Every person born on this planet is assigned a holy spirit guide at birth to protect and guide them to make good

 decisions through life.

 The holy spirits are the best friends you could have with your best interest at heart.  The short inspired

 writing messages from recent prayer meetings  below are a few examples of such type of messages  that

  a person might receive during prayer seances.


                           “YOU MUST BE MY WITNESSES”  


Go into all the world and preach the gospel according to all I have told you.” said Jesus

How? To merely repeat the seven stages of salvation again and again?

No. It means to work in the field of salvation, and listen to God when He sends His

perfect holy spirits (Hebrews 1:14) to guide Christians daily.

     Each church member is a holy servant of God made ready to fulfill the will of

God on this planet. Each has a voice, a mission to fulfill.


      The Kingdom of Heaven has not yet come to Earth, and comes only when

the Lord Jesus Christ sets His feet on earth again, as the Great and Perfect King of Heaven.

        In the meantime we pray and work until He comes.

Jesus said to “Occupy until I come”, to establish His presence in all things,

to go with prayers, and with partners in Christ everywhere to establish His Presence

and His Kingdom here where we are on earth.


         Today we work diligently and in the future, Christ rewards us according to

effort, improving the talents He has already given to each of us, His followers.

Each Christian has many gifts come from Heaven, to improve neighborhoods,

feed the hungry, cloth the naked, comfort the sick and afraid, the weak and in need,

to protect the widow and the orphan, assist the elderly and those seeking wisdom, to

establish great management systems, and to organize as the apostles received

messages for both worship and daily work, as God gave to Paul and Joseph, Daniel

and Abraham, only God's perfect systems of living which are sent from Heaven.

      God created science. He establishes order, labor, management, creativity, talents.

He delights in expertise in all things, in music, art, business management, family

development, building, creating, medicine, electronics, engineering, space, manufacturing,

understanding all things. Everything is God's, created by God for His purpose.

      No level or topic of good education has been created except by God. There are

no experts in the world save for those who were gifted by God for that knowledge.

Some knowledge has been turned over to the world systems to manage,

those lost people who are unaware of the Power waves of inspiration from Heaven.

It cannot last unless God's people stay engaged, remain as leaders in His creation in

all things.

      The Source of all Truth is God. But today, God has not been inquired of all the

time on a daily basis by the Church. Only those generations where knowledge

increased was when God was Inquired Of. In the ages of Elijah and Elisha, of Eli and

Samuel, of David and Solomon, of Jeremiah and Daniel, and with Jesus and His

disciples, even Paul and Silas in prison, so also in this age we must go in two or

more and create those systems and be God's hands and feet. We must use our

minds, create the places of worship, the businesses and homes of God, build the

systems of knowledge and creativity of life with Christ, in education systems, and

with the management of doing what God gives each Christian by the many gifts

coming from Heaven.

      The more we learn and study the word of God, the more we put our minds to

fulfill His will, the more we experience wisdom and success in life in Christ and to

His Glory. But we must each study and learn also from the Source from Heaven.

The holy angels, holy spirits whom Jesus Christ promised to send to mankind.

But first to His own followers. Then to the world THROUGH Christ's followers.

Meditation and inspiration are to receive the FRUIT of the spirit. Wisdom. Heavenly

wisdom. The holy spirits who live in Heaven ARE that source who God sends.

      Scriptural study and Prayer is the key. “Lord,” said His disciples, “teach us

how to pray.” Christ gave us a specific prayer. “Thy Kingdom come....” - which says

we must expect that Kingdom of Heaven to come to us. What is God's Kingdom?

Who is in Heaven who would come? The children from Heaven, the angels of God,

the ministering spirits of Heaven we read of in Hebrews 1:14, the very source, the

spirit of truth who Christ said He would send to teach us all things as we pray and

listen, pray and meditate privately and in circles of prayer, expecting messages to

come to the servants of God from Heavenly realms, the sky to split open for His

children to receive those messages of God from Heaven.

      How do we hear the messages, that wisdom of God so needed, to receive the

visions from Heaven? Daily guidance?

Joel 2:28 says, “And in that day I shall pour out My spirit upon all flesh. The young

shall see visions and the old shall dream dreams. Upon My servants and my

handmaidens I will pour out My spirit....”

      God, in the Old Testament said to “Inquire of Me. Ask Me of things to come.” He

said never to go to worldly mediums or psychics, with the same talent of spirit

communication but whose hearts are set on hell. They who listen to worldly and evil

spirits are not filled with the gifts of Heaven and do not come from Heaven. We are

to ask God to send His teaching and guiding angels of bright light and Heavenly wisdom,

explaining the Holy Scriptures with the power waves and Authority of Jesus Christ

our Lord and King, He with Holy Management under God, for all of God's Creation.

