Message of a Heavenly Spirit of God, 1933

Instrument: Elizabeth Greber


Love is the lever with which you can move out of the way the heaviest obstacles on the path of your lives. When I say “love” I do not refer to it as a sentiment of affection, but I mean that love which is the expression of your good will and which manifests in deeds.

You say that you love God. If that were really true, why do you not carry out what you have recognized as God's will?

If – for example – yo want to be meek and gentle according to the teachings of Christ, why do you not do it, an why do you not make every effort, use every opportunity to become meek and gentle? How is it, then that the smallest things can throw you off your balance, as it happens nearly every day, without your making the slightest improvement? And that you ca,l “will”?

You say you want to love God. If that were true, why do you speak so seldom and so little to Him? Do we not like to talk to someone we love, are we not glad to be in His nearness and speak with Him? And God is always close to you if you desire His nearness!

And if you would really love your fellowman, as it is God's will, where, then, is your will to the deed?

You would not grieve someone you really love, would you? Rather, you would have compassion with him, would try to understand his faults, would not heap reproaches upon him, but forgive him. You would not make his life a heavy burden, nor fill his soul with bitterness. For love is full of patience and kindness, love does not permit itself to be provoked to bitterness, love bears all, understands all, excuses and forgives all.

Where, then, is your will to all this?

If you morals would apply to this task one tenth of your efforts used for material things, things valued in money, it would be so much better with your personal happiness and the happiness of your families.

God is so modest in His demands and so lenient with your accomplishments, but would you not think that He is entitled to at least one tenth of your efforts? In reality it should be the the way around, namely nine tenths for God an one for earthly affairs. That would be the right proportion.

Learn, therefore, to love truly and you will learn to live truly. For true love is true life.


Oh Father, only they are Thy true children who always ask what is Ty will and how to please These.

All those who are hear have the good will. Even though they are still weak and sinful, and though their lives, still are dark and clouded, they do know that Thou art their Father, and that thou wilst take their hands if they strive to walk the road that leads them back to their real Home. Bless all of them.