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                                    Supernatural  Phenomena in

                                    the Bible  Explained

                                                                                 by Denise Freed, B.S.E.d.    Copyright 2015                                                                    

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         The Israelite lineage was born out of love for family and for God through many generations; a God Whom was little understood until Abraham, a man of great faith and love in sacrifice, was able to command on this planet the knowledge that catapulted an empire of Israelite into the world and around the globe.

      It was this heart-felt love, manifested through Abraham's and Sarah's lineage through their son, Isaac, and later their grandson, Jacob, who was renamed Israel. Jacob/Israel's twelve sons would continue in God's blessings and would earn the right to understand the God of Heaven. This was accomplished by tests which were applied to these people by God. Through these tests and lessons given to them, they learned obedience to God over time. Each generation had to be tested. Some of them passed the tests to remain true to God while others failed these tests and were punished by being turned over to the dark forces that had misguided them. Each generation, for each lineage of Abraham and Sarah had to be built upon struggles, and minor and sometimes major infractions in their trouble, while they discovered why love for family and the world was so necessary for them to grow. Their strength came only after great struggles and great loss sometimes. It was in their struggle that they understood what was to be won in their doing right as God had taught them.

      By their efforts in trying to serve God and keep His commandments, Israel became the example to the world that the God of Abraham and Jacob/Israel, the God who created all things, could be trusted as the only true guidance for mankind. Abraham's struggle will not be in vain, his faith which rested in the God of Heaven continues to spread to all the families of the earth, as each person learns the lesson of faith taught to Abraham and his chosen lineage through Jacob/Israel.

      The struggles were only part of the story. Each child who had to learn the right path was to be taught by God through the angel messengers He would send to each one of them. The story of the Bible was built upon the spiritual gifts God brought to each child who sought Him. The spiritual messages given to the Israelite comprise the majority of the messages from God in the Old and New Testaments, through spiritistic methods, we could call psychic or mediumistic talents today. It was in this secondary struggle to reach upward to God and to practice the arts of divination, that they were able to reach God in the several means of messages they received, and many of which are recorded in the scriptures.

      This book is meant to reintroduce the Bible in the original form of spiritual beliefs so that you, the reader, might see this ancient book with a renewed love for God's word, meant to lighten the load in life, and not to create a burden of unreasonable rules to follow aimlessly, which Bible revisionists added and altered in the Holy Scriptures over the centuries. Christ complained about those same rule-making religious leaders in His day as hypocrites. Today, these false teachers share their rules for money making and harsh punishments sent by God as the path to Heaven, while their followers learn nothing of the true path of character refinement, taught by the angels of Heaven to mankind.

      As regards the most important questions of religion, the various churches hold conflicting views. Man, being fallible, is at best a dubious guide in these matters. To reach the truth of Heaven there can be only one way, the good spirits who live in that place must provide it, and teach mankind directly, without human intermediaries clouding up the message with their own interpretations of the messages from Heaven, it is the only way. If there is a beyond populated by a world of spirits, then conclusive proof can only be had if those spirits will visit and enlighten us, for they alone are able to tell us the truth about the great questions relating to an after-life. So long as this gap between the good spirit world and our own remains unbridged, mankind will remain in the darkness of uncertainty and will continue to live in doubt of a God of wisdom.

      Today, people laugh at those who speak of the bare possibility of establishing communication between the world of men and that of spirits. Those who have no understanding of a subject often ridicule it, especially if it conflicts with their own beliefs. Rather than try to understand, some people with the loudest voices speak against the unknown and condemn it so that others would also reject new ideas, and keep tradition controlling their future rather than truth. It is tradition that is the greatest enemy of truth. Tradition is often followed by each generation without being questioned at all, even if it makes no sense to the followers. And so it has always been the same pattern regarding any revelation or invention. In hopes to enlighten you, I offer the Bible as it was meant to be read, as a spiritual guidance, taught by the spirits who live in Heaven.


                                                          OUR NATURAL ABILITY

    Since the beginning of the time that humans have been on this planet, they have been able to communicate with the world of spirits. Science doesn't always agree with this, but then scientists are only learning of natural forces through experimentation, observation or just like the rest of society, and they don't yet know the rules of creation themselves.    We have many instances of spiritual communication from the Bible stories and also from people's experiences. 

      We live in a world in the visible material habitat as well as the mostly invisible, but influential, spirit world. There is constant interaction between the two daily in every person's life. Most are not even aware of it because they are so used to it. It is said that up to fifty percent of a person's thoughts can be influenced by the invisible forces around them. After all, God created us as spirits with an ethereal body first, and now we are incarnated (which means in the flesh) in a condensed form, we call a material body. So in the clearest explanation of our state of existence, we are spirits living in a shell of material flesh. We live in two worlds. Most people are so caught up in daily activities of gathering and accomplishing for the material existence portion, that they happily ignore the impending return to the spirit state only a few years ahead.  

      When our physical body dies, it returns to the earth, while our spirit enters the world of spirits and continues to live forever. The Old Testament says,”All go to the same place; all come from dust, and to dust all return” (Eccl 3:20). People who are clairvoyant can see into the spirit world and those who are clairaudient can hear the spirits. In the Old Testament, a person who was clairvoyant or had other spiritually sensitive methods of discerning the spirit world, were called seers, prophets or priests, whether male or female. Some who cannot see or hear in the spirit world, can feel the spirits, or at least feel the vibration that lets them know that spirits are present.  

      God created the material and spirit world with specific balances of interaction between the two. Both high and low minded humans and spirits must follow those same laws of creation in order to reach one another, whether for good or evil purposes. If we more fully understand the perfection of the laws of spirit communication, it is easier to recognize that the spirit world already influences us in our daily lives. To begin to separate the two and know when the thoughts are our own and when the thoughts are from other sources in the spirit world, we might be able to more easily move through life with fewer mistaken paths. By listening to the quiet voices behind our lives, we can begin to recognize the higher spirits and separate them from the lower and more unwise, possibly even negative spirits, that inhabit the invisible world around us. If we learn the rules, we can learn to move with higher and more pure spiritual influences more often.

      We mortals seem to assume that only the world of matter is subject to laws, but God is a God of systems and of laws in all creation, material and spiritual. In His doings He observes the laws which He himself made and disregards none of them. All material creatures and all spirits must observe these whenever one or the other wishes to communicate with the other. People are in the habit of calling many things that happen in the world a 'miracle' until the process of the set laws of God are understood in that vernacular.




      There really is no such thing as a “miracle” according to the meaning placed on that word as coming from nowhere and having no means of explanation. Everything happens according to the same immutable laws, not one of which supersedes or conflicts with another. If we raise a stone, the law of gravity isn't turned off because we intervened, but gravity has been overcome by a greater force like muscle, which opposes the pull of gravity enough to pick the stone off the ground. We see the physical hand and so we know that there is no miracle involved, it was work done by someone to move the stone. If however, a stone were raised by a hand invisible to us, we would consider this to be a miracle because we do not see the force. We might think the stone was rising of its own volition or by some mysterious power, possibly even telepathic levitation. And yet there still must be some law of science which explains the force that causes the stone to be lifted up, even if we don't understand that force because we can't see it or conceive of it.

      There is a story of levitation in the Old Testament with the prophet Elisha (2 Kings 6:1-7). The young prophets who were studying under him had gone to cut trees near the Jordan River to build a new lodging for themselves, having outgrown the old one as their numbers increased. One of the student's ax head flew off its handle and into the muddy river. Elisha threw a stick into the river and the metal ax head floated up to the top of the water. The heavy ax head could not have lifted up unless a force, such as an invisible hand of an angel (spirit) had picked it up for the young men, to prove to them God's willingness to help them accomplish good goals in their lives.

      Whenever anything happens that is out of the realm of human understanding, we call it a miracle. If we could see what transpires, we would understand that there really are no miracles. God created everything by setting up laws that do not ever change and even God observes His own laws. Humanity is not cognizant of all of God's laws, but our ignorance of God's laws does not mean they do not exist. In past ages people believed the earth was flat and that the sun moved around the earth, now we would laugh at someone who still believed this, so why is it acceptable to believe that we have discovered all of nature's laws which are God's laws. When we understand how communication works, we realize that there are no miracles, all of these things have an explanation and all of them do not defy science since God created the laws of science, or His own laws. Mankind has adopted God's laws for their own in the governing of their countries, and many who say they do not believe in God still follow these rules or defy them at their own peril.

      There is nothing 'miraculous' in the fact that the spirit-world should communicate and speak with mankind. Whenever God's spirits speak to us they do so according to fixed laws which they are bound to observe, and which would have to be observed equally by any evil spirit which might desire to speak to us. When we compare this to our telephone, there are many of nature's laws which we must comply with before we can use these for speaking. We must have a current, wires and other parts to transmit speech and adapted to the laws of acoustics and electricity, and these laws apply whether the phone is used by a good citizen or by a criminal.

      Communication between the spiritual world and the material world happens all the time, but to various degrees. Some people barely sense that there are spirits around or what the spirits tell them, in an entirely instinctive way, while others have greater cognizance of their guidance. The so-called mediums have these natural abilities highly developed and are able to communicate with the spirits and interact with them by several means, listening, seeing, writing. Direct manipulation of physical objects by spirits is also possible., however, for it to happen the spirits need the help (voluntary or not) of the ethereal energy received from material sources. The source can be plants, animals, the earth itself, or from human mediums with particular abilities for physical effects.

