-   IT'S LAWS AND PURPOSE   by Johannes Greber

1 What is the purpose of this earth life?                                                    

2 Is there another world, a beyond, into which our souls are

received after death?

3 What is the beyond like?

The answers to these questions and many other vital questions concerning

life and death are contained in Pastor Greber's most extraordinary book,

"Communications With the Spirit World of God, It's Laws and Purpose".

To which of us would the assurance that death on this earth is not an end, but a

beginning of a better life, be unwelcome? Johannes Greber's immortal book has brought

understanding to the minds and contentment to the hearts of thousands of Truth Seekers,

throughout the world.

Johannes Greber was surely an Apostle of Truth. It is the purpose of his book, written

in a spirit of love for his fellow man, to describe the path which brought him into contact with

the world of God's Spirits and laid the Truth open to him.

There is no doubt that an intelligence of a higher order inspired the author of this volume, which, as it goes, will be hailed as a new milestone in human evolution. Here is help for layman and scientist alike to understand the age-old psychic phenomena, it's laws and purpose.

      This book has been made available again, the ORIGINAL 1932 VERSION by pastor Johannes Greber himself, and not the altered, perverted version created by Elsa Lattey and Joe Greber (Johannes Greber's wayward alcoholic son), who had NO authority to alter Pastor Greber's wonderful masterpiece !

     Jesus Christ said, "better that man who misleads even the least of these children away from God that a mill-stone be chained to their neck and dropped in the sea!" than to be the enemy of God's Hand. 

Pastor Greber was sent as a servant of God  especially for the task ONLY for the purpose as a Heavenly spirit, to fulfill this great task of writing this book, to write down these messages given to him from many different trance mediums,  by the High spirits of Heaven (similar to Moses and Aaron),  for all mankind to have available for their salvation, to share freely and to BEGIN THEIR OWN PRAYER CIRCLES IN ORDER TO HEAR FROM THE HOLY SPIRITS THEMSELVES !

   The cost of the book  was the cost. (and there is no telling how long book-selling conglomerates will allow this wonderful book to be shared before it is BLOCKED AGAIN (because it was just banned by a very big book company in 2022, and so far is allowed, who knows for how long this time).

   The many digital files online of any book can be, and HAVE BEEN altered from originals, so that a person must ask "which one is the  original ?  BUT, a solid paperback copy  of the ORIGINAL in the hands of any seeker of truth, can  be compared so that you know for certain.

This paperback copy available today is from an original 1932 copy (which, as a note, was not  easy to find and not cheap  to buy!).  the price of the book is the cost of the book, and covers the costs of the book, graphics prep, printing, ads, shipping, etc. (actually it really doesn't cover all the costs, but close enough).

Each step had to be paid for, wages have to be paid to those who prepped for print, printing, getting the word out, this website and to ship the books,  to share more so that as this world shifts into high gear of a full-on assault on seekers-of-truth around the world.  Even when the power might be out, a real book can be read. A real book can't be altered online later, a real book can be carried around without fear of digital viruses on a tablet or computer. Anyone can, if need be,....even if the entire grid goes down.....can read and share a real book,  this phenomenal resource which DIRECTLY teaches ALL THE STEPS TO ASK GOD'S HOLY SPIRITS OF TRUTH FOR THEMSELVES. 

  It is best  to develop YOUR OWN prayer meetings. or prayer times if you're alone, and KNOW  FOR CERTAIN how to DISCERN THE SPIRITS that you hear or see,  and to know how to defend yourself from low and evil spirits in your day. 

    In the world today, there are thousands of astral-travelers,   of spiritists, clairvoyants, mediums, and self-proclaimed 'prophets' in the many churches, and gurus among the world religions ,  no two agreeing,   but all who proclaim that they alone have the true source. 

   THERE IS ONLY ONE SOURCE of TRUTH, and that is God and the holy spirits who God sends to anyone seeking the truth,  and through His Son Jesus Christ alone. Read and study for yourself, compare for yourself, and ASK THE HOLY SPIRITS OF TRUTH for guidance yourself.   Wait for no master to tell you, no guru, no little old preacher of some church to dictate what you must do.  Learn and understand the Holy Scriptures for YOURSELF!

  ONLY THE HOLY SPIRITS OF HEAVEN know the truth.   It is the very SOURCE OF TRUTH !  The only cost is your  willingness honesty to accept the truth once you're convinced, and to follow that higher path that you Heavenly spirit guide shows you daily.  There is no other cost for admittance.  


   - Most people know well that the Holy Scriptures have been altered by  men in earlier centuries whose ability to control the correct meaning while translated to other languages has failed over the thousands of years of translating. Falling asleep at the translation desk, purposely changing meanings to favor control of one doctrine or another over the people,  removing the most important text, by changing the Original term 'HOLY SPIRITS'  (plural), to the singular 'the holy spirit' translation.

     By doing so, the religious leaders (who charge people money - whereas Christ said everything He gave FREELY) immediately stopped all seekers of truth to no longer understand Jesus Christ's PROMISE, to send His followers seeking truth, 'the spirits of truth' (plural) to remind them all he had said and to further the teachings from Heaven - thereby leaving GOD in charge of teaching the followers of Jesus Christ and not some man-made preacher system which charges a fee  to 'interpret'  for the people that preachers arrogantly call "sheep", "ignorant masses",  proclaiming that the common person is too dumb, and  unable to ask God via the holy spirits of truth directly for themselves,  which is completely false. Christ gave all of us the holy spirits to ask directly.

 Pastor Greber's phenomenal book teaches EXACTLY what steps to do to ask your holy spirit guide gifted to you at your birth, to guide you closely to the right path, for all your days on this planet. 

   This great problem in all religions is the same.  They block the seeker of truth from the holy spirits of truth,  to learn directly from God what needs to be done to return to Heaven after this life - how to live,  how to think/understand everything around us,  and to know what is true, and how to discern the difference !  Christ gave this when He gave us the holy spirits (plural) of truth, angels of Heaven, lifetime guides to guide daily, hourly in everything we need.

   Philipians 3:15 says: "And if on some point you think differently, that too God's holy spirits will make clear to you."

   The Holy spirits of Truth that Christ promised we read in Hebrews 1:14, as "all angels are ministering spirits sent from Heaven to mankind" for guiding all people to the truth.  ....