Patrick of Ireland, Plato and Joan of Arc

 by  Brent Mahe

  These three are as cousins in the great battle in this world. What was the overcoming power

 each of these famous known people had in common?  Spirits, angels, visions.

   Patrick the British, "heard a voice", and "saw a vision", not much different than the New Testament's

 saint Paul, who had a vision of a man from Macedonia who said, "come and help us."

     Plato had visions, as he learned to receive from the holy spirit world, from his most famous

 Socrates, who often fell into trance in the most inconvenient times to those around him.

 Plato spoke of the great spirit world of Paradise in Heaven where those who are of pure heart

 go after they leave this physical world if they seek to be pure in heart always.

  Joan of Arc, her most wonderous battle with the world was not that she maintained a pure

 heart, bore a man's clothes and went to physical battle, leading an army of French soldiers into

 war against the oligarch kings of Europe to free France. Not this that gave her power but

 that she said she was guided by a powerful Heavenly spirit, and received visions often,

 and heard Heavenly voices from those angels to tell her what to do, what God desired to be

 done. She, like the other two mentioned, was able to see and hear the spirit world of God. She

 was a Heavenly servant of God.

  There can be no knowledge but that which comes from Heaven, if that knowledge is to be

 true completely. It is this Source, the spirits of Heaven who Christ promised to send to mankind

 who would seek after God in order to know that wisdom in their physical lives.

   Who can reach those Heavenly spirits, and how can this be accomplished? The information

 must be clarified and be known to all. The access to Heaven's angels must be taken out of the

 controls of the narrow band of leaders of the churches and from the psychic who proclaims

 an elite power. It it not elite. God is Elite and He alone. Anyone who seeks after God can recieve

 that power and infiltrating energy to receive His Heavenly angels to guide them.

  Each person incarnated (meaning 'In flesh") on this planet receives a heavenly spirit guide

 at their birth to guide them through life. Many times that voice is far away from those who seek

 selfish and sinful desires. Those desires come from the unwilling demons who have not yet

 desired to change to seek Christ yet. They will in time, but in the mean time these spirits of

 darkness attempt any way in to cause any person as much trouble and manipulation, as much

 diversion and procrastination as possible, so that they can stop any person from succeeding in

 rising up to the next realm of Paradise after this physical life of tests is complete.

  God allows this attack on man because we once were part of that kingdom, and have since

 risen up and out of that pit. Now today we are witnesses to those dark and evil spirits who look upon

 to cause any person trouble possible. Our witness to these lesser happy souls is that there is a way up

 no matter the opposition and there is a way out. Christ is that way up and out. As these negative spirits

 of low watch on, if we allow our own natures to replicate that negative thought, we leave an inroad

 to those lower natures and for those evil spirits to come close, and often cause much trouble, even

 insanity in a life.

   It is up to each person to strive to become holy, pure and true to God in their life so that their time

 may be filled with blessings of joy, effort and success in character development, of a pure heart

 and true nature of good. If we are to rise to a place of light in Heaven after we leave this nature, we

 must practice becoming like those pure spirits who live there. We must prepare our own nature

 to accept the powerful vibrations of purity and light if we are to rise to that place as our next

 stage of development.

   All three servants of God, Joan of Arc, Plato and Patrick of Ireland all received these visions and

 voices from Heavenly spirits with joy and acceptance of the trust God placed in them to work for

 truth with courage and with love for God's Heaven. They did receive because they prepared and did

 not turn away that message from Heaven. They replaced their nature for the nature from Heaven.

  This is the way to God, the freedom in this life and in the next, It was known then and it is the same

 today. There can be no wisdom learned except from those of Heaven in the spirit world who know that

 wisdom from God and willingly share that wisdom to any and all who seek and ask, pray and draw upward

 to the God of light and wisdom.