The Tree of Life                                                      

Life in the material realm is like a gigantic glacier which is crushing slowly everything in it's path, inevitably destroying all things in the end. In that path are two trees, one filled with lovely fruit, enjoying all the production of as much fruit as possible in it's marked days. The other tree is one of bristles and thorns, busy notching and catching anything that comes near it's branches' reach, able to bleed and darken the days of anything that nears it's presence. The two trees are crushed on the same day by the glacier of time inevitable. When that time is up and there are no more days to produce, each spirit of those two trees are marked like a hot iron that creases deeply the lines of force on each spirit. Those lines of character are marked for all spirit time, difficult to move and to erase, for they are the very edges of evidence of the choices made by each type of spirit.

The spirit of good fruit enjoys straight lines, able to absorb bright light within it's plains, because the lines of character are straight and narrow, and the shadows are few.

The tree of discord has many small and edged multi-direction pathed lines, which open crevices of shadows and darkness, sharp and cutting states of mind that are difficult to come near at any time. The lines of the discordant tree are filled with darkness and shadows, ugly and full of impurities in those creases of character.

Which of the two must have more needs and weaknesses? And which character of the two types have more ability and strength to move forward with few burdens to carry along it's path in the higher frequency existence of the spirit world?  Neither tree can easily erase  and lose the bright plains, nor the dark edges in either character.  The fruited, bright plained tree easily rises to bright light. But the creased and ugly, shadow-filled tree must return to another choice of the material world to try to straighten out those dark natures of it's character.  This will take much effort on it's part, and a very difficult path is in it's future. The free choice of the two paths are completely open to all souls, all spirits, here in the material face of existence which is blocked by strong lines of force from the invisible, spirit side of existence. The two worlds are joined in nature to listen to one another, attract to one another by nature of interest and attracted by each other's smells. Like two animals which cannot stay away from each other or cannot bear to stay near one another, according to their natures. So also the evidence of character is found in the actions and thoughts of the daily struggle. Do you struggle to remain straight and clean and bright, or do you work to fulfill difficult days toward others. Are you free of claims of error, or are you filled with blights of narrow minded choices of lower nature,  and a selfish mind?

Choose today which path and which type of tree you will be, and tomorrow your choice will be made a reminder again as you awake for another day.  Each day is a fresh choice, to decide how you will fulfill your duties of the hours awake, and your nights will be that draw either ever upward toward the God of light and bright, clean and straight, or downward toward evil minded souls in darkness filled with anger, unhealthy minds, selfish and ego.

Love is the power, the very energy of light, like a rudder of harmony in it's path of joy and thoughtfulness, understanding and difficulty removed.  Love first God and reflect on these evidences of His nature, His presence of of pure love and His  perfect harmony and brilliant light and all your difficulties will be made less.  Your tithe will have been paid to God and you will be welcomed in His presence by your efforts.