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                WHO ARE WE REALLY?

    For all those who search for the truth of life.... 

By Denise Freed

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                                      PART ONE

 ~God or Science    

 ~Who Are We?     

 ~The Great Rebellion God’s Plan of Salvation   

 ~Earth Beginnings Vibrations 

                                    PART TWO

~The Birth, Life and Death of Jesus 

                                   PART THREE

~Death and Resurrection Religion I Am the Lord Thy God 

                                   PART FOUR     

   ~Who Are We as Americans?   

   ~Requirement to Return to Heaven    



       Like most people of my generation in North America, Christian parents raised me.  My mother was a devoted Christian and my father a Christian by tradition.  I did not question my family’s religious traditions until I became a teenager and moved into an area where most people belonged to a different Christian denomination. I found myself curious as to the differences in beliefs between my faith and theirs.      My first opportunity to discuss the differences was with an elderly man telling me that celebrating Easter on a Sunday was ridiculous since, if Jesus died on a Friday and   resurrected after three days, then Easter should be on Monday. When I reported to my mother with this new information, she indicated that the Bible says that Jesus rose on the third day, not three days later. I realized then that I really knew nothing about the Bible or much about religion.  I began to question many doctrines of religion.  I set about learning about different denominations, by attending church functions in any church where invited.  No doubt, my friends were trying to convert me to their particular denomination, but I tried to keep an open mind  while attending baptisms, weddings, revivals etc.  I also listened to all of their rules and traditions as carefully as possible but could not find a great deal of difference amongst them.  Many of my peers belonged to a denomination that was very restrictive.  They were forbidden to go to movies, watch television, drink liquor, smoke etc. After spending several evenings out with these teens, I found them so rebellious and unruly that it was not entirely safe to get in the same car with them. They seemed to have no discernment or self-discipline. Their parents had set many strict rules, not allowing the children to learn how to make good choices on their own as they grew up. Although I had more freedom to develop discernment, I still had many questions regarding my learned beliefs.     

      In my life, death seemed to be the ultimate, terrible catastrophe and since I knew that it could not be avoided, life after death became for me of great interest.   Praying for the dead seemed to be more important than praying for the living.  It later became apparent that once a person dies, their spirit rises or falls according to their attitude and true character.  A person will attract one’s true interests once he or she is free from the bonds of the material body, and only by their own resolve can they change their lot. It is more valuable to pray for the living so that they will have a good afterlife.  My search began to find the original beliefs, the first religion, and the uncontaminated story of God.  

        The many books relating to the gods of old and the beliefs of old all seemed like superstition and the worship of idols.  There did not seem to be any true clarifying answers from books or from people.          After marrying and having two children, the question arose on how to guide these young minds. I did not want to burden them with church doctrines without biblical accuracy since I was not practicing any particular religion.  There was a question about how to teach good from evil without using the church’s fears of hell. Many hours were spent working on this problem until one day while I was vacuuming, a thought popped into my mind that was so powerful that said, “Teach them positive from negative”.  I was surprised and excited by this.  This lesson worked well and was a good solution to the problem.  Later I heard the same voice in my mind, saying such things as, “Teach life and anti-life” “and” “Teach them that they have all the freedom they want until their freedom encroaches upon another person’s freedom”. Thoughts such as these kept me moving along while raising my children. In fact I thought that this was such good information that I should write these things down for others to learn from, but I never seemed to find the time to do it. I know now that these were not my thoughts but were given to me by higher spirits for my benefit. 

      Years later, I met a group of people who were attending prayer meetings and communicating with   God’s high spirits. By this connection, I was given a book called “Communication with the Spirit World of God’ written in the 1930’s by Johannes Greber. He had been introduced through prayer meetings to this type of original communication and was guided to write the book.  As I read his book, I kept thinking that someone had written a book that coincided exactly with my thoughts and questions of life.  I knew I had found the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Most of my questions were answered through this book and the prayer meetings.  Finally, understanding who we all are and from where we had originated made life so much simpler to understand from that moment.     

     In this day of television and the internet, not many of us have the patience to read a lengthy introduction to life and so I have written this short book to introduce one part of the understanding of life.  I hope that this book will help you to decipher the truth of our existence and of the beginning of our life on earth. I have often heard people say that they do not believe in a God who punishes humankind.  I think that because the misinformation is so wide spread about a Creator who causes such pain on earth, that many cannot accept this concept of a loving God today.  It is easier for them to reject any idea of a God at all than to believe in one who only punishes.  It is vitally important to understand why life is so difficult for some but simpler for others, and how important it is to plan for an afterlife before our time is up on this temporary earth life.      I hope that sharing my discoveries about the Holy Spirit world and why we are here will be the beginning of your search and that it will bring you peace of mind to continue on your journey on this earth and in the afterlife.   



      Many believe that they have been created by God at the beginning of this life and will from this point, live forever, while others believe that through evolution we now continue to reproduce but cease to exist at the end of this life.  For those who believe we have come into being at the beginning of this life, the question has been asked; how could God be so unfair as to create some humans with a happy life of ease, great intelligence, and beauty while others are given a very difficult life?  For all of us, do we know what happens to us after we die?  Do we go to a better place or a worse place, and who decides and how do they make that decision? Do we just disappear into nothingness, and what does that feel like?  Do we remain in the grave forever and what about those of us who are cremated?  Is our essence or spirit absorbed into the   universe, do we “become one” by becoming nothing ourselves and does giving up all of ourselves fulfill our destiny of self-development?  We have all for the most part followed the traditional beliefs of our ancestors and it is very difficult to release these beliefs even if there are many things that we do not understand.  Moses wandered with the Israelites for forty years before entering the Promised Land, not because it took them that long to walk that far.  They lived in the desert for forty years until that one completely hardhearted generation would pass over and not propagate an impure lifestyle to the next generation.  The Ten Commandments were basic laws of existence to a people who had been influenced by the corrupt beliefs of the Egyptians with child sacrifice, sexual perversions and hateful forms of religious superstitions. When Jesus was on earth and ready to teach the next step in people’s progress, many could not move forward but insisted on believing that only the Law of Moses had the answers.  Many of us have once more refused to open our minds to learn what our lives are really all about and who we really are; for us the earth is still flat and until we reach out in open discussion for new information, our understanding will remain stagnant.           

                                                                        PART ONE        

                                                                  GOD ...OR SCIENCE?

      In America today, we see two prevalent arguments concerning humankind’s existence and beginning.  Do Christian precepts make any sense or does science have the answers?    If there were a God, shouldn’t we be able to see Him, hear Him or have some proof of His existence?   If science provides clear answers, then why are they called theories and not fact?   Scientists claim to prove absolute guidance of cause and effect.  The law of gravity is real, otherwise we, and everything around us would float aimlessly somewhere.  The sun causes water to evaporate, creating clouds, which return to earth in the form of rain, snow etc. which is a scientific observation.  Each type of matter vibrates at a specific frequency, which produces specific properties particular to it, yet science without a creator cannot explain from where these miracles of existence arrive.      The question remains; should we believe wholly in a religious explanation of a creator or in a wholly scientific belief of creation, or possibly are portions of each of these beliefs true and also false?  Christians today say that God always was; if this is said about the existence of God, then contrary-wise, what can be said about the big bang theory and the   beginning of everything scientific? What about science, did it always exist?  Where did it come from? How was gravity created or condensation, molecules, DNA?   Moreover, why do scientists claim that they have “discovered” a new scientific fact, why do they not say they have created it?   

        So then, what is the truth about “the beginning” the beginning of the earth, the beginning of our lives, the beginning of us? Many want to believe in the big bang theory and that is quite fine, but who brought about the big bang, did it happen all by itself and how could that be?  What was the cause of the big bang?  What was present that could have caused this big explosion?  Was there some kind of gas in the atmosphere and how did it get there?  Who created the gas?  These are all questions I asked myself when I wanted to believe in the big bang. If we just look at the human body, with all of its organs each performing a distinctive task and all of its systems working together in perfect harmony, with a brain that is so complex that it can perform millions of tasks at once, and no one yet understands all of its functions, do we not wonder who created that?   If we look at the universe itself with its many planets, moons, suns etc., all moving with such precision and no two planets running into each other, like the movement of a clock, and the galaxies that go on forever, can we see a cause?  Just the appearance of nature all around us makes us marvel, even one small plant that produces flowers for our enjoyment and seeds to reproduce itself. Could such precision be by  accident, or was there a master builder, a clockmaker who created all of this? How could all of this go on as happenstance with no one to look after it? Compared to the immensity and the perfection of all of this, we are but ants in the scheme of things, and do not even understand the simplest life forms. Therefore, if we have to believe that the big bang happened all by itself we could believe that no one created God; that He always was. 

       Man thinks he can reproduce God’s creation, but can he create it in the first place? What does man need in order to reproduce creation, would he have to know how to create atoms and work from there?  Rebellious people say, “prove there is a God”, to which we must ask, “prove there is no God”, prove how everything works, how everything started, how we came to be without a cause, without a creator?   As a small joke: Satan was bragging that he could do anything that God could do and so God put the devil to the test and said, “Create a man”.   God took a handful of dirt, breathed into it and produced a man.  Satan bent down to pick up some dirt but God said, “Not fair, get your own dirt”.  If there is a God, how did He come to be?   Our understanding of God is very limited indeed, even were someone to explain the nature of God we could not understand it, so great is His person, so great His mind. To compare our knowledge to    God’s is like trying to teach calculus to a two year old.   

        We wonder if there is a God, why He does not show Himself to us so that we could believe.  The truth is that God is of such a high vibration that it is impossible for us to live and move in that vibration.  To use the analogy of the ant, when we watch an anthill, we see the ants scurrying about busily, completely unaware of us watching them.  They are of a much lower vibration than we are, therefore they cannot see us and do not even know we exist. So too, like the ants, we on earth go about doing what we think is necessary for our survival, and since we are of a much lower vibration than God is, we cannot see Him and many do not even know He exists.   When Moses asked God to show Himself to him, God told him that it would not be possible, that Moses could not live through it, so high was God’s vibration.  Moses’ face glowed for days after being in the presence of God   though he never did see Him. No one has seen God, save for the purest of spirits in Heaven whose vibration is such that they can exist at such a high frequency.         

      A friend of mine who taught a class on spiritism told of one of his students who had completely given up after losing her home and her family and had decided to put an end to her life. She placed a gun to her head and began to scream and yell at God for her miserable life and in her anger, she yelled, “And why do you have to be invisible anyway?” A  bright light came into the room and she heard a voice, say, “I’m not invisible, you are just blind”.   Therefore, in the beginning, there was God and we will never know why He decided to create anyone or anything, but since He was a creative spirit and a loving one, we can only surmise that He wanted to share His love with other creatures. Although we have not seen God, we know that as the creator of all things, He must be of a perfection greater than His first creation, who is Jesus.  Those who believe that Jesus is God would have difficulty explaining how God and Jesus can be the same unit or how the Creator can also be his own creation  It is very difficult for earth bound humans to understand who God is but it should not be so difficult to understand who God is not.  God is not the person who was born in a manger and dwelt amongst men and was crucified by them. God’s vibration is such that He is unable to dwell among us and to allow us to crucify Him; a human body cannot contain God, the Creator.  God sent His only son to incarnate as Jesus to save the world from darkness and sorrow.  Jesus is the only spirit who came into existence directly from God. Therefore, Jesus is the closest spirit to God and is God’s highest creation. The Bible tells us that Jesus was created in God’s image, which leads us to believe that God must have substance and shape and that He is not just a  shapeless mass floating around somewhere.  There are several descriptions in the Bible relating to the City of God with its glorious appearance. (Psalm 46:4) says, ‘There is a river, the streams whereof shall make glad the city of God, the holy place of the tabernacles of the most High. God is in the midst of her, she shall not be moved”. 

      God conferred creative power upon Jesus, and made him ruler of all creation, both spiritual and material.  With such power and perfection, it is no wonder that many believe that Jesus is God Himself, but God is even greater than His son is.   The New Testament says that all things and beings were created through Jesus, God’s first born. We hear of God’s seven sons, the other six were created through Jesus. In the Old Testament, the Angel Raphael tells Tobias that he is one of God’s seven sons.   Lucifer called himself one of the sons of God and we have read how he was a light bearer, and that he was a very beautiful spirit. In the Old Testament, we have also read about Michael and Gabriel who are other sons of God.  Now if God created Jesus, then we can at least believe that Jesus is not God, no more than you are your own parent. The churches speak of “the holy spirit” as though it were an entity unto itself and this entity they consider a third part of God.  However, there can only be one God and He is not split into parts. In the first of the Ten Commandments God says, “I am the Lord Thy God, thou shall have no  other gods before me”.   The churches call this divided God the “trinity”, but cannot explain how Jesus was the part who died on the cross without implying that puny mortals crucified God Himself and also the Holy Spirit.   There are myriads of holy spirits; they are the spirits who reside in the same realm as God does. They spend their time in Heaven and some are born on earth in order to help us if they so desire and God allows it.  Spirits who have progressed on earth and reached Heaven are also considered holy spirits. 

     We are all spirits condensed in physical form at birth.  Each person on earth is one spirit in one body.  God’s laws or nature’s laws do not allow for one body to house more than one spirit.  Whether on earth or in the spirit world we are the same shape and gender. God’s laws apply to both the material and the spirit world.   Jesus was born in a human body in order to walk among us.  Jesus was one body that contained one spirit. Nature’s laws were not abrogated even for the birth of Jesus on this earth. It was not possible for Jesus’ body to hold his spirit, God’s spirit and all the holy spirits all at the same time, even if you have decided that there is only one Holy Spirit that is still too many spirits in one body.  I think the only place that two separate beings morph into one single shape is in the movies, which is just a manmade story.   Jesus said he was one with God.  Jesus prayed to God that all might become one with him as he is with God. In (John 17:21), Jesus says, “I have given them the glory that Thou gavest me that they may be one as we are one, I united with them and Thou with me, so that they may attain the highest perfection of unity”.   Jesus is asking God to unite us with him and through him, we would be united with God, but being united with Jesus does not make us Jesus nor does it make Jesus God because he is united with Him.   

