Dantes Wrote a great explanation by his many journeys into the lower realms of the progressing spirits, the spirits who fell from Heaven with lucifer to the Earth (also called Hell). His Heavenly spirit guide was Beatrice. His journeys explained the levels of progression for the fallen spirits. The parallel physical planes we see with the same spirits as they incarnate into the many animal creations, from the simplest creature, the single celled amoeba, to the most complex the human. Each successive plane from the lower realms to the highest,the 9th plane, in these progressive levels in the Earth realms are meant as a ladder for a gradual assent out of the pit. Jacob in the Old Testament, was shown a great vision of a ladder by which lower spirits were rising upward toward Heaven again, and the Heavenly spirits were coming down to meet and assist these diminished spirits in their climb upward back to Paradise and into Heaven once again.  
Here are the realms. The human level is the 9th realm. The 10th is the first realm out of Lucifer's jurisdiction and where he cannot influence the rising spirits any longer. The lower realms, from the 1st to the 8th realms make up the animal kingdom. We can see the general attitudes of these levels of the spirits when we study the creatures they incarnate into. There are some levels completely dependent on other creatures, like bacteria, blood suckers, mosquitoes as the type who require dependence on other creatures by draining their energy and as a food source made from the other creatures. Each type of creature must give in some form, and will share their own energy with other creatures. Sometimes it comes in a form of generosity with a large brood of babies. Other forms of sharing are the uncountable types of pathogens that live in the systems of the creatures on the planet. There are more positive bacteria (aerobic) and less positive pathogens (anaerobic) that might in the end cause disease and even physical death in the creature. As a means to share, but also to gain positive desire to live and to strive to gain a positive existence there is a constant struggle created for all creatures in one manner or another in order to guide these fallen but rising spirits to a more perfect state within their being. 
    Evolution of the spirit exists through the material stages of evolution, but there is no physical evolution; only new spirits being born into the various physical stages needed for their progression. New stages and sub-species are constantly created by God in nature for the correct stage to be available for these progressing spirits. Ontogeny recapitulates phylogeny.
  Most every spirit can speed up their progression by striving to remain harmonious in every circumstance they find themselves in. Harmony is the guiding rudder upward and onward to greater perfection and increased higher vibrations. With that increase of vibration comes also an increase in knowledge, understanding and will power. The strength of the character can increase at all levels. For instance, there are all types of characters of all the creatures in the world. There are some alligators in the famous Australia Zoo with the Steve Irwin family who are very gentle and kind. There are some alligators in the wild who are quite aggressive and not very kind to other creatures. So they each have a distinguishing character. They are no different than humans in that they have a spirit attached to the physical body they inhabit. They, like all creatures, including humans, are incarnated spirits progressing back to Paradise, after their fall with Lucifer and having recognized that tremendous mistake of choices Lucifer offered, are now rising back to a more perfect state of mind and appearance. The more harmonious the character, the more beautiful the appearance, more perfect the odor, more perfect in spirit form and greater brightness of their own spirit. 
  The closer the spirit is to the Maker of all power and intellect and harmony, the God of Heaven, the greater in the sharing of that energy and thus of light emitting from that spirit,   the greater the wisdom as well as knowledge of God's Plan of Redemption for all spirits. Each human can attain to the highest level of man in one lifetime, and can continue on to higher planes after this life, until they reach the next realm, the tenth realm, called Paradise in the Old and New Testaments. They must strive to remove discordant behavior and thoughts, and to improve their thinking and actions in harmony.
    If the Bible is written by those who were in communication with holy spirits who came down from Heavenly realms, then to really understand these messages from the holy spirits in the Bible, a person must know what the meanings of certain phrases refered to in the scriptures. They are spiritual terms and not material terms. The Scriptures were written by mediums, also called instruments or prophets, and a person must read the Bible in a spiritual understanding of spirit communication to interpret those messages.  
     Any person developed in full of the spiritistic gifts can understand the mistakes in the Bible, such as the false idea of an everlasting hell, which is impossible if all creatures are rising back to God from the depths through levels of reincarnation in the many forms of increasing perfection through the animal kingdom. There can be no retrogression from one stage of progress back to a lower one. This is as impossible as a student in school no longer understanding a fifth grade math question once they are now in the ninth grade math class, seeing as all parts of the ninth grade class constantly integrate all the math formulas of the fifth grade class, and have built upon these up the the 9th grade.
      No creature can have  any part of themselves taken from them  which is a part of themselves once they have become it. The exact form of creature is reflected upon the level of spirit that it is. This is why the idea of inquiring of lower creatures to learn something more perfect than we know at the human level would be ridiculous, having already passed those tests of character, there would be no good purpose to ask those of lesser vibration to teach us how to think and to become more perfect when those lower spirits know nothing of the next level of progression for the human. There are many  evil spirits who try to trick mediums and spiritists into believing their many weird and odd explanations of reality, with thicker lies stacked on top of other convoluted ideas until the whole mass of topic becomes too much to bear.
