Belief in Jesus Christ is pre-requisite to return to Heaven.  The reason for this requirement is that we formerly had this choice offered to us when we were still in Heaven.  At that time, we chose Lucifer over Jesus and were cast out of Heaven.  God gave us a second chance in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve, and again we chose to follow them and to remain with Lucifer.  We now we live as physical beings on earth and are given a third chance.  This earth is ruled by Lucifer, and we are here to finally make the correct choce if we are to return to Heaven.  Jesus Christ is that correct choice, he even was born on earth and gave up his life to lead us back to our home.  Will we again choose Lucifer or will we choose Christ and return to God?



    Our faith in our God is our most precious gift. Life on earth is a difficult one, especially for those who are attempting to do it on their own.  If we are interested in living for the Lord and not for ourselves. we can have help.  If we ask God for help He will give it to us, as Jesus said, ”If we ask for bread He will not give us a stone”.

    As we progress toward the end of this age, Lucifer is working overtime to try to lead us away from God and away from the work He has given us to do. God does not ask much from us; only the faith of a mustard seed is all that is required to move mountains, therefore He sends His holy spirits to anyone who has even less faith than that.

    God has many helpers in the form of spirit guides who are more than willing to minister to us and they also will work overtime for us if we attempt to lead a life that is holy unto God. Our spirit guides are our best friends and the only ones we can rely on for unselfish help, unlike our human friends who usually want something in return. Without our God sent spirit guides, we could not last long in this world of Lucifer. Let us pray that we always hold our guides in great esteem and attempt to follow in their footsteps.







    Spirits, once created, never die in the sense that they can disappear into nothingness. They can die a spiritual death, which is to be separated from God, but they still exist.

    Spirits may come to earth, having been given a physical body, and that body will separate from the spirit and go back into the dust of the earth, but the spirit will continue on and take its place in the world of spirits as one of them, but can never be destroyed.

    This leads us to understand why our spirit existence is so important, the conditions of our spirit life is what we have earned as far as comfort and happiness is concerned. There is no limit to the possible progression of our spirit, it does not ever become stagnant, unless we do not grow in knowledge and in love. Knowing this, our lives on earth seem so inconsequential if no effort is made on our part to improve our character so that we may inherit a higher realm in  the spirit world to assure us of a happy life there.





    The first ceremony of Communion was at the Last Supper. Jesus took bread and broke it and gave it to his twelve apostles. He also drank from a cup of wine and passed it around to the twelve. He asked his apostles to do this regularly and to remember Him each time they did this. He wanted the apostles to form a bond among them and to include Him in this ceremony.

    The churches of today still imitate this ceremony with the idea that it is only done to remember Jesus but usually forgetting the reason they are sharing it among the whole congregation. Even with the ceremony of communion there is still much strife among the church members.

    As Jesus broke the bread and shared the wine he said, “This is my body and this is my blood”. He did not change the bread and wine at that moment into his flesh and blood; it was only an analogy. Not everything in the bible is to be taken literally, otherwise we are to believe that He is the tree and we are the branches or that He is the shepherd and we are sheep. Had he actually turned the wine into his blood and the bread into his flesh, he certainly would not have partaken, as they all would have behaved as cannibals.

    The church that believes that their priest can bless and pray over the bread and wine and thereby turn it into the flesh and blood of Christ are taking great liberty with the meaning of the communion. Who gave them the power to do this? Do they expect that becoming a priest gives them magical powers? Did Jesus tell the apostles to perform this magic trick also or did He only tell them to gather and share the bread and wine as brothers and to remember him by this gesture?






     First do no harm, this is the oath taken by medical doctors, but it could be taken by everyone. If each person understood to firstly do no harm to all: humans, animals, plants and ourselves, this world would improve substantially even if no one took it upon themselves to do anything good.

     Everyone would be treating everyone else with respect, not harming them physically or emotionally, being aware of all actions and word that debase another. But we are not living on this earth because we all have the ability to act this way. We would already be in Heaven if we could do this. But we are here on earth to learn to love God and one another. So if we cannot muster enough love for others or even for ourselves, we could begin by practicing the Hippocratic oath, first do not harm.






     Everything happens in God’s time, not ours. We may pray for an event and if it is to happen, God will grant it at the most opportune time. He knows when and how the opposition from Lucifer will occur and therefore He chooses the best time.

    And it has always been so throughout history. God sent His only son to be born on this earth when enough people would be ready to receive him and had enough knowledge and desire to make this event a possible success.

    God sent Moses to release His people from Egypt when they were finally ready to accept their freedom.

    God gave Abraham and Sarah a child, Isaac, at the most opportune time for Isaac be on earth.