       In the New Testament (John 19:07), John relates that Jesus’ enemies held him guilty of making himself equal to God by calling himself the son of God.  In (John 5:19), Jesus says, “ I solemnly assure you that the son of man can do nothing of himself, but the Father must first show him how he is to do it, and the son can do only that which the Father shows him“. Even Jesus in his own words, tells us that he is not God but the son of God and that the power he has comes from God. 

       When Jesus was on earth, he often prayed to God, his Father. He taught us the Lord’s Prayer, (Mathew 6:19), “Our Father Who art in Heaven”, so his Father was in Heaven and not on earth. When Jesus was being crucified, he called out, (Luke 43:26), “Father, into Thy hands I commit my spirit”, so if he were God himself, into whose hands did he commend his spirit?  In addition, at this time he  called out, (Mark 13:34), “My God, my God, why hast Thou forsaken me?” so whom was he calling to for help?  Therefore, Jesus depended on God his Father for help while he was on earth and separated from Him.  And in (John 20:17), Jesus said, “I go to my Father and your Father and my God and your God”. From all of these quotes, how can we deduce that Jesus is God? In (Acts 8:56), Stephen as he was dying said, “Behold, I see the heavens opened and the Son of man standing on the right hand of God”, so there must have been two spirits there; they were not merged into one.      


                                                                  WHO ARE WE AS HUMANS ?   

     There are three theories to existence.  Man existed at the moment of conception, man existed in a spirit dimension before the physical incarnation and man began existence at the moment after birth.  The modern Christian believes in a portion of one or all three at best, and from the many people I have spoken to over the years, atheists and agnostics seem   also to have partial beliefs in each of these three categories, or at least questions regarding it.  I cannot dispel personal beliefs, nor do I wish to, but by sharing personal experience from an invisible source outside of myself, I hope to open to you a freedom to discover for yourself, which pieces of the puzzle are true and which cannot be true, by trying  to separate fact from traditional stories passed down by our parents.  Some of us are born with a silver spoon in our mouth and others of us are born into the humblest of beginnings.  A portion of humankind is born with the ability to be great artists, musicians, scientists etc. In those cases, how could there have been enough time to learn a gift that seems to have been gained at birth?   Might we have learned this at another time, another lifetime? Is all we are learning in this lifetime for naught or can we come back to earth and build on the knowledge or talents that we had learned before our current physical life?   Our life on earth is very short, so why would we have only one chance to succeed?  If God were a loving God as we are taught, then would He not give us as many chances as we need to pass the tests of character to go to Heaven?  Now, if we examine the other side of the argument, that each person has only one life and that there is no reincarnation, then why are our lives all so different from each other’s?  If the universe were fair, then where would the fairness be for some of us who must struggle all through our earth life while others have a better life?  If we are able to keep coming back as often as we wish to, then perhaps we have had easy lives and difficult ones and this would seem fair, even if we do not all have the same type of life at the same  time.  Perhaps we get better and better at managing our lives each time we begin a new one.  Alfred Wallace in the time of Darwin concluded that there must be a spiritual evolution where spirits would incarnate in the progressively more complex levels of animals in the physical system of creation.  The famous book “The Divine Comedy” by Dante, describes in detail the various stages of progression of the fallen spirits in their ascent out of the pit of hell.  It was the artist Rodin who carved the massive plan of salvation, which Dante describes that his guiding angel Beatrice showed him.  Only the top of Rodin’s massive carving is well known today as the statue “The Thinker’.  This might describe the ladder of progression of spirits God showed to Jacob/Israel.    By the explanation of reincarnation, as part of the requirement to the soul’s progressing, most of us have already had many human lives and will continue to reincarnate until we have passed to the next higher realm called Paradise. Some of us may have been followers of Jesus, and some of us may have been part of the crowd who shouted to crucify him.  Some of us may have been around during the time of Moses, on one side or the other.  Some of us may have been a part of Hitler’s army who destroyed the lives of so many Jews and some of us may have been amongst those whom Hitler murdered.  

     There are so many possibilities for our past and there is a good likelihood that our past lives have not been a model of perfection.  Therefore, it is not for us to complain that our lot in life is not all that we think it should be, but possibly, it is what we need to live through in order to understand why some behavior is wrong.   In the Bible, Jesus asked his apostles, “Who do the people say that I, as a man, am?” The apostles responded, “Some say you are John the Baptist, others that you are Elijah come back, still others say that you are Jeremiah or one of the other prophets.”  Unless they were speaking about reincarnation, how could this conversation make sense?  The disciples noted that the Messiah would be heralded by Elijah returned as the forerunner. Jesus replied that this was John the Baptist.  Theologians explain this phrase by interpreting Jesus’ statement as “in the spirit of Elijah” meaning John the Baptist would be similar to Elijah, but not the actual person.  It would seem however, that if Jesus meant a “type of Elijah” he would have said that and not said that John the Baptist was the same spirit Elijah returned.     We have had many life experiences.  Some can go through this human level, the final terrestrial stage, but once, and progress to the first of the celestial stages. Others due to personal choices might repeat this grade, this class; repeatedly until these tests of  good character are passed that allow the spirit to continue on to the next realm.     Previous memory is temporarily wiped out at birth because of the properties of condensation of the spirit.  We are once again reunited with our full self when we leave this body, our past memories can become apparent to us.  While a mortal this is not so, we could not bear to know, we could not assimilate it.  Many people need the freedom of a clear mind to progress in a physical body without past memories clouding new and better choices. As a spirit, we will be acquainted with our entire self.   


                                                                THE GREAT REBELLION   

     In Judeo Christian texts, the Old and New Testaments, the Bible, describes the descendants of Adam and Eve who fell from Heaven and now we must pay the price.  Why must we as children of Adam and Eve pay for their sins? Even on earth, the courts do not punish children for their parents’ mistakes.  It all seems so unfair. We know that Lucifer fell from Heaven and that one third of Heaven fell with him.  When Adam and Eve came on earth, which is the middle ground, were they on their way to hell or on their way to Heaven? If we are on earth to find our way back to Heaven, must we be on our way back from hell then?  Is earth a sort of testing ground to earn our way back to  Heaven?  Are we all part of the one-third who fell with Lucifer and now are paying for our own sins and not for those of Adam and Eve?      When God created the angels or spirits in Heaven, He set Jesus, His first-born son, as ruler over them.  God’s second son, Lucifer, was not content to serve under Jesus but wanted to rule in his stead.  After a great rebellion in Heaven, God cast Lucifer out of Heaven giving Michael and his legions authority to fulfill His wishes.   In (Luke 10:15), Jesus says, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from Heaven”. Lucifer was not the only spirit cast out of Heaven; one third of Heaven had sided with him and were cast out.  The Book of Revelations (Rev 12:7), says, “War broke out in Heaven, Michael and his angels fighting with the dragon, and the dragon and his angels offering resistance… so that great dragon was hurled down into the earthly spheres and his angels were thrown down with him.”  We only need to look at the rebellions on earth to understand how this could have come about.  God had created all spirits with free will; this was the most important gift God gave to the spirits.  The fall from Heaven did not happen all at once, Lucifer spent time to try to convince as many spirits as possible to side with him, and he particularly tried to convince the leaders who could entice as many as possible to join forces with him. We have to understand that Heaven and the spirit world had already been in existence for a very long time and  there were already more spirits than we could ever count.  This world resembles our world; there are families as we have here, each family having a home, there are animals and plants of all types, anything that we have here, they have there.  All worlds are a replica of Heaven because Heaven was first.     The spirits created by God were not as powerful or perfect as God Himself, but they were given the ability to create within their type.  For millenniums, all the angels or spirits were happy and lived a great life, each one doing whatever job they were equipped for and enjoying perfect harmony and love.  It was only when rebellion set in that they lost their harmony and then their place in Heaven.  Not until they relearn good behavior can they return to Heaven.   We are those spirits who were in Heaven and who fell with Lucifer when one third of Heaven sided with him.  We did not always live on earth, once we lived in Heaven, once we had a family in Heaven; some of our family is still there amongst the two thirds who did not fall. Therefore, when we reach Heaven we can again retake our place in our family and find our home in whatever place we lived in before.  The majority of us on earth, whether in a material body or as a spirit in a parallel universe, with an ethereal body, have no recollection of ever having lived in Heaven, no recollection of the revolution that took place there and how we chose to subject ourselves to Lucifer rather than to Jesus.

     What promises must Lucifer have made that were so enticing that we were willing to give up our Heavenly happiness for?  What did we want or need that we did not already have in abundance?  Was it greed that made us want more?  Was it pride that gave us to think that we were too good to remain under Jesus’ rule? Was it jealousy or the desire for power, as it was with Lucifer that reared its ugly head? Since these are some of the attitudes or sins that we brought with us to earth, could we have had those attitudes while in Heaven also?  Why did Lucifer think he could win us over if it did not seem to him that he had a chance with us?  We had free will then as we do now and we were not perfect there as we are not perfect here.  It was against Jesus that the heavenly spirits had rebelled, it was not directly against God and it was not against Gabriel, Michael, or any of the other sons of God.  When the angels of Heaven rebelled against Jesus and sided with Lucifer, one of the partisans, of whom there were many in all ranks of the spirits, was a prince known in your Bible as Adam, the name he bore as a human being. Of these princes there were many in God’s spirit-kingdom, each of them, like Adam, the ruler of numerous subjects.  Not a few of the princes became ringleaders to help Lucifer in his preparations for the revolt. Others, of  whom Adam was one, merely supported the movement; some of us may have been in that group.  For those spirits, God created a special place, the Garden of Eden in the realm of Paradise where they were given a second chance, another opportunity to rethink their choice. Unfortunately, their hearts were still tainted and they were expelled from there, went to the lower spheres, and fell almost as low as the rest of the fallen angels with Lucifer who had instigated the plot to usurp Jesus’ authority.                                  

      Attempts have been made to identify this Garden of Eden on earth, but this search is futile as the Garden was never on earth. The earth at that time did not exist.   None of the material world had yet been created.   In the Garden of Eden, the high spirit called Adam, and his dual Eve, had the leadership of the many fallen spirits.  There, God gave them another opportunity to reconsider, but the further that spirits are from God, the less clear their minds are and so these spirits did not remember where they had come from and how they had arrived at this place.  Making such a grave decision was very difficult with their minds clouded with sin. Similar to humankind on earth the way the leaders vote is the way that we follow; those with the power make the rules.    When God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, He gave them a test to see if they would  repent at having rebelled against Jesus and siding with Lucifer. We do not know what method God used to have them prove or disprove their loyalty to Him.  The analogy that God used was the “tree of life and death”. We may never know the exact nature of the prohibition but He told them, “For the day that you eat of that fruit you shall surely die”.    Many interpret this to mean that had they passed the test we could have lived in our material bodies forever.  However, God was speaking of   spiritual death, which is the separation of man from God and belonging to Lucifer, the Prince of death.  Since Adam and Eve had already been cast out of Heaven for their rebellion, it would not have been a favor to leave them in that realm for all eternity.   Moreover, Adam and Eve at that time did not have a physical body; they were still in the spirit realm.  The Garden of Eden or Paradise is not on the physical plane, it is a spiritual realm but lower than the Heaven where God resides.  When Jesus was on the cross, he promised one of the thieves who were crucified with him, “Today you shall be in paradise with me”, and so paradise is still in existence.  Paradise or The Garden of Eden is the first realm of Heaven.  The story of the apple from the tree of life is only an analogy we use to help children understand.   Our bible mentions that Adam and Eve were naked and were ashamed when questioned by God, from this some deduce that the sin had something to do with sex.  They were naked in the sense that their   sins were exposed.  This is probably where many get the idea that sex is unholy, but remember that God told them to multiply, thereby giving other spirits an opportunity to incarnate on the planet in order to find their way back to God.  This part of the bible is very difficult to understand because it does not separate the life of Adam and Eve in the spirit world, the Garden of Eden, from their material life on earth, both stories are told as one story, but that cannot be.  At the point where the Heavenly spirits rebelled against Jesus and indirectly against God, they committed the first known sin, thereby the term “original sin”.  This is the sin that all of the fallen spirits carry to this day, and since we are those fallen spirits, we are the ones who are born with this sin; the sin that we committed before we incarnated on this planet.  

      God’s Plan of Salvation (Taken from “Communication with the Spirit World of God, by Johannes Greber)      After the revolt of a great part of the spirit-world, God determined upon a plan for saving the unfortunate beings which had fallen into the Abyss, and for bringing them back into His Kingdom.  His clemency would be extended first of all to the less guilty, those countless hosts which had deserted Him when they were subjected to trial in the sphere of  Paradise.  Only after these had been saved, would their corrupter, Lucifer and his lieutenants, be allowed to return to the house of the Father .  