      John said to test the spirits who you communicate with during sanctified prayer,

( 1 John 4:1-6) , to see they are from God, in visions and dreams and the voices in prayer

that come to guide. Only the messengers who attest that Jesus of Nazareth was the

Christ incarnate and defeated satan are from Heaven. Send all others away in the name

of Jesus Christ. We pray, asking God to send a Heavenly controlling angel to keep all

thing under His protective holy Passover, that evil might pass over in those times of

seeking His will for the day.

      Jesus said when you enter a home, proclaim peace to them. Where does the peace

come from? Peace established by the holy angels sent by God, will come when we turn

over all our lives to Him and to Christ our Lord.

      Jesus said, “Knock and keep on knocking,....ask and keep on asking (God).”

everywhere and all day. And then to stop and listen to that voice of guidance from God,

following only that which is good, testing all things and holding to that which is

true (1 Thess 5:21).

      Once a Christian has signed up with their Learner's Permit from Christ, is now

on their way to Heaven, they are given authority to fulfill His will wherever they are sent.

      Each child of God has a gift according to the plans of God, which will mature spiritually,

refining in thoughtfulness, wisdom and effort.

      Jesus said to GO AND MAKES DISCIPLES of all people for Jesus Christ, so they

can also hear from Heaven, to learn to follow that Heavenly guidance, developed

through prayer and meditation, reflecting on the words Jesus spoke.

      May God wonderfully bless, bless, bless you all !



                                       EVERYONE WINS


God is available to all since He has created all and all are His children. No one is excluded from God's love and protection, but many exclude themselves, they think they are not chosen, but God is no respecter of persons.

Everyone is expected to progress; everyone is expected to return to God no matter how many lives it takes. We are all given the same goal to reach and the same opportunity.


Those who are worshiping other gods, will eventually give up those gods and find the one and only God and then will work toward the same goal of returning to their origins which is in Heaven. No one will be left out, everyone will eventually be saved. God is a God of love, He is not a punishing God. Our lives may take some difficult turns be we will all arrive in God's presence in the end.


                                                             Judging Others


We are told not to judge others, and the reason is that we do not know what lessons and what tasks each person is here to learn or to perform. Other people's lessons seem easy to us sometimes because they are not the ones assigned to us. We also marvel at the tasks some take on and that is also because we are not asked to take those tasks as ours.


Each of us is different from anyone else and each of us have lived many lives. Usually those lives are not made known to us but some of the lessons from these lives are the same lessons as those we still need to learn. Sooner or later we will have to learn these lessons and pass those required tests in order to progress.


We are all on our own path for learning and accomplishing and we will all reach our goal in our own time. The goal if to find our way back to the highest realm where we began with our creator.


                                                                                                                 Where is our Help

          If we place ourselves under the care of Jesus Christ, we will not be disappointed.  Our decisions will be made with more attention to the spiritual results  and our whole life will profit. Our best decisions are made with the help of the heavenly spirits under Jesus. 

We pray "Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven", to be in accord with the holy spirits while we are on this earth so that we might transition to a higher realm when our earth life if over.  Before then, we can still pattern our life with those in the higher realms and with the help of Jesus we can accomplish that.



                                    OUR ANCESTRY

               People look up their physical ancestry but we all have Jesus as our spiritual ancestor, which means we all belong to Jesus and therefore to God from the beginning of our existence.

                      Whether we call ourselves atheists, Buddhists or any other system, we still all have our origin with God, there is no other place to find our beginning.  The advantage in believing in God is that we know where our help and blessings come from and we have someone to make requests of.  We are not left in this world completely on our own with no one to care for us and no one who is truly interested in our welfare.  Our lives are made more complete and more meaningful  with the knowledge that we know our ancestry. 


                                            What are the Rules?

          The teachings of Jesus are simple and pure and not difficult to  understand.  All that is required of us is to love God with all our heart and soul and our neighbor as ourselves.  These requirements are further explained by the Ten Commandments.  God does not make it impossible to follow these laws for living.  All laws made by man need only observe these laws of God. Any laws that deviate from God's laws are either wrong or superfluous. 

         Our world governments and many of our churches add other requirements that only confuse people until they give up on following God because it seems too difficult to do.  If we keep to God's laws we cannot go wrong and we can simplify our lives and thank God for His mercy and love while we live according to these rules.