    God’s plan is a grand plan, He does not see as we do, which is in part only but He sees the big picture for His people and chooses the opportune time for all of their events.

     To "wait on the Lord", does not mean to wait  until God does everything for us, it means to wait for God's timing.  When we pray and ask God for a blessing or a favor, our answer may not be in an instant. But God is a God of order and we must wait for the right time for our answer.  God knows what we need but the time may not be what we think it should be.

     We are to do all in our power, using all of our knowledge and faculties to solve our problem to have something come about before God helps us.  God always helps us in everything but He will not do it for us.  God hears our prayers and our supplications if we ask with a pure intent. We on our part must fulfill the conditions in order to make our solution possible.  We must exert ourselves to the fullest extent of our capabilities to reach our goals and God will make up the difference.  The only interference in reaching our goal is within ourselves, love, patience and endurance are needed for the attainment of our goal.  A half hearted prayer or intent does not work.  Faith and persistence are necessary, believing that what we are praying for is already manifesting itself and will be completed at God's timing.




    This earth is a testing ground. Just as astronauts are tested for a prolonged part of their life before they are allowed to travel into outer space, so too we are constantly tested in order to be allowed to travel to the Kingdom of Heaven. The astronauts are tested on their physical ability to withstand the bodily changes that will take place in a weightless world and their intelligence to know how to control the instruments.

    We, on the other hand, are tested to know if our hearts are with God and to see if we can withstand the perils set before us by Lucifer and his kind. We are tested as to how much love we can find to control ourselves while dealing with others who are traveling in the same world as we are, although not necessarily with the same goal in mind.

    Just as the astronauts will not be chosen to travel into space if they have not the physical and mental strength, so God cannot choose us if we have not the strength of mind and heart to overcome our weaknesses, for we cannot even be chosen for the journey unless we at least make the decision to prepare ourselves to travel to the heavenly spheres to be with our God.






    Glorify God, sing His praises, love Him with all of your heart. Ask His forgiveness, ask for His blessings and accept both with humility. Spend your days extolling his virtues. Thank Him for supporting you in all of your endeavors and for offering His patient love whether you deserve it or not. Thank Him for carrying the weight of your existence. Forgive as He forgives, love as He loves. Shun all evil, and live for only one purpose, that of progressing to the level that will bring you to Christ and to Him, your God, after your life on earth.





    So many report having had a near death experience, seeing a light, going toward it, sometimes speaking to someone. Usually they think they have seen God, or Jesus, whom they think is God. They may have seen Jesus but not likely that they have seen God. The realm that God inhabits is much too bright and grand than the realm we would enter upon reaching heaven. Also there are many other spirits in heaven besides Jesus. What is the difference between the near death experience and real death?

    Our spirits are attached to our bodies by an odic cord, which can stretch and is not easily broken. Once the cord breaks, the spirit is detached from the body and can never be re-attached again. The only way to come back to earth is to re-incarnate and begin life anew.

    Actually, we need not be in trauma in order for our spirit to leave our body. We leave our body for short periods of time constantly. When we daydream our spirit is wandering in the spirit world. When we sleep at night, our spirit wanders. When we meditate our spirit travels. Sometimes during any of these occasions we remember where we have been but often as soon as our spirit re-enters our body our memory of the experience is wiped out, just as our memory of past lives leaves us as soon as we are born.

    At our death our odic cord is broken and our spirit is taken to the spirit realm accompanied by our family and friends who have come to welcome us just as we are welcomed on earth after a trip. Our bodies eventually return to the earth of which it is composed.

    In the bible we attribute the raising of the dead to Jesus. But even Jesus could not do anything, which contradicts the laws of God. The people he supposedly raised from the dead were not really dead. Their odic cord was not severed, otherwise they would not have returned. True, they appeared dead, and they would never have been able to make their spirit re-enter their bodies, so weak was their odic cord. So it took a great deal of power on the part of Jesus to strengthen the cord to the point that the spirit could return.

    Death comes only once at the end of each lifetime.

    Most of the references of people being raised from the dead in the bible are regarding spiritual death not physical death.



     The opposite of love is not hate, it is fear. We all suffer from fear of one kind or another and in differing degrees. We are in Lucifer’s realm, a realm that is controlled by fear. On the other hand, heaven is ruled by love; there is no fear in the heavenly realms.

    Our most common fear on earth is fear for our livelihood. Some of us are so fearful that we do not even attempt to help ourselves for fear that we may fail. Others of us drive ourselves to excel also for fear of failure. It is the same type of fear; we just solve it in opposite methods.