     God is just.  Those who had been misled were guilty of weakness only, but those who had led them astray had sinned with premeditation, and since their offenses had been fundamentally different, so too would be their punishment, and so too would be their respective roads of escape from the Abyss.   God’s first step toward salvation was the creation of spheres of progress or amendment, disposed in stages after laws incomprehensible to you and conceivable only to the infinite wisdom of God.  In his letter to the Ephesians, Saint Paul hints at these steps by which spirits may ascend out of the darkness toward God, by Whom they were created in order to insure the execution of His decree providing that all would once more be reunited with His Son.  At this point the original text of the Bible makes use of the metaphor of the erection of a house with its several stories.  If you will apply this metaphor in a spiritual sense you will more easily understand what I am about to tell you of the spheres of amendment for the fallen spirits.    What you call “Hell” is the lowest stage in which they sank.  But even Hell has its spheres of progress through which a spirit may climb upward by a change of heart, until it reaches the lowest of the terrestrial spheres.  These begin in the lower forms  of animal life and advance through the stages of rocks, plants, herbs, flowers, and the higher beasts, arriving at last at the highest of animal known to you as “man”.  Such terrestrial spheres exist not on your earth only, but also on the other heavenly bodies.  There are, therefore, many stages parallel to those on your earth.  Moreover, the terrestrial stages exist not only in material shape as you see them in animals, plants and minerals but there is also a corresponding spiritual shape, and in consequence a spiritual animal, plant and mineral kingdom embracing all orders and species of living beings, which in the spirit kingdom are clothed in odic bodies, the counterparts of the material bodies which you see on earth.     

    Spirits parted from their material bodies by corporeal death enter into the respective parallel spirit-spheres where they remain until they are reincarnated by rebirth on earth. Spirits which have not progressed are reincarnated in the same stage as often as may be necessary to fit them for reincarnation in a higher one.      Each stage of advance required a special act of God to permit of the desired physical shaping of the spirits, and to this end He created the odic shapes of pairs of spirits corresponding to the shape in question and endowed with the power to reproduce the body peculiar to that stage.  The spirits themselves are incorporated in the bodies thus  procreated, according to fixed laws which prevail in the spirit world.   “You mortals cannot indeed understand “how” these processes came about, any more than you really understand the processes of nature which go on all around you, although you witness them daily with your own eyes.  Your science concerns itself with the problem of descent, particularly with that of the descent of man from the apes. There is no such thing as physical descent of a higher form from a lower one.  Plants do not produce animals, nor do the lower animals produce the higher forms.  Every form of life breeds true to kind, although within each species there are many races, the individual belonging to races of the same order being mutually capable of reproduction among each other.    Man belongs to the order of the apes.  He is the highest race of this order, and you are correct in saying that the ape is the lowest stage of humanity and that man is the highest of the apes. Man is, therefore, the highest animal on earth.  Nevertheless, he has not descended physically from the ape, in spite of the fact that in point of physical development, the ape most closely resembles Him.    

        Before the first incarnation of the spirit of man in the human body, that spirit inhabited the body of an animal, and is therefore the same spirit rising through the different stages of nature in constantly increasing perfection.      These stages undergo no physical changes.  They are the same today that they were millenniums ago, even if, in the course of the ages, certain orders died out because spirits were no longer incarnated in them.  For this reason God created other and higher forms incarnating in them those spirits which had previously inhabited the extinct species, which had served as intermediate stages in the evolution upward.  When they disappeared and the higher forms took their places, the spirits in question were compelled to wait until the replacement had been effected.   

       So it is that you find to this day the remains of extinct species of plants and animals that lived in former ages.   There is no retrogression of the spirit from one stage of progress to a lower one even though a spirit may remain at the same stage for a long time.  As I have already told you, a spirit which, when its body dies, has not progressed during its incarnation, must be reincarnated again and again until it is fit to enter the next higher stage.  That is true of man also: if, during his life on earth he has made no advance on the road leading to God, he must go through life  again as a human being.  Every life is an examination: whoever fails to pass, must try again until he succeeds.  That is a Divine law that applies with equal force to all Creation: there is nothing capricious about the ways of God.   When I tell you that a spirit does not retrograde into a lower stage, the reason is that although it may have degenerated in one respect it will have advanced in another, so that a balance is struck.  Here too you can see the working of a Divine law.   Of the ages that elapsed from the days of the fall of the spirits to that on which the first fallen spirit was fit to be incarnated in human shape, you can form no conception.  “One day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. (2nd Peter 3:8).      Of all these facts, Christendom of today is ignorant, and they run counter to your own previous ideas.  However, why conceal the truth from you even if you may find it beyond belief and because it may be scoffed at by your fellow men?  You have the opportunity of inquiring into these truths during the spirit communications at spiritistic services, and if you do so you will find my statements confirmed in every particular.   Unfortunately, the important facts that I have revealed to you have been deleted from the Biblical account of the Creation, until scarcely any of them  have been retained.  This account says nothing of the creation of spirits by God, nothing of the revolt and secession of the spirits, nothing of the spheres of progress, nothing of the shaping of the odic bodies of the fallen spirits into their various stages, and nothing of the incarnation of those odic bodies into earthly substance.  Your Biblical story of the creation of the world describes an original and entirely independent creation, quite unconnected with the creation of the spirits and their fall.  The original scriptures contained all of these facts, but when they were revised later, the Powers of Darkness were at work to deprive man of the knowledge of the links in the chain of God’s plan of salvation and to withhold from them the consolation of knowing that ultimately everything will return unto God. “This is good and acceptable in the sight of God our Savior; who would have all men to be saved, and come to the knowledge of the truth.” (1st Timothy 2:3).  It was for the very purpose of leading everything back to God, that the material world was created.  The Powers of Darkness were, of course, much better served by the doctrine of hopelessness and despair, and the belief in an “eternal Hell” of which your poet has written the dreadful words. “All hope abandon ye who enter here.” Such sentiments were far more acceptable to the rulers of Hell than was the belief in a merciful God, Who may, indeed, be angered and punish with just cause, but Who, at last,  will forgive His children and call them back to Him.  The conception of a Deity has been debased by the doctrine of “eternal damnation” designed only to inspire terror.  What is more, that doctrine added to the difficulty of carrying out the plan of salvation conceived by a God Who sent to sinful and suffering humanity this message of all-forgiving affection: “Can a woman forget her infant, forget to pity her babe? Yet even were a mother to forget, never will I forget you.” (I Isaiah 49:15.)  Many passages in your Bible have shared the fate of the paintings by the old masters placed upon the walls of some of your ancient churches.  In later times, so-called “church decorators” came and daubed their commonplaces over the masterpieces, so that if today you remove the outer layer of paint carefully from the walls, the ancient pictures are once more revealed leaving the beholder enraptured over the great painter’s art. 

      In the same way the truthful picture presented by the original Bible was defaced in later times.  Erring mortals revised the Biblical accounts, omitting what they could not understand or adding their own mistaken explanations.  Their successors “improved” further upon the previous work, supplementing and abridging at will.  In this way the truth was crowded aside, but many things crept into the Scriptures that tend to make a travesty of the word of God.  One of your poets coined the phrase, “Books have their vicissitudes,” and unfortunately this is true of the   Bible also.  Much that it should contain has been eliminated, and much of what it does contain should never have been admitted, because it conflicts with the truth.     

      The various “churches” which refuse to acknowledge this fact and persist in regarding your version of the Scriptures as “authentic” are serving the cause of God but poorly.  In fact they are doing that cause more harm than good, for even the least intelligent reader of the Bible, and of the account of the Creation in particular, must realize that much of it must be inaccurate, to say the least.   The falsifications introduced into the Old Testament called forth the protests of God Himself, voiced through the prophet Jeremiah, as witness the passage: “How do ye say, we are wise, and the law of Jehovah is with us?  But behold, the false pen of the scribes has written falsely. The wise men are put to shame. They are dismayed and taken: lo, they have rejected the word of Jehovah: and what manner of wisdom is in them?  (Jeremiah 8: 8, 9.)     Elsewhere in the Holy Writ the truth has suffered at the hands of translators who have rendered certain words and phrases of the original text so inadequately as to distort their real meaning beyond recognition.   (End of excerpt from “Communication with the Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose" by Johannes Greber”)


                                                                   EARTH BEGINNINGS 

     The first book of the bible tells us that God created the world and everything in it in seven days, I doubt that it was seven earth days since our calendar was not yet in existence, and until God separated the nights from the days, there were no twenty-four hour days.  Therefore, the seven days denotes a specific time line but not earth days, each day may have been tens of thousands of years.       After our fall from Heaven and again from the Garden of Eden, Jesus, with God’s permission and with the creative power with which God had endowed him, created the physical world, not only earth but also the other planets.  He created the material world for our spiritual progression to help us make our way back to Heaven      Darwin’s theory of evolution is taught throughout our schools and readily accepted as fact while the idea of a God creating everything is considered delusional. According to Darwin, people evolved from apes that in turn had evolved from some lower species and so on down the line. We have to agree especially when we look at the apes and see how much they resemble man.  Those of us who have pets that are very intelligent, have great difficulty in believing that there is no heaven for them when they leave this earth, so what is the answer?  

     We all started at the lowest form of material life on this earth and through incarnation after incarnation, we have finally arrived at the human stage.   People argue about the concept of evolution but the concept is correct, we do evolve but not in the physical world, every plant and animal reproduces true to kind.  It is only after our physical death that we can return to earth in another life form, depending on whether we have progressed spiritually.  The goal of everyone and everything on earth is to advance to the point of returning to our original place in Heaven.  God had to start the human race somewhere, and so this is the story of the creation of physical man.  Adam had been an ape before he progressed to the stage where God could finally create him as a human. God did not form a man from dirt as children make mud pies; He materialized his spirit, just as all materializations occur. We have all heard stories of ghosts that appear and look quite as they did when they lived on earth, but these ghosts materialize and dematerialize depending on how much energy they have available from the earth and from the people nearby, to keep them in a solid or almost solid form.  All materializations are  of a temporary nature, but God needed to solidify Adam so that he could remain on the earth.  God used the “energy” or 'OD' of the earth to create a material body for Adam, and so we learn the phrase, “from   dust to dust”, we really are nothing but materialized energy from the earth and at our physical death; our bodies dematerialize and return to the earth.

        Eve was Adam’s dual and she was created to be with him.  It took longer for Eve to reach the stage of a human, since she had been the one to first disobey God while in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, Adam was the only one on earth for some time.  We are not told how long it was between the creation of Adam and that of Eve. The bible only tells us that Adam watched to see if there were any on earth that were progressed enough to incarnate as a human, so Eve was still at the ape stage when Adam was created in a human form.       Now since Adam was already in human form, God did not need to start from scratch to create Eve, all He had to do was to use Adam’s energy to materialize Eve.  Since Eve’s materialization had to be permanent, God used some of Adam’s material body to stabilize Eve’s human body; thus, we read that God used a rib from Adam, but it really was materialized energy from Adam that was never returned to him.  God had to replace Adam’s energy, so He again used some of the energy of the earth to replenish Adam’s energy.   These were the first humans.   God told them to increase and multiply since this was the way that all of the fallen spirits could incarnate in order to begin their journey back to Heaven.  God’s plan was to set the systems  in motion so He would not have to create each person individually.      At this point, I would like to mention that the joining of the male and female germ is the method for all of creation to begin life and anyone who acts as if this is a sin, particularly original sin, are very mistaken.  God made this joining so difficult to resist so that humankind would not shirk their duty to help their fellow fallen spirits to incarnate.  The sin is the abuse of sex, as is all other abuse of God’s gifts. Moreover, any who use this excuse to remain single in the name of their religion are not living according to God’s laws, and are no better than anyone else is.  There may be many people, who do not, or need not, have children to perform their God given destiny, but no one is better or worse in the eyes of God for their choice. It is also, why abortion is wrong, since we abort our children mostly because it is not convenient for us to have children because our careers and our selfishness get in the way. The aborted children are not suffering as much as the people who choose to abort them. God takes care of all of His creatures, whether as physical beings or as spirit beings. I must mention that the aborted child was also a spirit and will continue to grow and progress in the spirit world but it is always connected to the mother, no matter at what stage it is aborted.  This is why so many women who choose to abort their children have such a difficult time making peace with themselves.   

     God asked Adam and Eve to multiply in order to allow the rest of the spirits, who had fallen with them, to incarnate on earth and work their way back to Heaven.  Now we had two people who could reproduce and have children and so there was no need for God to use any other type of materialization to bring any more humans into the world.  God’s laws are set in such a way that creation can continue without His need to continually create everything, He has created systems that work on their own and nothing can make the systems change, the system of numbers will always be what it is, even God cannot make two and two equal anything but four.  All of the other systems created by God are also unchangeable, the system of colors, of musical notes, of numbers etc. are all based on vibrations and do not change.  That is the wonder of God.  

      In the bible, we read that Cain, after killing his brother Abel, fled.  In his new location, he knew his wife and they had children.  Cain and all of Adam and Eve’s children married their own brothers and sisters; there were no other people on earth at that time, only the family of Adam and Eve. We no longer need to marry our relatives because the earth has so many people, but not so many years ago, some families married their first cousins in order to keep the bloodlines pure, as they call it, so this is not such a far-fetched idea.       

      From Adam and Eve, all of humankind descended. The ages from the time of the first  creation on the material world from the lowest species to the creation of man we cannot fathom, and the time from the first created man to this lifetime are many.  In addition, from this lifetime, most of us do not know how much longer it will take us to progress to the point where we no longer need to incarnate on this earth, but we now at least have some control over our lives and our progression. We come to the world as infants, innocent in that we have yet to be influenced by it, but not innocent in the sense that we have never been affected by the material world, we have already been here many times before.  Each time we return God allows us to start over in a fresh body with fresh opportunities, our memories of all our past taken from us lest it affect our decisions in this present lifetime.   Jesus created all spirits in pairs that are called “duals”, “Male and female created He them”, and we are forever of the type of spirit as we were created, male or female.  Each is the perfect complement of the other and they both do the work of God in perfect harmony as long as they still live in God’s kingdom.  For those of us who live on earth, we are not only separated from God but often from our dual, in the realms amongst the fallen spirits, the earth and below, because discord rules the heart, so it has often driven harmony completely away between duals.  An earth life is meant to constantly teach a spirit how to be more kind and forgiving until harmony can be reestablished within the duality  and the two together can then continue upward to God. This is what Christ meant when he said there would be no giving and taking of marriage in Heaven, because it was pre-arranged long before the fall of the one third of Heavenly spirits to earth/hell.  Often, if one dual progresses faster than their counterpart, they will continue to remain in the earth realm until their dual has caught up.  Sometimes that dual remains in the spirit world and sometimes they might reincarnate to help.   How great God is, that he would assign us a dual so that we would not be alone, even in Heaven. 

