Saint Brendan the Scottish Prophet

            Also spelled Brean-dan, from the Israel tribe of Dan who had settled in Ire-land (Israel-land), as one of the

 Brit-ish (covenant-man) in Gaelic.  Gaelic, a later language from Hebrew, was well known to be among the tribes

 of Israel with  the famous Tin Mines of Tarshish (Ireland), where Jonah the prophet was heading on the ship, and where king Solomon

 bought tin for the Temple of God, where Jeremiah the prophet fled with Baruch his helper and Tia-Telphi the daughter of King Hezekiah before

 the destruction of Israel the nation in the middle east. It was known as the ends of the world, or the ends of the earth at that time

 mentioned by Paul the apostle.  be continued. As we add history to

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  ancestors, the tribes of Israel, of Shem of the

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