When we fell from Heaven with Lucifer, there did not seem to be any way to return to our former home in Heaven. But God, Who loves all of His children and desires them to return to Him, devised a way for His errant children to return.

He sent his first and only son to incarnate on this planet and after his death, to descend to Lucifer's realm and free us from our bondage.

Since then, lost spirits have been abandoning Lucifer and finding their way back to their original home. The path would take them through a material incarnation where they would learn the necessary lessons that would raise their spirits to level high enough to begin their progress through the Heaven realms and eventually back to God.


                                                                            JESUS WAS GUIDED WHILE ON EARTH

           Jesus always said that he could do nothing on his own but only did what his Father told him.  We also can do nothing on our own, whether it is improving our character or helping others find their way to God.  We must constantly pray to God to send us His holy spirits to take us by the hand and lead us if we are to succeed at anything.  

            Jesus says that God will answer our prayer, that if we ask for bread, He will not give us a stone or a snake for a fish, which means that God is faithful even if we are not.  His wishes for our earthly life is for the improvement of our spirit so that we may again return to our former home with Him.  Constant prayer is our only help, like Jesus, we can do nothing without God's help.


                                                                      JESUS TAUGHT EVERYONE

          Jesus says that he never taught anyone in secret, which means that everything he taught is for everyone.  Therefore, no one, no pope, no preacher, no organization has the right to disseminate only the information they think we are in need of.  There is no limit to the information that can be learned from Jesus or from any  of his holy spirits,.  The more we learn while we are here on this earth, the more will be given to us and the higher the realm we can attain when we leave here.  God does not restrict His information from us and neither should we restrict ourselves and others.


                                                                         CHRIST  TEACHES THROUGHOUT THE WORLD

          The Bible tells us that at the end of this era, Christ will be taught throughout the world.  God is allowing everyone the opportunity to hear about Christ.  Whether or not people accept this chance is up to each person.  God has no intention of leaving anyone behind. He wishes that all understand, if they can, to accept the truth of their incarnation and the freedom that Christ has afforded them.

         In many parts of the world, people are steeped in tradition and many have hardened their hearts regarding God and Christ and so not all will take advantage of this opportunity, but they will know, once they leave this earth, that they were not ignored.


                                                                                   THE CORNERSTONE

       Jesus says that he is the cornerstone.  The cornerstone is the first stone placed when erecting a building, no other stone is placed before this one. Christ is that cornerstone, the first one placed and the one that our Christian belief is based on.   Christians are the followers of Christ, everything they are and everything they follow is based on Christ.  No one else is the cornerstone and on no one else is the Christian belief based on.  Christ is everything to us, he is the envoy of God and his obedient servant just as we are the servants of Christ and indirectly the servants of God.


                                                                                       CHRISTMAS DAY 

        Some who consider themselve knowledgeable regarding the history of mankind, argue that Jesus was not physically incarnated on December 25th.  But the date is not as important as the occurence. We celebrate many occasions on earth, not knowing the exact date but this does not seem to hinder us from our celebrationor our remembrance.

      This season also brings out all those who are guided by Satan to prevent us from our celebration, but one day they will realize that God sent His only son, Jesus Christ to save them also along with the believers.  Paul says, 'Jesus died for us when we were still his enemies.  That was the main reason forJesus to come to earth, to save us from Lucifer whom we had pledged our allegiance to.


                                                                          THE NARROW GATE

           The Lord provides for all whether they believe in him or not.  Those who believe are at an advantage because they usually ask and have their prayers answered. Without belief there's no communication and therefore no knowledge of requests answered.

              We ought not to let anything fetter us in any way when it comes to our belief in God and our faith in Christ. Nothing in the physical world is of any value if all of it can be destroyed, and it can not affect our spirit. All habits and practices as well as hobbies and activities are just that, and although there is nothing wrong with any of them, they are not conducive to our salvation.

                Our life should be free of low spirits who entice us to a life of ease and selfishness.  We will have our ease and freedom and our love of tasks for God once we reach Heaven, but we do not have much time in this physical world to waste.  We must keep our goal squarely before us that we need not have any regrets after we leave this world.