      Communication with the spirits is often called spiritualism or spiritism, and there are many critics who describe it as charlatanism, pseudoscience, heresy, anti-Christian, witchcraft and even Satanism. Today many churches misunderstand the spiritual meanings found in the Bible. For example, in the NIV Bible, God tells Moses that all mediums and spiritists must be put to death, whereas the King James Bible says that God tells Moses that all those who have familiar spirits and wizards must be put to death. There is big difference between these versions. Familiar spirits and wizards were witches, those who communicated with low spirits only. But rules of contact between the spirit and the flesh are the same for both high and low spirits even to this day. When God commanded that the Hebrews were to not consult the low spirit realm and gods of other tribes, He said, “Inquire of me, ask me of things to come concerning my sons, and concerning the works of my hands “.(Isaiah 5:1)

      Those who reject spirit communication fail to realize that the Bible is a collection of works which is almost entirely based on spirit communication, so if you believe in the Bible, you believe in spirit communication. The four gospels in the New Testament are claimed to be the inspired word of God while all of the miracles performed by Jesus, the apostles, and the Old Testament prophets, are proof positive of the interaction between spirits and physical beings. Not only that, but Jesus promised that everyone could work towards the same communication that He possessed. Jesus promised to send the spirits of truth to His followers.

      In Biblical days most understood spirit communication, it was not something out of the ordinary. The good prophets or seers were forever passing on messages from God's kingdom warning people not to communicate with the lower or evil spirits, it was called idolatry, or adultery or harlotry.

      In the New Testament, Paul speaking to the Corinthians says, “Now we have not received one of the evil spirits that rule the world, but a spirit that comes from God, thus we deliver the spirit's message in the same words in which the spirit gave it to us. True, a worldly-minded man does not accept what comes from a spirit of God, for he looks upon communication with God's spirit-world as madness. Neither is he fit to understand it correctly, for only those who know the laws governing spirit communication can properly judge it” (Cor 2:12-15).

      Not much has changed, those who would reject and ridicule spirit communication are those who have no idea how the process works, and yet they set themselves up to be the judge of such things of which they know nothing.

                                                      ENERGY OR OD

      In the mid 1800's Baron Karl Von Reichenbach opened a whole vista of new knowledge when he discovered the existence and properties of what he called “Od force”, a force that flows from minerals and light, in plants and animals, and even radiates from the stars. The Od or Odic force, named for the Norse god Odin, is a mysterious force that permeates all things, that is everywhere present, and surely must be easily revealed, but is not consciously perceptible to most.

      Rudolph Steiner believed that all human beings had senses that could perceive the ether, and that, especially through initiation and mental discipline, these senses could be awakened. He believed that the mind may be trained to see subtle forces, like the Odic force.

      All life in both the material world and in the world of spirit is bound up with this odic force. This is the most powerful force in creation, and it is the force by means of which God, who is the source of this force, can overthrow all things, and the means by which He and his spirit world perform the greatest 'miracles' as we call them. It is the force which renders the Magician capable of superhuman performances, inasmuch as his own powers are increased by the spirit world, whether the good or the evil, depending on which of the two he is in communication with.

      The way that humankind can communicate with spirits is by the use of this energy, or “life force” or “od force”.  God creates the conditions by which we can communicate with Him or with His angels or spirits. Since everything contains energy, He can draw upon this energy and use it in whatever method He wishes, all we have to do is follow the laws that He has created.  One of those laws is the ability to condense and expand energy or od.

       We can use the example of changes in water.  When the sun heats a body of water, the water evaporates and becomes a cloud until it is cooled off and falls back to earth in a more condensed form, called rain, with extra condensation, it becomes a solid that we call ice.  In a similar manner, the matter which makes up our body can be de-materialized and can be condensed to appear as a cloud and re-condensed into matter. We all understand the laws governing evaporation and condensation, evaporation requires hot currents while condensation requires cold currents. 

      According to Johannes Greber's book, “Communication With the Spirit World of God”, all bodies of terrestrial beings are condensed od or energy derived from the odic radiation of the earth and that of its surrounding heavenly bodies. The body, therefore, is nothing but od condensed into substance, and this is true of all bodies, not only those of human beings, but those of animals, plants and minerals. The od of individual material organisms represents a mixture of od of the most varied strength and kinds, produced by wonderful laws unknown to man. Their growth and their taking material shape are subject to those self-same laws of odic condensation.

      In man this mixture is different from that found in animals, different from that found in plants, different from that found in minerals. The difference obtains not only between the primary groups of Nature, but between individual organisms within the same group. The odic composition of the various human races differs and not all members of the same race have the same odic composition, and every individual has his own odic composition, which is not the same in any two human beings, and the same thing applies to animals, plants and minerals.

      At the death of terrestrial bodies the odic force remains vested in the spirit, for those bodies possess no independent energy force of their own, it is only the spirits which have taken possession of the bodies which have that power. The words” “Of earth thou art, to earth shalt thou return”, therefore apply to all terrestrial things.

      Everything that has life has energy or od, every person, animal, plant and heavenly body.  There is energy in water, air, fire and earth.

      There is od or energy in all terrestrial bodies and it radiates beyond them to a certain distance that we call an 'aura' and which some people can see.  We often see pictures of some we think are holy with a halo around their heads, could it be that someone who was clairvoyant had seen the aura around the heads of others to draw such a picture.

                                                       ENERGY TRANSMISSION

      We transmit energy from one living thing to another.  We take the energy from the plants we eat, and we use the energy of plants, beasts and minerals as remedies for our own ailments. The heavenly bodies as well as the earth give us energy. People take energy from each other; a mother gives energy to her sick child as she comforts it, and the child feels better. An ill person will heal faster if friends visit because they transmit energy to the ill person.  A healthy person who sleeps with old or sick people for any great length of time takes on a sickly appearance while the sick person feels better, and for this reason children should not be allowed to sleep in the same bed with old people.

      When King David was old and sick, he was unable to keep warm and a young girl was sent to take care of him to keep him warm, “ So they sought for a fair damsel throughout all the coasts of Israel and found Abishag, a Shunamite and brought her to the king” (Kings 1-4). Abishag was not just any young girl, she was a medium or prophet who could use her energy to heal and comfort King David.

      We also transmit energy or od to everything we touch.  A clairsentient person can feel the energy from an item owned by someone and tell us about the owner.  A sensitive person is sometimes uncomfortable wearing second hand clothing or owning second hand items because of the energy of the original owner.  We often feel attracted to people or repelled by their presence all because we can feel the energy or vibration of that other person.  A dog can follow the energy of a lost person by familiarizing himself with the energy of that person.   Birds can return to their nesting place by following their own energy. Our energy produces a trail from the beginning of our life to the end of it, like a person carrying a bag of sand with a hole in the bag; wherever the person goes, it can be traced. If this is the criteria for the eventual decision for the life of our spirit after death, there is no room for error.

      When someone is healed by the touch of a hand, they sometimes can feel the energy from the person’s hand, it feels like electricity or heat.  Some so-called healers can sometimes give their od to invigorate a weak person and induce healing, and God may allow angels to heal people, such as we read all through the Bible, and especially with His son Jesus Christ. Because Christ was given the most important mission to save all mankind, great power was given to him to manifest God's power to mankind. Christ's own mediumistic healing ability was the greatest possible because he is the greatest of spirits created by God.

      The extent to which the spirit of a person can infuse strength into his physical energy through the spirit's own power and by the exercise of his will power, can be observed in life in many forms. The physical energy force of paralyzed persons, threatened with great danger, often receives a sufficient amount of energy through the will power of their spirit to restore to them the use of their limbs, temporarily at least. This same effect is produced by a patient's firm expectation of getting well. Will power expressed in courage, hope, faith and cheerfulness is the best remedy and is the best safeguard against contagious diseases. Lack of will power and of courage, fear and timidity have the opposite effect. Free will is the greatest gift God could have bestowed on His children, and this requires us to be engaged in every thought, decision and action that we deem to choose.

      Jesus did not heal everyone, but only those whom God decided should be healed because of their good character or their possibility of improving.  When someone is healed, the healing may not last if the person does not have a change of heart and continues in his present attitude.  Most of the healing done by Jesus was to prove the power of God to the people. After each healing, Jesus would say, “Go and sin no more”, which leads us to believe that the person's attitude was important in their healing.

      The apostles also were in communication with God's spirits and were enabled by them to perform healing among the people. It is usually difficult to convince people of your message unless they see some miracle to attract their attention, just as we use a brightly colored object to get a child's attention before we can teach them something.

      There are many clergymen who hold crusades where they preach and experience healing among the crowd. I have been privileged to attend one of these meetings with the Pastor Benny Hinn. On that particular day, a child who was deaf was healed as well as some who could not walk. I cannot prove to you more than I could see for myself, but he seems to see by clairvoyance and announces the healings as they occur. Everyone in the audience were holding their hands in the air and so I decided to do the same to find out what the reason was, and I felt a great deal of electricity in the air radiating around my hands. Therefore, I think that a lot of energy the holy spirits used to heal was taken from the people in the crowd as well as from Benny Hinn.

      In recent times, Reinhard Bonnke, an evangelist, born in 1940 in Germany, is known for his great gospel crusades in Africa. At the time of this writing, he is still active and is privileged to see the most amazing healings. His crowds number up to a million people at a time and the crusades must be held outdoors to accommodate everyone.

      When we see the videos of the crusades that Rev Bonnke holds, there are many people leaving wheelchairs and people healed from deafness and other health problem. There is one occurrence of a mother who brought her newborn to Rev Bonnke after the first day of the crusade and showed him that the child had no eyes. The next day she returned to the crusade and showed how there seemed to be a couple of marble sized balls under the skin where the child's eyes would be. Then on the third day, she showed the baby with completely formed eyes and eyelids. This phenomenon is often experienced in such crusades.