      How is our life structured?  Are we left to work out every little detail or is part of it planned out.  We have free will, yet we encounter episodes in our lives that we have not chosen, at least consciously.    The parameters of our lives are set, we call it destiny, those parts of our life were set before our birth on earth, and we cannot change them.  How we operate within this framework is our choice.  We have free will to do with our lives whatever we wish.  God sends tests and trials for us and it is up to us whether we pass these tests.  He may have an idea how we will behave knowing us as well as He does, but He does not know with certainty how we will act in every situation.  If He did, then what would be the point of giving us tests and trials to prove ourselves?  Why should we expect to return to Heaven without proving our faithfulness?       

   Our life sometimes leads us in a particular direction, all for our betterment to help us fulfill our destiny. When his brothers sold Joseph to the Egyptians, the brothers bore the guilt of their crime, but at the same time, Joseph was placed in a position of helping his family during the seven years of famine, without Joseph’s help they likely would have starved.  On the other hand, by having his family move to Egypt, the twelve tribes ended up in bondage for four hundred years.  God may guide a person to the right direction, but how that person acts in any given circumstance is their free will, their own choice.      The saying that the sins of the parents are visited on the children to the fourth generation does not mean that children must pay for their parents’ sins no more than we are paying for the sins of Adam and Eve.  It only means that we might be born of parents who are similar to ourselves in character. In this way, each generation can reflect on our own character traits by observing a similar trait in our relatives   If a good trait, it can be refined, if a negative personality trait, then by reflection we can practice diminishing it.  No matter the state of our birth, we all have free will and can choose what kind of life we wish to lead. 


         Everything that exists in the material and spirit world is in a state of vibration, nothing in creation is static, everything moves constantly.  People and animals move, grow and eventually die.  Plants change with the seasons, some die off and their seeds restart them or they hibernate and reawaken in season.  As everything moves, it creates its own unique vibration that affects every other living thing. The sun has its own particular vibration that is different from that of the moon that is different from that of the earth and every other planet. Each heavenly body possesses its own special power and intensity and all of this movement affects all of us.      On earth, each animal type is of a particular nature vibration that is reflected in the appearance, attitude and actions of that creature.  For instance, dogs are all relegated to a certain vibration while horses are of another vibration, but within the dog population, every dog has its own peculiar vibration, which is why no two dogs look exactly alike.      

      All people are of a similar vibration; that is what makes them people.  Within the human population, each race has its own vibration and each person within that race has its own vibration.  It is not possible for us to change our vibration so that we are no longer people or of a different race, but we can alter it by our attitude and actions, either positive   or negative.  Similar to a ball that floats in liquid and rises or falls according to its weight, so our spirits rise in vibration according to our spiritual perfection.  Harmony is the elevating rudder and discord lowers our vibration.   Everything in our environment allows our vibration to fluctuate such as food, activity, words, thoughts etc.  These external influences have an effect on our spirit. In the Bible, the Israelites were given a list of certain foods to avoid, because these foods had a very low vibration and affected their vibration. Impure foods, actions and interests attract impure and negative spirits.    Imagine the vibration of an engine, the faster it vibrates the higher the pitch that it emits.  The notes on a string instrument are higher as the string is finer, the heavier and more coarse the string, the lower the tone and the lower the vibration.   

      Spirits are also of a higher vibration as they become more refined.  Since everything in the material world has a spirit, the same laws apply.  Look at the animals around you, the cruder their appearance and behavior, the lower their vibration.  Harmony in complexity and intellect also reflect a higher vibration.   People are more refined than animals; therefore, they are of a higher vibration.  Amongst people, those who are of a higher vibration are those who are of better character and therefore closer on their journey back to God.   

     In the Heavenly realms, the higher the realm, the higher the vibration of the Heavenly spirits.  Lucifer and his entourage are of a very low vibration, his attitude and appearance, actions and even odor is the worst today.  God, our Creator is perfect, most powerful, and consequently has the highest and   most complex vibration.  God’s only son, we know from his earthly name, Jesus of Nazareth, who was the savior of all the fallen spirits, had the highest and perfect vibration of all the creatures God created.  Each spirit in creation has a unique and special vibration all of their own.       As each child is born, at the moment of its first breath, whatever combination of vibrations are present at that very moment sets the tone for the influences which affect that character.  Of course, genetics also affect our appearance, but the vibration of the planets play an important part here.  A good astrologer can tell us which planets have an effect on us according to the time and place of our birth and can draw a general conclusion of our life with our temperament, our strengths, our weaknesses and our talents from reading the planets that were nearest us at the date and time of our birth. God does not create anything haphazardly, everything has perfect order; this includes the creation of all things on earth and is most noticeable in God’s creation of people. God created everything, the science of color, the science or musical notes, the science of numbers etc. and all of these things are the result of a particular vibration.  The art of astrology has been so  compromised that this knowledge of mathematical patterns has been left in the hands of daily horoscope columnists in the newspaper, which is about as bad as the gambler’s plans for riches.     

      Our material body is unable to travel to other dimensions. However, our spirit, no matter the vibration, is capable of traveling to other dimensions only to return after the visit.  Spirits from the lower realms can travel in our domain and so too the spirits from the heavenly realms.  We have more spirits in our midst than most people recognize. Spirits constantly surround us. There is a whole other spirit dimension existing amongst us.      People who are clairvoyant can see in the spirit dimension and those who are clairaudient can hear the spirits.  The Bible tells us of many spirits who appeared to those on earth. Three spirits from Heaven visited Abraham and Sarah and materialized so completely that they shared a meal with them. A completely materialized spirit is no different from any human in that it has all the same physical attributes of an earthly person; the only difference is that it will not die physically as an incarnated spirit, but will dematerialize just as it came. It was an angel that was partially materialized that led Moses and the Hebrews on their journey in the desert. It appeared as a cloud by day and a fire by night. The Bible is replete with stories of spirits who communicated with God’s people.   

     It is possible for a spirit to leave the body so completely that another spirit can take its place and use the body as its own. We call people who can expel their spirit “deep trance mediums” today and “prophets” in the Bible. When a person has had so much liquor, that he or she loses consciousness and remembers nothing but their behavior while unconscious was not typical of their normal behavior, then what occurred?  What happened was that the liquor expelled the spirit of the person and another spirit took its place temporarily, this is the reason that the behavior was somewhat different. In a little book called, “Return from Tomorrow written by George G. Ritchie and Elizabeth Sherrill,“ a soldier who was very ill and left for dead had an out of body experience wherein he traveled throughout the town and in a drinking establishment saw spirits entering the bodies of drunk people.      Some people can expand their spirit without leaving their body altogether and can see or hear spirits in that other dimension.      

                                                                                     PART TWO

                                                             THE BIRTH, LIFE and DEATH  OF JESUS                                                      

      The Old Testament contains the history of the Israelites. Jesus was to be born of the lineage of one of these tribes, the tribe of Judah.  God had chosen the Israelites amongst all the people of the earth to be a beacon for the rest of the world since they were the most spiritually advanced at that time.  They were to learn the requirements to achieve refinement of character and to continue to be an example to others throughout the ages.       When His chosen people rebelled and followed other gods, which were evil spirits sent by Lucifer’s side; God could not use them as such, since their light was no better than that of the people they were trying to teach.  Therefore, He allowed them to be oppressed by those evil spirits, through disease and famine or enslavement by other wicked nations, until these Israelites realized it was the wrong direction.       

      God is merciful to all his creatures,  He only intends good things for all, even if this means that as a good Father He must correct bad behavior of His children until they see the error of their ways. God’s sole purpose for creating the materialized world was to help the fallen spirits to return to Heaven from Lucifer’s realm.   He often sent high spirits to teach   them, but many refused this help and instead joined with their pagan neighbors and worshiped their idols. Some of their actions taught through their communications with the idols were so vile that they were sacrificing their own children.  When their lives became so contaminated and so destitute, God had them annihilated; He removed their material bodies that He had so lovingly provided for them.  Many people use this to complain that God is a monster.  However, you must remember the reason for the materialization of people. What good would it do them if after their incarnation on earth they became worse than they were while still in the spirit world?  It might be better to try again, incarnate once more, and begin again to progress.  Therefore, God was really doing them a favor by not allowing them to continue their lost lives but giving them an opportunity to start again from the level they already occupied and to keep the progress they had achieved.  

      Many do not understand the God of the Old Testament.  They see a God Who destroyed His own chosen people and allowed them to annihilate tribes of people who only seemed to be in the way of the land that He gave to the Israelites. The God of yesteryear is the same God of today, He has not changed but the circumstances have changed somewhat.  The only goal that God keeps at the forefront is to reunite all of His creations to Him in Heaven. Most of us on this earth are no longer in communication with the holy spirits of God, if we  were, we might know what is going on with our world now.  In the end times, the Bible tells us that God will again destroy a part of the material world that is attempting to destroy His people and start again.  This time for one thousand years, Jesus will be in charge, and Lucifer will be restricted from influencing our world, so no doubt progression will be at a fast pace when Christ returns.      

       God also had annihilated many people during the time of Noah with the flood, allowing only Noah and his family to survive.  God did not ask Noah to collect all animals of the world but only such animals as Noah needed for his survival, in other words, his farm animals. The pictures and stories of a huge variety of animals are not correct and would not be possible even today.  There have been accounts of only approximately fifty thousand people on earth in Noah’s day, and the whole earth was not flooded by rain, but the peninsula of their land sank and they drowned.  Some knowledge can be lost in translation over the years, it seems. God used Noah and his family to restart His people.  In the bible, we read that later God wiped out the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah for their evil in ignoring God‘s rules or nature‘s rules. We do not know if the hurricanes, volcanoes and other destructive forces on earth today are for the same reason as these, but we do know that nothing occurs by happenstance, God always has a reason.  I wonder if He is trying to show us that the material world is only stuff that  does not help our progression towards Heaven, you be the judge.   

      The next important person that we learn about in the Bible is Abraham.  God asked him to leave his family and his homeland and travel to a new location.  God separated him from his traditional ways in order to teach him a new way that included the belief in the one true God.  Two very different and distinct peoples were descended from Abraham; the children of Isaac, who became known as the Israelites and the children of Ishmael, who became the Arab nations.  When God informed Abraham that through him He would bless the world, He meant those who would be followers of Christ, not all of his progeny, as we know that many of his descendants became very evil and did not follow God’s commands.    

     Throughout biblical history, God sent prophets or seers to the Israelites whenever they had descended so low that they could no longer see their way out of their misery. These prophets were high spirits who had never joined Lucifer in the fall of the angels; they had always been faithful to God and obedient to Christ’s rule. Some of them you have read about: Samuel, Elisha, Elijah, Jeremiah and many others.  Unfortunately, the Israelites did not always change their ways and in spite of the warnings regarding future perils, they continued in their disobedience, and so God left them in their error and other nations enslaved them.

    Finally, the time was ripe for the greatest of God’s spirits to come to earth in order to bring the next stage of progression to the world, especially to the Israelites.  The plan of salvation took eons in the preparation, whereby God created levels of  progression to accommodate the spirits who recognized their folly and began to work towards acquiring a better attitude, one that would be in harmony with the spirits who were still in Heaven.  Once a number of fallen spirits had progressed far enough to allow them re-entry into Heaven, God allowed Jesus, His only son to incarnate here on earth, the realm that is the highest realm of hell and under Lucifer’s jurisdiction. God could have sent one of the archangels, Michael or Raphael or any other high spirit, but Jesus offered to come to earth to rescue us from Lucifer, after all it was against him that Lucifer had led the rebellion and taken so many.   The amount of suffering which Jesus endured during his life on earth is not recorded anywhere. Knowing that the same people he had cared for in Heaven before their fall had betrayed him must have been difficult.  John the Baptist, who was the reincarnation of Elijah, was the one who would introduce Jesus into the world; he was to prepare the way for his coming. Each time that Jesus the Christ comes to earth, Elijah will come first to prepare the way.

    Baptism is named after John the Baptist who immersed people in water.  The baptism given by John the Baptist was an outward sign of an inner change of heart, a change from worshiping idols to one of worshiping the one and only true God.  The decision to be baptized was a weighty one and sometimes a dangerous one.  Pledging allegiance to God and forsaking all other gods, including the ruler of the country, was often a separation from their family and friends.  In addition, their business could suffer or their life might be in danger.     

      In our churches, no one suffers their decision to be baptized; it is more of a church ritual since the members are only following protocol and there is no grave decision.  In fact, many churches baptize their family members while they are still infants, thereby taking the decision from them altogether, and the intent is no longer to pledge allegiance to the one and only true God but to pledge allegiance to a particular church or a particular religious denomination.       God could have had His son materialize on earth as a full-grown man with all of his intellect and talents intact, but God did not do it this way.  Instead, he caused His son to be born as all of us by physical birth. His son Jesus was not born in a castle and did not lead a privileged life, so that we could not say that he had an unfair advantage over us, he was born in a lowly state.

