Why Do the Churches Not Have Spiritual Messages from Holy Spirits 

                                     Anymore ?

Tradition in the churches causes people to fear to research truthfully

that they might be called to task for seeking Christ by alternate

questions not often asked. Once the church makes a convert, they

 both sit and wait, instead of developing their inner ability to hear

 the holy spirits in their meditations, prayer meeting/seances of prayer.


Both the pastor and the congregation are equally tied to the pressure

of not being allowed to ask any questions by fear that someone might

say they were either disloyal or worse, that they had been deceived by

the devil and must either repent by some means or be excommunicated

from the church. So, by embarrassment and harassment and the fear

of loss of reputation or position, each person only seeks Christ so far

as what is allowed by the church doctrine, all which is controlled

by what that church has set as tradition and which somehow cannot be tampered

with lest the entire system fall into ruin. But they needlessly fear to remove the

ball and chain they might fall into the pit !


God said “Inquire of Me...” ( Isaiah 45:11)

and Christ said to “...Ask... and keep on seeking...” ( Mathew 7:7 ).


Christ also said that He would send the Spirit of Truth.

In another time He said we would see the angels of Heaven

descending upon the Son of man. (John 1:51).


In 1 Hebrews 14, Paul said the angels ARE the ministering spirits,

or rather 'teachers' or 'guardians' over man.


In Joel 2:28-32, it says the followers of God and Christ, His Son

will see visions and dreams of wisdom, knowledge and teachings.


The ENTIRE BIBLE is a spiritual book and not material. It teaches

throughout that we MUST inquire of God. How do we do that? What

are the rules? This is what is taught in this book


IT'S LAWS AND PURPOSE by Johannes Greber, (1932 translated

in English). This New Testament was also translated by pastor Greber

at that same time.


This means we might sort out the traditional belief that angels and the

spirit of truth are not separate, but rather that they are the one and same.


Many people have dreamed or seen in visions in times of stress or seeking

or in great need, an angel of light from Heaven rescuing them or guiding

their steps. God has sent guardian angels standing watch over each person

on this planet ! God is generous and ever-watchful. He sends His Heavenly

angels to keep watch over man (Psalm 34:7). 

Job asked God for answers and a

whirlwind picked up and a voice came out of it. (Job 38:1)



Moses heard God speak to him from a whirlwind fire in a bush. (Exodus 3).

Later that whirlwind power appeared as a huge column of fire in night and a cloud whirlwind in day. (Exodus 13:21-22)


That same Voice appeared totally materialized in the Tent of Testimony

to Moses who spoke to Christ (the Lord) “Face to face as a man speaks

to his friend” (Exodus 33:11).


Each church has a pastor and deacons, as well as committees , and even

church members, who set their own rules of behavior and acceptable traditions,

which, in their minds, must be adhered to so strictly sometimes that it has become

a dictatorship system, which often refuses to ask God for answers, and has in

fact usurped the Voice of God and His Heavenly angels, and even Christ Himself

from being the Guiding Power to the followers of Christ !


Belief in Christ is the first step in our faith. Hearing from Christ and God is the

ONLY way to learn the truth. It can only be found in the invisible, the spirit

world of God. To this end, I have included this wonderful book which will

strengthen your faith to the fullest, by understanding. Any person reading this

book will discover whether their faith is in a man-made tradition, as the

Pharisees found out, or if it is in Jesus Christ the Lord, and in God the Creator.


Never fear to study and to ask God every step on the way in your study,

comparing each step with as many different Bible translations as possible.

Billy Graham said that Ruth, his wife, often would read from five or more

different Bible translations (and they had more than twenty different translations

in their home) at the same time to see what was truly meant, so

that she wasn't caught in a false church tradition instead of the true meaning

God had meant.


 It's only by seeking and praying in thoughtful meditation

on the words that God has already said and we have in the Bible that we

might be able to hear that same Voice in our dreams and visions clearly

and with discernment. 1st John 4:1-6 says it clearly:. To “test the spirits

(plural), when seeking after God in a meditation and trance. “Those who attest

Jesus of Nazareth was the Christ (and defeated satan) are from God....

all others send away” (Paul heard from God in a trance – Acts 22:17)


The next chapter of life is found in the next moment. It's up to each

individual to begin that journey closer to God and to Christ by courage

and interest more in the presence of God than the worldly events and

interests of mundane matters that have little to do with their salvation.


The only purpose of physical life is to meet the Lord Jesus Christ  to keep you in a

straight and narrow path straight up to Heaven, and nothing else.