                                                                    THE ODIC CORD

      When a person has an out of body experience, the spirit leaves the body but it eventually returns because it is attached to the body by a band of energy or od, sometimes called a cord of energy, or a silver cord (eccl 12:6). When people die, this cord is broken and can never be re-attached. The only way for the person to return to physical life is to temporarily materialize or reincarnate in a body by birth.   All of the stories we hear of people who were really ill, died and returned to life are not the fulfillment of permanent death and the breaking of the odic silver cord. They did not entirely die, but their spirit left their body and returned. It does not matter how long they were gone, their energy cord had not broken. Doctors do not really know when the silver cord breaks, but they decide by our lack of brain waves that we are too weak to return to our former self. From the time that a person is said to be dead to the time that the silver cord breaks might be instant or several days.

      In the account in the New Testament of Lazarus being restored to life even after he was wrapped in burial clothes and entombed, it was the Divine Spirit world which restored all energy and repaired all organs necessary to reanimate Lazarus in his human body. His odic cord connecting his spirit to his body was not entirely disconnected. Jesus made this known to his disciples when he said, “Our friend Lazarus is asleep” (John 11:11) although he appeared to everyone else as dead. But since the people didn't understand what Jesus meant, he finally said “Lazarus is dead” (John 11:14) only to put an end to the conversation at that time.

      One of the most remarkable stories is regarding a young woman in Nigeria whose husband, Daniel, was in a motorcycle accident and after being checked by two different doctors was pronounced dead and taken to the morgue. After three days in the morgue, the woman decided that since God can do anything, there was no reason why He could not return her husband to her, so she had her friends take her husband out of the morgue and returned to her village. Then she had them take him to a crusade in a building where Reinhard Bonnke was preaching. They were not allowed to take the dead man into the hall so she placed him in an adjoining room and they all prayed for him. After some time that same day, her husband was returned to his full capacity. He returned to his village to see his father and to greet all of his friends and neighbors.

      If these people had faith in God before this, you can imagine the faith they had after this occurrence. We know that this man was not really dead because the energy cord was not broken, otherwise he could not have returned to life, but it would have taken a great deal of mediumistic power from Clergyman Bonnke to have this result. The story is known as the Lazarus story, and for good reason. Jesus did say that anyone who believed could do what he did and more.

      Rev Reinhard Bonnke has also held crusades in America, but is particularly known for his African visits. He claims that he sees life in pictures. When evangelists are asked why the people of Africa and similar countries seem to have so much more faith than those in more developed countries, we are told that they believe in spirits, good and bad, so it is not a long trip to believe that a God Who is this powerful can create such miracles.

      We, in so-called more enlightened countries, have much more work to do in order to understand and act in the manner that Jesus and his apostles did, because the churches have forbidden all communication with the spirit world for so long that most do not even know how to hone our skills so that we can communicate with the spirits They teach that all spirit communication can only be with the evil spirits. They give no credit to God for His ability to communicate with man. Could it be that if we all learned to communicate directly with God's spirits some would suddenly find themselves unemployed? Many Christian churches do not recognize that their whole belief system is based on the Bible which is almost completely based on spirit communication.

      Most churches today teach that Jesus after his death returned to physical life, as a physical resurrection. Jesus' spirit was permanently released from his physical body. The band of energy was broken never to be re-connected, so he could not have returned to physical life, “Or ever the silver cord be loosed” (Eccl 12:6). But Jesus did materialize several times and appeared to hundreds of his disciples after his crucifixion and death and disappearance from the tomb. Eventually he de-materialized and returned to Heaven. The words “life and death” in the Bible usually mean spiritual life and death. Spiritual life is life with God and spiritual death means living without God as when the word death is used to describe Satan, the angel of death. Jesus had descended to the lower spheres which are the spheres of the dead, or hell, and then returned to the higher realms, the realms of the living in Heaven.

      In the Bible, Jesus is sometimes reported as being non-physical, “being put to death in the flesh, quickened by the Spirit”, (1 Peter 3:18). Then sometimes he is portrayed as being physical, “Behold my hands and feet, that it is I myself....” (Luke 24:39). It would make more sense that he had died and was materializing and that was why his followers did not always recognize him until they heard his voice. “And when she (Mary) had thus said, she turned herself back, and saw Jesus standing and knew not that it was Jesus” (John 20:14).


                                                                INQUIRING OF THE DEAD

      The world of God's spirits has been excluded from the Christian churches. The leaders of the churches have “extinguished the holy spirits”. However, wherever God's spirits are forced to give ground, others appear, the very ones of which Paul writes to Timothy, “God's spirit world expressly declares that in later times, many will fall away from the true faith turning to spirits of deceit, and spreading doctrines inspired by demons” (Tim 4:1-2). Today we have a Christianity split asunder into countless sects, each preaching many things that are not true, and each believing its own creed to be the one and only true gospel of Christ.

      The churches tell us that the Bible warns us against 'inquiring of the dead'. This does not mean that we are not to inquire of anyone who does not have a physical body, inquiring of the dead means those who are spiritually dead, the low and evil spirits who are in the world of Lucifer, who is called “death”. In (Isaiah 8:19) God says “Why consult the dead on behalf of the living”. If the Bible were speaking of the physically dead, then we must realize that God does not have a physical body either.

      Moses when he was saying goodbye to the Israelites before his death, told the people. “See, I have set before thee this day life and good, death and evil”, (Deut 30 :15). Moses did not mean that they could remain physically alive forever but that they could have spiritual life.

      Before Jesus died he told his disciples that he had to leave in order that he could send them the holy spirits to teach them the things that they could not yet understand and to remind them of all the things he had taught them. His plan was not that people should create religions and teach from their own store of knowledge, but that the leaders should communicate with the good spirits and use this information to teach. He himself never tired of telling people that he did not teach on his own but only taught what his Father in Heaven, through the holy spirits, told him to teach. God's spirits are the sole source of the truth, this is the legacy that Jesus bequeathed to us in his last hours.

      Some churches practice what they call “moved by the spirit”, by which a spirit speaks through someone which they call “speaking in tongues”. They believe that this is 'the holy spirit' speaking through the person and is to be much desired. Paul encouraged his congregations to practice speaking in tongues only if there were someone who could translate that language so that everyone could understand, since speaking a foreign language did nothing to enlighten the people if there were no people present who understood the foreign language. The churches believe that there is only one holy spirit, “the holy spirit”, but there are many holy spirits and there are also many low or evil spirits. Speaking in tongues is not proof that holy spirits are communicating, but only proof that spirits of any type can communicate through people. Depending on the character of the churches and of its people, any kind of spirit could be speaking through mediums, and if they are speaking in a language unknown to the congregation, how do they know what these spirits are saying? These gifted people would be such a blessing to their churches if they could practice letting the good spirits speak in the language of the congregation.

      During Biblical days, many knew the rules of communicating with spirits. God was forever sending messages through His prophets warning against communicating with low or evil spirits. Once people were in the habit of communicating with the evil spirits, their obsessions prevented them from ending the practice. They looked at their idols as gods since evil spirits used these idols to create all kinds of extraordinary effects.  Once the people were taken in by these spirits they were enticed to even sacrifice their children to these idols and to commit all kinds of heinous crimes, and they seemed powerless to walk away from these spirits.

      This idol worship was a backward step for the Israelites. God had allowed them a material body to help them progress on this earth in order to return to Heaven, but now they were returning to their roots.  Having been given a chance to learn about the true God, they were returning to their worship of idols. It might be a long time before they could incarnate on earth again to remove their character flaws. There is a war on this earth between good and evil for the minds of mankind and we are allowed to choose a side once more as we were allowed to while in Heaven; we can choose to follow Jesus and return to Heaven or we can choose to keep following Lucifer and remain at the lower levels, or even go down to a lower level than we already are.  Many people regret the bad choices they made on earth once they return to the spirit world. The Bible talks of salt as a metaphor to cleanse one's soul by purification, burning out all impurities in life just as salt can be painful if it is applied to a wound, in the end, will also heal the wound. By exposing mankind to his or her character flaws even though it might be painful, will in the end prove to be the best way to cause a change in each person. In the story of the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, the Bible says that Lot's wife turned into a pillar of salt when she returned to her old lifestyle of debauchery. This explains the degree of sorrow and regret she encountered once she returned to the spirit world.

      When Moses was on Mount Sinai, the people grew impatient and had Aaron make them a golden calf which they worshiped. Then Moses, “ took the calf and burnt it in the fire, and ground it to powder and strawed it upon the water and made the children of Israel drink of it” (Ex 32:20). It is well known that gold has a purifying quality and Moses was guided by the good spirit world to do this to increase the vibration by pure od sources to break the hold of evil spirits over them, as a last effort to bring them back to their senses and to lead the people away from the dark path they were following. It was to purify the people who had contaminated themselves by worshiping their idol. There is a nutritional supplement called 'colloidal gold' that some people take to improve their memory. It is claimed to be useful in helping those who have had concussions as well.

      Of all the minerals, gold has a great value because it does not deteriorate, does not rust, oxidize or mix over time with impurities in the atmosphere. It is malleable, is a great conducter of energy, and as mentioned, also has healing properties when applied to the human body in the correct form. When the Bible talks about God guiding His creation to a continual path to greater purity of character and spirit, the message in the Bible compares it to purifying gold in a hot furnace, “Behold I have refined thee as silver ….”. So also, it may seem like a fiery event to change habits and to adopt a more pure character, in the end the spirit once purified can now be counted as more valuable for greater purposes wherein God can guide each person..