     Mary received a message from Gabriel that she would be the mother of a high spirit.  It must have been difficult for Mary to be Jesus’ mother. She knows he is a high spirit but does not know which one he is or what his mission really is. She believes as all of Israel that he will lead the Israelites on the human level.  She discovers that he is a genius; he can discuss religious matters with the leaders in the temple at the age of only twelve.  Later when he begins his teaching, she realizes that he is not teaching what she has learned; these truths are not in keeping with the teaching of the day.  How she must have worried when she observed how he was so hated by some, and then she endured losing her child at a young age by crucifixion.  By the way, she was not present at the crucifixion, what mother could live through that, Jesus had asked John to take her away.     

    The churches teach that Mary was a virgin and still is.  True, Mary was a virgin before the birth of Jesus, God did not intend that the Redeemer should be born of a mother who had conceived and borne other children before him. After the birth of Jesus, Mary had other sons and daughters in the ordinary way with Joseph, her husband, the Bible mentions them by name: Joseph, Judah, Simon, James as well as daughters, although they are not named.    

       Generation and birth within God’s creation follow immutable laws.  The union of the germ of the male and the female is in every instance imperative, a law  to which there is no exception.  Hence, no discarnate spirit, celestial or infernal can beget offspring without employing the human body and the human sperm.   This truth will appear entirely too human and too much in accordance with the everyday laws of nature to convince most mortals. It is not marvelous and mysterious enough to satisfy the churches. Wretched beings that we are to so misjudge the most wonderful laws enacted by God’s   wisdom as exemplified in the procreation and birth of a child. Had the incarnation of Jesus not followed the laws of human propagation, he would have differed fundamentally from other men. 

       The Angel Gabriel had appeared to Mary to explain to her what was to occur.  Mary understood, as all people of that day that spirit communication includes more than just the giving of messages.  There were many mediums in those days, and Joseph, to whom Mary was betrothed, was a very accomplished full trance medium.  As you have read earlier, the medium’s spirit can leave the medium’s body altogether and allow another spirit to enter that body. When Joseph’s spirit left his body, the spirit of Jesus entered it and begat his own earthly tenement, as he wished to perform in person everything that he held necessary to achieve the redemption.  His spirit entered the body of the embryonic child during the last moments of the mother’s pregnancy, or at that stage at which the incarnation of a spirit occurs with all mothers, through the entry of that spirit into the infant organism.  

     We celebrate the birth of Jesus on Christmas day, the holy day named after him.  We give each other gifts as the wise men gave to Jesus and we sing as the angels did who accompanied Jesus on his earthly journey. Therefore, even though the birth of Jesus is replaced with stories of Santa Claus, it still proves that even the unbelievers have a difficult time to completely ignore the great event, try as they might.      Jesus was raised as a child as all other children but soon showed signs of being very intelligent and very mediumistic.  God sent His high spirits to Jesus to help him complete his mission, even Jesus says, “You will see the Heavens open and the spirits from Heaven descending and ascending upon the son of man”.  Jesus, although he was the son of God was still a human being.  None of us remembers who we were in a past life; neither did Jesus remember whom he had been except when he learned of it during his baptism by John. Because the churches teach that Jesus is God, we have a difficult time allowing him to be a human and having human failings and human likes and dislikes.  As a human, he was not perfect as no human can be; the material body weighs on the spirit and prevents it from being perfect.   

     Although Jesus is not God, his vibration is also very high and it must have been very difficult for him to live here on this planet amongst the lower vibrations.   Jesus while on earth was in direct contact with God his Father at all times, likely the  only thing that kept him from despairing altogether. No one born on this planet was ever of the vibration of Jesus and no one ever born on this earth will ever be of that vibration.      When Jesus was in the desert being tempted by Lucifer, the main thrust of Lucifer’s temptation was to convince him that he really was not the son of God, that he was delusional and the sooner he admitted it the better for him.  Think how difficult it must have been for Jesus, to live with this fear, after all, Lucifer was in the spirit world and knew who Jesus was and knew just how to make him give up his mission.      Jesus was the most gifted person who ever lived on earth; no one has been or is as clairvoyant or clairaudient as he was.  This was helpful to him in that he could see and hear the spirits around him and around others, but at the same time these gifts caused him a great deal of grief.  Jesus’ suffering on earth did not consist only of his last hours and his crucifixion.  His sorrow lay in watching the fallen spirits, his brothers and sisters, behave as they did with no thought of God or very little in any case, and the power of Lucifer over them which they could not rise above. Beyond that, Jesus suffered all the attacks from Lucifer in much greater measure than his attacks on the rest of humankind, since Jesus was the greatest threat to Lucifer, the one who would deprive him of his kingdom. Lucifer did not tempt Jesus in the desert only, but continually  showed him visions of all that is frightening and detestable in humankind.   Lucifer knew who Jesus was and his goal was to make his life as difficult as possible and to get rid of him at any cost, lest he take away his subjects.  Had Lucifer known that the death of Jesus was the pre-requisite in the salvation of the lost souls, he would never have worked as hard as he did to bring that about.   

     Jesus took on a human body so that he could live among the incarnated spirits he wished to save.  While on earth, he could only fight defensively against Lucifer, the way we all can.  Spirits incarnated in the material world cannot fight against spirits, all humans can do is refuse what is offered.  After his death on the cross, Jesus was now in a position to fight his adversary, Lucifer, who had led the fall of the spirits.  Jesus in spirit form descended into Lucifer’s realm and battled with Lucifer with the aid of Michael and his legions, the same Michael who had helped to send Lucifer and all of the other rebellious spirits out of Heaven and into the darkness.      Jesus while in hell preached to the lost spirits as he had done on earth and attempted to convince them to leave Lucifer and return to Heaven.  Before Christ’s victory, there was no hope of ever being freed from hell.  “Abandon hope, all you who enter herein” was the cry; they could not return to Heaven, even though they had repented of their sins and of their particular role in the revolt with Lucifer.  

     There was a great void between the two realms, and this existed for millenniums of time.  Humankind has no means of calculating the amount of time that has passed since the fall of the one third of Heaven with Lucifer to hell to today. There was to bridge built across that great void before Christ arrived.      This battle was similar to the one fought in Heaven when the fallen spirits were cast out, only this time the battle took place in hell, Lucifer’s territory. Jesus, with the help of Michael’s legions won the battle and was victorious over Lucifer, and could then enforce the terms of the treaty with him.  Lucifer expected a much more dire outcome to the treaty, but God and Jesus were very lenient toward him.  They could have vanquished him and his followers to the darkness for eternity, but they asked only that Lucifer allow the spirits to leave his realm that wished to, and could only rule over the spirits who voluntarily remained with him.  However, he can hold any spirit in subjection by temptation and has been permitted by the terms of his defeat to continue rising to the earthly spheres to dissuade and mislead anyone he can.   

       By virtue of Christ’s victory, Satan could no longer forcibly detain any spirit from returning homeward, to Heaven. Everyone must incarnate in human form, travel their respective life experiences, and pass their tests to refine and purify their spirit.  Now Christ has built the bridge and spirits are free to return home to Heaven.  Jesus is still as interested  in the spirits who are still in the lowest parts of hell as much as he is interested in those of us who have progressed to the human stage on the earth realm.   God is a God of love, He would not ever leave anyone to suffer forever, He wants all of His children to return to Heaven and so there is no such thing as everlasting hell.  The older manuscripts of the scriptures have interpreted the word “eternal” that we use today, as “eons”, meaning an elastic period of time but not forever.  We cannot claim that God is love and yet attribute everlasting hell to Him.   

      It has taken Lucifer two thousand years through erring copiers and willful forgers, to alter the original scriptures into the form we have today, and he is cleverly at work to this very day.  He holds influence over the greater part of humanity, and has altered the truth to a lie, while that which was a lie is considered truth.       Christ, by his victory over Lucifer, built a bridge to span the chasm between Heaven and hell. With the gates to Heaven re-opened, the lost spirits can now begin their ascent back to Heaven.  This is occurring throughout the universe in unprecedented numbers.  The gates to Heaven will remain open until every spirit has crossed that bridge. Even Lucifer, who will be the last spirit by God’s justice, will repent of his sins willingly one day and beg his elder brother, the King Jesus Christ for forgiveness.  That will be the day when God‘s plan of salvation   will be fulfilled and Lucifer may return as light bearer.                     

      This was the message of great news that the apostles were teaching the people.  It was great news indeed, and the reason Christ could not give this information to the apostles earlier was that the battle had yet to be fought, because Christ had not yet been crucified and his suffering and his death on the cross was the prerequisite by which the battle could be fought.   No one knew, not even God, if Christ would be victorious.  God’s love is so great for all the fallen spirits, which include us, which He did not spare His first-born son but risked losing him so that all humankind could be saved.  Had Jesus failed in his mission, God would have had to send another spirit to save us. 

     Therefore, the last battle that took place in the spirit world was of extreme importance.  There has not been such a battle since and there shall not be another like it.  Christ has won and now expends much effort to help us understand that there is nothing standing in the way of our salvation. We must purify our souls by steadfastness and faithfulness and make ourselves ready to receive God’s gift of life renewed in the hereafter.   

      The churches say that if we believe in Christ, salvation is ours, but this is only the first step.  We must then earn our way back to Heaven; it is not magic.   Christ has redeemed us from Lucifer’s hold   and we need only to follow God’s precepts and lead a holy life to complete our redemption.  Many churches do not teach the victory of Christ over Lucifer during the battle in hell, but emphasize his death only. This does not help anyone understand the reason for his or her salvation, except to say that by his death he has redeemed us.  By his victory over Lucifer both in his life on earth and in his battle as a spirit, Christ has redeemed us and re-opened the gates of Heaven which had remained closed from the time of our fall from Heaven with Lucifer as our one -time leader.     

      Therefore, the first fallen spirits to return to Heaven were those who had been waiting for the gates to open and who entered when Christ returned to Heaven after his death on earth and his defeat of Lucifer.  Until then anyone who died a physical death had to remain as a spirit on a parallel realm of earth.   Since then there has been a steady stream of people entering Heaven.   This is a very recent event since Christ left this earth only approximately two thousand years ago.  As you can see, we have only just begun to return to Heaven after our fall and most of us have lived many lives on earth to prepare us for our return.   There are many levels in Heaven and most of us only enter into the lowest level of Heaven, called Paradise. From there we continue to earn our way through the realms of Heaven that Paul describes, until we eventually arrive to the original and purest realm where the two thirds of loyal spirits reside under God.

        However, at the end of this age, when Christ returns to earth to rule for approximately a thousand years, Lucifer will be bound for all those years.  Revelations says, “And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and a great chain in his hand, and  he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the devil, and Satan, and bound him a thousand years“(Rev 20, 1-2). With all temptations from Lucifer’s realm removed, spirits will still have to work out their salvation, but with no one to impede their progress this will not be as difficult as it is today.   The second coming of Christ could possibly be called the second surge of spirits returning into the Heavenly spheres.           


                                                                                 PART THREE     

                                                                       DEATH AND RESURRECTION   

      Jesus was nailed to the cross, died, and on the third day his body was no longer in the tomb, Jesus’ body had de-materialized.  It was not meant for Christ’s body to see corruption nor for man to worship it, as often happens with famous people.  There are other stories in the Bible of people’s bodies de-materializing at their death, so it was not a one-time occurrence. The story of Elijah recounts how his body de-materialized in the whirlwind while Elisha was watching him.

      When Jesus appeared to Mary and the apostles, He came as a spirit who was condensed to the point of being material again, only to keep disappearing after each visit.  His earthly body was gone; it did not reunite with his spirit.  All this appearing and disappearing is not what is meant by the resurrection. Remember Jesus was born of man so that he could walk among us.  He had left Heaven, the world of the spiritually living, the world of unification with God, and joined the spiritually dead here on earth, those who were separated from God.  Not only did he walk here on Satan’s realm but also after His earthly death, his spirit descended even lower, into the lower regions of hell, even to its utter depths.  Less than three days does not seem like much time to spend in the lower   depths in order to teach the spirits there, but there are no clocks or calendars in the spirit world, so we have no idea how much time he spent there.  Peter says “By which also he went and preached unto the spirits in prison which sometime were disobedient when once the long suffering of God waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was a preparing wherein few, that is, eight souls were saved by water. (Peter 3, 19 - 20). 

     Jesus had subjected himself to joining the spiritually dead in order to free the spiritually dead, the inmates of hell. At that time, it was not possible for anyone in hell to leave from there, not until Jesus had battled and defeated Lucifer could anyone leave that place. Lucifer had the right to be the authority over the spirits who had sided with him and had been sent to hell with him, and none was strong enough to oppose Satan until Jesus came. There was going to be a war in hell, but no one knew who would win. Satan knew who Jesus was and knew that this battle was the most important battle of his life and so he would not have left anything to chance, he would have marshaled all of his forces. However, as we have learned, Christ is more powerful than Satan is; that should be a welcome thought to us when we are tempted.  This is the never-ending battle on earth between Christ and Lucifer to win the soul of everyone in the lower realms, the earthly sphere being the highest of the low realms.   

    The resurrection of Jesus was a spiritual resurrection, leaving Satan’s realm and returning to Heaven to be with the spiritually alive.  When we read in the Bible about life and death, it usually refers to spiritual life and death, God is interested in the life of our soul.  We need our physical bodies to live in this material world to learn the necessary lessons to regain our allegiance to God and Christ, but He is more interested in having our spirit return to Him. The physical universe is a gigantic class, filled with lessons and tests of our character.  Once we pass those tests, our vibration rings with a pure enough note to enter the higher realms; lower vibrations cannot bear the light of Heaven.  Only those pure in character can pass the threshold into Heaven.   

