Progression of All Spirits Through Time

By Brent Mahe

      Karma, is time passing while the spirit which is passing through many incarnations, continues to learn from one lifetime to the next, each continual lesson that is placed before them.

      Like a clock, where each passing hour is another lifetime, and the speed of the clock being constant, so each spirit incarnation into another physical life  continues on it's  ever progressive journey. The person continues as that same person  from previous lifetimes where they left off and will be given opportunities by God  to complete the lessons that they had not learned, or what might have kept them back from continuing on to higher planes after their physical life.

       The lessons which  have not been learned and the tests that God has placed before that spirit to pass  must be completed in the physical life time until a  spirit has become refined to the degree and  their spirit vibration is pure enough so that  they  are prepared to  travel up to higher spheres. How a person thinks in every aspect of life is the personality which must be perfected, with fewer flaws of character. 

      The spirit world is created in stages of life and there are many stages between each realm. This human level is the ninth realm. The next realm is the Paradise in Heaven where the Bible mentions the fall of Adam and Eve with one third of Heaven when they followed lucifer and fell to Earth this realm.  Paradise is  the beginning of the Heavenly sphere where lucifer and his followers cannot reach. Those who are able to rise to that next realm after this life are able to continue on to higher lessons without the opposition of lucifer any longer. There are realms above that Paradise, the tenth realm, the eleventh, the twelfth and the thirteenth spheres. The thirteenth sphere is the original Heaven where all the spirits were created, including the fallen one third of heavenly spirits and lucifer, before the great fall.

       There are still the heavenly spirits in that thirteenth realm who never fell, never knew spiritual death, which refers to the separation from God, Who is Life.

        Each planetary  system is a microcosm and is a portion of a replica of the living space and part of the  life forms of the higher realms. God created similar planetary systems in this outer darkness realm called Earth in order to guide the fallen spirits back to the right path. He sends a heavenly guardian spirit to each human to guide them through life. This is our good conscience.  How better to learn how to think and act in those realms than to practice that form of perfection while in the physical universe. The Heavenly angels sent to this world, Earth, are those guides to teach the behavior and how think which is  required to live in the realms of light. An impure spirit would not be able to exist in such a place of light and power unless their spirit is pure enough to exist in that light. The good lessons begun in physical life continue on in the spirit world as the person continues to learn and to refine their good character, rising constantly until they return to God. Paul in the New Testament says that God wishes that none should be lost but that all will be saved eventually. This will come to pass eventually because God will continue to help each of we progressing spirits until we have finally made it, and have learned the good lessons and are living those good character traits in all times of our lives.

        This world system is a blockade of many people:   they believe they are alone in the universe, that God does not know them and does not oversee everything that brings them forward from one struggle upward to a relief point of understanding and forgiveness, toward others and also for their own selves.

        Love  is the  elevating power which draws the spirit upward to the Heavenly spheres.

      Harmony the guiding rudder of that ship which  tunes the mind toward a form of thinking of how to think and how to act in preparation of their Heavenly transfer upward.  The higher vibration matches with higher realms which allows the spirit to rise to the similar realm of his or herself.

      Holy Spirits watch over each living being, reporting to God on what ever happens and receiving guidance from the Creator when they do not know how to move forward in some  need for one or more progressing spirits.  Each human is given a Heavenly angel, a holy spirit, at their birth to guide them on their way, to learn from that inner good  conscience so that they might pass the tests in life of good character in order to move forward to more opportunities in higher spheres, and finally to leave this realm in  the Outer Darkness called Earth.