                                                                    THE ODIC CLOUD

         When God, or an angel that He sends, speaks to someone in the physical world, as He did with Abraham, He cannot be heard unless He uses the energy of the earth to condense His speech or His vocal chords to be heard in the physical creation. These laws of spirit communication from Heaven is mentioned when God utilized His laws of creation for Abraham to hear. “When the sun went down and it was dark, behold a smoking furnace, and a burning lamp that passed between those pieces” (Gen 15:17). The odic current, when only slightly condensed, looks like a cloud of smoke and has a reddish-yellow gleam in the dark, like the flame of fire. 

      In the story of Moses, God called him to go back to Egypt to rescue His people while Moses was living in his new land of Midian after running away from Egypt. Moses saw a burning bush and heard the voice of the spirit or angel, “..the bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed” (Ex 3:2). The bush was not really burning, it was glowing.  This tells us that the angel appeared at night. Had it been daylight, it would have looked like a cloud. Again the angel was not fully formed and Moses could only see the energy of the partial materialization.

      When God sent an angel to lead Moses and the people out of Egypt, “And the Lord went before them by day in a pillar of cloud, to lead them the way, and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and night”(Ex 13:21). It was not necessary for the angel to completely materialize, all that was necessary was to partially condense the angel's ethereal body and let the people follow. When energy is only partially condensed, it appears as a cloud in the daytime and as a light or fire in the dark.  God used the energy of the earth and everything on the earth to condense the pillar of cloud and fire.  It would have taken more energy to have the angel appear completely but it was not necessary, and God does not waste energy when the right amount will suffice.

      When God wished to speak to Moses and the people, on Mount Sinai, He gave specific instructions regarding what would take place.  He told Moses that in order for the people to hear Him, He would cover the mountain in a huge cloud. The denser the cloud, the louder the sound. The same is true of our radio, the stronger the current, the clearer the sound.

      Moses had to warn the people not to go near the mountain while the cloud was forming and that if anyone, man or beast, came too near the mountain they would die. “Whosoever toucheth the mount shall be surely put to death (Ex 19:12). God was not threatening the people with death if they disobeyed, if so, what about the animals, why would God punish them, they did not understand what was going on. God was not threatening to punish the people, He was looking after their safety.  In order for the material world to hear the voice of God, the holy spirits in charge of the job called Cherubim or chemists, had to use the laws of materialization of matter to condense that voice.

      The clouds were the condensation of that energy. Just as rain clouds release electricity in the form of lightning as they condense which we see when it grounds to the earth, so also the condensed energy which God used to communicate with His servants also released electric energy as it condensed. During the condensation of the energy, it was not safe for any creature to be near or they would act as a lighting rod grounded to the earth.   Once the cloud had formed, the current was shut off and it was safe for the people to advance toward the mountain.  From the dense cloud, the people could hear the voice of God and they were terrified, this was all so new to them. When God required anyone to approach the current, as He did with Moses, He provided insulation to keep him safe, just as we use insulation to protect ourselves from electrical currents here on earth. The cloth that covered Moses' face, was required of Moses when he went up the mountain to meet with God.

      When Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene after his death on the cross, the Bible quotes Jesus as saying, “Do not touch me! I have not yet ascended to the Father” (John 20:17). This cannot be the reason for not touching him, as he appeared to the apostles and allowed Thomas to touch him although he had not yet ascended to the Father. To understand this quote you need to understand that he was just in the process of materializing, and had Mary touched him at that time, it would have interfered with the materialization and caused harm to Mary.

      The same effect was present when Jesus de-materialized before his apostles. At the final exit by Jesus after his victory over Lucifer, he disappeared in brilliant “clouds of glory”, by de-materializing into the spirit world and back to his throne in Heaven at the right hand of God. “When he had spoken these words a cloud suddenly enveloped him from his feet to his head, and he was thereby withdrawn from their sight (Acts 1:9). Jesus was not hiding behind a cloud in order to disappear, he was the cloud that was created by his de-materialization.

      On the day of Pentecost, a great gust of wind was heard and above the heads of each of the disciples, ”Tongues as of fire appeared before them, and dividing, settled on each one present. Every one was filled with a holy spirit and began to speak in foreign languages whatever the spirit prompted him to utter” (Acts 2:3).   By the fact that the energy or od looked like flames tells us that this happened at night, possibly around one o’clock in the morning.

      This is an example of the fact that there are many holy spirits or angels, and in this case each disciple fell into a trance and experienced an individual Heavenly spirit which spoke through them in a particular language, so that the onlookers could each hear their own language. The phrase, “the holy spirit” as used by the churches teaches that there is only one holy spirit and that it is an entity unto itself. The term “the holy spirit” is a collective noun, just as when we say, “ I will get the doctor”, does not mean that there is only one doctor.

      The people in the Bible, who were still communicating with the low spirits, set up their places of worship and also burned sacrifices to create the odic currents. It says in the Bible that they sacrificed under trees and in shady places. The people did this because in order to communicate with any spirit by a human, whether that spirit is a pure spirit from Heaven or is a low and evil spirit from lower realms, the same rules of spirit communication apply. They worshiped in cool and shady places because cool places are more conducive to communication. Scientists often ridicule those who hold seances in the dark, believing that the dark allows for sleight of hand. But apparitions are more easily seen when it is dark and cool, as heat and light dissipates the energy. It would be as foolish to ask a photographer to develop his pictures in the light. Communication with low spirits uses the same methods as that to communicate with the high spirits, just as a telephone can be used for good or evil.

      When the Israelites won a war, they were often told to destroy everything in that area, including all the evil people, their children who had begun to follow that same path, the plants that had been dedicated to the evil spirit world, even all the animals of that same infected village, just as a plague can only be stopped by burning everything infected by that disease today. This seems like a drastic measure, but it was because the people in that area were sacrificing to idols, which are evil spirits. This practice contaminates all of the people and everything they are in contact with. God did not want any of this contamination to touch His people, the Israelites. He didn't want His people to be taken over by the low and evil spirits, for then He would need to begin all over again, raising another group of people whom He could teach in order to raise the character of the known world. Mankind being closer to the control of low realms than in higher realms, is susceptible to both physical as well as mental diseases of character and mind. In the time of the ancient Israelites, it was much more compelling to pay attention to these evil spirits because they could actually see and hear them, since continual communication strengthened their mediumistic abilities.


                                                      THE ARK OF THE COVENANT


    In the days of Moses, God gave the Israelites the “Tent of Testimony” in order to help them abandon the worship of idols. In the tent of testimony, was the “Ark of the Covenant” that Moses built according to God's instructions. There are many opinions regarding the use of this ark. Most people think that the ark was only a type of box to hold the tablets with the ten commandments, a pot of manna and Aaron's budded rod.


Ark of the Covenant


      The ark likely contained all of these articles but it had a much more important purpose. God said to Moses, “There I will meet with thee and I will commune with thee from above the mercy seat from between the two cherubim which are upon the Ark of Testimony of all things which I will give thee in commandment unto the  children of Israel”, (Ex 25:22). This doesn't sound like God only wanted the children of Israel to have a container for the sacred objects but to use it to communicate with Moses and His people.

      The ark was to be covered in gold and only built with the purest of materials so that there would be no contamination from impure energy sources. Among the minerals, gold, silver and copper possess the purest mineral odic mixture, as shown by the fact that they do not rust. For rust collects by the absorption of impure od, which has a destructive effect on any other od into which it penetrates. Also the top of the ark had carvings of two cherubim whose wings touched each other, to contain the energy just as the burning bush held the energy. With this energy, the Lord could make Himself heard. In Exodus 33:11, it says this very thing; ”The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as one speaks to a friend”. This phenomena is called “direct voice”, where they could hear the exact words spoken by the angel. As we know, anytime that a human is used to communicate with spirits, there is always a chance for error. God wanted to communicate directly with the people thereby bypassing humans altogether.  He also  wanted to communicate with the Israelites on a daily basis, and just as God required that we strive in all things, so also He wanted the people to supply as much energy on their own, without needing to use energy brought by Holy spirits.

      Terrestrial beings are carriers of terrestrial od, and since the energy of the material world is a complex mixture of varieties of od taken from all over the earth; the od required to enable God to speak with men was drawn from a great variety of earthly sources, including minerals, plants, herbs, oil, wine and animals.

      A very important requirement was the preparation of the od itself which would be u sed by the Heavenly spirits to create the materialization, and was seen floating as a cloud above the ark. This was required for the production of the sounds by which God spoke to Moses.  The spirit sounds were condensed by the terrestrial od of the cloud to the extent necessary to make them audible to human ears.  As the Bible says; “And when Moses entered the Trysting tent to speak to Him, he heard the voice speaking to him from above the cover on the ark of the presence, between the two cherubs: and the Eternal said to him…… “.

      The people burned parts of animals plus grains, oils etc.  to produce the cloud of energy through which the Lord could speak.  Only certain parts of the animal were used, those parts that produced the purest od.  When the ark of the covenant  trapped the partly materialized energy sources from the burning sacrifices, the person who stood nearby could hear the message that God wished to impart to the people. A similar case of de-materialization of energy sources and re-materialization happens today in another way by the digestion of food we eat, breaking the individual molecules down to their simplest state where they are guided by sophisticated systems in our bodies to create the various organs and substances that make up our bodies.