    Fear is the root of our many faults. Envy is the fear that we are not as great as the next person is. Selfishness if the fear that giving will result in our lack. Pride is the fear that we may be discovered as not being as great as we would like to be. Anger is the fear that we have been made to appear less than we should like to be and so on.

    Fear then affects our whole earthly life and yes, it is the cause of most of our diseases. When we fear, we worry, we do not care for our bodies as we should, we impair our digestion, we give ourselves headaches as well as other aches and pains. Longstanding uncontrolled fear may cause other chronic and more serious diseases. Our methods of coping with fear also cause our addictions, such as alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating etc. that in turn create more diseases.

    We likely will never totally be free of fear as long as we live in Lucifer’s realm, but perhaps we can alleviate some or most of it by remaining optimistic. The way to remain optimistic is to keep reminding ourselves that God is in control, yes, in spite of Lucifer’s reign of terror he has limited powers, even he is not allowed to completely control us if we do not allow it.



    One of the most difficult things for us to do on earth is to forgive. Most of us do not really understand what forgiveness really is. We often hear people say that they have forgiven but not forgotten; that is not true forgiveness. If the offense is still on our minds, then we have not yet dealt with it, therefore we have not forgiven it.

    Forgiveness is not denial, pretending that it did not happen, and it is not pushing it out of our minds without dealing with it. This will only devour us and eventually the event will return to our memory.

    It is not only other people that we must forgive but we must also forgive ourselves. None of us have always accepted our own behavior; we all have regrets.

    True forgiveness is sometimes a long process. If we are attempting to forgive another, we must examine that event, and then we need to think of all the possible reasons why the other person has behaved the way that they did. Are they re-living some past experience, is it a learned behavior, did they not understand the situation etc? If we are working on forgiving ourselves, we should try to place ourselves back at that time and decide if our actions were because of our immaturity, our lack of knowledge, or our fears. Everything is so much easier to criticize as an onlooker than as a participant.

    Our best example of true forgiveness is Christ on the cross. Christ forgave his attackers and prayed to God to forgive them also. He knew they did not really understand who He was or that He had come to save them from Lucifer’s realm. He understood that they did not have His knowledge or His ability to love. He knew that life for them was all about learning through experience as it is for all of us on earth.




    Freedom is not our right but a gift from God Himself. All of us are allowed all the freedom we wish to experience in our life. We can choose good things for ourselves or we can choose to destroy ourselves, it is all up to us.

    We live on this planet with other mortals who also have been given freedom by God, so why do we not feel free? It is because we give up our freedom in exchange for other things that we value more. Many of us sacrifice our freedom in order to acquire security or safety. Our fears provide us with the reason to sacrifice our freedom.

    Not only are we satisfied to give up our freedom for security, but we are not happy unless we force everyone else around us to do the same.  As spirits we used this free will to join with Lucifer's type of government against that which Christ offered.  On earth, we now must learn how to use our free will to be in concert with the will of God and of Christ, we can form a government that does not go against man's free will.

     Government systems such as communism, socialism, fascism and dictatorships are all against the will of God.  They require that all citizens follow the will of the rulers and there is no room for freedom of choice.  The more we practice using free will here on earth and in our forms of government, the moe in line we are with God's will and the government of God's spirit world.

    The freedom that God has given us is individual freedom. It is not license to control another’s life and thereby limit that person’s freedom. It is only freedom to do what we wish with our own life. Our desires to control others and reduce their freedom is such a compelling desire that little by little whole countries have lost their freedom.

    If we have become slaves to others it is by our own choice. True, as individuals, we do not have the power to change the world and return everyone’s freedom to them but if each of us refrains from controlling other people’s freedom perhaps we can hold on to more of it. Fear is Lucifer’s tool that makes us give up our freedom. True freedom would be freedom from him and from his realm.



           People who have had no opportunity to hear of God and of Christ's sacrifice for our freedom, likely will return to earth as often as necessary to learn the reason for their incarnations. Those who have received enough information to be convinced of God's existence, can use each incarnation to improve their character and their faith and trust in God and in Christ.

            If after having received the correct information, they decide to go their own way in order to follow the ways of the world, how much more difficult will it be to have a change of heart and to begin to trust God once more. To abandon God and Christ for worldly comforts will require more incarnations on this earth, rather than an opportunity to continue their progression in a higher realm with fewer problems and more happiness.



    Our neighbor is everyone who was created by God as we ourselves were. Our neighbor is not only the people we like, but everyone.

    Loving our neighbor does not mean that we must love everything everyone does. We may and should completely dislike the behavior that is unacceptable in others. If we can learn to separate the person from the behavior we can learn to love the person.