      Spirits, once created never die in the sense that they can disappear into nothingness. A spirit can die a spiritual death, which means a separation from God, but it will still exist, to be with God is to have spiritual life.  Spirits incarnate on earth into a physical body, and at the end of that physical life span, the spirit detaches from the body when the silver cord that joins the two, breaks, (Beck. 12:6)”Or ever the silver cord be loosed”, and the spirit will continue to exist in a  parallel spirit realm comparable to its vibration.   This cord is elastic and very difficult to break. As our life wanes, this cord becomes weaker and weaker and severs at our death, never to be reconnected.  

       The Bible tells us that Jesus while on earth resurrected the dead, but these people were not dead. Jesus tried to tell his apostles, as in the case of Lazarus, that Lazarus was not dead but was only asleep.  The apostles did not understand what he meant since Lazarus was already in his tomb and so Jesus said, “Lazarus is dead”, only because he was not up to explaining all of this at that time.  However, the truth was that Lazarus and all of the other people that Christ restored to life were not dead, because although they appeared to be so, even to the point that their bodies had begun to deteriorate, their odic or energy cord was not yet broken, but was so weak that they appeared to be dead.  It takes a great deal of power to strengthen an odic cord that is that weak and only by God’s intervention can the near dead be restored to physical life.   

      When people die, it may take several days for their odic cord to break, even if the doctors declare the person dead, it is not always so.  However at that point it would be very unusual that anyone could restore the person to his or her full capacity of life.  God could give someone the power, but He would have a good reason to do this.    Many people report having had a near death experience, seeing a light, going toward it, sometimes speaking to someone.  Usually they think they have seen God or Jesus, whom they think is God, they may have seen Jesus or another Heavenly spirit, but  it is not likely that they have seen God. The realm that God inhabits is much too bright and grand than the realm we would enter upon leaving our bodies. These people with out of body or near death experiences always return to the physical realm because their odic cord did not break, otherwise they would not have been back to tell us about it.       When we daydream, sleep, or meditate, our spirit can leave our body and go into the spirit world but returns again to rejoin our bodies and we regain consciousness.  When our body suffers great trauma our spirit can leave our body and we become unconscious.  Drugs may also have the effect of expelling our spirit for a time.  We have all heard stories of people whose spirit left their body while in surgery, and have watched what was going on in the room. Actually, our spirit leaves very often, we just don’t always remember where we have been, sometimes we remain on this realm, sometimes we go to a higher or lower realm depending upon where our thoughts are or on occasion where our Heavenly spirit guides wish to bring us. Some people can expel their spirit at will and can see and hear in the spirit world, some can even leave so completely that another spirit can enter their body and use it as their own. This phenomenon is related many times in the Bible where the writer tells us that a spirit of God came with a message.      When Jesus died on the cross, there was a great earthquake, the tombs carved into the mountains fell  open, and some of the bodies fell out.

      Later translators added that these corpses were resurrected and to prove their point they added that they were seen walking about the city.  If they were resurrected, then where did they go from there, did they rejoin their families, would the bible not tell us about that?  Besides, the churches claim that Jesus was the first to be resurrected, and so what about these people? The term resurrection is the resurrection of the spirit, not the body. The Bible most always refers to spiritual life or death when mentioned, as when Jesus said, “Let the (spiritually) dead bury their (physically) dead”.    

    There is another spurious addition to the teachings of the churches and that is what they call “the rapture”.  According to the churches, when all is lost on earth at the end times, they will be picked up and floated up to Heaven.   Do they not wonder what will happen to their physical bodies, since you must be in spirit form to join other spirits; you cannot bring your body with you?  Will they disintegrate on the way up?  Besides, they claim that they will return to earth with Jesus to reign with him through the thousand years. Where will their bodies be in the meantime while their spirits are in Heaven?  How will their bodies and spirits rejoin? This so-called rapture is not in the Bible, they use the words of Paul when he says that they will be changed in a twinkling of an eye, but Paul never said anything about physical beings going to Heaven,  body and soul. Spirits have an ethereal body; this is not a material dimension.     

       On our passing over from this life, we are met by our loved ones just as we are met by our loved ones when we travel on earth. If we have lived a good and harmonious Christian life, we can and do continue on to one of the Heavenly realms.   We still are who we are and we begin to progress from where we left off when we were on earth.  The difference is that we no longer are in Lucifer’s realm, so we may learn and progress without the obstacles that were before us here on earth.  The more we work on raising our vibration by living a pure and harmonious life on earth, the higher level we will be comfortable in when we arrive in the spirit world.   Rebellious people however follow rebellious spirits away from good spirits and descend to caverns of darkness.     

      What do we find in a graveyard and in the grave but the outer shell that housed a spirit for a life span, nothing more? The saying “from dust to dust” means that our bodies that comprise of the energy of the earth return to the energy of the earth after our physical death.  The spirit incarnates (meaning the flesh) by birth and dis-carnates at physical death.  Some people think that after their physical death they remain in the grave, body and soul, or body and spirit, until Christ returns, at which time they will be  resurrected and follow him to Heaven. Nothing material lasts forever, all return to the earth.  Because  we don’t feel or look any different after our death, some spirits who cross over are not aware immediately that they are dead and carry on with the same mindset and habits without the memory of crossing over. Those who have not improved their character in life may often regret their misspent life.         

      When the sun warms the earth, the water from the earth evaporates and mixes with all other vapor in the air.  It is not possible to collect the exact vapor that left a certain water filled location and return it to its original location.  When our body after physical death disintegrates and the energy returns to the energy of the earth, it is not possible to retrieve the energy of a particular human and reassemble it to create that same person. So once our physical body separates from our spirit, it is separated forever, and the only way for that spirit to be seen again is to use energy to materialize it temporarily or to incarnate it in a different body by birth.     

      The spirit is set free from the body and now has an ethereal body that looks the same as the physical body in every way.  Everything the person felt while in the physical shell, the new ethereal body feels until they recognize that they are now in an ethereal body and begin to progress. The best analogy is to liken your physical body to the clothing you wear. When you remove your clothing, you are still you, the sensations you felt while dressed do not remain with your clothing but with your body, so too your spirit  is still you, but without your physical body.  The moment you separate from your physical body, you begin your true life in your ethereal body, and you are now in the world of spirits, all of whom are also in their ethereal bodies.  

      Our earth body is a material covering that covers our ethereal body that in turn houses our spirit, so that each physical body takes on the shape of the spirit.  A human body covers a human-shaped spirit; an animal body covers an animal spirit of that shape, so that when our physical body dies, our ethereal body covers our spirit. All spirits have their own particular shape and if it were a blob or a vapor then it would have looked like a blob or a vapor when it was still in its physical body.   Statistics show that a great number people never think about death and the belief is that they are not concerned, but the reality might be that they fear death so much that they refuse to think about it.  Fear of the unknown is not rare in humankind.  Sometimes following a palatable but incorrect belief is less difficult than seeking the truth and risk losing a stable, albeit, unfulfilling life. 

       We are spirits; at times, we live in the spirit world and at times, we live in the material world, and there is no separation in our thoughts and beliefs in either world.  Our existence is never ending.  Our life in the spirit world is a continuation of our life from the material in the sense that our character is the same;  we are still the same person.  Just as in our life on earth, there are consequences for our actions, those consequences, if not realized on earth, are realized in the spirit world.  Similarly if not realized in the spirit world, will be realized once we return to the material world when we reincarnate. We are who we are, and we think as we think throughout our continuous existence, unless we consciously make the necessary changes to improve our life by refining our character and rising to our original home in Heaven.   

      When someone dies, his relatives and friends gather at the grave and say things such as, “He is now in Heaven”, “He is now free”, “He has no more suffering’.  There is no way for anyone to know if this is truly so unless God allows it to be revealed.   It all depends upon how the person conducted his or her life.  The outward appearance of man does not always reflect his inner spirit.  Only God knows what is in someone’s heart and can judge accordingly.      If while on earth a person gives no time to God and lives for himself or herself  believing there is no after life; that person may not have left this realm after death but remains in an ethereal form on the same level as earth. This type of person may not even know that they are dead physically, and may continue to believe they are still on the material earth.  In addition, if a person does evil on earth, he or she may be relegated to a lower level, where there   is no memory of their previous existence, sometimes even forgetting their own name.   

        At a prayer meeting or séance some years ago, we were introduced to a young girl who was carrying water in a wagon train.  She informed us that everyone on the wagon train had been killed and only she and her grandfather had survived.  The truth was that they also had died but had not left the wagon train as the others had, and it took some convincing to make her realize that she did not have a physical body and should leave the area and enter the world of spirits.  At times, people after their death remain at the same place and at the same state of mind they were when they died.  Not only do they not know that they are dead but they are unable to move from the place they were when they died.   I once had a very vivid dream where I was shown a group of soldiers who were in a large bunker. They each monitored a different section of the bunker with their guns in readiness. They kept checking with each other and saying things like, “Do you see anything over there?” or “Anything on your side of the building?”  I realized that I was the only one who could enter and leave at will but that they could not leave their post. I understood then that many people who die with obsessions might not know they are dead and keep on doing whatever it was they were doing at the time of their death.   

    There is a time to be born and a time to die.  Barring suicide, man has no control over his or her birth or death, only God can decide within given circumstances when death should occur. Each of us has incarnated on earth with a purpose and is assigned a guardian angel to help us fulfill that purpose; therefore, our day of leaving this earth is already pre-planned.  We do not know for what reason God may change our time of death but only He can shorten or extend our life.  (Eccl-9:8) says, “There is no man that hath power over the spirit to retain the spirit, neither hath he power in the day of death”.   We ourselves cannot decide when to die, we may have a premonition of our death given to us by God’s spirits, just as Saul was told that he would die the following day after he consulted the witch of Endor, where God allowed Samuel to appear and give him the notice. However, if we think we will shorten our lives by not taking care of our physical bodies, we have not caused our death but have only made our physical life more difficult because of illness.  Moreover, we may continue in our failing health until our time on earth is completed.  If we decide to commit suicide to avoid the challenges or the lessons that we encounter in our life, our same character with the same challenges will remain with us until we can pass that test in another incarnation.  The suicidal person’s concern might have been all about his or her own well-being.  A  self-centered attitude carries much weight that can only be lifted from a spirit by becoming empathetic.  

      We often choose to abort a fetus if it interferes with our plans and thereby destroying an opportunity for one of our brothers or sisters to receive the privilege of life.  It takes so many lives to get to Heaven and there are so many waiting for an available body to get on with their progression.  Each time a child is aborted that is one more opportunity denied for some spirit.  Therefore, the waiting spirits have no choice but to continue their suffering in Lucifer’s realm until someone makes the decision to sacrifice their earthly goals in order to help another brother or sister. We must understand that we are spirits ourselves with a body for the present time. When we leave this earth and return to the spirit world, we likely join the ranks of spirits who are anxiously waiting for an opportunity to take on a human body once again and continue our progress. If while on earth, we choose to abort a child, we may be required to help that spirit on another occasion in the future. Similarly, if we are participants in the suffering or the shortening of another’s life on earth, and this causes them harm, ultimately we will have to be the participant to correct that wrong in the future in this life or the next. 

    Also, for those who blame themselves for the death of a loved one, remember that you do not  have power over the length of a natural life, only God does, unless you are responsible for the death of that person.   There are portions of good and loving people on earth who have progressed to one of the Heavenly realms, have reincarnated from that higher realm, and are returning to help family members in this life.  Some of the great prophets such as Job, Moses or Abraham, came to earth to help in humankind’s progress having never been amongst the one third of the spirits in this realm who had rebelled with Lucifer eons ago. However, most people have incarnated on this earth realm from below, working their way up through the earth species until they have reached the level of man and now are working their way to the tenth realm that is the first realm of Heaven. 

      Those who are well intentioned do not descend into a lower realm but if they are not progressed enough to enter the tenth realm, they really are not in Heaven but continue on the same ninth/earth realm in the spirit world.  Humankind on the ninth realm has not progressed much in centuries and there is a logjam of spirits on this realm.  Since the time when Christ defeated Satan two thousand years ago, Lucifer has lost the right to stop any spirit from leaving him.  For this reason, the fallen spirits are streaming out of the lower realms and into an incarnation desiring to return to Heaven.  A spirit can continue to progress in the spirit world, or they can re-incarnate on earth to pass  the tests of good character for as many lives as necessary in order to be fit for Heaven   

     Most of the people who attend one church or another, you would expect to go directly into Heaven, but this is not necessarily so. Many of these people have been taught fallacies in their churches and they must be rid of those before rising to the tenth realm, and sometimes these are the people who are the most difficult to teach because they are so sure they have the correct information.  The doctrine of being forgiven once a week on the day of worship, but continuing with the same sin all week proves a person’s true character for instance. We cannot live in a realm of such a high vibration while holding on to ideas of a lower vibration, our ethereal bodies cannot stand the light of a higher vibration than ours; it would not even be comfortable.      

       Nevertheless, Jesus will soon arrive and begin to loosen the logjam and help people move to the tenth realm where they can begin their upward movement.  That is the reason for his coming, to organize the correct lessons for the spirits to pass, and to give the correct knowledge required for their progression.  When he came the first time, it was to loosen the bonds of Lucifer and force him to allow his subjects to begin their upward progress.  Until then no one, no matter how progressed, could enter the Heavenly realms after their physical death, but had to wait in the spirit world in a parallel earth realm until the redemption was completed, except  for those who had come to earth from the Heavenly realms to help.      If we recognize that the highest realm of Heaven where God and Christ reside is a very bright and warm place, then it would only make sense that as we go lower in the spheres the light is not as bright, and not as warm, so that as we approach hell, it must be darker and colder. We on earth are on the ninth realm, the highest realm of hell, and compared to the thirteenth realm, which is the highest, we are living in quite a dark realm.  We even have a part of our twenty-four hour day that is in almost complete darkness, that we call night, and the further we go toward the poles the longer the darkness lasts.  Our planet is even darker than many others are as we can see that the earth is in the outer part of the galaxy.  The burning fires of hell is only an analogy since fire is very painful, but the cold and the dark might be expected.  There are quite a few stories of people who experienced near death and were shown the lower realms of sorrow and mental pain where demons controlled the spirits of that place.   

