A Healing of the Least of Creatures.

Holy angels Healed a little  Rabbit's Broken Leg in the Forest. 2019

People are told by their religious leaders of miracles and hear only of the great mysteries of life.Most  religious leaders have no experience in the great spiritual events that go on around all mankind, because they were never taught this. The majority of  professional preachers have never understood such things because they are not clairvoyant and cannot see the holy spirits, or if they can see anything or hear anything, are so undeveloped that they are not able to discern very clearly what they have seen . The church's worldly doctrines often block their leaders and their followers from seeing and believing what truly goes on from the Heavenly spirits intervening on this planet as well as other planets with many creatures as well as humans, in hundreds of millions of planets just like our planet. But this event below happened on this planet.

Some might wonder of the value of a life, in other creatures or in ourselves possibly. Hopefully this short account might add something  to a seeker of truth in Christ the Lord.

 Many years ago, while in prayer, I was taken out of my physical body. The spiritual events God is doing is more interesting than the physical world, and when the wisdom we seek cannot be found in the physical,- which often it cannot - the spirit world of God, the angel messengers of God that He send are the best Source to inquire, and to look to God for understanding. He will supply that wisdom eventually, as we strive to attach our minds to that flight upward, to seek wisdom which He grants as we ask.

My Heavenly guide took me out of body to a trip to a forest.  I found myself being carried, flying  at high speed over trees for several minutes at high speed. The day was was sunny and bright and the deep green trees were especially clean compared to city streets. We flew overhead through a forest and to an open grassy field about the size of a football field. In that field  were  two Heavenly  doctors were surgically repairing the long back leg of a little white and gray colored rabbit. Somehow this little fellow had broken his hind leg and was in great pain, fearing to die slowly in his pain, or worse to fall victim to a predator in the woods who might happen upon him.

The two heavenly spirit doctors were repairing the bone. The rabbit's rear leg was stretched out by the doctors and the little rabbit could see them and  was just quietly watching on. It quiet and curious, sensing everything would be alright for him. The two angels spoke to him calmly  and lovingly, as they repaired his bone, letting him know telepathically that this problem would be soon solved and he could go about his way without any more trouble. He looked up at them with an awe in his expression like a little child listening to a loving guide. Within about fifteen minutes the holy spirit doctors had altered the bone structure on the leg to what appeared to be creating new bone in a materialization of new bone into that broken bone, drawing the two ends of the broken bone together and matching the material perfectly to the original. Parts of the bone were dematerialized and material was added and then re-materialized to mend the bone. All the while of this healing, the little rabbit was calmed and set free from care. He could feel the love from these holy doctors, as a parent would care for a young child.

One of the doctors said this rabbit was young still and had run up to this fallen tree he was laying beside. It was an  old log now. He had tried to clear it in a great jump, but had landed badly half on the trunk and had twisted his leg and upon landing on the ground, the twisted angle had broken his back leg.

When the two wonderful Heavenly doctors were done, the rabbit looked at them with a question of what to do now. They answered he was free to go and he would be fine from here on. He didn't leave right away. I don't think he was ready to accept that his fate was not sealed to a terrible death that day after all.  It took a few moments for him to realize his leg was fine and that  he really was given a second chance at life.  All in one moment he  tucked his rear leg under his belly and upon testing any pain level, which was now gone, decided to rear up.  He bounced up on his first leap and seeing that all was well, continued on at  high speed, like a young rabbit might do and  kept going until he reached the edge of the tree line and disappeared into forest. My Heavenly guide  said that this creature would never be able to forget his lesson of trust in the holy spirits, and said  that such creatures are marked for the rest of their ascent with a feeling of a reaching upward to God, and are rewarded in their trust in God.
 Some might think that this event would seem mundane and limited, not truly part of all the wonders that God would do. But God cares for all His creatures. The greatest miracles are the daily intervention moments God sends His herald angels, healing angels, counsel angels, teaching angels, angels of mercy, angels of wisdom, angels of peace, and angels of a myriad of other needs in the lives of all creatures of this world, the greatest events most people take for granted. The beauty of nature doesn't grow on its own. Someone planed it there. The wonderful water falls, and the seasons of rain and sun, all are planned by God to help us to understand beauty and harmony, perfection of spirit, to inspire this world of all that exists high above in Heaven.

This experience was such a marvelous moment that I will never forget it. God truly cares for all His creatures. As we reach up to Him and wait upon the Lord, we ourselves are able to be reached.