is within His realm.  God does not help us to do anything that would harm someone or anything that would be against His commandments  or rules.  When we pray to ask God for any type of help, our hearts must be aligned with God's heart.  God only wants what is best for His children and would never do anything that may harm them.  His wish is for all of his creatures to have a change of heart and to return to the same state as they were when He created them.

     God gives us all that we need for our life on earth, even material things, although the spiritual gifts from God are far more valuable than the material ones.  But God is loving God, we only need to be faithful to Him and not spend all or our wants to be of the material kind.  Many of those material things could cause our downfall, instilling in us greed, selfishness, pride and so on, and preventing us from looking to the spiritual life we should be preparing for.  None of us will be taking anything with us at our physical death so asking for spiritual help will be more valuable to our lives, it would be preparation for our future and our spirit life is really our true life.  Our material life is only a transition and a short one at best, so asking God for help for our future life is a more lasting prayer.


                                                                                                                   OUR SINS ARE FORGIVEN

      The churches teach us that all of our sins are erased by the blood of Christ, but there is no mention of the greatest sin of all, which is joining Lucifer and following him, having abandoned Jesus.

      God had given Jesus the power to create and to be the leader of all the spirits in Heaven.  But we defected and followed Lucifer who wanted to usurp Jesus' power.  This is the greatest sin of all and we commited this sin while we were in Heaven where we were created, it is called 'original sin', because it was the first sin that we all commited. When Jesus died on the cross, he descended into the lowest realms where Lucifer resides, to save us from Lucifer's hold.  It is because we have abandoned Jesus Christ that we continue to sin, following Lucifer's example.  Many of the sins we commit now are only trial and error attempts to find our way back to Heaven, but none are comparable to 'original sin'.  Of course, we must all improve our character if we are to be able to spend any time with the spirits who never fell from Heaven, our attitude needs much improvement, we have a propensity to think like Lucifer and learning to be more like Christ is what is needed.