Message by a spirit of God through Elizabeth Greber 1945

“Be of a pure heart and a pure mind. Noble thoughts create noble vibrations, first in spirit, then body; therefore, the pure intentions of your souls are for the spiritual and bodily welfare of your personalities.

People are so easily inclined to draw the meanest conclusions from the deeds and words of other people and thereby harm themselves and their fellowmen. So keep your thoughts free from judging others, because you very seldom draw the right conclusions when you try to be the judge of others. Feel pity with the weaknesses of your neighbor. Through your pure intentions, you arm yourselves against the vibrations of the low forces which surround every one of you.

It is not easy to exercise this virtue of pure-mindedness, but through a strong and firm will you can expect a full success.

Do not allow anything to come near you that could harm you spiritually and also bodily. God, your Father, gave everyone of you a spiritual weapon against the evil forces. With this weapon you are able to always win the victory. For this reason you sing the words: 'He does not allow the faithful to be conquered by the evil ones.' The faithful are those of a pure heart. Through the purity of heart, you are able to accomplish many things with your fellowmen, and these fellowmen, recognizing your good intentions, feel ashamed of themselves so you become an example for these weak ones.

Even if your example does not always work as a means of educations for those who are around you in human form, there will be many in your presence in an astral body whom you cannot see. These unseen souls observe steadily your pure intentions and learn from you through your example they acquire that which is good. And if your example of a pure heart does not help others, it certainly will help your own personality. Furthermore, the purity of your soul is a very strong means for the establishment of your communications with God's spirit-world. The purity of your soul is, so to say, a mirror in which these messengers of God are able to show themselves to you. Your inner purity works like a magnet which attracts these messengers to you.

It is not easy to possess this purity of heart, especially in the present time in which all creatures feel themselves being drawn to that which is low, but all these creatures have to return again to their purity of heart because the greater this purity of God's creatures, the nearer they come to God.

Try every day in small things to attain and to practice the purity of your souls. When you come into contact with very low people, or you experience big disappointments, or if the day is not as you had expected, or when bodily ailments confront you and it gets very dark in your souls, then try in all these conditions you utmost to keep your hearts pure.

Do not become inwardly bitter. Do not lament and complain. Do not judge and condemn. Do not me impatient and desperate. Do not be discouraged and doubtful but trust in God with a deep calmness and keep your hearts pure, so that you can get out of these trials stronger and with more purified personalities.

For what advantage would you have if you were desperate? None at all. Therefore, do all that is in your power, more God does not want from you.

Dispel all bitterness and tortures from your souls and forgive all! This is the main condition for the purification of your hearts. Several times a day lift up your souls to your Creator. He is always willing to send His rays of light and power to your as soon as you lift yourselves up to Him. Do deeds of love and goodness as often as the opportunity is offered to you and also enjoy the earthly possessions which God has given you. Enjoy, furthermore, all that you see in God's creation and keep your eyes always wide open to see and recognize the beauty in God's creation around you. He certainly has created all this that His children should enjoy it.

May His blessing come upon all of you and remain with you today and forever. Amen. Amen. Amen.”


The medium was Elizabeth Greber 1945

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