    Loving our neighbor does not mean that we need to interact with everyone. Some people are best loved from a distance. Remaining in the company of those who would do us harm is not love but stupidity. Being involved with people who influence us in a negative manner is self-destructive.

    Loving our neighbor only means that we respect all persons enough to do them no harm and to assist them if they need our well -deserved support.

    Loving our neighbor is the realization that they were also from God at one time and all of God’s creations deserve our love and respect in honor of God.

    Jesus did not always like the behavior of the people whom he encountered, but in the end He gave up His mortal life in order to save us all, regardless of whether or not we deserved to be rescued from Lucifer’s realm. None of us are being asked to die for our neighbor only to respect God given life on earth.



    God in his infinite mercy and love gives us many chances to reach our goal and allow us to return to heaven.

    Christ planned theCreation of the earth and all the material things that comprise our earth as early as our fall from heaven.

     Every opportunity is afforded us to attain our goal. We come to the material world as infants, innocent in that we have yet to be influenced by it. We are not innocent in the sense that we have never been affected by the material world; we have already been here many times before. Each time we return we are allowed to start over in a fresh body with fresh opportunities, our memories of all of our past lives and misdeeds taken from us lest it affects our decisions in the present lifetimes.

    How great is God’s love and mercy.



     If we dare to say anything against one of the churches, any of the churches, we risk being branded as sacrilegious or ignorant or we are told that we are prejudiced. Why? Because the churches are supposed to be houses of worship or houses of God.

    The truth is that God is no longer present in the majority of the churches. There was a time when worshipping God was the only reason to attend a church, but no more. Some people attend the services to socialize, others go from fear of what may befall them should they abstain and others go because it is a family tradition.

    Every church thrives or perishes depending on how much money can be raised by the congregation. We kind of pay to see the show and much effort is spent on the part of the pastors, preachers, priests etc to make sure it is a great show. Most of the churches are vying for our support, for without it, the pastor cannot live the life of a star with all its privileges.

    The word “church”, as used in the bible by Jesus, meant a group of people who gathered together at a designated location to learn what God had to tell them through his holy spirits. The apostles only repeated what the holy spirits told them to say. Even Jesus, only told the people what the spirits from God gave him to say. In the days of Moses, the people gathered to hear the word of God. The apostles, Jesus, Moses and all the others had received the gifts of mediumship from God, the ability to communicate with the spiritual realms.

    Nowadays, the preachers decide what the people should know; no holy spirit gives them the correct information, so they just tell their stories and teach from their own small store of knowledge. It all sounds the same in the end and none of it is new and yes, much of it is not accurate. There, we have incurred the wrath of the modern churches. But not to worry, much better to incur the wrath of the earthly churches than the wrath of God Himself. Ignorance is bliss, at least on earth, but ignorance will not open the doors of heaven for us.



    Money as we know it did not always exist. It was introduced into the world by the greed of man who was being influenced by Lucifer. God did not sanction the invention of money since greed is not one of God’s qualities. And although He would have foreseen the ill effects of money on mankind, He did not interfere after giving us free will.

    Before money was in use, men traded with each other and shared with each other to acquire the necessities of life that they could not produce themselves. There was still greed then and there always was greed on this earth, after all, it is Lucifer’s realm and always was. The ownership of matter does not constitute greed, but the worship and love of it does. When our lives are consumed with the acquisition and hoarding of matter then we are considered to be greedy. It is not only rich people who are greedy, poor people also can love and hoard matter.

    The introduction of money may have eased the exchange of services but it certainly did not alleviate greed but only served to increase it. Along with greed for money we have now added the sin of usury where not only do we hoard our money but now we lend it out for an increase that has now become a huge industry bringing along other sins such as cheating, lying and extortion. Many lives are totally destroyed by gambling away livelihoods in the hopes of acquiring more and more money and goods. None of us seems to be satisfied with the necessities of life but must all have items of luxury so that we may appear to be more prosperous than our neighbor is. Our pride and egoism have been elevated to a point where many of us only appear to be prosperous but really are totally in debt. Our children are abandoned to day care; our elderly fare no better.

    Life has lost all value; the unborn are sacrificed lest they get in the way of our plans to improve our stature in the world. Is their hope for us any more? Can we ever return to a less greedy world? We can never quite eradicate greed and all of its sinful offshoots but can we reduce it at least to what it used to be? God always provides for all of His creatures, so we need not worry for our existence but we must still put forth the effort to survive, God helps those who help themselves. But, beyond acquiring those things that make life on earth bearable do we really need all this extra money and items? It is all a part of our earthly vanity that is really a false premise; we are after all only fallen angels who should be concentrating on returning to the higher realms.