This message from 1950's was spoken by a holy spirit through a deep trance medium, B.G.

"There are many religious sects in the world today that all claim to represent God, denying the other fellows possibilities. The truth of the matter is that religious sect or belief can advance only as far as it's particular tenets can allow it.

"The moment that any organization or any group of seekers after the truth set up any tenets or affirmations that are based purely on a worldly conception, immediately it becomes limited by that particular barrier as required in most orthodox churches today that believe that the bible is the only source of truth. That in itself denies the Holy Spirit any entrance. They can only go where they are requested. As long as you depend on another source of truth other than this promise of Jesus you automatically nullify any of His promises.

"This is the case of most religions today. And the result is obvious. They lack the power of demonstrating their beliefs. You may say well, there are churches who teach this power of churches who teach this belief; Spiritualist churches or spiritists. That is true, but on that point alone is there any value. For most of them fall short of the proper kind of communication. Even they have their affirmations and their tenets that limit them to their realm of communication. Most often they are led and governed by powerful forces from the elemental spirit world.

"You see the elemental spirit world is that level in spirit that corresponds to the earthly or terrestrial sphere and it has nothing to do with the celestial spheres. They are the only ones who can be depended upon as to knowing the truth and supplying unperverted truth. Unperverted truth in the world today is a rarity. But you are not to denounce individual sects, individual people because they have not learned where to communicate and how. For they have become adapted to their conditions in life by their forefathers, by those who set the example for them but instead do not lead them out into the light of truth...And those who are hungrily seeking will accept it.

"Those who are not will be closer bound to their error. They are many people today who are wonderfully gifted or have tendencies in that direction without even knowing it and all they need is a longing to understand, to know, to seek and find their God. Most people stop at this level or at that level, not knowing, blind to their snares, blind to the snares of Lucifer has put out to them. The moment he sees someone heading in the right direction you can expect booby traps galore. Of this we are all oblivious but even the unsuspecting mind the unsuspecting person doesn't realize that unless they live in constant communion and at this level of worship that their thoughts away from these particular moments can be governed by the elemental spheres.

"When you become preoccupied with the daily activities of life on earth, worldly affairs, you have of necessity allowed those entities to enter. And this is where most of the trouble begins. For you see, the high worship service is where you really seek truth and wish to commune only with the Holy Spirits. You develop a channel by which can apply to any realm, any sphere, any level. And when you are without the protection of the divine guidance that channel can be used by any entity. The moment your level of thought drops, and really it cannot help but drop. So as Paul once instructed the Galatians, "When you go about worldly deeds treat them as such and in evil be babes." But when it comes to worship with God where you seek His truth and His way and the understanding that is necessary for this advancement........

"As regards to truth and the purpose and use of truth is to demonstrate it in one's individual life. For you see, just learning truth or confessing truth, or storing them away as possessions of joy for your own use, it will avail you nothing for it must be demonstrated against all odds. To say regardless, again to quote Paul, regardless of adversity, this I know to be true, regardless of the knowledge and findings of men, this I know in Whom I believe, or the Father Who is the Creating Spirit through no partiality. He sees no personage such as a king or a beggar. For truth no matter where it is found is truth regardless.

"We must begin to govern our lives, bracing yourself so that any entities that may try to interfere with your development, any person seeking truth, seeking God and wishing to know, those who go into the deeper things of the spirit, the mysteries and the knowledge of these mysteries that is available to all who seek. You naturally are going to run up against the forces of evil, that wish to hold you back for in seeing you do that they recognize the danger of an opening in their wall of protection, so to speak, or the wall of bondage. There is an opening, there is a wide gate in the faith of Jesus Christ. But once you go through that gate which was torn down under as under shortly after His crucifixion, there is still another gate and in between these two gates lies a bridge. Once you are going across that bridge you find yourself free from the bondage of others. But as long as you live in the domain of any enemy you must take the consequences.

"For there is the test of faith. Any Christian who is really and truly a Christian is of necessity living on earth in the enemy camp. After a while his only source of comfort comes from the Holy Spirit whereas Christ found out in the garden of Gethsemane and when they were leading Him to jail that most mortals shun through fear. When He came against Lucifer where He paid the price. Prepare yourselves for the test for it is what every man must do before he can be trusted with the baptismal of the Holy Spirit; for with this baptism there comes unlimited supplies of power to demonstrate. To be able to walk on air, across water, to be whisked from one point to another. To heal, to say at one particular moment, instantaneously, your sins are forgiven, I know by a Holy Spirit, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ that you are healed. And that this will take place. 

"But most people never go on to this maturity. They refuse this test. They know unconsciously, subconsciously, they know what will be required of seek the extra gifts....And there is where most fail. Many are called but there are few chosen. Brothers and sisters you are in an enemy camp. There is no limit to what ends they will go in disturbing your life here. Remember one thing, that God is always present in the personage of His Holy Spirits and His Guardian Angels and that He will never let Lucifer afflict any more than can be absorbed in all fairness.

"So fight the fight and prove yourselves. It shall be perhaps no easy task for mortals but no one knows the joy that God has in store for those who love Him."

His love and power is at your disposal according to the promises and Grace of He Who has been put in authority by the Father over all Creation, the Author of Life our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In His name and under Whose guidance this song may be heard.