    We see this has happened in many religions, some having begun that way, like Buddhism, which although it has the understanding that harmony is the key, and mediumship developed by meditation is the means to inquire of the spirits, they misunderstand the levels of progression and have been stuck in the mire of constant reiteration of lesser knowledge by learning from ignorant spirits who they have communicated with in the spirit world. Hinduism is the same, along with so many other heavy ruled religions. Christianity once was a light path and now has grown into many rules, none of which were a part of the first teachings by Christ. The Catholic hierarchy had much to do with altering the original writings of the apostles, so that now we read that hell is everlasting, instead of hell being a place of limited time, and a spirit remaining there only so long as they desire to follow that low path of mindset.
     Once a spirit changes their thinking (repent) they no longer are attracted to that idea and also vibration, and thus rise from that state to a more perfect stage of existence. There are humans who return for a short while to the idea of a negative existence by seeking out excessive lifestyles of any of  all the known sins, such as greed, rebellious behavior, lust, greed, hate, revenge and all the other vices. They might for a short time become entrapped in that lower state of mind and also spiritually captured by the evil spirits whose intent is to cause trouble and to deceive these confused spirits. The understanding of the flaw in thinking is not fully recognized and until a person sees the futility of rebellious thinking against the harmony in the knowledge of cause and effect, they are vulnerable to the deceptions of negative spirits.
    It was Dante in his famous book titled, The Divine Comedy who described many people who had died and by their evil living while on earth, were now entrapped by the evil spirits they followed in their lives. It was a punishment allowed by God as a lesson of the cost of following a wrong path of rebellion. There is no quicker and effective way to learn than to experience something. There are few who, once they connect their decisions with results, will return to bad decisions that result in painful costs to them. Cause and effect are the most common means of progression for most spirits. But there is also the means of self reflection, which is a more harmonious means of travel upward to Heaven.
    The  well known philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, along with others like Goethe Faust, Newton and many others all took their lead from the holy spirits,  and in their writings they all refer to the God of Heaven and His straight path to perfection and wisdom and spiritual freedom. The many good prophets in the Old and New Testaments all teach and record the many messages they had learned from the holy spirits who God had sent to them. Daniel spoke with Gabriel, Tobit spoke with Raphael. Abraham spoke with three angel messengers, and other materialized Heavenly spirits who taught him of great changes he should follow for the good.  The truthful prophets of old were the message takers and spokesmen for the holy spirits in their day.
   In the days of the apostles of Christ, there is one false prophet, a false medium named Simon Magus who Peter and John identified as a man being guided by evil spirits. Saint Paul in the New Testament also called out for evil spirits to be removed, and which God fulfilled by his prayer,  from a young girl who was following him around and claiming his power came from a powerful  demon, with many different names. The girl came back to her right mind once that demon was removed from her. The men who profited from the girl's mediumship then tried to murder Paul because of their greed and loss of money from the girl's gift.   Although the girl had a gift,  it was controlled by evil spirits and not good spirits.
     In the Old Testament God sent His angel messengers to warn His followers, the Hebrews, to no longer follow the evil spirits in foreign religions. He said, "Do not listen to mediums who cheep and mutter. Inquire of Me, ask Me of things to come." (Isaiah 8-19). This means that as mediums and psychics they were to follow the holy spirits if they were to remain free and protected against those nations who were following evil spirits in their religions. 
 The progression of  the fallen spirits is a continual and unstoppable event and will continue until every last spirit has become perfect and clear of evil passions, completely harmonious in character and spirit once again, and has returned to their ancient home in Heaven. This will be the fulfillment of the Plan of Salvation that God has created to redeem the fallen spirits in this realm called Earth, the embodiment of all the 1/3 of Heavenly spirits  who fell with Lucifer.   As a punishment to Lucifer, he is not allowed to return to Paradise before any of the other spirits has reached their Heavenly homeland, because as the great deceiver and the cause of the fall of these once Heavenly angels, he must pay each back by waiting for them to rise before he is allowed to rise. He wanted to be the first and as a means to teach him the value of God's perfect  order of harmony, he now must take the last position. 
      This is the meaning by Christ when He gave the parable of the Prodigal Son, who leaves his fathers house and takes his wealth and squanders it until he is poorer than the pigs he must serve. This is the end result of Lucifer's kingdom. It is in complete destruction and opposite of the harmony in Heaven. Consequently, Lucifer's domain in hell is also the darkest, because it is the farthest from God, the Creator of Light. Lucifer, in refusing to obey God's commands also refuses that perfect energy that comes from God. Lucifer, therefore sits in darkness and steals energy from other spirits whom he has deceived. This is the reason why those humans who submit themselves to evil spirits always end up weak and sickly. The evil spirits who they invite will take their energy, causing sickness and eventually death. Insanity is not a small part of end cost to those who follow the evil spirit world.
To follow the holy spirits and Christ means to follow health, wisdom, and freedom to understand great things in the universe, and like Albert Einstein who once said, "I want to understand the Universe as God created it", will also attain to great happiness in knowledge of the right path after this life.
 B. Mahe