    Aaron and his sons would be the only ones allowed where the energy was collected.  They had to be clean and wear only garments that were of the purest fabric so as not to contaminate the area.  When Aaron’s sons died for not following the instructions, again, it was not that God wanted to punish them, it was that they did not follow the rules to protect themselves from the powerful currents forming at that moment.  

      The animals for the sacrifices had to be only those whose od was of the purest. The beasts called unclean in the Bible are those having the lowest and most impure od of any creatures whose flesh could not conceivably serve for human food. That also is the reason why the people were forbidden to eat the flesh of unclean animals. For instance, the flesh of swine is not to be recommended as an article of diet, particularly for growing children. What we call scrofula would scarcely be found among children if they were denied the flesh of swine, which is not wholesome even for adults if it forms a substantial part of the daily diet. The animals must also be without flaws or disease since holy spirits cannot use impure energy being pure beings themselves. It seems interesting to note that the demons in (Mark 5:12) asked Jesus to let them enter the bodies of the swine rather than to send them away.

       In movies of Bible stories, the writers do not understand the meaning of the need for the purest of animals for sacrifices.  They explain it by saying that the Israelites had to give up their most prized possessions in order to prove their love for God, but this is not so.  The od from the burning sacrifices created the conditions for them to be able to communicate with God directly or through His angels or spirits, and if the od was not pure, they could not communicate with God’s spirits but only with the lower ones.

      When Solomon built the temple to house the Ark of the Covenant, there were huge caverns adjacent to the temple. Some archaeologists speculated that these held water for cleansing but there is also the theory that they were used as Odic baffles to store de-materialized od. This source was similar to a battery storage for long term materialization and direct voice even after all odic sources of animals, plants, spices, herbs and such were already burned up in the preparation for direct voice materialization.

      The brilliance of the clouds from where God's spirits manifested are indicative of the brilliance of the spirits. Similar accounts of materialization of low spirits often describe, not only a stench, but a cloud of darkness which comparatively is indicative of low spirit impurities and a negative attitude toward God, who is the source of light, life and purity.

      After Moses died and Joshua became the leader of the Israelites, God used the Ark of the Covenant to establish Joshua as leader for the Hebrew people. He caused the waters of the Jordan River to recede so the Israelites could walk across on dry land just as He had done for Moses in the Red Sea. As soon as the Levites stepped into the river carrying the Ark of the Covenant, the waters were held back and the people walked across. When the Levites stepped out of the river on the other side, the waters returned (Joshua 3:17).

      Once they had arrived on the other side of the river into the land of Canaan, the people ate the last of their stores of food and there was no more manna given to them, but they were able to eat of the food that grew in that area because this was the land of milk and honey that God has promised them.


                                                        MEDIUMS (PROPHETS)

                                                        TYPES OF MEDIUMS


       When anyone saw an angel as related in the Bible, that spirit used the energy of the earth or of the people who were to see the angel manifest to them.  This brings us to another related topic.  People use their energy for all of their activities and most people’s energy is closely attached to them. However, there are some who can release their energy to communicate with the spirit world. One need only concentrate his or her efforts in releasing that energy, usually by focused meditation. Those who have the ability to release their energy for spirit communication, we call mediums. They are only a catalyst or an instrument to create the energy. Such were the people of the Bible that we read about: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Mary plus the priests and prophets. It was their faithfulness and pure character that blocked the negative spirits and allowed them to receive guidance from holy spirits.

      We learn that there were schools of prophets where people could go to learn how to become mediums. The meaning of the term,”prophet” in the Bible does not mean those who could foretell the future, although they might also been given a look at future events, but that they were mediums or psychics. The most important requirement in these schools for prophets was a clean and pure heart.

      The requirement to communicate with spirits is connected with the ability to release our energy or od for the spirits to use, or to supply pure od sources such as the purest of Biblical essential oils such a frankincense, myrrh, galbanum and others, or for a person's spirit to separate from its physical body and to see into the spirit world. There are many who can communicate with spirits but not many who are able to communicate with the higher spirits.  A large portion of psychics or mediums reach only the same level as themselves or a lower spirit level than themselves because of the lifestyle they live and their interests. These type of spirits know little of the steps to take to refine one's soul to go to Heaven after physical death. The psychics do not need as much practice to become a medium for lower spirits, because these lower spirits do not need pure od or pure energy to communicate, they can communicate with impure energy that is of a similar type as the spirits who use it.  They communicate messages that relate only to the material world, that of money, love and states of physical life.

      In order to communicate with the higher spirits, there are greater requirements of character development and purity of energy sources. The communicator must have a much purer type of energy so they can meet the high spirits partway. Our thoughts are influenced by spirits who think as we do. If we are totally involved in the material world, those are the type of spirits who accompany us. People who strive to constantly refine their character are more easily reached by spirits who come from a higher realm. In the Old Testament, God even gave rules of diet and lifestyle that would assist the Israelite in reaching the purest spirits.


                                                                       WRITING MEDIUMS


      Mediums are of different types depending on how they are used by the spirit world. Some are writing mediums; of those there are some who are inspirational mediums. Their thoughts are inspired by a spirit and they write them down. Most of the writings of the apostles, in the New Testament, were written in this way.

      Another's hand may be guided at the same time that the words he writes are inspired into his mind. All the while he is fully conscious of his actions. Contemporaneous inspiration is necessary in those cases in which the medium offers strong resistance to the guidance of his hand.

      Others again know only that they are writing, but are quite ignorant of what they set down. Still others write in a state .of utter unconsciousness; they know neither that they are writing nor what they are writing. It not infrequently happens that one and the same medium will write in several of these ways.


                                                     THE BREASTPLATE OF JUDGMENT


      There is another class of mediums, namely the 'planchette mediums'. A 'planchette' is a slab of wood, metal or other material upon which are marked the letters of the alphabet, figures and other symbols. The surface of the planchette is smooth, so that an object may readily be slid about upon it. The medium, who retains his full consciousness, lays his hand on some object with a pointer which rests on the slab. He now waits until the object moves so that the pointer will touch a letter. It indicates, one after another, a series of letters which when put together will spell words and sentences.

      The most famous of all planchettes was the 'Breastplate of Judgment'. This was a plate with twelve precious stones, set in a semi-circle, each representing one of the tribes.  The planchette was made only of the most pure of materials such as gold and silver and the purest of precious stones. The medium or priest who was assigned to this had to be of the purest character as well. In Moses' day, Aaron, the high priest, held the breastplate on himself and the pointer in his head dress. The Israelites used it to receive answers from God regarding occurrences in their lives.  The stones contained large quantities of the most valuable od. 

      When the Israelites battled against Jericho, (Joshua 7:1), God told them to destroy everything except the gold, silver, brass and iron, and if anyone took of anything else in Jericho they would make the camp of Israel a curse and trouble it, because of the evil spirits present in the city. Shortly after the destruction of Jericho, Joshua sent his army to defeat the Amorites but the Amorites were winning the war so Joshua realized that someone had brought something out of Jericho to curse them. He then used the Breastplate of Judgment to single out which tribe and which person within that tribe who had taken something. It was found that Achan had taken a Babylonian garment along with some coins. After these items were destroyed, the Israelites had no trouble winning the war.

      When the Danites sought an inheritance to dwell in, they sent five men to spy out the land. These came to the house of Micah where they met a Levite who lived there as a medium. And they said “ Ask counsel , we pray thee, of God, that we may know whether our way which we go shall be prosperous”. And the priest said to them, “Go in peace, before Jehovah is your way wherein you go”. It is related that Micah had caused a founder to make him a 'graven image' and a 'molten image'. Some assume that these images were idols, but they were made in imitation of the breastplate of judgment worn on the garments of the high priest, and so called because it was used for inquiring of God. Imitations of the High Priest's breastplate of judgment were used whenever the people of Israel consulted the Lord in matters of private interest.

      King David inquired of God using the Breastplate of Judgment, his medium or priest was Abiathar.

      When the people of Israel wanted a king, God allowed them to have one. Their first king was King Saul. He had difficulty staying true to God and for that reason he ended up with evil spirits guiding him. On the day before the battle of Gilboa, Saul, who because of his disobedience had been constantly ignored by God's spirits, 'inquired of Jehovah' for his own desires and not God's will. Jehovah answered him not, neither by 'dreams' (visions) nor by the 'Urim' (The breastplate) nor by the 'prophets'. This indicates that on previous occasions Saul had been answered in one or another of these ways.


                                                          OUIJA BOARD


      We no longer use the Breastplate of Judgment that God gave to the Israelites, but Lucifer, who is the ruler of this world has provided something similar, as he always tries to copy God's methods. The plate is very similar to the Planchette and is called a Ouija board. It is usually used for fun and games, at least it begins that way. The person operating the board is usually someone who has some mediumistic ability and lends his or her energy to a spirit who moves the pointer on the board. The participants ask questions and the small shape moves on the board pointing to different letters that spell the answer to the question. However, since the players of the Ouija board ask only questions that refer to earthly matters, and questions of no consequence, we can be sure that they are not inquiring of God. Therefore, the ruler of this earthly realm, Lucifer and his spirits are the ones who are answering.

      The material that the Ouija board is made from and the impurity of it, more easily allows low spirits as well. God guided the Hebrews to make the holy planchette out of the most pure of materials, thereby further protecting the user from noxious spirits, and even past this, it was God who chose who was to be anointed as priest. God knows the intent of people. Many who believe themselves very good have not passed the tests of character required for direct voice, and for this reason would quickly fall under the subtle deceptions of the evil spirits within a short time.