     People on earth are all at different levels of development.  When we leave this earth, our spirit continues on the journey, without a physical body, but with an ethereal one, through more levels of development.  Most people must re-incarnate many times in order to use this earth as a learning place in their quest for Heaven because of misspent time on earth, using our energy to gather material goods and  learning skills for the purpose of gathering matter around ourselves. When we leave this earth, we will have an idea as to which level we belong in the world of spirits. We will be attracted to the level where the vibration is similar to ours.  Therefore, life is a continuous journey; waste a few lives and we only delay our progress. We cannot arrive at our destination unless we know what our destination is.  Life for most of us is not fulfilling no matter how much we claim it is, for God has instilled in everyone the desire to return to our origins no matter how weak the desire.   It appears to be widespread in humankind to strive for perfection, however, the agreement of how to arrive at this state is quite divided as well as the definition of perfection.     

     Some have the idea that they can live their lives without giving any thought to God or Christ and then upon their deathbed, they need only call upon God to go to Heaven.  They use as an example the words that Jesus said to the thief who was crucified with him, “Today you shall be with me in Paradise”, to claim the same for themselves. However, man must atone for everything he does that is against God or his neighbor.  We may reach Paradise after this life and then again, we may not.  Just because Jesus forgave the thief and allowed him into Paradise cannot compare to the debt we might owe to God.   We do not know what was in the heart of the thief or how he stood with God, only how he stood with the manmade justice system of those days.  After all, the same system that had condemned him to death was the one that had condemned Jesus to the same fate.    

       For all of the centuries that humankind has been an inhabitant on the earth, he has made a great deal of material progress, but as long as the material world is in existence, there will always be evil.  As each spirit rises to the heavenly spheres, another spirit finds its way out of hell to begin its journey.  The only time that we will run out of evil will be when the evil one himself, Lucifer, begins his upward journey and passes the tests to raise himself to his former glory.  That is when everything is subjected to Christ and the plan of salvation is complete.  The material world will no longer be necessary and will then dissolve back into its ethereal form; that will be the end of the world.    

     If we get to one of the Heavenly realms after we take leave of our physical body and of this earth, what should we expect?  There have been many accounts of people who have had a near death experience and see a bright light, others might also have seen loved ones passed on or seen an angel of Heaven and some imagine Heaven like this.  Others have the idea that we float on a cloud, perhaps because we look up to the sky and see only clouds, but this is still a part of the material world and Heaven is a different dimension, that of spirit.  Earth is a replication of the spirit world, everything we see on earth is also in the spirit world because the spirit world was first. In the spirit world, there are towns and cities, houses, animals, plants, rivers etc.  On earth, there are many cities, some beautiful, some not as great.  People choose which city they will live in and which part of that city that will be their home. We seem to gravitate to areas where we fit in, where the people are most like us, so it is in the other realms.     

       Heaven has many levels, the higher the vibration, the nicer the area.  The City of God is of the highest vibration and therefore is the brightest and most beautiful.  Unfortunately, most of us cannot go directly from the vibration of earth to the vibration of the City of God.  The majority of humankind is still progressing and rising out of this realm by incarnating. It is all about vibrations, the purer a spirit we are, the closer we are to God; the higher our vibration, the higher in Heaven we would reside; the fewer flaws we have, the more refined our spirit, therefore the brighter the realm we can inhabit.  There is nothing precocious about it, like attract like, God does not play favorites, our perfection and our vibration speaks for itself.      



      We are all born into certain cultural, societal, religious and family belief systems that become the   familiar background that binds communities together. This is beneficial up to the point when that same tradition becomes a hindrance on our path to higher realms and greater spiritual perfection.  Part of the process of maturity includes that we must decide what we will believe in and how we will conduct our lives. After our death, we will not be able to blame anyone, even our parents, for our lack of knowledge or progress. Many of the same people we interact with on earth are the same as those we interact with in the spirit world, but not all. What is in our heart is what counts; it is not what a person says, but who they are.  A certain attitude creates a type or character that corresponds to a specific vibration.  A higher vibration emits greater light because the spirit is close to the creator of light and perfection, and so it shares in a greater abundance of that power from above.  Our perfect character is not formed outwardly by which family rituals we follow, which building we pray in, which preacher we listen to, which traditions we follow.  Many of us have become as the Pharisees of old, placing emphasis on superficial rules and beliefs. 

      Not much has changed since the days of Jesus; we still have religions that enslave the people with fabricated rules rather than teaching them the lessons from God.  Some might claim that their religion is the only correct one and should you abandon it for another you forfeit your salvation.   Jesus did not teach us to belong to any religious group, only to love God first and our neighbor.

         The sole purpose of a physical life is to refine our character and to pass those tests put before us by the Father above, so that we can continue upward to the next level that we know as Paradise, the tenth realm.   We are after all the fallen angels who are given by God the material creation as a vehicle to learn the necessary lesson to return to Heaven.  Instead, in this so-called enlightened age, the majority of humanity makes this material life their main goal.  We are perpetual students of this ninth grade never expecting to graduate. Since earth is the highest level of hell and since under the influence of Satan, the adversary, what does it benefit a person to remain at this stage? Even some of the people who do not know the real God know that there is a spirit world.  True they worship idols, the sun, the stars etc. but they at least understand that there is more to life than their material life.     

      The Bible predicted that Jesus whom they called the “root of Jesse” would also come to be a leader for the gentiles.  It is not that Christ came only for the gentiles but long before Jesus Christ was born, he knew that many Israelites would not accept him.  They were so steeped in tradition that they were not interested in opening their minds to learn what else God had for them in the form of new information.  The leaders of false traditions have much to lose by continuing to teach these falsehoods once they are proven that Christ is the only way to God and to Heaven again. Moreover, those who follow these misguided leaders fear to unshackle the ball and  chain that they might fall into the pit. Those of the past could not see and understand that the promises of God were real.  With God the truth is always the same since there is but one truth.  Today the same problems of tradition closes people’s minds.  If they opened their spiritual eyes, they would discover how to think about their future in the spiritual world and how to get there.  Once a person is able to reach their guardian angel assigned to them at birth to guide them, their progress is rapid because they have the truth at their disposal, and will make fewer mistakes than they had in their past lives.   

       God’s truth is not complicated, but the churches make it so. What they do not understand they call “mysteries”, and everyone must have faith without knowledge. If the churches would only remove the chains that bind their adherents to them, what freedom they could enjoy and what knowledge they could possess.   However, the church leaders need the people’s obedience for their survival.  The leaders of the various churches know that they can count on so many dollars per head of their attendees. Even Jesus while on earth only preached what God told him to preach and was he not more knowledgeable than all of our church leaders are?        

     The apostles were persecuted to their death for daring to go against the beliefs of the day.  Even in that day, religious beliefs had been contaminated.   How might we have fared in those days?  Would we have been able to put away tradition and the common beliefs and opened ourselves to the real story?  A person today might claim that they could have done it, but if I were to tell you that much of what you believe today is also not correct, would you be open to the truth or would you remain with tradition and the common belief of this day?  How many of your beliefs are you prepared to question if challenged with the truth in your life today?  Some of us may have been around during the time of Jesus. Steeped in our traditions as we are now, might we have refused to believe that Jesus was the Messiah?  May we have been part of the people who yelled, “Crucify him”, or had simply walked away in disbelief, continuing on our chosen path?    “I AM THE LORD THY GOD      “I am the Lord thy God, thou shall have no other gods before me?  This is the first commandment given to Moses. Who or what are the other gods?   

      In the days described in the old testament of the Bible, the people worshiped many gods, who were nothing more than manmade artifacts controlled by deceiving low spirits.  In ancient days, many people worshiped the sun, the moon and the stars, the gods of the elements called elemental or mundane gods or spirits.   In some countries, still today, people  worship their ancestors.  Some religions decide who deserves to be called a saint after their death and they worship them.  The bones of so-called saints are called relics and are worshiped.  Even farther than this, many of us worship the movie stars, the great athletes, or the different musical bands.  Many worship their religious leaders.  Some of us worship money, our belongings, and our accomplishments, even ourselves.  We may not think we worship all of these things, but let us measure how many hours in a twenty four hour day is spent even thinking of God compared to the hours we spend shopping for our things and thinking of them.     Jesus, while on earth, asked a particular man to leave everything and follow him.  How many of us today could leave all of our belongings in order to further our spiritual growth.  Of course, there are some leaders of the churches who claim to have given up all worldly matter to follow Christ, but what have they given up?  In reality, all they have given up is the responsibility of earning their own living while living from the donations of their congregation.  Many live in very nice homes, drive newer cars, wear expensive clothes, and are always well fed.  The lavish lifestyle of some preachers appears similar to the hypocrite religious leaders in Christ’s day.     

      God does not expect us to own nothing at all, but the idolatry lies in the importance we place on all of our material goods.  We are allowed to enjoy our   possessions, we have earned them but not to the point of placing more importance on them than we place on God.  This life on earth is very short, and at our death, we will be leaving all material behind while our spirit lives on and on forever.   If we do not believe in God, then what is the ultimate purpose of existence?  What does the world have to offer for the years we reside in a human shell?  Is there anything of great value here or do we just elevate useless things and make them our gods?    The ancient kings had their riches buried with them, and we think how ridiculous they were to gather material wealth to increase their spiritual stature.  Yet many people today, gather materials around them in hopes to appear more valuable and worthy of society’s jaundice eye.    At least the kings of old expected to have some use of their riches in the spirit world; we collect riches with no long-term plan in mind.   Yes, it is difficult to give up our   vain attempts to have our fellowmen admire us.   Even though some of us do not believe in the real God, He stills brings us good fortune and allows us to experience disasters just like in ancient times.  Even if we do not believe in God He is still there forgiving us and loving us. “God makes the sun to shine and the rain to fall on both the righteous and the unrighteous”.   

      God is the Creator; we are His creation.  We are not in a position to tell God how life should be, nor to complain regarding His decisions, remember, not only are we the creation, but we also are a fallen spirit existing on lower realms from Heaven, having been unfaithful in the past with Lucifer, and now striving to progress and refine our spirit. To say that God is not fair is to say that we know better than God does, and to complain that we have not received our due is to be very ungrateful.  In fact, God has been gracious to us, forgiving each of us constantly, as soon as we recognize the error of our ways and try to make reparations for our mistakes and change our thinking.  To repent means to change our thinking.  We exist at the will of God and God has given us everything we desire.  Before the fall of one third of Heaven, the spirits wanted more.  

      Lucifer wanted his own kingdom and one third of Heaven wanted to follow him.  God granted this wish.  After regretting their choice, many spirits wanted to change and God gave them the Plan of Salvation to help them progress.  Many spirits along with Lucifer still believe they can make their rogue government work.  God allows them to try to prove their system; and we can see it in dictator governments on earth as well.   He gave us an opportunity to live as many lives on earth as we wish in order to raise ourselves to a level wherein we can re-enter Heaven, from whence we fell.  He has forgiven us our trespasses and our rebellious actions that brought us to the  level we now inhabit.  We must finally conclude that our plight was of our own making and that we have used our free will against Christ and really against ourselves.  All of us in the universe are existing within God’s Plan of Salvation. Some may come intellectually and others on their knees, but all will eventually see the error of their decisions and will come back to Christ and accept him as Lord again.     

      We create our own lives; thoughts and words become actions that become the framework of our lives.   Just as a carpenter first draws the plans for his building and then builds according to what he has set on paper, so also we are drawing our life’s plan by the words we use and thoughts we have chosen to follow.  Certainly, some destructive forces may come from outside of our thoughts and words, tear down a portion of our lives, and mislead us. The carpenter may have his building partially destroyed by outside forces such as fire, wind etc. Just as the carpenter sets to work and repairs the damaged section of his building so too we must repair the part of our life that did not work out as planned.  In the construction of each life, God sets milestones and tests to challenge us in our thinking. We are born with a guardian angel on earth whose primary interest is to assist us in the best decisions until we leave this life.  The holy spirits have our best interests at heart and work diligently to guide and protect us throughout our life.  For each person, the  guiding rudder is harmony that leads us to better thinking patterns and thus better outcomes for our decisions. “Nearer my God to Thee” should be the song of every spirit.  As the carpenter rebuilds, he may notice that his original plan was flawed or that it is now an opportunity for him to improve on his original plan.  When adversity strikes down some part of our life, perhaps we should re-assess our plan.  God may be showing us that our plan is flawed or that there is a better way to accomplish our task. By being exposed to right and wrong, either by personal experience or by observation of others, God teaches us something we would not have learned otherwise.  Too often, we spend so much time wallowing in our misfortune that we miss or delay our progress and our lives remain on hold until we recognize that we must move on.   Should the carpenter expend too much time reliving his loss, he will not complete his building on schedule.       

     From the time we are born, we are bombarded with thoughts, positive and negative which come from people as well as spirits within our environment.  These help us to form our opinions on everything.  As we grow, we sort those thoughts and depending on our attitude and intellect, we decide which thoughts are valuable to us.  There is really no prohibition as to what we will keep or throw out except what we set for ourselves   depending on our goals.  Our character begins to form by the decisions we make and in fact is a continuation from our past lives.  Consider each physical life as a minute on a clock, and the entire face our existence, our progression continues as steadily. Just as the clock hands continue to move forward, once time has passed, there is no re-living and changing it.  We can reflect on the past and replay scenes to work out how better we could have handled a situation, but the past cannot be changed, only the present and the future.   As we grow, we continue to sort and this is where we prove ourselves as to what we wish to become.  As long as we keep sifting our thoughts and ideas through God’s strainer of discernment and always work toward the laws of God, we can be successful in finding a recipe for our spiritual progression.  If our worldly interests take over, we stand to forfeit the glorious rewards of returning to God but instead continue to incarnate until we reach spiritual maturity. 


