The Actual Event  of Noah's Ark.     


Mrs. Dr. her late 60's ( the wife of a famous doctor to the movie stars in Hollywood), , related to me in 1985, an event told to her  in  the early 1950's by  her close friend Elizabeth Greber , the wife of  the now famous pastor Johannes Greber (the Author of "Communication With the Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose"), an instrument of the good spirit world of God.  Mrs. A.H.  had first received  Greber's masterpiece book in the late 1940's or early 50's.

     Elizabeth Greber told Mrs. A.H. of a moment when the holy spirits intervened during a Sunday School class at their church. Elizabeth had begun to tell the children of the story of Noah's Ark in the Bible... and how God caused the whole planet to be flooded by rain, as the Bible says...

  BUT,  Before she could begin, a heavenly spirit showed up and told Elizabeth,

      "Why don't you tell the children what really happened."

   And here is what that high spirit of God said to her, which she began to relate to the children as the holy spirit spoke to her by clairaudience:

   "The earliest civilization in Noah's day consisted only of about fifty thousand people on the planet. These people lived on a peninsula off the  Arabian coast.

  The corruption of the people of that day had grown to such an extreme that there was no manner they could be brought back into good and moral  existence. God determined that the people should be wiped out and replaced by spirits who could incarnate into Noah's lineage where they could be  taught truth and moral standards in order to continue to develop good character in order to progress back to Heaven.

 Noah was told to move outside of town and to build a very boat that could carry his family, his livestock and enough food for more than  a year. Noah was given specific details of how to build that craft, with exact size, that information which has been preserved in the Bible. It had to be built to withstand great pressure..

 He spent many years in among his own work to build this very large craft. When it was done, he and his family began to live in this craft.    

    Finally,  after many years,  God sent an angel and told Noah to bring in all the farm animals, for the next day would begin the end of civilization as he knew it.  God did not tell Noah to take two of every animal of the earth, but only his farm animals onto the Ark. The entire planet did not flood but only the peninsula the population of the earth  at that time had inhabited. With only 50,000 people on the planet it was not necessary to destroy all the land, but only to clear off the corrupt generations of that time.  He was to close the door behind his farm  animals and all the remaining food for themselves,  as well as food for all the farm animals..

    Just before mid-day a great sound was heard of a rushing wind of water, all which sound the same when it blows strong and the waves lash against itself.  

  A great tsunami wave of water from the ocean rose rapidly over the land and drowned all the corrupt people of that day except for Noah and his family, his farm animals and food and supplies, safe in the great boat.

    The peninsula off the Arabian coast had sunken completely, along  the total population of the earth at that time, about 50,000 people, drowned in that tsunami.  The coast is still under water to this day.

  The boat drifted upward with the wave and met dry land midway up  of the mountain Ararat in Saudi Arabia. The wave receded and the Ark remained  on that mountain side.

   Noah and his family lived in that boat, along with their animals on the lower decks, until the yards and pens and barns to house all his livestock could be rebuilt. It took more than a year to do this. Only after this did he begin to build his own house in the valley below. And when the house was done, he moved all his family and his livestock to that valley,.

                      The entire world did not flood, it was not a rain, but a large wave of water. There were only 50,000 people on the planet at that time. It was not two of every animal. It was only his extended family and  livestock."

And that is the true story of Noah and his ark / ship.


    AS A SPECIAL NOTE:   The archeologist Ron Wyatt, a medical anesthesiologist by education,  investigated in the 1970's 

 and proved Noah's Ark lay as a now petrified monument on  Mount Ararat  in Saudi Arabia. Wyatt and a  found the shell of the boat with exact dimensions of the Biblical account, made of layers of thick plywood type lumber glued together with strong tree sap and with massive metal rivets the size of a loaf of bread. His Family website - has several fantastic books available at that website  on his major discoveries.

 With  a team of scientists, along with the astronaut James Irwin,   and many  engineers they used ground sonar equipment to map the rooms in the boat, discovering several stories high with many animal pens at the lower deck,  just as the Bible describes it.  His discovery can be found at his website

 Ron Wyatt was guided by angels of God to go on to further discover Sodom and Gomorrah, Mt. Sinai, the remains of Pharaoh's army at the bottom of the Red Sea, the Ark of the Covenant, the Ten Commandment stones, actual blood from the body of Jesus Christ, and much more... His  Family website has all and more information, now all proven true by the Israeli government, and the Saudi gov't (who has set up a very sophisticated tourist tour and viewer building beside Noah's Ark, which has been visited by hundreds of thousands of people, and many millions of viewers online)   IN FACT, this knowledge is so well known of his tremendous discoveries in the 1070's and 1980's that the movie franchise series 'INDIANA JONES' - Raiders of the Lost Arc" (1981)  was modeled after Ron Wyatt, with the actor Harrison Ford actually DRESSING like Ron Wyatt dressed on archeological sites!