     This is what happened when Gideon placed a planchette in the city for all to inquire of God as they desired. Without a qualified priest to keep the sacred device holy, it quickly fell into the powers of evil as people began to listen to messages of a purely material and selfish interest. People are naturally prone to selfish desires more than those of a pure and holy nature, which is why many people who begin to seek spirit communication might quickly fall to lesser goals offered by the evil spirit world in an attempt to misguide them and keep them from God's great work.

      Ego and desire for fame and money and power are promised, and many fall for these deceptions, even before they've passed the first series of tests of character that are required by a human, if they are to serve God. For this reason there were many generations that were denied God's direct voice, it was primarily for their protection and to keep them from becoming even more sinful than they already were. It was God's mercy that He sent His high spirits to influence the Hebrews to turn away from wicked things, impure lifestyles and evil intentions. As the Hebrews grew more aware of their sins and truly had a change of heart, then God reintroduced more means of direct communication with Him. In other generations, only the guardian angels assigned to every person at his or her birth were active in the people's lives with inspirational or automatic writing messages, which were mostly of a personal type, and a means to guide those persons to a good and productive life.

      With the Ouija board, the players enjoy this game at first, most of them not understanding how it works. As time goes by, spirit communication becomes stronger and stronger until the operator begins to lose control. Whether or not they continue to use the Ouija board is not relevant after a while. The evil spirits have now found a portal to enter the physical realm and begin to control the operator. Once unleashed, these spirits are not interested in obeying the medium's will but act with their own desires in mind and are difficult to banish. The spirits might even gain enough power to possess the operator and even enter the body of the medium whenever they wish. Not many people in our culture practice exorcism, which is what becomes necessary to rid the person of these spirits, and so the operator might end up in a mental institution. You must remember that the methods to communicate with spirits is the same for good and evil spirits alike, just as a telephone can be used for good or evil.

      In Germany, the Brunnen-Gliessen Publishing Co., published a story regarding a protestant clergyman who lived in the nineteenth century and who encountered an experience with a possessed girl by the name of Theophila Dittus. The family had just moved into his parish and there was so much demonic activity in their home that the clergyman Blumhardt was asked to look into it. It appears that Theophila and her sister and brother had been entertaining evil spirits, most likely by using a Ouija board, to the point that Theophila became a full trance medium while the other two were part trance. Clergyman Blumhardt relates the occurrences in this house. Demons had possessed all three of these individuals. The story of demonic activity in the movie “The Exorcist” is a similar fate for those who seek spirit communication without the desire to seek God's will in their lives. It took him two years and many prayers to remove the demons in Theophila's case. After his traumatic experience, he was allowed to work with the good spirit world and received help in healing hearts and lost but seeking souls among the people of his congregation. The story tells how many of the people of his parish felt a compulsion to come to him to repent and he could tell if their sins had been forgiven by an angel assigned to him to say whether God had forgiven that person's sins or not. Although Clergyman Blumhardt had experienced the work of both the evil spirit world and the good spirit world, he never did understand exactly how the spirit world really worked. However, this was not necessary for him to follow the path God had given to him. By his faithfulness to God, he was able to fulfill his life as a servant of God even if all the details of the workings of God were not known to him.

      When Jesus was on earth, many brought possessed people to him to have these spirits cast out of them. In today's modern society, people disbelieve in spirit influence and tend to offer explanations of mental incapacity instead. If people today truly understood the importance of a faithful life of prayer, we would surely see more good influence by the angels of Heaven invited, and therefore modern miraculous healing of diseases today. Since there seems to be so few who can cast out the evil or low spirits, we think that we have progressed so much that we are free from this. We believe that what was called possessed in those times were really only mental health problems that were yet unnamed. We have now invented scientific names for this phenomenon, yet the cause may be spirit and not material.

      When someone has had so much liquor that he or she loses consciousness and remembers nothing but we notice that their behavior was not typical of their normal behavior, then what occurred? The liquor expelled the spirit of the person and another spirit took its place temporarily, this is a spirit possession. George Ritchie wrote a book called 'Return From Tomorrow', in which he tells of having an out of body experience after suffering from a dangerous illness. In his experience he travels all over town recognizing the streets, then in a drinking establishment he sees a drunk man whose spirit exits his body and another spirit enters him.

      More common than spirit possession is spirit obsession. This is where the spirit does not totally invade the body but becomes trapped in a person's aura and is unable or unwilling to leave. It causes the obsessed person to act unlike themselves at times or causes them to have cravings that they cannot seem to control. In all cases, a discarnate spirit who has lost its way and remains on the earth plane is the spirit who obsesses these people. Many of these spirits, if they are at the human level, are at such a low level that they might act and speak in very negative and selfish mannerisms, making the person appear very negative and selfish. Only by striving to correct our own negative and selfish motives and by dedicated prayer to God for guidance can these often mislabeled spirit influences be removed

      Carl A. Wickland, M.D. wrote a book in 1974 entitled '30 Years Among the Dead' in which his wife who was very mediumistic, would allow spirits of the dead to enter her, and allow Dr. Wickland to speak to them and attempt to help them understand that they were physically dead and how to move on in their spiritual life. The advice by Dr. Wickland is not always the best one in a truly Godly sense, but the book is a very interesting one, read with a discerning eye, the information is a good challenge to a person seeking to understand this world we live in. All of us have spirits of some type who accompany us in our day, some high, our guardian angel or spirit, some low, of a material and worldly influence, and sometimes some evil, to cause grief or trouble. Depending on our character and progression, will depend on which level has the most influence on us in our lives. It is very rare that anyone reaches the stage in physical life wherein he or she has banished all low spirits from their company. For this reason each person must strive to reach the highest and purest voice, their good conscience, every day and to renew their hope in God daily.


                                                                       APPORT MEDIUMS


      Apport mediums are generally deep trance mediums whose odic force is used by the spirit world to transfer tangible objects into enclosed spaces from without, or from within such space to the outside. The deep trance state is necessary here in most cases, since the spirits require a greater amount of the medium's physical od in order to make these 'apports', as the object apported must be disintegrated into od in one place and re-materialized into substance in the other. These objects might feel hot to the touch at the moment of re-materialization if not enough energy is available to cool the object sufficiently, for although they have been re-condensed by cold currents, they might still retain part of the heat used in their disintegration.

      At times a medium's body can be transported from one place to another. This is done by de-materializing it at one spot and re-converting it into substance at the other. When in the Old Testament the prophet Habakuk brought food to Daniel in the lions' den, the angel did not carry Habakuk through the air but de-materialized him and his belongings and re-materialized him at the den.

      The same thing happened in the case of the apostle, Philip, after he preached the gospel to and then baptized the eunuch of Queen Candace of Ethiopia, (Acts 8:39) “the spirit of the Lord caught away Philip and carried him to Azotus'. The spirit did not carry Philip through the air but caused him to de-materialize and re-materialize in the city of Azotus.


                                                                PHYSICAL MEDIUMS


      Another type of medium or prophet, is a physical medium. In the case of a trance medium of this type, the spirits draw from the medium's energy for moving objects, raising tables, chairs and utensils of all kinds. Noises are heard, music is played, drums are beaten, bells ring and objects fly through the room. One name for this type of phenomena is poltergeist. Primarily low or mundane spirits are involved with this type of phenomena. These levels of spirit activity should not be sought out if a person is to remain free from mundane spirit influences in their life. It takes a greater physical force to move physical objects. That energy or odic force comes from a person who is very mediumistic and is able to release much od or energy for spirits to materialize in order to cause the physical phenomena. However, the od or energy alone cannot move objects. Discarnate spirits use it to materialize to such a degree that they can move the objects but not enough that we can see them. These spirits cannot interact with the material world unless they partly materialize their hands so that they can pick up or move objects. No spirit, high or low, can abrogate the laws that are relative to the material world. The good spirits do not primarily manifest with this type of spirit activity. They are not interested in producing phenomena to gratify man's taste for the extraordinary, but only to guide and increase the faith of those they are sent to minister to.


                                                            MATERIALIZATION MEDIUMS


      In the book of (1 Kings, 9:5), the Bible says that Elijah battled against the false prophets of Baal. When Elijah was victorious and the Hebrews turned their hearts back to God, and the prophets of Baal were killed, Elijah fled in the wilderness from Jezebel, the wicked queen. In the wilderness, he lay down and slept under a Juniper tree, then an angel touched him and said to him, “arise and eat”. When he looked, there was a cake baked on the coal and a cruse of water at his head. Then the angel came a second time and fed him once more and Elijah was able to travel for forty days on this food. It is understood that the Heavenly spirits materialized the food.

      Jesus multiplied the loaves and fish to feed four thousand people on one occasion and did the same for five thousand men plus women and children on another occasion. On both of these occasions the food was materialized from the spirit world to where Jesus was.

     In the story of the prophet Elisha (II Kings: 4-7) a woman whose husband had died, asked Elisha for help because her husband's creditors were coming to take her two sons for bondsmen. All she had in the house was a pot of oil, so Elisha told her to borrow as many vessels as possible from her neighbors and pour the oil into them. Precious oil was materialized and the woman continued to pour from her pot until all the vessels she had borrowed were filled to the top miraculously. The one pot of oil filled all of the vessels and Elisha told her to go and sell the oil and pay her debt.

      On another occasion, a man brought Elisha twenty loaves of barley and some corn and Elisha asked him to give the food to his prophets but the man said, “What, should I set this before an hundred men?” (Kings 4:42-44) But the men were fed and with some left over.

