Jesus gave us the Lord's prayer but man added the ending.  Most who say the Lord's prayer add these phrases without any thought as to their meaning; to them it just means that the prayer has ended.  But think of the meaning of these phrases, "for thine is the Kingdom" tells us that God owns everything because He has created everything.  He created everything in the physical world, which includes us and everything we own, it includes all of the planets as well as the sun, moon etc.  I also includes everything that is not in the physical world; all the Heavenly realms as well as all the realms of hell.  If people say they don't believe in God, it makes no difference, they are also part of the Kingdom of God.  There is nothing in existence that was not created by God and that is not a part of His Kingdom.

      The next phrase is "the Power".  Without God there is no power.  Think of God as the battery, without which nothing moves.  Not only does nothing move, but nothing can exist, nothing can live, nothing can be born or die.  Nothing can be seen or heard, nothing can take up space. Think of anything that uses a battery, without it there is no power available.  God is that battery for us and for everything.

       "And the Glory" means the light.  When a heavenly being is seen, there is a glowing light around them, this is their glory.  Where God lives there is no need for a sun.  God is the light and He gives light to all the worlds.  Without God, all would be in darkness.  We on earth have the sun to give us some light but we are still in a very dark place, because we are far from where God lives.  Other parts of the universe are likely brighter than where we are because they are closer to God.  When people have an out of body experience where they are taken to a   higher plane, they speak of the light which is much brighter than the earth. Anyone who sees Jesus or one of the higher spirits are amazed at how bright the spirit appears, depending on how near they are to God.