Light and Dark


As humans on this earth, we live on a dark realm. In Heaven there is no need of a sun, God gives light to the Heavens. As our spirit moves to higher realms, we experience more light. The opposite is true, if our spirit, after death, moves to lower realms we will find more darkness. Searching for the light, which is God, is our life's goal. We once lived in the bright realm of Heaven and God has placed a desire in us, no matter how weak, to return to our origin, which is to live with God. On earth we search for something that we are missing and it is our need to return to our home in Heaven. That is what will satisfy this longing. Once we have reached our understanding of our life's purpose, everything else diminishes in importance, and our lives are more settled.


                                                             Holy Spirit?

            There are many holy spirits, and they are here to help us.  There is not only one holy spirit as we are being taught.  When the disciples were in the upper room waiting for the holy spirits, tongues as fire appeared, one  over each  person.  That should tell us that each person received a  particular holy spirit and these were went so that each person could go out and teach with the help of that particular holy spirit.

          Paul's writings speak a great deal about holy spirits, he encourages all of his hearers to attempt to get in contact with as many holy spirits as possible in order to have different experiences and different information and help. We also have the help of holy spirit in our lives in small or large numbers, depending on what we are attempting to produce for God.

                                                                              OUR SALVATION

                We are all responsible for our own salvation.  Jesus conquered this world where Satan rules.  Jesus did this to free us from our sin of apostasy, which is the sin we committed when we rebelled against Jesus in Heaven and chose Lucifer as our ruler.  Now that the path is open for  us, we must re-commit our lives to God and to His son Jesus in order to share in the heavenly rewards offered us by God.

                It is a difficult task to keep following the path set for us by Christ in this world of vanity and greed.  But it is necessary for us to keep on this path that will lead us back to our creator.  All will be saved, but all must humble themselves to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ who is the most humble of all in accepting us once more as his subjects.

                09/2018                                                               RECEIVING MESSAGES

                 We read of the spirits of God giving messages to the people of Biblical says.  But God still sends His spirits to give messages to mankind.  He has not abandoned us, we need these messages  as much as those in times  past.  Not all of us receive audible messages, but anyone who is  open to this communication can receive messages.  Sometimes the message takes the form of a compelling thought and sometimes it is nagging feeling, but God still talks to us through His angels.  From these messages we are guided to perform certain acts or to refrain from a particular action.  If we remain with God, we can know what is good for us at any time in our lives. If our guidance is for evil we know that we are not with God but with the adversary.     


              10/2018                                LEAD THOU ME ON

            As the song says, "Lead Thou me on amid encircling gloom".  We need to ask God every day to give us His light that  we many find our path.   Until we reach Heaven, we need the light of God, we cannot find our way on our own.  There is too much negative from the low spirits who are sent by Satan to impede our progress.  This earth is the realm of Satan, because we once pledged allegiance  to him when we fell from Heaven.  We need help to turn our life around and only use the light of God's good spirits to make all of our decisions.   We are told that God will never leave us even if we turn from him.  God is life itself, and His son Jesus gave himself to us to save us from this, our lot on earth.