      Jean Baptiste Maria Vianey was a Catholic priest who lived in France in the nineteenth century. He maintained a home for poor children and one day discovered that there were no provisions left except a few handfuls of grain in the corn bin. With a heavy heart he made up his mind to send the children away, but before doing so, he offered one more prayer to God for help. On going back to the corn bin he found it filled with grain to the top. All of his parishioners came to see the so-called miracle. The event caused great sensation throughout the entire district. (Published by Gebr). Steffen, Limburg a.d.Lahn)

      The first miracle that Jesus performed was to turn water into wine while at the wedding. When his mother told him that they were out of wine, he mentioned that his time had not yet come, because the spirits helping him needed time to transform the water into wine. Since Jesus was highly clairvoyant and could see all that the spirits were doing, he could see that the work had not yet been accomplished. Materialization and de-materialization takes time, it is not instant, only because Jesus could see by clairvoyance when the work was complete could he announce it.

      In order for people to see an apparition, they must either be clairvoyant or the spirit must materialize, or a combination of both where a person might be partially clairvoyant, which means clear sight, and would only require a partially materialized spirit to see that spirit. In order for the spirit to materialize, they must borrow the od or energy of the material world and condense it for this purpose.  Depending on the amount of  od available, the spirit will materialize part of itself or all of itself.  Perhaps only the head will be seen or only the top half of the body, by the choice of those spirits. If enough energy is available, the whole body will be visible, and the appearance would not be any different from any other similar creature. When a complete body cannot be seen, this means that there was just enough energy to materialize only part of it.  Depending on the amount of energy made available, the spirit may be of differing sizes.  The spirit may appear the height of a child if that is all the od they have at their disposal. With enough od, a spirit can appear to be the size of a standard human.

      In the case of a materialization medium, the medium would be the main source of od and can release enough energy to enable one or more spirits to make themselves visible or partly visible to human eyes. Other assistant od sources such as we read about in the temple of Moses with the "tent of testimony” (Num 18) are usually required to enact full materialization. These were the reasons for the many offerings in the Old Testament. Aaron was the high priest. Since this requires more of the od possessed by the medium, his own spirit must be more detached from his body. If the materialization is to be complete enough to allow the spirit to look like a terrestrial being, the medium's od alone is not sufficient, and matter must be taken from his physical substance. For this reason, in materialization of this nature, a medium surrenders a great part of his physical weight which is restored to him in full when the materialization has come to an end. This materialization always takes place in proximity to the medium. Once the spirit de-materializes, the matter belonging to the medium is returned to him. The medium would have lost weight while the materialization was visible.

      Carlos Mirabelli was a materialization medium who lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil between 1889 and 1951. He was a universal medium, his odic power was adequate for phenomena embraced by all types of spirit communication. There is a record of his mediumship being observed by at least 557 persons of notable repute. Among his mediumistic occurrences, there were many instances of apparitions of complete humans, some which were recognized by the supervising scholars. Some of his materializations required so much od that part of the substance of his corporeal body was dissolved and used for materializing the spirit. There is a picture of Mirabelli where his forearms are completely dissolved while the apparition could be seen, and another where the apparition took his place at the table with the supervisors and looked like one of them. Unfortunately there was no one to make sure that all of this communication was with God's spirits so there were apparitions of all types, good spirits and low ones, but there was no denying that the apparitions occurred.

      In a book by Johannes Greber called “Communication with the Spirit World of God”, a very high spirit tells us the following, “The greatest obstacle in the way of seeing the truth is the erroneous conception of the terms 'spirit' and 'matter'. Once the fact is recognized that the nature of the spirit creation is the same as that of material creation, and that they differ only in the manner in which they manifest their existence, most of the difficulties that prevent a proper understanding in the field of spirit communication will disappear of their own accord. You will then recognize that created spirits possess the same organism in spirit form as terrestrial beings possess in material form; that the body has been cast over the shape of the spirit, and that nothing can be contained in the material casing which is not present in the spirit-shape also. And it will be further recognized that the 'beyond' resembles the 'here' in every way, with the sole difference that 'here' all things are matter and that 'there' all things are spirit.”

“You are visible to your fellow creatures from the fact that you have a material body. Your material body is only the material shell of your spirit with all of its organs, every organ found in your body has its counterpart in a spiritual state in your spirit.


If a disembodied spirit wants to appear to terrestrial eyes, it must clothe its spirit form and all of the members with a shell of matter, which it produces by means of the condensation of terrestrial od.


Materialization by a full trance medium.

      In the case of a spirit so materialized the human eye can discover nothing to distinguish it from an everyday person. The spirit has skin, bones, all external organs, fingernails, hair and teeth, as well as inner organs like a heart which beats, blood which circulates and whatever else is present in any normal flesh and blood human being”. You can experience these materializations in some seances.

The medium is in the tent – the apparition

is to the right.

The tent is used to hold the energy or od.

Notice the cord of energy or od between the

medium and the apparition.


      Whether the medium is working with high spirits or low spirits, the effect is still the same. The laws are made by God but they are not always necessarily used for His purposes. Everyone lives under the same laws even if they say they do not believe in God, they still use what God has provided. In the case of the evil spirits, those which have severed their relations with God, this power is however circumscribed within very definite limits, whereas it can be put to use by God's spirits to an unrestricted extent since God is the exhaust-less source of power.


The process of materialization

     You can now understand how Adam was created on the physical plane. Adam was a spirit before God materialized him on this planet. God used the energy of the earth to materialize him. The Bible says this in (Ecc. 3:20), “All go to the same place; all come from dust and to dust all return”, which means that our physical body is formed from the material of the earth and it returns to the earth when our spirit departs from our physical body after death.

      The story in the Book of Genesis in the Bible is very confusing because it tells of Adam & Eve when they lived in the spirit world and then how God created their physical bodies on earth, but these are two different occurrences. Adam and Eve had been created in Heaven along with all other spirits that God had created, which includes all of us. After their disobedience, along with one third of Heaven, including us, God sent them to a lower realm in Heaven, called Paradise, in a place called the Garden of Eden, to give them another opportunity to rethink their choice. After disobeying a second time, by following the path of evil, greed, lust and avarice, God cast them out of the Garden of Eden in Paradise and out of the Heavenly realms altogether into a much lower realm, we call hell. Then God created the physical universe as a means for the fallen spirits to learn to be good once again, to be tested, and pass these tests of good character once again

      In the story of the old testament in Genesis where it mentions Eve materializing from Adam's od, the translation uses the words “Adam's rib”. This is not an entirely clear translation, nor understanding of the original meaning of “odic energy” by the translator. Eve was materialized using the energy of Adam who was a medium by reason of having been formed directly from earthly od/energy. His spirit was able to release physical energy to a greater degree than if he had been born. In her case, God used some of the general od from the material body of Adam to materialize Eve.

      Since all spirit materializations are of a temporary nature only and since Eve's body needed to be permanent, some of the physical substance had to be taken from Adam. This portion that was not returned to Adam was given back to him by drawing from the od/energy of the earth in the correct amounts of material needed by his body. The writer of this part of the Bible explains this by an analogy, “And God caused a deep sleep to fall upon Adam, and he slept, and He took one of his ribs, and closed up the flesh instead thereof” (Gen 2:21-22). The deep sleep was a mediumistic sleep or a full trance state. Once it is understood that people can de-materialize and materialize, it is easier to see how spirits can reach mankind with that same energy.

      In the story of Abraham, three spirits materialized and spent some time with Abraham and Sarah. Abraham had Sarah make cakes for them while he fetched a young calf and had it prepared for the visitors. These spirits were able to eat a meal with them before continuing on their trip. “...and he stood by them under the tree, and they did eat”. (Gen 18:2-8).

      After his death, Jesus appeared to his apostles while they were fishing, “When they landed they saw a charcoal fire and a fish broiling in it. There was also some bread there” (John 21:9), Jesus was completely materialized and ate with his apostles.

      Jesus also materialized for his apostles and asked them, “Have you any food here? They gave him a piece of broiled fish, and he ate it in their presence”. (Luke 24:41)

      When John the Baptist was baptizing Jesus, a holy spirit materialized in the shape of a dove and a voice was heard, saying,”Thou art my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased” (Mark 1:11).

      Jesus took Peter, James and John to a mountain where he was transfigured and appearing with him, Moses and Elijah who were speaking to him. Then a voice came out of a bright cloud saying, “This is my beloved son, in whom I am well pleased, hear ye him” (Mat 17:1-5). Here is an example of materialization and voice from the cloud.

      By these examples, we can see that a completely materialized person is no different from a physical person and can perform all the same tasks as a physical person. Many people have been entertained by materialized Heavenly spirits and were not aware of it, which is not always necessary so long as the lesson is understood by the recipient.

      In the Bible, the most well known example of materialization is in the story of Moses. Four hundred years before Moses was alive, Joseph, the son of Jacob, had been sold into Egypt, and later was able to bring all of his family there because of the famine. In time, these Israelites had become a very large population and Pharaoh was concerned that they would join with his enemies and fight against him, so he devised a plan where he would kill all the newborn boys and since the girls could be married into the Egyptian population and be assimilated in this way, the Israelite population could be exterminated.

      Moses from birth had been saved by his mother and was, as a foundling, raised by Pharaoh's daughter. In this way he had an opportunity to acquire all manner of education, making him qualified to run a country. But he left Egypt after being discovered protecting his people against Pharaoh, having killed an Egyptian guard who was beating a Hebrew.