                                                                                               PART FOUR   -   

                                                                                WHO ARE WE AS AMERCANS?   

       The people of the country of Israel in the Middle East are not all of the descendants of the Israelites from biblical days, only a small number still live there. After Solomon had passed over and his son Rehoboam was king, Rehoboam enacted many oppressive laws and increased taxes to the point that it took a large portion of the people’s income for taxes.  When the majority of Israel could no longer bear the burden, they split from Rehoboam as king. Ten tribes of the twelve tribes crossed over the Jordan River to build a new community and elected a new king to rule over them. Only two tribes remained behind with Rehoboam, the tribes of Benjamin and Judah.  We call a portion of these two tribes “Jew” today.  The name “Jew” is the short name for the tribe of Judah. The rest of the Israelite tribes had moved so many times throughout Western Europe that they had forgotten their roots.  They are referred to as “The Lost Tribes of Israel”.  The tribes are not lost in terms of their faith, because today these ten tribes follow their Jewish Messiah, Jesus Christ.  They call themselves Christians and are found throughout Western Europe, with the largest portion settled in America.  They have fulfilled the prophecy of coming back together as a single powerful nation by the close of the age.  On the American money, we see the evidence of America’s prophetic fulfillment with the  phrase, “E Pluribus Unum”, which means, from many one, or out of many nations, one nation rises.  By many moves through Western Europe, they came to be known as Caucasians after the Caucus Mountains they lived in before moving to Britain and later to America.

      The patriarch, Jacob, renamed Israel, blessed his grandsons, Ephraim and Manasseh, the sons of Joseph, and each became tribes. Britain is descended of the tribe of Ephraim, and the United States of America are descended from Manasseh and both fulfilled the prophecies God revealed centuries earlier.   Both Britain and the United States became very wealthy and very powerful just as God prophesied they would.    

     God promised to give His people a new land and a new name. The land would never be taken from them and they would not need to rely on any other country for their safety or welfare.  Of the Jews he said, “I will set your name as a curse and a stumbling block”, meaning they would oppose and be opposed by many, and this has come true.   The new land is America and the new name is Christian, as followers of Christ, the Jewish Messiah for all the world.   Therefore, although the Jews have returned to Israel, that country is not new to them, they were given it a long time ago.   The ten tribes of Israel were the founders of this new land; our forefathers founded this country on chiefly Christian principles.  

     Not all Americans are Israelites, and not all Israelites are American.   Herbert W. Armstrong wrote a book called “America and Britain in Prophesy” in which he explains the migration of peoples from biblical times to our time. Now that we, the Israelites are re-gathered, we have begun to forsake God and are giving our lives to idols. We do not sacrifice our children by killing them but we allow them to be sacrificed on the altars of fame, material fortune, greed, violence, and sexual perversion, and we live as if there were no God. Although our country was founded on Christianity, we have now taken God out of our government, out of our schools and out of our lives. 

       Many other people live in America along with the descendants of the Israelites of old, and the Israelites have learned their ways once more.  Politically charged conversations often bring up religion in terms of the separation of church and state but the interpretation is incorrect; the founding fathers did not want government to control their freedom to seek after God. This was the reason they had left England, to worship God by their own conscience.   What they wanted was to let everyone worship in their own way without the state forcing any congregation to follow government rules.  In England, the king as the head of the Anglican Church copied the system of religious dictatorship from the Catholic pope.  Neither systems are even  close to what Christ promised his followers.  When Christ called the religious leaders of his day hypocrites for making rules for their followers that they themselves did not follow, he taught that liberty and freedom from oppression for all was the key to spiritual progression.  The American system of liberty set its constitution based on Christ’s teachings. 

      However, today, a growing interest in renewed oppression is growing around the world. Satan is definitely behind this because it is the very core of his governing rule of autonomy over all, an absolute single dictator controlling the masses.  In the end, he hopes to prove his theories and force his will again upon all humankind before Christ returns.  The United states is not a secular country, the founding fathers were ninety eight percent Christian and pastors and that is what they intended this country to be.  The Christian Israelites have not followed the original path nor beliefs and the alternate system to Christ’s’ teachings are gaining a foothold and threatening to destroy this very nation at its core.  Were God to withdraw His hand, this nation would succumb to the weight from the enemy below.  When a country falls, its entire system breaks down, monetary, judicial etc.  The first step to the downfall of a country is always the failure of the  morality of that country.  Rome fell because of their decadence; the way all countries expire.     

      When humankind does not honor truth, when lying, cheating and bribery become the method of survival, then no one can trust his neighbor, his employer or his own brother, then man loses faith in the system.  When humankind ceases to honor life as a gift from God and approves of abortion, infanticide and euthanasia, then there is always the chance that others will decide who shall live and who shall die according to their own value system.     

      When governing bodies make laws that control people in every facet of their lives with no consideration for the free will that God has given to all, then the population loses interest in the furtherance of their own goals. When the laws of God are abrogated to please a few at the expense of the many, as when laws of procreation are abandoned, then the population loses interest in life and in their country and there is no one to support it, then the country falls on its own.  In an effort to find security for self, humankind often seeks out patterns to control his fellow man, whether by violence, threat, promises, guile, seduction or building systems to house those intended for slavery.  The sin of man oppressing his neighbor must eventually be replaced with self-refinement when Christ returns at the close of this age. The highest position on earth or in a country should really be a position of service; unfortunately, this is not how it is.  Jesus was the highest of all spirits born on this earth, yet he never exerted power over his fellowman, instead he placed himself in the position of a servant to all, even to the lowest of men.  He proved this by dying a malefactor’s death on the cross to win humankind’s freedom.  No greater gift can a person give than to lay down his life for his fellow man.   

      We are now nearing the end of an age, not the end of the world but the end of this age of Lucifer’s reign.  The apostles thought that they were very close to the end of this age, but God’s timing is grander than man’s is.  However, every person who is a believer in God and in Christ has heard interpretations of the Book of Revelations that was given to John in a series of visions over a period of time. By these interpretations and by the state of the world as we see it today, we can guess that although Christ may not come for a while, difficult times are at our doorstep.  Amongst new growth, inventions and renewed Christian spiritual discovery with psychic gifts and discernment, the evil spirit world has increased opposition in an effort to thwart Christ’s effort with the spirit of truth on behalf of humankind’s salvation.  In this new age, the true form of government will be the rule in the realms of development, while Lucifer and his followers along  with his system of dictatorship and oppression will be banned.  This era of Lucifer’s presence will soon end and the spirits will be given new opportunities to reincarnate and earn their way to Heaven by faithfulness and steadfastness. 

       The Bible records in Revelations that Christ will restrain Lucifer for approximately one thousand years. Without the influence of Lucifer, many more spirits will find their way out of this realm with nothing to impede their journey. After the thousand years, Lucifer will again be loosed to influence us and another era will begin.      

      One thousand years is not nearly enough time for all of these lost souls to progress to the point of being ready to enter Heaven; they need much more time. Therefore, the end of the world is really very, very far away.  The end of the world will come when all spirits have reached Heaven and hell is empty.  As punishment for leading the souls astray, Lucifer cannot begin his journey heavenward until every other fallen spirit has begun their journey homeward first. This is the just punishment meted out by God for the one-time ringleader of the revolt against Christ. At that time, the earth and the entire material world will be dissolved by God  and returned to spirit; there will no longer be any need for the material world since there will not be any spirits needing it to progress through back to Heaven, their original home.  

                                               WHAT ARE THE ReQUIREMENTS  TO RETURN TO   HEAVEN?  

      God is the only one who should be worshiped. Throughout this earth, people have many varied beliefs and we hear that everyone is free to believe as he chooses and so it should be.  We cannot use tyranny to convince anyone of the true God because all must make their decision on their own.  Souls are leaving Lucifer’s side minute by minute but it may be a long time before they have refined their thinking and are ready to understand their Creator as the true God.     

      Those who are following religions other than Christ’s teachings may find that when they cross over into the spirit world that they had not passed the tests of character and may find themselves regretting a misspent life.  The path they had followed did not allow these people to practice the correct patterns.  Even the Christian churches have fallen short of Christ’s directive to be guided by the Holy Spirit voice.  It is customary for us to want to be on the winning side.  Are we totally on God’s and Christ’s side or do we stray into Lucifer’s side at times? We cannot be on both sides at once nor can we be in the middle taking no side. Christ says, “We cannot serve two masters at the same time”. Soldiers in a battle  cannot fight for their side and still leak information to the other side, nor can they take direction from the enemy or provide them with ammunition.  There is a war in this world and we must choose a side. We are either on Christ’s side or on Lucifer’s.  After the fall of the spirits, we were a part of Lucifer’s kingdom but Christ’s death on the cross and his war against Lucifer, which he won, allowed us to leave Lucifer’s realm.  We have now joined the side of Christ, therefore we must be loyal to the king we belong to.  Allowing ourselves to think and act as if we were still following Lucifer, even if it is only part of the time, makes us a part of his system and therefore we are still not ready to be fully convinced of the value of Christ’s type of government.  If we have not made a choice to serve God and Christ, then we are serving Lucifer by default. We are living our lives without Christ and as if there were no God; we are living a life of going through the motions but getting nowhere and not raising ourselves out of Lucifer’s realm by one inch.  How many lives might we live gaining no ground but remaining almost at the same place we were when we started as humans? It depends on our choice of living.  Not even God knows when a lost soul will return to Him or what choice they will make in every given circumstance and for this reason, God tests his children.  If we fail a test of character, we are given guidance and an opportunity to pass that test later when we might have more understanding of the importance to better our character.   

       Our choice should be clear; we will never be allowed to enter the Heavenly spheres if we still have one foot in hell. Therefore our every thought, every word, every action is proof of which side we are on. We must dedicate ourselves to Christ and swear allegiance to him, and not lend aid to the lower nature. When we leave the earth we will have won the war and will be ready to continue on to the next realm, Paradise, where we continue our education without opposition found on this realm.  Paradise, to those who first enter it, believe it to be Heaven itself because of the beautiful gardens, perfection and brilliant light and joy there.  Above Paradise, there are several more realms before the thirteenth realm, the original Heaven.  St. Paul mentions the realms of Heaven when he says he was on the third Heaven.     

       The first time that Christ came to earth, he was born of the flesh and went through childhood before he became an adult. This was in order to have him walk among us, to teach us, and to oppose Lucifer in his own kingdom by remaining loyal to God.  Through the battle with all of hell’s forces Christ earned the right to complete that battle in the spirit world; and this Christ did for all spirits fallen.  He did all of this for us, we who were his enemies and had rebelled against him during the fall of the angels.   Everyone will see him when he returns, for he will descend from Heaven in all his glory accompanied by the angels.  A sight such as this, humankind has  never experienced.  Those who are on his side will be ecstatic to see him, but those who have remained his enemies will suffer great sorrow.  Christ will appear as He really is, as the King of glory and as a Heavenly spirit not encumbered by an earthly body.  Nothing anyone has ever seen will compare to this sight. Everyone, including his enemies will recognize him; there will be no mistaking him for anyone but what he is; the one and only glorious son of God.   

        This time on earth is a very confusing time for most because it is a time of decision, it is a time to make a major choice.  Will we be for Christ and devote our lives to him alone or will we continue to enjoy what the earth has to offer, spending our days searching out whatever pleasures we can find or devise for our temporary happiness.  Although Christ will not arrive tomorrow, in the ages since the beginning of time it is a short time.  Whether we are on earth inhabiting a physical body or whether we are in the spirit world but on the earth realm, there is much for us to do before the coming of Christ.  Many of us have already made our decision and it is not for Christ. The majority will feel the pressures of the coming changes but will not have the determination to change.  Change is never easy but it is necessary if we are to reap the rewards. Rewards go only to those who are determined enough to follow through with the necessary efforts for change.  So choose we must, it will not happen without our efforts. Both Elijah, who must come before Christ arrives, and the Antichrist are on this earth at this time, so time is short.   We must keep ourselves to God and to Christ for our life and all that it contains.  We must not look in the world around us.  Many will appear to be on the correct path, but examine and test their purpose.  No one who is looking for power, fame or fortune is to be trusted as our leader.  We must not let anyone intimidate us or try to control us or entice us to follow him or her unless we are sure that he or she is on the side of Christ and have no ulterior motives.  We must listen to the quiet voice of our heart for the correct answers and follow our path, knowing that all we do is for Christ, the only one who has the keys to the glory of our inheritance in God’s kingdom.   In Christ the Lord, we place our faith.  All of his devotion is to us, all of our attention should be to his plans, that of salvation for everyone. God wishes all of His children to reunite with Him and with Christ as His envoy who guides all who have lost their way.  All prodigal sons and daughters are welcome back into the kingdom of God, all are expected to return home one day, and none shall be left behind.         

     This was the great news the apostles were spreading throughout the nations.  The fact that Christ having suffered and died at the hands of Lucifer, had now confronted him, and won for us   our freedom from the bondage that had been our life since our fall from Heaven so long ago.  Christ has won our freedom from bondage and it is only up to us to accept it and leave this hell that has been our domicile for eons and eons.  What prisoner would remain a prisoner once given the keys to his cell?  Let us pray that all of Lucifer’s prisoners find the key and have the courage to escape no matter the trials set upon them in their escape, and no matter how long it takes to reach a place where Lucifer can no longer influence them to return to the prison.  Give thanks to Christ who offers us the key to freedom.               



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