      God chose Moses to return to Egypt to rescue his people with the aid of his brother, Aaron. When Moses and Aaron confronted Pharaoh to let the Israelite leave, God helped him with many materializations to prove Moses to the people and to prove to the Egyptians that He was sent by God.

      The first materialization was to change Moses' rod into a serpent, and the king had his magicians, also called mediums, do the same thing. Then God had Moses use his rod to change all of the waters to blood and Pharaoh's magicians were able to do the same. At Moses' command, God's Heavenly spirits materialized frogs and the magicians were able to compete only up to a certain extent. But when Moses produced lice, the magicians were unable to do the same and they begged Pharaoh to let the people go since they agreed that this was the finger of God. It took several other materializations from God through Moses to convince Pharaoh to free the people: flies, animal disease, boils, hail, locusts, plus three days of darkness. It was not until God took the lives of all the firstborn of Egypt, just like Pharaoh had done to the Israelites, that Pharaoh finally allowed them to leave.

      The great battle between Moses, as God's champion against the magicians of Egypt, as Satan's minions, is an example of extraordinary amounts of spiritual phenomena used on both sides of the spirit world, both the angels of Heaven and the evil spirits of hell. God allowed the evil spirit world to try to convince the Hebrews not to follow Moses, while the good spirits, the angels of Heaven, gave plenty of evidence to the Hebrews of their support. In the end, it was God who chose the outcome. God's punishment on Pharaoh, by the death of his own first born son, and the Egyptians was justly given by God, and chosen by Pharaoh himself of what the punishment would be by deciding to kill all the newly born Hebrew boys.

      After Moses and the people left Egypt and traveled through the desert, God materialized food for them in the shape of manna, when He “rained bread from Heaven” (Ex 16:4), and water from the rock (Ex 17:6). Also, after the forty years in the desert, the people's clothing were not worn out. The reason they lived in the desert for forty years was to be tested and strengthened against material greed and the Egyptian false religions. In the end, the older generation who could not break their negative habits and continued in their idol worship and were stuck in their old beliefs, had died off. Even now, we have many people who do not understand what they really believe and are not open to understanding, but fight to continue in their traditions, even after the truth is revealed to them.

      Another account of materialization of the battle between good and evil is found in the story of the Prophet Elijah against the hundreds of prophets of Baal during the reign of King Ahab and his non-Hebrew wife, Jezebel. The people were split between following God's prophet, Elijah, and following King Ahab's evil prophets of Baal. Then Elijah had Ahab gather his four hundred and fifty prophets of Baal and the four hundred prophets of Jezebel, and Elijah asked the people to follow God or Baal after each had demonstrated their power. He had Baal's prophets make an altar and lay the sacrificial meat on it and light no fire under it, and he did the same. Then he asked the prophets of Baal to pray to Baal to light the wood and burn the sacrifice and Elijah would pray to God to effect the same result. They were to see which one answered the prayer and burn the sacrifice. The god who answered would be from that day the one the Israelite would follow. The prophets of Baal prayed all day and nothing happened, then by evening Elijah told the people to pour water on his sacrifice three times over, and when he prayed to God, a fire came down from Heaven and burned the sacrifice, the wood, the rocks, the dust and even all the water from the trench. This was the deciding factor for the Hebrew nation on which God they would follow.


                                                                   SPEAKING MEDIUMS

      The most beneficial of the mediums for communicating truth are the speaking mediums. The Bible refers to this as prophets speaking in a language that is understood (1st Cor 14). Some are deep trance and others are part trance. The deep trance mediums are those whose spirit can leave their body altogether and another spirit can enter and deliver the message using the medium's organs of speech. A deep trance medium is entirely unconscious of anything spoken through him, while a part trance medium is aware of another spirit speaking through his body. The degree of trance can be understood by the levels of consciousness by the medium who owns the body. Some mediums are entirely aware of what is being said through them, while other part trance mediums might be only aware that something is being communicated through them but not knowledgeable of the information itself. Another form that has been used for trance is, ”religious ecstasy”. A common term used nowadays is called channeling.

       “There was a difference between the manner in which Moses inquired of God and that in which it was done by the people. To the solemn inquiries addressed to God, Moses as the representative of all the people, is answered by Jehovah through the pillar of cloud that rested on the Ark of the Covenant, whereas when individuals inquired of God, their answer came not through the pillar of cloud but through another channel, which although not clearly defined, is sufficiently well indicated to leave no doubt on that score in the mind of anyone familiar with the subject. We learn that Joshua, the servant of Moses was not allowed to leave the Tent, therefore there must have been a reason for his constant presence there. Joshua was specially appointed to act as a medium for those of the people who desired to inquire of God concerning their private affairs. It is expressly stated that every one who sought Jehovah went out into the tent of meeting. No fixed hours for 'inquiring of God' having been set, Joshua was obliged to be present in the Tent at all times so that he might be available to all as a medium for transmitting the lord's answers”.


                                                             DIRECT WRITING MANIFESTATIONS

       Direct writing is entirely different from the writing done by mediums, being produced by the spirit itself which makes use of the odic force from the medium or from nature, and does not use the medium's hand. The spirit materializes its own hand to write. The first set of tablets bearing the Ten Commandments were written on Mount Sinai by the hand of God as related in the book of Moses. “And the Lord said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there, and I will give thee tables of stone, and a law, and commandments which I have written, that thou mayest teach them (Ex 24:12). When Moses came down from the mountain to share this gift with the Hebrews, he found them having returned to their worship of the Egyptian golden calf, Aaron was ignored. Moses, in anger, threw the tablets at the golden calf, destroying them along with the calf idol. Moses returned to the mountain top a second time to receive a second copy of the ten commandments.

       When the Israelites has been taken prisoners by Babylon, King Belshazzar made a great feast to his lords and drank from the sacred vessels which his father had taken from the temple of the Israelites. Suddenly, a hand appeared on the wall of his royal palace and the king saw the palm of the hand as it wrote. “ In the same hour came forth fingers of a man's hand, and wrote over against the candlestick upon the plaster of the wall of the king's palace and the king saw the part of the hand that wrote” (Dan 5:5). This was a materialized hand of a messenger angel of Heaven that came to warn King Belshazzar that he was going to die and that God was taking his kingdom from him. Daniel was the only person who could read the writing, and that very night the king was slain and the army of the Medes invaded and took his kingdom



       These days there are alternate beliefs growing about the meaning of the final war between good and evil. Some groups of people are expecting the end times to be brought about by aliens from another planet. Although there are many forms of life on many planets, there is no reason to believe that a planet near to us would send people here to destroy us, and there has never been a time when anyone from another planet has ever visited earth. The meaning of the end time struggle for the hearts of the people of earth between Heaven and hell that is described in the Book of Revelations, has been slowly altered by some groups to no longer describe a spiritual battle, but a type of Hollywood version of alien invasion from another planet. This deception, similar to the deceiving prophets of Baal, is meant to keep the minds of people busy in nonsensical theories long enough so that they miss the opportunity in this life to change their bad habits, and self-deceived traditions, and to miss the opportunity to learn from the holy spirits of Heaven rather than the false prophets of today.

      There definitely are many UFO”s seen by many people but remember that UFO stands for 'unidentified flying object', which tells us that they have not been identified at least during our time. If science has its way of attributing everything to man and nothing to God, then mankind will never know what these objects are. But it is easier for those who have read the Bible and understand that God does have the ability to move in our world whenever He wishes, and so He can send His holy spirits to this planet if He wants to.

      In the old testament, there are several accounts of UFO encounters, these were attributed then by the people of that day as manifestations from spirits from Heaven. As we have learned earlier, the angels who appeared to Daniel and others were materialized spirits from Heaven, come to deliver a message from God (Dan 9:21). In (Joel 2:30) it says “I will show wonders in the Heavens and on the earth...” God can allow a mode of transportation for His Heavenly spirits as the need arises. Many people have seen these crafts which look like clouds in the daytime and fire at night.

When Elijah was leaving the earth, he did not die as all other humans. The story tells of a chariot of fire and horses of fire that appeared between him and Elisha,   and  Elijah was taken up in a whirlwind and  Elisha caught Elijah’s mantel. Elisha identified the manifestation as coming from Heaven, a materialization that in its power de-materialized Elijah's physical body, and took his spirit to Heaven. This might also have been the way Enoch was taken by God at the end of his physical life (Gen 45:23-24)


                                                                POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE ENERGY


        People often talk to their plants and that has been understood to help them thrive whereas there are some who believe this has no benefit. There have been some experiments done that show how water changes its crystals when different words are spoken to them, and also that different types of music has an effect on water.

      Dr. Masaru Emoto from Japan, born in Yokohama in 1943, a doctor of alternative medicine, was introduced to the concept of micro cluster water in the United States, and Magnetic Resonance Analysis technology. His quest began to discover the mystery of water. He realized that it was in the frozen crystals that water showed its true nature. There is one basic truth we all learn early, positive, compassionate words comfort and heal; negative words and insults hurt. Until recently we knew this only because we could feel it, now we can actually see it. Thanks to the experimental work of Dr. Masaru Emoto, we can look at water, and its frozen crystals, to confirm the healing power of beautiful music, positive thinking, uplifting speech and prayer.

      By exposing water to a particular word or piece of music, freezing it and photographing the ice crystals formed, Dr. Emoto has shown that from beautiful words and music, come beautiful crystals, and from mean-spirited, negative words come malformed and misshapen crystals. When we remember that the adult human body is approximately 70% water and infant bodies are about 90% water and that the earth is mostly water, we can believe that we can affect the vibration of people by our words etc


A heavy metal song



Amazing Grace 


Before prayer